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  1. I'm fine if I have to wait, but I'm not going to pay some jacked up crazy internet price for a Resolute Snake Eyes because Hasbro or Wal-Mart or whomever f-d up their scheduling. @grumpy@
  2. I just want the freakin' Snake Eyes!
  3. That Resolute Snake Eyes is a thing of beauty! (And it's on Ebay going for somewhere around $300!) I wish Hasbro would quit doing the tease and no action routine. "We don't know how those photos got out or if we'll release those figures. Sorry." @grumpy@
  4. I scored a Croc Master and a Wraith at one of my local Targets on this new price, and I gotta say it sure made up for all the gas I've wasted driving around lately. @smilepunch@
  5. Actually Target has Joes on sale for $4.99 through the 24th of November, DCU Infintes on sale for $3.99, and up until recently ALL Marvel Legends waves priced at $14.99 (Brood or Blob anyone?). Now granted they did just do a mark down so that only the Hulk waves are that high (like Wal-Mart), they still only marked those older waves back "down" to $9.99! As far as TRU goes, I used to work for them, and let me tell you what; they're crazy. Honestly I haven't even thought about Marvel Legends since Hasbro took over. It has always felt to me like they either don't know what to do with the line, or they don't really care (for lack of better words!) I think they've got a lot of Transformer and Star Wars and G.I. Joe money coming in so they don't feel too hard-pressed to make the Marvel line stand out. (Note, I am not bashing Hasbro here, I'm just offering a theory of their current business model.) If the 6" line dies, so be it. I really won't miss it at this point. Yeah, I never got some of the random characters I like (Blink!), but then again when you have Marvel writers shaking the Marvel Universe to its foundations with world-shattering crossover after world-shattering crossover for over a year and snuffing out characters by the handful or just getting bored and writing them out (Chris Claremont! Blink! @cussing@ ), it's not really surprising if the accompanying toy line is hard to sort out and/or ill-received. If I see a 3.75" figure that looks good, poses well, and fits within my collection and budget I might buy it, but for now I'd say as far as Marvel toys go, I'm over it.
  6. Yea, but it's not April yet, is it? Not to mention if this is a joke, it would be pretty stupid of a company that makes its money selling toys to anounce that two whole waves of toys have been cancelled just for an April Fool's giggle. The calculated risk of lost money to laughter wouldn't work out in their favor. It would be nice if Hasbro would just give us a soundbyte on new waves, but until then, let's assume that they're working with Falcon to tweak the line. Everybody take a deep breath and remember the words of that most wholly remarkable book; Don't Panic. 42
  7. For two-packs?!?! Damn, Kansas sucks because they're $10 everywhere around here!! @grumpy@
  8. And yes that, Ladies & Gentlemen, was The Understatement of The Century (insert Python-esque clap-track here.)
  9. Don't be so quick to dismiss the idea. Transformers being a hot property right now could play to an advantage. The Marvel Legends line is just as it sounds, Legendary characters from Marvel's history. Well, Transformers ARE part of Marvels history. Hasbro controls the toys for both properties and they can do what they want with them so long as Marvel approves. Whoever is doing the comics now is irrelevant because they only control the comics of today not the figures or likenesses of the past. Except it creates brand confusion and conflicts with IDW. While Transformers is a part of Marvel history, Marvel has had nothing to do with the brand in over a decade. And more importantly, it creates the false impression among consumers that Marvel either owns or publishes Transformers when they do not. And you aren't correct, they DO control the content of the past. Marvel can't publish a Transformers comic despite publishing them for many years a decade ago (incidentally, IDW now republishes old Marvel stories). Hasbro bought out the GI Joe comic library from Marvel and when those were reprinted in comic packs, all mention of Marvel was removed from them. Because Marvel doesn't own the content anymore. With Transformers being as big as it is, there is no real reason for a single wave of Marvel Legends be geared around another brand. Hasbro could make a LOT more money with simply marketing a line described on its own. Retailers aren't going to increase marvel Legends buys just to get more of one wave, which makes putting Transformers in Marvel Legends pointless (aside from fan "cool" factor) And the biggest reason you won't see it is this: Hasbro has spent a LOT of time and money cultivating brand characters for Transformers. They are not going to waste the icons of their biggest brand at the moment on another brand's toyline. It doesn't make financial sense to do it, not counting the numerous issues relating to the writes of the comics and characters (Hasbro doesn't "own" the Marvel toylines, they are LICENSED to make it. If Marvel wanted to, they could pull the license and give it to another company if they wanted) Plus Organic Hobby's Revoltech line keeps announcing new figures from G1.
  10. Which Kang are we talkin about? And does anyone know what you can expect to pay for a Happy-Fun-Ball these days? My last one accelerated rapidly and then blew up.
  11. I'd take an Ultimate Wolvie VS. Ultimate Hulk 2-pak! Wolverine with rip-in-half action! @loll@
  12. If they kill Kurt, I quit. @grumpy@ Although, some of the latest solicitations for X-Men show him and Skrull-Verine #7 with Colossus in Russia, so he should be alright. I think Pred-X will eat Elixir, because honestly, having a super-healer on hand all the time makes things too easy. Beast- "What's that? You were viciosly mauled? No worries... Josh!" Cyclops- "Huh? Someone gnawed your face off? Go see Josh, I'm busy." Wolverine- "You got impaled on rebar, eh? Walk it off pansey."
  13. A theory going around the shop I work in is that Dr. Strange is a Skrull. He has been weaker than usual lately. I also think that Gyrich is a Skrull. He's in a really good position of power right now; The Initiative, The Registration Act, The O.N.E. He's got his fingers in all the super-pies. Of course, he is a major douche that no one likes, so I guess that would make him awfully obvious... Oh, and on a side-note, I believe that Deadpool's pet Hydra Agent, Bob, is a Skrull who's gathering information on the elusive "fourth wall" that only Deadpool and She-Hulk seem to be aware of, or able to interact with.
  14. Sorry to break the train of thought here, but when did they decide Elektra was a mutant?
  15. And then laugh, cry or rage at the editorial heavens in the privacy of your own home.
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