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  1. Sunfire did not sell well online, who's to blame? The fans? He won an online poll, what gives? Poll results can be skewed by multiple voting by unscrupulous individuals. Well first of all, the character is not a top tier character (C-list). Not many kids really know this character and looks like just another Human Torch. There's only so many collectors who are interested in this figure. And outside of X-Men fans or comic aficionados does not have enough visibility to kids. Not in Marvel cartoons, not in movies. How many Marvel posters show this character? Not many. It's better to have som
  2. We should respect the poll results as factual. I am of the belief that the results reflects actual opinion and we should now support the line if it is to survive. I just need the Valkyrie to have a tweak with double joint knees to make it more desirable for me. Deadpool would be a welcome addition for my shelf next to my 2 pack Cable. Black Widow replaces that ugly whore from 2004. Truthfully, I voted for Havok, Fantomex and Brother Voodoo, but we should keep the line afloat by supporting it. Griping and moaning won't do anything and only sow more discontent at Hasbro and thereby build less su
  3. Gladly. Here ir is: http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryRoom.asp?GSub=30331
  4. Just saw that Bulldozer of the Wrecking Crew will be joining the Secret Wars 2 packs along with Ben Grimm, Mohawk Storm, Enchantress and Spider Woman. He joins the confirmed team members, Piledriver, Thunderball. The Wrecker, Absorbing Man, Titania and She Hulk are sure to be not far behind. Check ComicArtFans.com. Too bad that Hasblow did not even consider these for Marvel Legends releases.
  5. Me too, they need to resurrect that Titanium Man and Crimson Dynamo from whatever backroom they're storing these in. Since Iron Man 2 Movie is due out in 2010, talk about the right time to capitalize and do comic based figures. Historically, movie figures do well at the height of the movie release, but after that pans out after film has run its course. What really sells are the classic comic based characters related to the movie icon. This could jumpstart the whole 6" line. Who wouldn't want a classic 8" Titanium Man or a 6" Crimson Dynamo?? Case in point Spider-Man classics line. They sell
  6. I don't like the long neck either and anorexic waistline.
  7. Sorry to burst your bubble but Hasbro already mentioned the Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man photos were inadvertenlty leaked by mistake and at present they cannot find retailers willing to distribute any more 6" Iron Man line figures. They will be retired for now.
  8. H A S B R O Marvel marketing strategy: Marvel Universe - Offer "A" list characters and offer full support and resources. Flood market with this line. Marvel Legends - Show 18 obscure, less known, not in demand characters with rehashed body parts and repaints and offer fan poll to produce 3 + 3 characters in limited release 2 packs in 2010. Also, kill Titanium Man and Crimson Dynamo prototypes accidentally posted in ToyArk because it generates too much fan interest. These would reduce tooling costs and paying high sculptors costs.
  9. He is also my default Hulk because he is just HUGE as should be the case !
  10. What do you mean the guy's small? He's bigger than Hugh Jackman for Chrissake's !! The guy's 6'3" and not at all skinny. Check out YouTube and you'll see what I mean. He just needs to grow a longer mane and pump more iron. Otherwise, do we need another Tyler Mane (or a WWF wrestler) that would be insane . . . . He played Kirk's father in the new Star Trek Movie, not Capt James Kirk himself. It was an awesome movie by the way.
  11. He is too small. Almost as short as X:O Tiger stripe Wolverine. He doesn't work at all for me.
  12. Cable could be played by an athlete like Brett Fahre.
  13. Too big and bulky, and his noggin' looks like a bodybuilder on 'roids. Big pass.
  14. MS Hulk is a good figure to serve as Movie version. As you remember in the movie, he towers over Emil Blonsky. Just remember, the madder he gets the stronger he is !! He is at the upper limits of anger to achieve that size !! Savage Hulk he is.
  15. I get my older figures from EBay through a lot of patience and perseverance. You don't have to bid if the price for you is too high. There are other sellers putting the same figure up for bid. So you have to work it. I always look at the loose figures to get my needs. If you are into a sealed MOC figures, then good luck. You will pay higher price for sure. But then you could get lucky and stumble into a good deal. Best to buy on EBay when new waves are hitting stores and their is less activity on the site and everyone's saving their mony and out and concentrating on buying the new rele
  16. You probably never read that one story where the Sentry battled Carnage and physically ripped him in two with is bare hands and incinerated the creature by throwing him to the sun. End of story. Busted !!
  17. It looks like an upscaled version of the 5 inch movie Black Spider-Man that should have been released in ML scale the first time by Hasbro (everyone was clamoring for a 6 inch version) when the Spider-Man 3 movie first opened in theaters. Is this like a make-up or contrition for their past screw-up?
  18. If you never had a Hulk, get this one. but if you had Face Off Hulk, this one don't hold up to it. I'd get one and repaint him gray, since I don't have a Grey Hulk.
  19. Go take a break . . .go on a hiatus . . . visit Tibet and then climb Mt. Everest. When you come back, you'll be a wiser man. #US1#
  20. The videogame shows Titanium man as somewhat comparable in size to Iron Man. He should be at least as tall as Iron Man. Who do they think is in that armor? Logan? Gremlin? Puck? It doesn't make sense to me at all. What a disappointment this figure is . . . I'd say weak is the word. can't make 'em to scale . . . can paint 'em right . . . can't articulate 'em right. same ole same ole. At least the movie came out really well.
  21. C'mon now !! Does Hasbro know what 6" scale means ?? Granted he is from the video game, is he that much smaller than Iron Man? How can he be smaller than Iron Man? Does Iron Man go smashin' around little twerps like him? I mean the Green Goblin looks much more intimidating than him ! C'mon, Hasbro. Throw us a bone for cryin out loud !!
  22. I don't know what's so special with this version of Titanium Man. He looks like a little runt in a green Martian suit. WTF !! Hello !! Titanium Man should be towering over Iron Man. Did he get pounded in a garbage compactor ?? Tony Stark now has to face li'l crappy armored dudes. C'mon now ! Hasbro, show us some luv here !!
  23. Hasbro did it again with the Iron Monger open cockpit version. Occupant is Mini-me version of Obadiah Stane !! They could have made him bigger or the figure itself should be Hulk sized like in the movie (about 10 foot tall) !!
  24. That is Jeff Bridges ?? Can you have this figure stand next to a standard ML figure? He looks a little small . . . .
  25. Hasbro's newer figures appears more scaled to the DC Universe. Especially the Iron Man movie figures and 2 pack Cable. Not to mention the puny headed Silver Surfer and Ben Grimm from FFML. And I think the Inferno headed Human Torch too. So if they're consistently using those as a basis, I'm afraid Daredevil will also look small headed. Hey, but they go well with my DC Superman figure.
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