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  1. EGM and PSM doesn't cover PC games, so I'm out of the loot regarding them. But I think if it does well, I'm sure it'll hit the PC down the road. How long that will take, God knows. Metal Gear Solid 1/2 hit the PC, so its a definite possibility. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is a X-Box time exclusive or 3 months or so, and will hit Playstation 2 and Gamecube around February 2003.
  2. I think a Joe game would be great. It's was already hinted at another board that a Joe game is indeed in development. Though, nothing has shown up in my current game magazines (EGM and PSM). I'm sure we'll know more by next year's E3. Also, we should take note of the fact that if the Joe game does come out, it will most likely be a Teen-rated game. Games like SOCOM, MGS and HALO are Mature-rated, and it's very unlikely for Hasbro to emulate them. Expect a kid friendly game folks. Tekken 4 is rated T (Teen) Ace Combat 4 is rated E (Everyone) So we can at least expect Joe games of equal violence as those two quality titles. Also, it'll be a console-only game. I'd expect a multi-platform treatment for the game: PS2, X-Box and Gamecube. Maybe even Gameboy Advance. __________ Air Combat- The Ace Combat series from Namco is pretty good (probably best on the market). Consistantly releases a great game and offers improvement with each release of the franchise. The only thing that would hurt this type of game is, is the lack of fighters for the Joes. The Joes have only a handful of fighters. Your typical Ace Combat title has about 20. But I guess if the ones you have are great (speed, agility... etc) then you don't need that many. In Ace Combat 3, once you unlock some of the better planes, you hardly go back to the slower planes, anyway. Anyway, make it like the Ace Combat series, real great quality there. Except the storylines are really lacking, BIGTIME! Pick your plane and customize the weapons. (Ace Combat 4 is also on the PS2 Greatist Hits list, available for $19.99) Helicopter Combat- A helicopter-flight-sim would be great, also. Typically, chopper-sims have little choppers to choose from anyway, but Joe has more than enough to fill your average game of this type. Dragonfly, Wildfire (NAC), Skystorm X-Wing Chopper, Locust, Retaliator... more than enough. BUT it would be nice to include them ALL, for gameplay variety. Also, should be able to choose which chopper for each mission, and customize the weapons. Throw in destructable environments (IE buildings) and cameo's from other Joes and vehicles, so you get the sense that your only part of a bigger campaign. Some missions could be like this, some are solo too. Perhaps, you could fly the Locust (or any chopper, really) and do support-role missions (think the AH-6 Little birds strafing the Somalis in "Black Hawk Down"), and from time to time, you would have to land, reload and refuel. That would be pretty cool. Of course, at the same time, lets not go overboard on the rescue and escort missions. 3D Fighter- I think if they did it like Dead or Alive 2, it would be awesome. I'd perfer if the combat remained unarmed. And it wouldn't be all Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, either. Lifeline has studied Aikido. After he "Steven-Seagals" Snake Eyes' ass, he can patch him back up. Kick his ass and treat'im, now that's entertainment. :wink: Also, there are alot of the other Joes who are experts in hand-to-hand combat. Side-Scrolling Beat'em-Up - Probably in the vein of Final Fight and Streets of Rage. I'd love a mix of guns in it too (either that, or a separate game). Like the Punisher/Nick Fury game that Outsiders uses as his avatar. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * For the games we all want, but probably won't get anytime soon: Squad-Based - Anyway, I think a squad-based game like SOCOM would be great for Joe. You could also do solo, but that would be up to you. So I'm saying, you can pick the amount of members you want for team, and you get to pick who (from a cast of say 10-15 Joes). So it'd be a 1-6 player game: PC + 5 NPC or PC + PC + 4 NPC. Each player can command his own 3-man squad for cooperative play. Or the single-player can split up his team however he chooses (two 3-man teams or three 2-man teams... etc). Also, this game should have at least 20-24 level, 'cause while I think SOCOM is a great game, the single-player is incredibily short (staggering in at only 12 levels). They also need to give everyone their personalized weapons (imagine Heavy Duty v1 weapons platform? Or Rock & Roll v2's dual mini-guns? yikes!!), as well as 30-50 standard weapons, but 20 is guaranteed to be a gun of some sort (A MINI-GUN IS A MUST!!). And you should also be able to add on laser sights, silencers and flashlights too. Another thing I liked about SOCOM was the fact that you couldn't carry 10 weapons on you. A little more realistic this way. I would suggest they add in another primary weapon. Just a primary and secondary weapon is good, but really limited if you wanted to carry a sniper rifle and an assault rifle. And keep SOCOMs selection of fire modes, pretty cool... -A cooperative mode I like to see is linking 2 PS2s together so that each player could have their own TV screen while commanding their own squad. -Also add in the destructable environments of Red Faction. -The presentation of Metal Gear Solid 2 (storytelling, intro...) -With the length of Syphon Filter series. -A game like this would definitely have to stay away from sword-fighting or using a sword as a main combat weapon, so no Snake-Eyes ninja-ing around (he could still be in the game, but in a commando role). He could have his own game for this. (Like the Shinobi game, but with guns too!!). -AND we should use a headset like the one in SOCOM. This little device added ALOT to the gameplay in SOCOM. -ALSO, stop making the dead bodies disappear!! This happens in SOCOM, and it pisses me off that bodies disappear, so much for realistic gaming. (Probably saves memory, but still... {one of the reasons why I didn't like the PS2 architecture, so little RAM, and not unified like X-Box's). Maybe they can replace the dead detailed polygonal body with one that had a low poly count. -They can also leave out that shaky sniper mode crap out. When you zoom in, your hand is so damn shaky the reticle is moving around. So annoying. -And lastly, more blood. This one should be an M-Rated game. When you use incindiary grenades or frag grenades, people should be cooked and get really fragged, and with maybe some loss of limbs. Also, I REALLY hope they don't do Joe like Metal Gear Solid 1/2. While they're great games, and the presentation quality is the best I've ever seen in a video game (it's like a freakin' movie intro... NICE! They could put in.), it way too stealthy. Alot of the times, it's too restrictive, especially with MGS series. The Syphon Filter series suffers from this too sometimes, but it's not as intense as MGS, and SF has way more action. Plus, I'm not into all that "find the key" BS. In RL, if I wanted to open a door but didn't have a key, I'd blow the damn thing to pieces to get through (a la Red Faction). SOCOM is probably the best amalgam of some of the better traits of this genre: 3rd-person, military shooter(constrictive squad-only option notwithstanding). I'm enjoying the single-player missions greatly in SOCOM. If you want to stealth, you can. If you want to open up, you can also (though, there are some situations where you HAVE TO stealth). With most missions they tell you that stealthing you way through the mission probably the best way, but sometimes, you wanna say screw that. Like during Mission 5: Temple at Hohn Kaen, after failing the mission a few times (well, I was trying to complete all the objectives), I just said screw it and armed everyone on my Fire Team with M60E3s. And it was a blast, I had everyone "fire at will" and I would position myself so that everyone was on the screen and ripping through the baddies. Pretty cool to see yourself, and your teammates firing at different targets and generally just riddling them and surrounding objects with bullets. (This is not possible in the next difficulty level, Lt Junior Grade. The terrorist get deadly accurate with their sniper abilities. I'm on the last level the second time around, and it was pretty rough, and there are 6 more difficulty levels.. yikes!!) This would be my dream GI Joe game. * * * First-Person Shooter - Like Red Faction - Mostly First-Person shooter, with some vehicle action, both driving, and on "rail" shooting (where you don't control the vehicle and your only job would be to shoot and blow stuff up, like if you were door gunner for the NAC). Red Faction II is supposed to take the "on rails" levels to a new high. I hear Red Faction's Geo-Mod engine is very nice. Makes destructable environments a joy and a half. See a door but don't have a key? Blow it up. Want to get into a room but don't want to walk all the way around? Blow up the wall. As usual, nice graphics, blood, an entertaining story and probably 20 levels too. (BTW, Red Faction 1 is on PS2 Greatest Hits List, so it's now available for $19.99 - I know what I'll be getting myself for Christmas. 8) ) And I think we should try to keep the genres separate. I hear games like Halo and Red Faction series does it well, but those mix in other genres only in small does, a level here, another one there. The only reason I don't like sticking so many genre of games together in one game, is that everything will be average or slightly above average. Take SOCOM, it was created really for online play, so the single-player missions, while great, are really short, and lacks a little depth, when compared to games like the Syphon Filter series. So if it were up to me, I'd keep all the various genres separate. Besides, all that means is more GI JOE games, and more shelf space for them at your video game shops. As for as M-rated games for GI Joe... If Hasbro wanted to make money, they would make an M-rated game like SOCOM and Red Faction. The fact that Red Faction made the "Greatest Hit" list shows that Red Faction sold at least 400,000 copies (that's $19,996,000 the game made sold at $49.99, and that AT LEAST how much they made). There are tons of a adult gamers (as that number shows), and I highly doubt there would be any more negative publicity that there already are in video games today. Even something as toned down (as far as graphic violence) in SOCOM would be fairly decent. And I've yet to see petitions and news reports regarding the banning and boycotting of SOCOM. But I can see why Hasbro wouldn't want to associated themselves with such publicity, but it's really their loss, and ultimately... ours.
  3. It's also coming out in February for PS2. It looks like a really nice game (graphics, abilities and gameplay), and looks to top MGS in terms of gameplay, IMO.
  4. OK... well thanks anyway. I'm mostly getting these JvC figures for new weapons to give my RAH figures anyway. I likes me weapons. :wink:
  5. How well does that fit into RAH figures' hands? 8)
  6. Here's the case assortment for Wave 4: Duke vs. Ripper x 2 Shipwreck vs. BATs x 2 Wild Bill vs. Neo Viper x 2 Dart vs. CLAWS x 2 Dusty vs. Shock Viper x 1 Beachhead vs Dr. Mindbender x 1 Snake Eyes vs. Cobra Commander x 1 Heavy Duty vs. Skull Buster x 1 Going by this, it's gotta be Beachhead vs. Mindbender. I was fortunate enough to get the Skull Buster, but that was the only one I got of Wave 4. They did have Dart but I chose Skull Buster instead, but all I had was $10 bucks on me (pack cost $8.65). This would be done 100% because 1.)I always buy RAH figures first, and 2.) Skull Buster was short packed. I'm gonna pass on Dart anyway. I hate the CLAWS, and Dart's personal weapon is a Sound Attack weapon. And after trying to spend 20 minutes of my life trying to use a razor blade (box cutter really) to cut off the SA tab, and having it look kinda crappy and lose so much detail because of the SA tab, no more getting JvC figures whose main weapon is like that. The red Shock-Viper is pretty hard to find, as many are Army Building this fine mold with a kick-ass paint job. I like it, ALOT! Only reason Skull Buster would be a peg warmer at all is because it's freakin' purple. If it was painted better... And if Wild Bill had a flight suit on, I would buy it too. None of that stupid cowboy crap. So I'm passing on this too.
  7. I don't think the scarf is removeable. Here's a review from EEJ over at Sarge's Soundoffs: PS. martini_847 - Is something wrong with your sig or is something wrong with my browser? All I'm seeing is a URL, and it's giving me a horizontal bar.
  8. Agreed, but what Hasbro really needs to do is stop re-using other toy lines' molds (RAH, Johnny Quest) and start making actual GOOD NEW vehicles tailor-made for GvsC. Oh . . . and the Big 3??? @!#$% %@#$%# , ya corporate nazis! Well, the NAC was a JvC vehicle. But it feels like only the pilot's seat is comfortable for JvC (even then its Wave 2 and beyond). The NAC's backseats and cargo bay seat are way more comfortable for RAH molds. And I'm still for RAH repaints (vehicles and figures), as they are the only Joes I go after 110%. If a JvC figure comes out that I want is on the shelf, it will ALWAYS be in the "if I don't have to buy anything else I'll pick it up" category.
  9. Thanks Tom! I was think about getting 2 of the Duke/Ripper packs just so I can have a few extra of those cool weapons, but now I don't know. Too bad about Ripper's gun, I would have loved to have given it to one of my RAH guys. :evil: I might get another one just for the Duke's gun, depending on how it is once I get my hands on it. Hehe... your pics kick ass. I love the muzzle flashes and the bullet holes. Nice touch. 8)
  10. Great pics Tom! One question though, how well does Ripper's M4/shotgun and Duke's M4 fit into the hands of a RAH figure? Too big? Too small? Just right?
  11. Thanks! I guess we can agree to disagree on these points. BUT I will say while the metal rivets will probably change the proportions some, the positive is that they'll just fit into the vehicles better.
  12. I don't know if anyone here knows, but the root of quite a few complaints are the direct action of some of the big retail franchises. The Big 3 (Walmart, Target and Toys R Us) are the main causes of our grievances about the current line. They are resposible for: Sound Attack (and assorted gimmicks: shooting weapons and the like) 2-packs (instead of single-carded figures, so they can sell for a high price point) Unified Logo Packaging (the open packages for the Sound Attack features and most likely the limegreen color) So it's not ENTIRELY Hasbro's fault. The Big 3 have more influence on how Joe is than some may realize. It's not Hasbro's fault for some of these things, because if they didn't have Sound Attack or came in 2-pack, Walmart wouldn't even carry it. And it is VERY important for Hasbro to appease the Big 3. But I will say that a few of the bad things about the current line could be fixed on Hasbro's part as they are things they can control. They are: *Metal Rivets - maybe once the line picks up more popularity, it'll get a revert back to this. *Black Weapons - this is a personal complaint of mine, as I CARE how my Joes are armed. Not metallic brown (like Wave 5), not green, not blue, not yellow or purple... BLACK!!! Or a really dark shards of grey are OK, I guess, but basically.... black! What is wrong with black anyway?!? Hasbro can just stock up on black plastic and be done with it, as far as the weapons are concerned. Backpack colors may vary, but don't get stupid with them either. *The Logo - while it sucks that it looks so damn retro, and just plain ugly.... they could at LEAST have the decency to keep it off the vehicles and the figures. Or at the VERY least, keep it off the figures. GI JOE fans, no matter what age, aren't ##$%$#ed. We know which one is the Joe and which one is the Cobra. Maybe if today's kids READ from time to time, they wouldn't piss their pants when Regents exams or the SATs came around (friggin' sad, really). 'Cause it's written clear as day on the filecards. Personally, I don't give a damn what the logo looks like. But when that ugly ass logo is slapped on the Joes, you can say I'm more than a bit concerned about it. Same goes with the packaging. It could be limegreen for all I care (which it already is), it goes into the trash were it belongs... ironically. :wink: I'm no MOC collector so into the trash it goes. They can blast the damn packaging with all the logos they want, I don't care. Just keep it off the figures, and if possible... the vehicles. *The paint jobs - Some of these are questionable. It'd be great if they had some dark colors or even better CAMOUFLAGE. You know? The stuff military personnel wear into combat? What a concept, huh? GI JOE looking like military personnel... Anyway... you can't hardly go wrong with dark colors like black, blues and greys, and even camouflage. I'll say it again: CAMOUFLAGE. They don't even have to think. Just go buy a bunch of Army t-shirts and slap the patterns, and/or a variation of it, onto the Joes. Or look at some of the past RAH patterns and colors and imitate them, or a slight variation of. *Sculpts - some of the sculpt could be better. Giving Zartan hydraulics assisted, bionic exoskeletal arms is a little out there (and limegreen no less :roll: ). They should fit the a little of the character's personality more sometimes. Especially those who have their own customized wardrobe (IE. Not military uniforms/fatigues). (Wave 5 looks to have corrected some of this. For the most part, they look good. Thanks to Tom-1 for the pics!) These are small fixes. VERY small. All are fixable with almost NO effort on Hasbro's part (except the metal rivets thing). Something that can be done that wouldn't even upset the almighty Big 3. So get your ass in gear Hasbro! So far, one of the things that Hasbro has done right is how they added Sound Attack to the recent TRU RAH vehicle repaints. Just unscrew 4 screws and you're done. Not bad. You get a RAH vehicle and can remove that crap, and it's basically the same vehicle. I hope they continue with TRU RAH Vehicle and Figure Exclusives.
  13. Case Breakdown Wave 5: Sgt. Hacker vs Scalpel x 2 Chief Torpedo vs Dreadknock Burnout x 2 Cross Hairs vs CLAWS Commander x 2 Tunnel Rat vs Overkill x 2 Recondo vs Iron Grenadier x 2 Barrel Roll with Glider x 2
  14. Actually this is the first message board I read regarding Joe starting back in June/July. The very first discussion I read about Joe online was at the google newsgroup. There's really not much to say. Everyone else covers everything pretty thoroughly. No need to have the same things said twice by two different people. :wink:
  15. Thanks for the welcome. I'm still mostly just reading, and post when I have something to say that hasn't been said. :wink: The Greenshirts are actually very skilled. They could be considered the best of the best from the US Armed Forces. They are Airborne Rangers, Navy SEALs, and though it hasn't been mentioned probably, Green Berets, AF Air Controllers, Marine Force Recon and even some governement agencies like FBI. So they're more than qualified to take on Cobra, it's just that they're assigned to be the backup military support for the Joes. When they "prove" themselves, they'll be given a codename. So basically, the Greenshirts are a breeding ground for recruiting and training full-fledged Joe. I don't like the idea of Greenshirts either, but it's not like they do anything important, so far it's guard-duty and being Cobra cannon fodder. It's just once in a while they take a panel or two, or share some space in a few panels with some of the REAL Joes of the DD comic.
  16. GI JOE is a counter-terrorist unit (not just Cobra) comprised of operatives, the best of the best, from the 5 branches of the US Armed Forces (but also has international members on loan, like Big Ben of the British SAS). But I guess their main focus would have be Cobra. They are a quick response team, ready to go at any given time. I think in the Marvel comic, they fought other terrorists groups or individuals too. This was more prevalent in Special Missions. They are a small group of about what... 300 or so members? So they conduct covert and unconventional warfare against terrorist organizations or individuals. It's just at times, they are connected to Cobra. They could be compared to the US Army's Delta Force, as Battlefiles labels Joe in the Chain-of-Command as "Counter-Terrorist Group - Delta" (or something like that). Delta Force's primary purpose is a special forces counter-terrorist group. They work in small groups, get the job done, and go home. Much like GI JOE. Cobra is not an organization that advertises itself to the world. For the most part, their members are well-hidden. They conduct clandestine operations to acquire money, technology and information (sorta like SD-6 from the show "Alias"). They gain power by extortion and blackmail, as well as by force (and sometimes the Brainwave Scanner :roll: ). I'm sure they also have businesses and investments and try to aquire power and wealth through legal means as well. When they do strike or use Cobra personnel or armor... it's usually pretty small, 10-15 HISS tanks or whatever, so it's rarely on the scale to bring in the might of the US Armed Forces, or the UN. So to say all the that has to happen is for the combine US armed forces to come in wipe them all would be next to impossible if we couldn't find them. And even if we did, it's not like they would ALL be in the same place at the same time. It's been mentioned that in the Invasion of Cobra Island, US Armed Forces were also there. Whether they were supporting GI JOE or GI JOE was in a supporting role in that particular operation, I wouldn't know, as I don't have those issues. So the collaberation between GI JOE and the rest of the US Forces is not unheard of. I'm sure some of our resident military experts could clarify Delta Force's purpose and role in the counter-terrorist operations.
  17. Hmm... good question. I wouldn't know. I hope not. The hands are a solid color, so they still might be the softer plastic that's similiar to the other RAH repaints. This is a plus to me. Though, I hope it doesn't pop off either (like the bomb racks on the copper Rattler). The crotch pieces, on the other hand, look transparent (except Overkill, looks solid). I hope they're aren't made of the transparent plastic though. I wish there was a backpack to hold the attachments. Even if it had to be that spring-loaded, missile launching backpack from the original BAT v2.
  18. The Overkill figure in this set looks to share the same chest piece as the original. The original Overkill figure has a translucent chest piece which opened up to reveal a small red weapon. So this Overkill will have the same features as well.
  19. Just in case no one's visited the site yet: Exclusive BATs 6-Pack PREORDER ------------------------------------------------------------- Item# NEW039 Price: $14.99 This is the long awaited troop builder for GI Joe. 3 BATs, 2 Inferno BATs, and 1 Overkill. Each BAT and Inferno BAT comes with the hand attachment shown, a gun attachment, and the battle stand. Each set comes with 3 filecards, 1 for each different character. The set comes bagged, with a white mailer box. Currently, they are estimated to arrive in Mid-April. All preorders will be charged $5 per pack in February. From that time, there are no refunds. The remainder ($9.99) will be charged when the product ships from here. The image shown is of HAND PAINTED PROTOTYPES. It is NOT the final product. All BAT figures are a translucent (see through) color plastic. Some strange colorations appear in the picture due to that. The yellow of the boots and the belt on the black BATs is supposed to be the color of the trim on the original '86 BAT figure. This is the first of hopefully many troop builder exclusive sets. Sales on this set help gauge collector's interest in the future of similar sets. We ask that you order this item alone, or in multiples of itself as it won't ship until April. ------------------------------------------------------------- Can't go wrong for $14.99 for 6 figures. 8) Definitely 2 sets for me. , ,
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