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  1. While I read it back in the day (started cause I thought the War Machine cover was bad-ass), Iron-Man didn't really seem that popular to me. I only knew of one person besides myself that read the comic. Everyone else was into X-Men and Spider-Man and the like (basically folks with superpowers). Personally, my favorite was the Punisher (and for a time GI JOE). It's a shame how that turned out.
  2. He didn't even want the kid to begin with. He should be happy he got stolen, lol. Good point.
  3. I just didn't like that she was talking over the Professor. Doesn't seem like something Storm (from the comics) would do.
  4. Sweet! Thanks for the download link. I didn't know Callisto was that powerful. She was pretty downplayed in the original TAS. Storm was ranting and droning on a bit, wasn't she? Was this due to the rumored script changes to give her more lines/give her a bigger role?
  5. Yea, I've lost all respect and sympathy for Michael and his plight to find his son.
  6. I wouldn't put too much stock into what IMDB says...they haven't even updated the site since Jon Favreu was hired to direct last week by Marvel. This one is going to get rolling much faster than everyone thinks, but Hulk 2 is the priority right now. Hey, I take it with a grain of salt from everywhere. Until I see a full cast and crew listing and or a teaser, I'm skeptical all round whether its from IMDB or Superherohypenews (or whatever they're called). The fact that its gonna get made is a bit surprising to me. But hey, they did Daredevil and Elektra.
  7. Have you tried updating to the newest Quicktime? And even if you did, you might wanna think about reinstalling it. That might help. Though, the new ITunes sucks.
  8. Well, they can get around that by casting people shorter than him.
  9. The only way Tom Cruise is gonna be Ironman is after 2007. He already has two projects lined up. http://imdb.com/name/nm0000129/ Ironman has its share of delays already. Can the studios hold out till Mr. Cruise is free? Marvel is gonna be doing this in-house because New Line already lost the rights to do the film after all the the delays and they couldn't get the film off the ground. According to IMDB, Ironman is slated for 2008. http://imdb.com/title/tt0371746/ So we'll see in another year where we stand on this issue.
  10. OMG, Aeon Flux was crap! Or at least I thought so.
  11. The new John Woo game is called Stranghold. Its story will pick the Hardboiled storyline/characters. I just heard SOCOM: US Navy SEALs 4 was gonna be released for PS3. And I love that series.
  12. 8speed


    Nope the $150 million does not include promotional budget, and remember that MI3 had one of the most expensive promo budgets EVER! How much was the promo budget? I heard it was another $30 million.
  13. Is that M249 from BBI? The cloth pouch on the ammo box is a nice touch.
  14. 8speed


    Budget: $150,000,000 (estimated) Don't know if this includes advertisment, but probably not.
  15. 8speed


    Mon May 8, 12:44 AM ET LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - After a middling $48 million bow in North America, "Mission: Impossible III" bowed robustly overseas with estimated weekend sales of $70.3 million from 57 territories. The Tom Cruise thriller did particularly well in South Korea ($10.6 million vs. $2 million for "Mission 2"), the U.K. ($10.1 million vs $6.8 million), France ($6 million for both) and Mexico ($3 million vs $2.5 million). But it tanked in Germany, even by star Cruise's traditionally low standards there ($3 million vs $7.7 million). Industry observers noted that Germany is not friendly to Cruise's Scientology religion. "M:I:3" is not the biggest international opening for a Cruise film. "War of the Worlds" drew $102.5 million in its first five days overseas last July. Reuter/Hollywood Reporter
  16. 8speed


    Maybe I should carify too, I meant it wouldn't tank his action movie career (I would only consider his MI series as action films, others didn't have enough action to even qualify for the genre). We are (unfortunately for some of you guys) still pretty far from the point of not seeing Cruise headlining action movies. His 2008 film, The Few, is a period film (WWII) which I know I won't be seeing in the theaters. (NO MORE WWII MOVIES!!). The one before it (3:10 to Yuma) is a "skip it" for me too. Travolta in Punisher just proves that that was where all the money went. They should've gotten someone else and give a little more to the movie. And even if Cruise gets the part for Iron Man, everyone is gonna be watching the film for Stark in the suit. So you won't see his face anyway except for the boring parts (especially considering IM origins). And from what I've been reading online, having Cruise as Stark is the least of the problems (director and script) for the film. Besides which, Cruise already has other film projects for 2007-2008. Unless they push the film back for him (which I doubt).
  17. 8speed


    I hope you're right. I hope this turd gets flushed because it will show that Cruise can no longer carry an action film (never could IMO) and is no longer a Top 5 box office draw. Highly unlikely. One movie isn't gonna tank his career given his popularity. I think worldwide numbers will get this movie to get even at the very least. MI series is pretty popular and profitable (not uber millions but you know) and Cruise has box office draw. DVD sales, Pay per view and rentals should cover the rest and pull them out of the red (if it even gets to that point). Everyone is, but it doesn't matter (to me at least) in regards to this film and his career. I'd be surprised if Marvel and whatever movie company would actually pay for a big name star. Seems to me that they mostly get relatively unknowns to play these parts cause it's a helluva lot cheaper than a paycheck to Cruise and in the long term.
  18. 8speed


    I saw it last night. It was OK. I saw it with 4 other people and the reviews are pretty mixed. I thought it was OK, my friend who loves the series thought it was great, another guy thought it was OK too and my other friend didn't like it as much because he wanted it to be really a popcorn movie, mindless action and tons special effects (which there were). None of these guys really watch that much American TV, so they're not familiar with a couple of things.... Alias, 24, and Dark Angel. The "24" factor - Anyone who watches 24 is desensitized to torture and hostage situations. In 24 it's a common event, so comparatively, Ethan's wife woulda died at the end. The "Alias" factor - I'm fairly familiar with the show, so it was of typical fair for me with the movie being that JJ Abrams wrote and directed. JJ Abrams also writes/directs Alias, so here's a few touches of the two works having parallels: - MI:3 Quirky tech guy - Alias quirky tech guy. - Secret agent hiding it from friends/family life - entire basis of Alias S1-2. - Quite a few comedic moments and dialogue. - Adrenaline shot to the heart was done on Alias (Sydney and Vaughn rescue) Probably a few more.... The "Dark Angel" factor - Ethan's swing from one building to another was nothing new to fans of DA. Though I was not, I did see the first episode for the Jessica Alba factor. Hehe Anywho, it was new to some of my friends so they were impressed. Ethan almost falling off the roof and hitting it so hard and limping at the end was entertaining. It wasn't as suspenseful as the the CIA HQ breaking in MI:1 and was about equal to MI:2's break-in to steal the bio-weapons. So, even to MI fan's.... it would be par. Nothing new and extraordinary. So all in all, it was a been there, done that for me. And for alot of folks who've seen alot of action movies and spy movies. The movie was a bit much on the shaky cam. Also, the camera was swinging around a bit much, and too many cuts for a action movie (too many one second cuts here and there all over the place). It would've been nice to actually enjoy the poignant shooting elements for half a second more (but was impossible due to all those fast cuts and swinging cameras). I would've loved 15 minutes of more action. One final shootout at the end (the car chase at the end didn't do it for me). I would've also liked to have seen another 2-3 minutes for Keri Russel and her training. It wouldn't have been huge strain on the budget (it would've interested me anyway, especially in these instructor/trainee scenarios). The end slowed down a bit without Ethan Hunt blasting 10-15 more bad guys. Speaking of the end, Luther Strickell and the entire IMF crew yelling and cheering at the end was pretty corny when Ethan and Julia (how the hell did she get access to IMF's central operation area and chill with his co-workers. This isn't you're typical office) were leaving. She woulda been debrief in a less sensitive area. Some more quick thoughts: Owen Davian (Philip Seymour Hoffman) wasn't as develeped as I thought he was gonna be. Ethan having to put the G36 together was kinda unrealistic. I guess it could be explained away as security measures (but means squat when you really need it) but it was a plot device to get Davian a way to escape. The Lindsey Ferris rescue in the beginning was pretty dark and way too fast camera shots for the shooting scenes. But that's probably due to PG-13 rating. Was the same thing for MI:2. Maggie Q was smoking hot in that red dress. That Lamborghini was pretty cool too. The bridge scene was awesome with the unmanned drone. Ethan should've fired his weapon more and killed a few more bad guys. The "rabbit's foot" was never really explained, but it wasn't that important to the story anyway (it was more about rescueing Julia). Not a negative. Not enough action for repeat viewings? Only the box office and time will tell. I guess, that's it for now. Rating: 7.5/10 Mostly for the little moments in the film (bridge scene, and others here and there). Ranking: MI:1 MI:2/MI:3
  19. That's good. The movies should have more of it's budget dedicated to SFX anyway since the actor's salaries aren't that expensive (most are relative unknowns and not even A-list actors .... Berry does not count either. Others were probably under contract, to their dismay). And besides the box office, X-Men does well on DVD and other merchandising. So good money to be made all around if they give it the proper funding. Anyway, so far I've changed my mind and have gotten more excited to see some of the Summer movies I had previously written off. I'm gonna catch MI:3 soon and Superman will be a must see. I like that Kevin Spacey is Lex.
  20. 8speed


    How'd you pull that off? Do you have a 2 hour lunch break or something? Maggie Q in her previous appearances in HK flims was always so-so in my opinion. You think 2 hours is bad? Man, the stories I could tell you about government employees. @loll@
  21. I thought Superman trying to save that plane scene was pretty cool. It was something that only looked right in the cartoon. Something like that would've been hard to do back then, but today... it's cake. At the very least, the world of Superman will be more convincing.
  22. Problem with Libby is, that Cynthia Waltros could possibly be starring in another show soon. So her character isn't long to be on Lost if that goes through.
  23. Movies I wouldn't watch again, at least no by choice: Hell Boy Bourne Identity/Supremacy Troy Alexander Punisher (1989 and 2004) Say It Ain't So Aeon Flux Ultraviolet Hulk Elektra Daredevil Four Brothers Anchorman Dukes of Hazzard Ace Ventura Mask Minority Report Mean Girls Assault on Precinct 13 XXX - State of the Union The Whole Nine Yards/The Whole Ten Yards Guess Who Kicking & Screaming Serenity Transporter 1/2 Domino The Mask of Zorro/The Legend of Zorro All Wesley Snipes/Steven Seagal straight-to-video releases (The Marksman, Mercenary for Justice... respectively). I'm sure there are more. Conversely, I've seen Black Hawk Down and Eraser 20+ times, and I've seen Deuce Bigalow (Rob Scheider) a few times as well.
  24. Where's CLAM's happy post about Ana being dead? Anyway, I've lost alot of respect for Michael. I understand that this could be about his son, but come on! Be Jack Bauer, not uber selfish victim. So far, it's one dead (Ana) and one in serious condition (they haven't officially written off Libby yet, as far as Access Hollywood is concerned, but they announced that Ana is dead for sure). And that's just the first of the blood being spilled for Walt. Right now, I think Michael is crazy enough, as well as desparate enough, to trick Jack, Kate, Locke and crew to attack the Others; to storm their position and rescue/search for Walt. Killing Ana and Libby (possibly) is a great way of enraging the entire camp and getting everyone on Michael's side to attack. Of course, Jack and crew would be ##$%$#ed not to do any kind of recon first before storming the place and see that the Others aren't as poorly armed as Michael says. This might be a continuity error but I think they have more guns than Michael's two. I think they had some already when Hillybilly Other first met Jack in the jungle (when Kate got captured) and then they got at least 3 more guns from Jack, Locke and Sawyer (at least two 9mm and an AK). Let's not even mention the guns Michael took with him to look for Walt after raiding the hatch. Anyway, if Michael actually did turn into an Other and made a deal with them, I woulda lost all respect for the character. To save his son, he's gonna sacrifice 40 people? That's messed!
  25. Yea, is there anyone else using your computer? Or are you transfering alot of data frequently from CDs/DVDs/Floppies? It could be that your friends' computers are infected and all that sharing is getting you in trouble ( besides TM's post about Messenger (YIM)). This also includes e-mails. As far as YIM, unless you really want this program, I say avoid it. I don't use it personally, but from what I've read, you should do a "Custom Install" (uncheck some of the useless or not needed features) and take a good long and hard look at the preferences to up security (to avoid spam/spyware/adware). Other than having the PC-to-PC chat feature, I say stick to AIM or ICQ. I'd think most folks have one or both of these two usually. I use IE and Mozilla. Problem with Mozilla and Firefox is that sometimes Java stuff makes it choke, at least in my experience. And sometimes extended idleness chokes the program or just sites that aren't Mozilla/Firefox friendly.
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