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  1. Anyone got the issue and know when and where it's coming out? Been out of the loop.


    I got mine in the mail Monday. They also show the picture of the SHARC and the new Deep Six. Deep Six is old school and appears to only have four POA (shoulders and hips, just like the vintage one.) If you look carefully at the "Reinforcements Are Coming" ad, you can see him in the cockpit, facedown. His new headsculpt looks good though.


    I already have a SHARC from a previous reissue. Not particularly a huge fan of it as it seems a bit too big for the other Joes... the non-Deep Six kind. Lots of room for gear, though.


    I hope the cockpit hasn't been modded on the Firebat from it's original size to accomodate this figure though. That would suck.

  2. It's always box office death whenever they mess around with an established property's history too much. I think making Hawk a "suit" is about as big a change as you can do, taking the unit's commander and saying he's not going to get involved in a fire-fight. The point of GI Joe is that even the leader isn't afraid to see battle. You change that, and they're just like any other military unit. You've killed some of what makes it special. If you want to do a big-name cameo casting, then how about using General Flagg as the top honcho who never sees battle? You can't cage up a guy named "Hawk." It's just wrong.


    I don't think it spells box office death as a certainty. Spiderman's organic webshooters anyone? Mary Jane (or rather, it should've been Gwen Stacy) living through the end of the first movie. Every Marvel and DC movie has played with the origins in one way or another. Some more disastrously than others.


    At any rate, if Hawk started off in this movie as a Lt. Colonel or Colonel, I might be able to believe that he would be in the field. After reading and watching so many other military shows, movies and comics, it hard for me to believe they would let a general go into the field. That's is if realism is to take any part of this movie.


    Hell, the movie could start off with Hawk leading a mission for the explosive opening of the movie and be moved up the chain of command by midway of the movie if one wants to establish Hawk as a character who wanted to be in the field. There are many ways to handle Hawk's role and his role as leader.


    Duke will almost assurredly be in the forefront of the movie (more marketable character). Of course, they could always go the route of Hawk still being the field commander, and have Duke be the maverick second-in-command.

  3. If they started a new cartoon like the older one and just updated the material, kinda like how they have done the comics, would you guys watch it?



    Hell, I'd be happy if they animated the stories from the Marvel run of the GI Joe comics.


    Off hand, in the last 15-some-odd years, the more interesting toons to me have been to me: Batman: The Animated Series (not the slop that's on now with that freak'd out Joker), Superman: TAS, JLA/JLU, Beast Wars and War Planets. Even that Spiderman toon wasn't all bad.


    While most of the origin stories (for example) weren't totally new to me, it was still interesting to watch them in animated from. Even some of the new Fantastic Four toon episodes piques my interests in the same way.


    The same can be said about all the comics turned live action movies of today: Spiderman, Batman, Superman, X-Men, Blade.... We all know the story/origins, but yet, we still flock to the theaters. And neither the toons nor the movies have been always 100% accurate to the source material, and in some cases that's OK. Or at the very least, we lived with it.


    So with all that being said, Hasbro (or whoever) has 100+ issues of stories and a decade or so of history to tell. The origin of SE, SS, Serpentor, CC, GI Joe, Cobra, Nightcreepers, Dreadnoks.... all of this back story to fill in the gaps inbetween a little humor, a little artistic license, and whatever else they wanna throw in. Tie it in with the invasion of Cobra Island (a few times) or the liberation of some Middle Eastern country (for example), and we good to go.

  4. While I agree, both Tommy Lee Jones and Ed Harris aren't picture perfect to be Hawk, they are good actors and Hawk, a General, wouldn't be in an operation anyway. He'd be back at a command center with Mainframe and Breaker.




    I'm familiar with the character of Hawk. But that's not to say, in this instance, in this operation, in this movie, Hawk isn't in a command and control position. This way, we can have a good actor who's well-known in the picture, and he probably wouldn't cost that much given his limited screen time.


    That money saved can go to more characters (there should be a limit for the main guys 4-8 at most, plus a few cameos), more good actors in the action parts or SFX or whatever.


    Besides which, you just know the focus is gonna be on Duke and Snake-Eyes anyway.

  5. Stalker? Can't go wrong with Samuel L. Jackson. See those Cobras? Waste the mother@!$#&*!





    Another possible Duke:


    William Fichtner, here in "Black Hawk Down" as SFC. Sanderson. He can currently be seen in the hit Fox show, "Prison Break".







    While I agree, both Tommy Lee Jones and Ed Harris aren't picture perfect to be Hawk, they are good actors and Hawk, a General, wouldn't be in an operation anyway. He'd be back at a command center with Mainframe and Breaker.


    But here's some pics anyway:


    Tommy Lee Jones in "Rules of Engagement"



    Ed Harris (center) in "The Rock" as Brigadier General Francis X. Hummel, United States Marine Corp..


  6. Just for my edification, where there any RAH reissues (figures or vehicles) with this Wave 4? Hell, are there any planned for 2007?


    I've been out of the loop for a while.

  7. Hmmm, Wahlberg is a good actor and Im sure he could do a good job, but i just dont see him as Duke.


    I agree, Wahlberg doesn't really look like a leader, though, that could be that he's usually a supporting cast member all the time. I would nominate Jack Bauer, AKA Keifer Sutherland. If he told you to drop your weapon, you damn well better listen.


    They also mention Hawk as being one of the main characters [as well as Snake-Eyes]. For Hawk, I would mind seeing Tommy Lee Jones (Rules of Engagement) or Ed Harris (The Rock).

  8. Thought I'd chime in as a fellow NYC Joe fan. Great stuff as usual.


    The sets are just awesome. Little details like laptop computers (and with something on the display no less) and such really adds to the realism.


    Question though: The last line, "as they grow weaker, you grow stronger", did you hear/read that somewhere or did you just make that up? It seems vaguely familiar (Punisher comics, maybe)? Cleaver indeed.



    May never seemed more far away. ;)

  9. Define Wider Release? These will be in the club, and people will try to sell on e-bay for a profit. I doubt we'll be seeing just the figures and equipment on e-bay from our favorite Asian-sellers.





    You know, from Hasbro and/or TRU... some kind of 6-pack for $20 bucks. Doubtful, I know, since alot of good stuff never got released outside MC (HISS 2, STUN).

  10. Kinda makes you wish the Winter Ops set [2005] looked as good. Kinda makes you wonder if the WOLF is still around. Nice touch on the front pouch for the Snow Serpent.


    Anyone know if there's a chance of a wider release? Both the figures and gear for this set are quite impressive.

  11. that's the thing, i do use firefox, i don't go to any unsafe sites. I don't download that much at all, so i was totaly baffled as to how i got it. I started having problems when i tried to download yahoo messenger again. There was also some issues once i got regular updates from world of warcraft. It was clearly something nasty i picked up but i don't know where? maybe e-mail fwds?


    Yea, is there anyone else using your computer? Or are you transfering alot of data frequently from CDs/DVDs/Floppies? It could be that your friends' computers are infected and all that sharing is getting you in trouble ( besides TM's post about Messenger (YIM)). This also includes e-mails.


    As far as YIM, unless you really want this program, I say avoid it. I don't use it personally, but from what I've read, you should do a "Custom Install" (uncheck some of the useless or not needed features) and take a good long and hard look at the preferences to up security (to avoid spam/spyware/adware). Other than having the PC-to-PC chat feature, I say stick to AIM or ICQ. I'd think most folks have one or both of these two usually.



    I use IE and Mozilla. Problem with Mozilla and Firefox is that sometimes Java stuff makes it choke, at least in my experience. And sometimes extended idleness chokes the program or just sites that aren't Mozilla/Firefox friendly.

  12. What websites are you going to that give that much adware/spyware?


    I'm on P2P alot and most I have are tracking cookies (which aren't uber harmful anyway).

  13. Yeah not really an exclusive but it will get 3/3/4 out in the stores as well as perhaps lead to some TRU exclusives, that is cool with me. The point is it feels empty when I go to a store and do not see any 3/3/4 figures :(


    Excellent point!


    I mean, god knows RAH gets so little love as it is. Yea, the Comic Packs are great, but two at a time every few months and a 6-pack thrown in whenever is hardly inspiring hardcore collecting. I would be supremely surprised and happy if totally new, never-seen-before TRU Exclusives make it to the next Joe Con (I've been out of the loop).


    Two to three six-packs with two medium-sized vehicle exclusives (HISS II and if possible, the HAVOC or Sky Hawk) by years' end would be awesome stuff.

  14. green hulk and gray hulk both versions are in it right. and why is nick fury black?



    I only recall seeing Green version.


    The same reason they casted Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin in Daredevil. Hollywood thinks it needs to make comic book movies more politially correct apparently... :rolleyes: #US1#


    Uhh... wasn't he grey? Which is kinda odd because he acted more like the Savage Green Hulk (albeit, grey in color). Maybe it was just dark....

  15. Gorky = (This is my second favorite fig, but the grey needs to be darker, IMO)


    Hehe... I was beginning to think I was the only one who thought this was Lieutenant Gorky. Shrage come out in CP#6 already.


    It'd be nice if Hasbro put up Comic Pack #6 & #7 again so people can get the whole team at once.


    I wonder if they'll finish up with Red Star, Volga and Big Bear...





    Anywho, glad to see more Comic Packs coming.

  16. It was better than I expected. Which is to say it was better than alot of other Marvel toons.


    I didn't like how they portrayed Banner or Thor though. Is that how they are in the comics now?? I haven't read comic books in awhile. I figure I'll just do the lazy thing and catch these animated shows instead.


    It's too bad Professor Hulk wasn't around, and it would've been nice for the Avengers to fight a major character than a faceless alien armada.

  17. my intent was not to be technically correct in what specific race or culture she was, rather to spread knowledge on the use of the word oriental. knowingly or unknowingly, it has an often offensive connotation surrounding it. asian is the more preferred clumping label. no need for this thread to be banned based on awareness of a particular word.


    btw, i think all the ladies look pretty decent, exept for the 2 ladies pictured with psylocke in an earlier picture, they look hagrid.


    From what I've read, these days, Asian is the term used when referring to "people", whereas Oriental is for "things" (IE oriental rugs). That's the easiest distinction and, not to mention safe, guideline I go by.


    Anyway, if you think these chicks look ugly, then you guys must have high standards; or maybe mine are just low. Hehe... :D


    Halle Berry is a stunner, but she can't act. But I'm sure everyone wants, including the production staff, beautiful people who can act and are cheap to cast for the movie. So I guess beautiful, talented, and cheap actors are too much to ask for. That's something we're all gonna have to live with.

  18. Tons of folks are seeing them in the UK or downloading them through BitTorrent/P2P. They are airing in the UK on some channel called Sky/SkyOne or whatever.


    Should air in the USA soon enough though. Okay... not really.


    I Am Legion - 9/17/2005

    Shadow of the Hawk - 9/17/2005

    Chaos at the Earth's Core - 9/24/2005

    To Another Shore - 9/24/2005

    Flash and Substance - 2/11/2006

    Dead Reckoning - 2/18/2006

    The Great Brain Robbery - 3/4/2006

    Grudge Match - 3/11/2006

    Far From Home - 3/18/2006

    Ancient History - 3/25/2006

    Alive (1) - 4/1/2006

    Destroyer (2) - 4/8/2006

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