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  1. http://www.hasbro.com/marvel/default.cfm?p...roduct_id=21740 @purpbananna# @afroman@ I didn't know it was my birthday.
  2. I laught so hard i almost @puke@ that was so funny @loll@ . I liked both cartoons. @notworthy@ @notworthy@
  3. look down at my signture a doppelganger Ironman would rock. Heck for that matter a doppelganger wave would Rock. @bounce@ @jump# @bananna@
  4. I like to see Porcupine, She Thing, Man-Beast, Lyja The Laserfist, Son Of Satan, Suger man Baf, or Supreme Intelligence baf, and Squirrel Girl. Everybody wants a Squirrel Girl Figure. Don't lie to yourself you know you do.
  5. Did anyone notice the Captain America ironman movie figure It got me think. There was a "What IF" Captain America founded the Avengers and in it Frank Castle was ironman. It was Gray and black armor with the Punisher skull on it. That would be really sweet. The Melter would be a cool ironman villian. Mainframe would be a cool future version of Ironman.
  6. You have been reported. They will be coming for you. Tomorrow, you will be replaced by an identical duplicate and no one will ever know. To late with the warning. It' already been done. Now we're coming for you. Hasbro is great i love everything they do. You can never improve on perfection. @jump# @jump# even as a duplicate i can't keep a straight face on that one .
  7. I like to see more first appearence. US Agent, {sould be easy it's a repaint} Thunderstike,Grim Repear,Wrecking Crew and Defenders.
  8. If you want to sound like a super-cool action-figure whiz, you should call it a "soft goods" cape. Soft goods is a generic term for cloth used on a figure (like robes, hoods, capes, etc.). Becareful correcting people or they'll brainwash you and take away your freedom of speech and free will like they did GL.That's why everone one walking on eggshells around here. I'll say what everone what to say but scare to, Hasbro screws us when it come to sculping. I like most of their work but they're the kings of repaint.
  9. marvelfreak

    I must say...

    thank you hasbro for my first eyegasm and curse you,now i'll have to get a second job to buy them all. Well worth the wait. @purpbananna# @purpbananna#
  10. The last three custom icons i bidded on had no other bids then the day it ended someone would raise the bid $10.00. to $15.00. All three time what they bid would be $2.00 under my max bid then they wouldn't bid again. I won all three times but doesn't it seem strange that it was $2.00 under my max bid? Different sellers and max biddes each time.I think some seller have some else raise the bids for them. I seen items i bided on get raise a couple dollars more than my max bid. An i wouldn't bid on it again the other bidder would win it, but a couple month later the same custom would be up for sell by the same guy selling it the last time. Sounds fishy to me. @eyerise@
  11. http://wizarduniverse.invisionzone.com/ind...showtopic=19329 Hasbro may just want to focus on movie figures and have another company take over the ML line. After all they have the rights. If you read the whole thing it's possible that this will not be the end of Icons.
  12. It's all about marketing. Fill the pegs with Ironman fig, then when the hulk movie comes out start filling the pegs with them.Come about Aug or Sept release wave 4 to keep people happy till Wave 5 right before X-mas. They did the same last year. Releasing spidy 3 and FF 2 movie figs and moved wave 2 back. After the summer then they gave us wave 3 at x-mas and FF wave and the Spidy wave. Plus the longer you wait to get them the faster you spend your money for them. Also the more some people will spend for them if they think the lines going under. Hasbro marketing department most likely the one starting the rumors. As far as Icons go they would have done alot better if they had 3 to 4 different chareters in each wave. Like a couple big name ones and one or two second rate hero. JUST ONE MAN OPINION.
  13. Wonderman is stronger than Thor. I say this because getting hit by his fist is the equal getting hit by Thor's hammer. So his packing the equal of two of Thor's hammers. He 's held his own against Galdiator and Hyperion.His power seem to increase with anger like the hulk's. Stronger than Thor yes the Hulk no. Vision and Namor would be up there too.[in the top ten] Herc would be in the top five easily. YOU WANT TO KNOW WHO 'S STRONGEST HULK HANDS DOWN. WHO SECOND? WHO WOULD STAND THE BEST CHANCE AT BEATING HIM. SENRY the only one to ever do it.
  14. Jack of Hearts Odin Grim Reaper Wreking Crew Mockingbird Enchantress Executioner Radioactive Man Hellcat Valkrie Thunderstike Quasar Photon Swordsman She thing Defenders Hero's reborn Cap, Wonderman FF Hulk Ironman Thor First apperence Black Knight Wonderman There's so many cool First apperence figures they could do and tons of icons Icons Namor Scarlet Witch Wonderman She Hulk Thing Hawkeye U.S.Agent Spiderwoman Grim reaper Kang Herc Executioner Ares Warmachine Thunderstike Loki
  15. I payed $80.00 for custom Vision icon new pics $45.00 fro Red Skull. For a icon i pay as high as $100.00 maybe $150.00 for a custom U.S. Agent or Wonderman icon.
  16. besides the big three Cap,Ironman, and Thor I think the Core members that come to mind for me are Hawkeye, Giantman Herc Wonderman, Vision S. Witch Warbird She Hulk
  17. What if Cap had formed the Avengers. There was Castle as Ironman,Namor with bread and long hair,Wolvie as the Wendigo,{ but he called the hulk}Samuel Wilson {Falcon} as Giant Man, and Thor. General Ross becomes the Hulk.What if Dr. Doom became the THING and Ben Grimm Becomes The Hulk.
  18. marvelfreak

    Marvel Icons

    http://wizarduniverse.invisionzone.com/ind...showtopic=19329 maybe there hope for icon after all. i just read yesterday about some toy company from japan is going to be making marvel figures.
  19. @jump# @purpbananna# @yipee@ So true!
  20. marvelfreak

    Marvel Icons

    http://wizarduniverse.invisionzone.com/ind...showtopic=17736 read about half way down. The part form Toyfare editor
  21. marvelfreak

    Marvel Icons

    I heard the same. I am hoping hasbro changes their mind. I have heard that there's a 12 inch movie Ironman coming out. There's so many more they could make. There's at least 6 or more they could make using sliver sufer like vision to name one. Repaint Cap and do US Agent, War machine repaint of Ironman,Ionic Wonderman form Human Torch. I love to see a Thunderstike. What really sucks this there's talk of replacing them with a 10 inch line. Plus we never got a icon Thing. They were talking about he was going to be in wave 3 by toybiz, but it never happen. Let's face the true hasbro just doesn't put the effort in to ML like they do GI Joe, Starwars, Or Transformers.
  22. This took me two hours to decide. it was between cap{series 1}, thor{2},wonderman, hawkeye, and vision. THE one i keep know matter what would have to be Herc. No just kidding. Hawkeye! He's one of my favorite plus he was a get well gift from my kids after i had my appendix out.
  23. one of the best custom i ever seen in icons was well worth the $80.00 i spent
  24. Vision cost me $40.00. Giant man and Hawkeye both cost me $45.00. Now icons really get up there. $45.00 for Cap .Custom Vision icon cost me $80.00 plus shipping , but it was worth every penny. E-Bay a good way to find them. The key is to set a price your willing to spend on and if you can't find it for that wait. Soon or later you'll find someone who hard up to sell them quick. Also try some of the big toy store or wal-mart. I found 8 of me 17 variants at my wally world.4 of them on clearence.Three years ago i got series 2 hulk for $3.99.and all,but Toad from series 1 there too on clearence.This is the best time of year to find the deals as they're making room for all the new stuff.
  25. I agree! He sounds like the little baby{infant} just trying to get somebody in trouble ,because he can't get what he wants.Sounds like a two year old. Get over it!
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