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  1. I'd be too worried to take vehicles apart. It'd just be Q-tip cleaning for me.
  2. In the meantime, give us the Night Landing Craft with Cobra Eel sometime this year.... PLEASE!
  3. I got mine in the mail Monday. They also show the picture of the SHARC and the new Deep Six. Deep Six is old school and appears to only have four POA (shoulders and hips, just like the vintage one.) If you look carefully at the "Reinforcements Are Coming" ad, you can see him in the cockpit, facedown. His new headsculpt looks good though. I already have a SHARC from a previous reissue. Not particularly a huge fan of it as it seems a bit too big for the other Joes... the non-Deep Six kind. Lots of room for gear, though. I hope the cockpit hasn't been modded on the Firebat from it's original size to accomodate this figure though. That would suck.
  4. Anyone got the issue and know when and where it's coming out? Been out of the loop.
  5. I hope it has more and better action than the first one.
  6. Hehe.... DH4 better be good or all of this won't even matter in the end.
  7. They were trying way... WAY too hard to tie in plot elements for Parker's personal life. It would've been alright for the character to just have that guilt on his conscious to help drive him to do what's right. Again, Sandman was just too horribly crammed into this movie.
  8. With no Arnie, I don't know. It could work, but if it's all about John Conner, then this movie should close up the Terminator stories for good. Least of all, Skynet sends back a Terminator to the beginning of the war....
  9. I also forgot to mention..... Sandman kills Uncle Ben?!? Umm... no.
  10. Anyway, I don't see He-Man being that big a hit. Least of all the story is written like an epic like LOTR or Harry Potter or something.
  11. On a sidenote, ROBERT DOWNEY JR looks like a clown.
  12. It just dragged in some spots to me and was not as exciting overall as 1 or 3. Draven Villians aside, I felt the same thing about SM3. Alot of parts dragged on for too long, especially the Harry Osbourne parts. I know it was poignant to the ending, but when I was watching it in the theaters, I just wanted to fast forward those parts. Then there were MJ ho-bag moments, which again, were relavent to the story, but still... hard to watch in this type of movie. Both plotlines weren't written very well, not to the point of being interesting, and really destroyed the pace of the movie. All in all, I wish the Harry thread was pushed to the next series of movies. Then the cheesy ending with Harry showing up wouldn't have happened (that too much as well), not to mention the 180 degree flips of the characters Harry, Peter, and Mary Jane. Harry tried to kill them all, and yet, Pete and MJ forgot (and forgave) all about it. And finally, the hate Harry felt all but disappeared, and seemingly forgot about having half his face blown off and permanently disfigured for life.
  13. That'd be my order too; 2 -> 1 -> 3. Though, I wouldn't put in such a negative way, in that 3 is the "worst". Looking at the trilogy as a whole, it is definitely the most rushed, and least cohesive story. To me, SM2 wins by a landslide because of a better villian (over SM1), better exhibition of powers from both Spidey and Doc Ock, and that clocktower/train fight. You can just see how much more refined and comfortable Parker is as Spidey in that battle from SM1 -> SM2.
  14. I can understand them wanting to put Peter Parker element to the story too, as Parker's juggling of his two identities are a big part of the films and story. I don't know about MJ being written out completely, I think they need to hire a no-name actress to give MJ role in the movies more like the comic, or at the very least, not a prominent due to it being entirely because of having a named celebrity casted. While I think that's a big pay increase, it might (stress might... with no foundation on my part) be the offer to keep Tobey. Tobey has been pretty adament about keeping the "team" together, Tobey/Kirsten/Raimi, if there's gonna be any hopes of more sequels. Having a good scripts aside, both Tobey and Kirsten seem to want to move on really, unless something exceptional happens. Sony just wants to milk the cash cow, so while $35m is alot, they still stand to make big profits after ticket sales, dvd rentals/sales, broadcasting rights and merchandising. Personally, I think $20-25 million is well within the likely range. I don't blame him for asking for more if he did anyway.
  15. I don't know about that, considering all 3 movies have Mary Jane kidnapped for the final battle. I know they wanna tie in Parker's personal life with this superhero persona, but it's getting kinda ridiculous at this point. I guess it's no different than Superman saving Lois all the time. But in the Spidey comics, how often does that happen (MJ held hostage)? I haven't read one in a while, but I'd guess not many times.
  16. Hehe... are you kidding? I heard that the Spider-Man franchise made $1.5 billion worldwide on the two films alone. SM1 = $808m worldwide ($405.85m domestic), SM2=$783.9 worldwide ($373.38m domestic). And that's not including all the merchandising and DVD/rental revenue. SM is Sony's cash cow, and they want to do 4, 5 and 6 already.
  17. The thing is, there could've been two movies outta this. 1. Sandman - We could've gotten a plot new to the movie franchise in that Sandman could've been a sympathetic villian. In the context of the movie, a guy who's had a rough life and seemingly no breaks, commiting crime to save his daughter. He might do evil things.... heck even kill people, but he'd be trying to save his daughter for Pete's sake. So you can't totally hate him. 2. Venom - Could've be explored more, with the bonding happening earlier, and the clock tower scene happening in the middle. This would've turned into a final and epic wall-crawler vs. wall-crawler battle. So yea, easily two movies and tales to tell. So all in all, too much for one movie to handle. Yea, one can only assume there are multiple versions of the bombs. SM1 had the same inconsistancy. The GG first attack, killing all those corporate board members, and Spider-Man taking one in the face and blowing half of Spidey's mask off. This would've been too cliched. During the course of the movie, the relationship was really damaged by both Peter and MJ. And to all of sudden have them engaged would be too much.
  18. If we're gonna get a more mature looking Parker, they need to get a "woman" for MJ, and not another "girl". Mandy Moore is still kinda too youthful-looking.
  19. Just to be safe......... [ SPOILERS ] I just got back from watching it. It's 4.39AM where I am, and boy did I have a hard time finding a non-sold out theater. I went to 3 different theaters before I found a late showing (1.30AM show). Anyways.... I thought it was good, but not a good as Spider-Man 2. SM2 had a better balance between Parker/Watson (love story), Doc Ock backstory, and Spider-Man action scenes. The story and action were alot tighter. SM3, to me, had a little too much going on. Sandman could've been left out of the movie if the story was tweaked just a bit, and gave Venom more story and screentime. Couple these two with the Green Goblin (?) thread from the previous movies, and it's alot to take in. Editing and pace of the movie was kind of too-quick and uneven. The action was good, but it didn't ramp up like what SM2 did for SM1. They compensated by adding more villians with the big battle at the end. Admittedly, I don't think it'd be easy to make the leap (SM1 -> SM2, SM2 -> SM3). Some scenes were kinda corny, like the dance number in the jazz bar and some of the relationship problems between Parker and Watson. The audience groaned and laughed during the bridge break-up scene. What I woulda done was forget Sandman, have SM bond with Venom, then have Black Spidey fight crime in a more aggressive way where people got hurt (whilst Parker experiencing blackout moments - like the hanging upside down staring at his reflection on the skyscraper scene where he's like "WTH am I doing here?!?") so that he city would again, hate him... culminating in the Eddie Brock/Vemon bonding and tormenting Parker (Harry could've died earlier and Brock would show up at the funeral) then a final battle. They also coulda played up the fact that Venom doesn't set off Spider-Man's spider sense (how Harry got the jump on him at the beginning kinda puzzled me). They also should've added a more demonic voice for Venom, with more "We" and "Us" symbiote speeches (WE ARE VENOM!). Would've made him more psychotic. Anywho... good film and great visuals. The crane scene was awesome, Spider-Man going aerial with the environment (loved the diving through the crane's arm part and then the two pieces of debris) is always fun to watch. Still, the best comic movie franchise to date.
  20. If there was gratuitous Kate Beckinsale nudity, skin or toplessness, I might've considered thinking about renting this movie. Otherwise... pass.
  21. This guy sounds like a fool. He hated the rich and yadda, yadda.... but he was pretty well off too. Damn rich people and their rich people problems.
  22. Slow motion on a trampoline? @lol@ Maybe... @lol@ But to be honest, and admittedly I haven't seen much of her works since Star Wars, her boobs aren't exactly big enough to cause alot of motion anyway.
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