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    Moth 4 Pics

    Kinda makes you wish the Winter Ops set [2005] looked as good. Kinda makes you wonder if the WOLF is still around. Nice touch on the front pouch for the Snow Serpent. Anyone know if there's a chance of a wider release? Both the figures and gear for this set are quite impressive.
  2. Probably old news by now, but I'm really glad to hear Mercenaries 2 is coming out for PS2. The first one was one of the best from the PS2's library.
  3. With all the cool scenes with Silver Surfer, I'm DEFINITELY catching this on DVD.
  4. At least some of them "look" OK. More specifically, the recent Fantastic Four toon. It looks OK, and a few episodes were done well. It they had better scripting and writing, it would probably be an amazing cartoon. The art holds up pretty well. Especially Invisible Woman. If they get some good writers, they might even be able to make this new Spider-Man work. Trying to have Peter Parker balance his personal life and life as Spider-Man are all do-able. It's up to the staff to make it a toon that of the quality of DC's Batman/Superman/JLU, which way better than anything Marvel has ever put out. The Avenger movies were OK though, too.
  5. I hope it's more like the DC toons (Batman TAS, Superman TAS, JLU) than the previous incarnations. And I don't mean like X-Men Evolution either.
  6. 8speed


    So do you actually get to see more [new] stuff per frame? Or is it fake widescreen, where they just slap on the black bars on fullscreen and call it widescreen?
  7. Gundam (as a whole but especially W and 0083), Dragonball Z, Rurouni Kenshin are tops for me. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Escaflowne were also excellent. Hard to top these as far as TV and OVA series goes.
  8. 8speed


    As it should be. I don't think widescreen was as prevalent back then.
  9. I think I read that she would be doing a few guest appearances, not become a regular. I hear the movie is gonna wrap up the Ori storyline. Sucks that folks gotta watch the movie for the conclusion, though it's understandable considering there really isn't enough time to wrap up main storyline as well as any loose ends with the few episodes they have left for Season 10.
  10. Question for the PS2 owners, does the game lock-up like X-Men Legends II when there were too many items around? Cause this was annoying as hell having my PS2 freeze up.....
  11. Oh, it's worth getting! The graphics are awesome as are the character designs. You start off playing as either Bats or Supes if playing alone or you & your buddy can team up as either one. You fight thru around 5-6 levels, then you switch to being either Manhunter or Zatanna which are also great characters & fun to be. However, I'm stuck trying to beat Queen Bee in the final level! She is one tough villian boss! I can't beat her no matter what I try. So you don't have a "squad".... like X-Men Legends 2? I liked using all 4 characters at once (you can switch between the 4 characters on the fly in XML2). I guess picking up Marvel: Ultimate Alliances instead is that much easier. Though, JL is supposed to have a better story.
  12. I think the biggest culprit is the Blu-Ray drive. Because of it, you gotta have all the other super-mega-high-definition whatever features and technology related to Blu-Ray (HHMI ports, etc) to bring consumer's the second coming in DVDs (in this case BD-DVD). I think that new controller costed some too. I wouldn't have minded another PS2 controller, rumble features all the way. I don't think it was about fixing something that wasn't broken (developers are raving about all the tech). PS3's secondary agenda which is to get their Blu-Ray drives into every home, is very important, and potentially lucrative future for Sony (they get money for every Blu-Ray movie/game/software disc sold). With drives costing that much, maybe Sony shoulda waited other 6 months to a year or eat the cost themselves.
  13. Is it? I thought folks were speculating that Tom Cruise was gonna be Stark not too long ago. And supposedly, Terrence Howard is gonna play War Machine. I rather see Samuel L. Jackson as Jim Rhodes.
  14. Downey's kinda short to be Stark. Besides which, he doesn't look like a billionaire playboy. And finally, I'm not a fan of his acting or any of his movies.
  15. I thought Blade 2 was martial arts bad-ass, especially when Blade got to the warehouse where they kept Whistler. He brought the hurt on those vamps.
  16. 8speed


    Yea, I saw the DVD Screener awhile back, and I thought there was good potential here. Alot of folks are saying X-Men/4400/Mutant X rip-off, but this show seems more down to Earth (my only real comparision being X-Men, as I haven't see the other shows). They didn't just ban together and start fighting crime. They used all the non-flashy powers, I see. Had there been optic beams, weather control and superspeed, it woulda called for alot more special effects.
  17. Kinda agree on the Spielberg films. Can be good, but damn.... I just watch Jurassic Park again, and it just reminds me how utterly annoying Spielberg's use of children in his movies are. In JP, the kids were doing the dumbest things a person can do when in a dangerous situation. Yea.. my car is getting attacked by a T-Rex.... let me go get a industrial-sized flashlight and start shining it everywhere and make sure it sees me. DUMB!
  18. I agree with you a little there, it was decent, but not anything spectacular. When it was released, all i heard from critics and fans was "They finally got Batman right"....ehh, not so much, at least not for me. It seemed a bit out of place having Jim Gordon drive the Batmobile @lol@ As for Superman Returns, besides Spacey as Luthor, his battle with Supes, and some of the effects, I'd still rather watch the original 4 Superman movies with Christopher Reeves. Yeah, and does the girl in EVERY Batman movie have to find out who he is? I mean... come on. All in all I thought the whole thing was somewhat mediocre, but with the Joker in the sequel it should get better. I really liked Superman Returns though. I think it fits right in with the originals, personally. I'll agree too that Batman Begins was good, but not as godly as everyone makes it out to be. Superman Returns makes zero sense in relation to the original films (Superman 2) it was supposed to continue (just watched it not too long ago). Once again, fanboy direction gone awry. Special effects were good enough, but the story for SR leaves alot to be desired. For instance, Lois hooking up with another guy so fast after her night with Superman. She was so in love with him and so disappointed that he left Earth that she just had to bang another guy that soon... WTF? Or that fact that Superman had the ability to lift up a small island partly made up of Kryptonite?!? Again.... WTF? Anywho.... these things just don't make any sense to me. Correct me if I'm wrong but damn... I was expecting alot from SR. SR shoulda been done like BB, just restart the entire franchise and then do whatever you wanted.
  19. As much as I watched Knight Rider back in the day, I rather see the A-Team. Obviously, someone else would have to play Hannibal Smith, if not replace the entire team.
  20. 8speed


    OK.... rumor has it that Showtime might be interested in reacquiring the show. Whether that is true or not, I don't know. But it does coincide with what executive producer Robert C. Cooper said about letting other outlets see the show's strength (and I'm hoping buying the show). Going back to Showtime (FYI: SG-1 debut on Showtime for seasons 1-5) wouldn't be too bad. So everyone..... KEEP WATCHING!! .......... LIVE!! Hopefully, the show will live on for at least one more season to properly clean up the Ori plot (wherever it ends up). News of the cancellation only came up just before the 200th episode was on so that only left them with 3-4 episodes left unfilmed. I find it hard to believe they'll come up with a great ending in so little time.
  21. 8speed


    Well, in the link above, http://www.scifi.com/scifiwire/index.php?c...=2&id=37607, the Sci-Fi channel said, "Ten seasons and 215 episodes is an astounding, Guinness World Record-setting accomplishment." So, we know that there are 15 more eps are coming. Season 10, ep. 8; Counterstrike 9 (201st ep.) & Season 10, ep. 9. Memento Mori (202nd ep.), are listed at: http://www.sg1archive.com/s10.shtml Maybe they count the series finale as one episode, but it'll actually be 2 hours? I hope so.
  22. 8speed


    I'm guessing it'll be a 20 episode season again. With 6 already aired, we got 14 more to go. Doesn't seem like alot, does it?
  23. 8speed


    Check this out: http://www.gateworld.net/news/2006/08/coop...ill_go_on.shtml So there's still hope. We all need to keep hope and stay tuned to any upcoming news. Hopefully, it's good. Agreed. Wrestling blows.
  24. With weapons? I'm not sure on that. I definitely missed it if there was one. This one will have weapons too, I think. The funny thing is seeing James Lew, of Perfect Weapon, Best of the Best and Lethal Weapon 4 fame. He's usually the bad guy extra getting his ass beat by the main character. Talk about blast from the past.
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