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  1. I wish they'd release the second wave of movie figures already, I'm dying to get my hands on that Doom.
  2. With the Wolverine movie coming tentatively this summer, and X-Men Origins (formerly Magneto) sometime after that, I'd say it's definitely possible for Hasbro to try to cash in on it with a line of "X-Men Classics" type figures. My wish list in order... Pyro Magneto's right hand man, Pyro is a MUST. Kitty She's the only member of the X-Team without any action figure, pretty self explanatory. Multiple Man He may not have had a big part in X3, but the Brotherhood needs to even the odds against all those X-Men, and Madrox can do it single handedly! Great army builder potential. Angel He may have never actually joined the X-Team, but that doesn't mean he never will. The prototype was looking pretty sweet, I say make it. Rogue (X-Suit) We got a few Rogue figures in the X1 line, one of them being a battlesuit Rogue, but the thing was so out of scale it's in no way an acceptable substitute. The cure looks like it may not be as permanent as it seemed, so give Rogue a proper figure in her uniform! Iceman (X3) Iceman got a nice figure in the X2 line, the problem is his uniform wasn't ever used for anything other than promotional photos. Give Bobby his proper uniform so he can match his team, and make an icy variation while you're at it. Storm (X3) I've always found the Storm figure from X1 to be good enough since her uniform didn't change in either of the sequels. I'm not a big fan of the pre-posed nature of the figure and limited articulation though (not to mention the hair), so Storm is definitely in need of a new figure. Wolverine (X3) The first Wolverine figure from X2 was missing his belt buckle, had a giraffe neck, and the likeness left a little to be desired. The second series version fixed all those problems, but the figure also gained an action figure and lost a good amount of articulation. We really need a Wolverine that has the best of both worlds, he's only the main character in the films after all. He needs a worthy action figure. Mystique (Super Articulated) Mystique has looked the same in all three movies, but her articulation in her X1 figure leaves a lot to be desired. Considering how acrobatic she is, Mystique could definitely use the super articulated treatment. Sabretooth (Super Articulated) Sabes got a few versions in X1, but it'd be nice to have him with more articulation and less action features. And with his rumored role in the Wolverine prequel, I’d say a new Sabretooth figure is extremely likely. Nightcrawler (X-Suit) Didn’t stick around long enough to get one in the films, but if Angel can get a hypothetical X-Suit, why not Kurt?
  3. X2 Magneto has one of the best likenesses I've ever seen. He's also not overly articulated like a lot of others, so I might have to go with him.
  4. Is it me or are the figures from that X-Men line a larger scale? The Rogue is bigger than Gambit, and I remember buying the Angel for a custom job and he was huge.
  5. What are those Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, and Iceman movie toys on the bottom right? I've never seen those before.
  6. I'd like to know if the X3 three pack including Angel that was announced at SDCC has been scrapped, but I doubt anyone else cares.
  7. That Doom is badass! Doom is the only reason I even care about this movie, because I find the whole Silver Surfer thing very "eh".
  8. Wow that's good to know! So the torch head just popped off its original body?
  9. Tommy


    Thanks I don't have to take any now lol I'm surprised you actually got the 6 inchers in there. And aside from Thing they don't look too big.
  10. Tommy


    I picked it up today, but I didn't have a chance to take pics or anything so I'll do that tomorrow. It's a really cool toy I must say. Sadly they didn't have any figures, but at least torchy has one friend now.
  11. Wow that looks really nice! How did you make that head swap? I didn't think it was possible since the craption feature torch didn't have a ball joint head.
  12. But in the end there's no harm done because Hasbro is aware of this and is releasing a 6" movie Spider-Man line, so you can still get all the new characters in a 6" scale. And as far as FF goes, their uniforms haven't changed, so you already have their FF1 figures in 6" scale, and ANY 6" Silver Surfer works since he's so generic. The only one who could suffer is Doom (although as it stands both his 5" Hasbro figure and the BK kids meal toy feature him in his movie 1 look), but if he does end up getting that badass look from the concept art that we saw I'm sure they'd throw him in a Marvel Legends series to make up for it. So in the end we're not really missing out on anything because of the 5" scale.
  13. Tommy


    I wasn't able to get to Target today, but I'm def gonna go tomorrow. Cross your fingers, I'll buy the rest of the figs AND the car if they have um.
  14. Ya know the variants weren't revealed yet for series 3, it's very possible that a de-steeled Colossus could be one of them. It wouldn't be that big of a change.
  15. Tommy


    If I'm able to get to Target tomorrow and they have it I'll probably pick it up. That means pics and a review ala the Fire Blast Torch.
  16. Can someone please enlighten me as to when 6" became the standard of action figures and anything less was branded with the scarlet letter? I really don't see what the problem is, it's not like they decided to suddenly change Marvel Legends to 5". They're movie lines, self contained, who cares? I kind of wish Hasbro had been in charge a year earlier and that X3 got this treatment because I really dig these little guys. I miss the days of smaller scaled action figures. I remember my brother's X-Men toys from the 90's, we had such a blast with those things. When he started getting into Marvel Legends I just never felt the enthusiasm for them, they were just too much for me. This Torch figure brings me back to those days though, the days when figures didn't have to be the biggest, or have the most detailing or articulation, back then toys were just made to be FUN! You guys have to remember they're toys and stop getting so bent out of shape about this stuff.
  17. You weren't impressed with HASBRO's figure quality!? Toybiz's figures were notorious for breaking right out of the package. Oh wow so Toybiz used more paint detail, what good is it when you have to look through ten figures just to SETTLE on the one with the least sloppy paint job. Hasbro's paint apps may be less detailed, but they're clean and consistent, and as far as the quality of the toys I don't feel so on edge when posing them because they don't feel like the joints are going to break at any minute. Hasbro's figures will last decades into the future even without the best care, Toybiz's don't even last TODAY with anal retentive caring. Complain all you'd like, but I for one am happy with what they are doing since I actually open my toys and would like them to not break!
  18. I've always despised cloth on action figures, I think it looks ridiculous. The clothes always look very awkward and oversized.
  19. And just some more pics for anyone interested.
  20. My brother picked me up this Johnny Storm figure from Target today. Sadly he said all that was left was two of these, but on the bright side this was the figure I was most looking forward to. Ever since Toy Fair I've been anxiously awaiting this figure. Why you ask? Because if you remember the action figure line for the original Fantastic Four Movie you'll know that despite 5 waves of countless variations, not ONE basic Johnny Storm in his uniform was made. They couldn't even make the partially torched figures decent enough to settle for. This was the closest we got. The first figure has a fairly normal body RUINED by a fully flamed head. Second is oversized, stuck in a terrible pose, has limited articulation, and a giant spring sticking of his back for the action feature. And the third... well it's just a mess. But with a new movie comes new action figures, and Hasbro has answered my cries with a plain Johnny Storm in uniform, no BS. The way they torched him up was via his accessories. He comes with a snap on chest piece, two snap on arm launchers, and two additional pieces that are meant to snap on the legs, but the sweet thing about them is that they can snap on anywhere! You can have them on the legs, the arms, you can even get two on one arm or leg, or if you really want to get crazy you can snap them onto the arms while the flame launchers are snapped on and make Johnny look really badass. All these variations you can make really increase both the play and display factor. Now I know this line of figures is in a smaller scale, and I've seen a lot of people complaining about the 5" scale, but I have to say I personally rather like this scale. Zizzle's POTC line really made me appreciate the pros of smaller scaled action figures, and while these aren't 3 & 3/4, I still find them more appealing than the 6 inchers. The reduced size allows you to display more of them in limited spaces, and they're easier to store. If you've been collecting action figures as long as I have and you're not rich enough to have a mansion I'm sure storage has become an issue, and while that extra inch less might not seem like a lot at the moment, trust me it adds up. The figure has a good amount of articulation even with the scale drop. I counted 16 points with a ball joint head, turning upper torso, ball joint shoulders and legs, double knees and elbows, and ankles. I don't personally have a "the more the better" mentality when it comes to articulation. The basic figures from the first Fantastic Four movie had so much unneeded articulation that they just looked like crap. The same can be said about a lot of Toybiz's figures. Not to mention the more articulation the more chance of something breaking. I've always said it's about the quality of the articulation, not the quantity. There's a healthy balance to be had between sculpt and articulation, and this figure comes pretty close to achieving that. The only joints I found myself missing were the turning biceps and wrists, but all things considered I'm happy with his articulation, if anything he's got more than I expected. So in closing I'll just sat I really love this figure. It's gonna be a hard one to top for me, and even though I don't expect any of the others in the line to surpass it, I still look forward to collecting the rest of them. You have to keep in mind that this is a TOY, and toys are meant to be FUN! This figure is definitely fun, so I say keep an open mind and give these guys a chance before you condemn them. You might be surprised.
  21. Tommy

    X3 Angel!?

    You're getting the BAF for free. How can you complain about having to pay an extra $10 when most of the time the BAF would easily cost double if it was sold on its own? There's no time limit on your comics figures, but for those of us who do want movie figures there is always a limited window of oppertunity, so why can't you just let those of us who want them be happy?
  22. I know this stuff is never gonna get made, this is just a perfect world scenario. X-Men -Pyro Ever since X2 Pyro has been on the top of my most wanted list. The fact that he acted as Magneto's right hand man in X3 only makes me want the guy that much more. He'll never get made because he's just a guy in regular clothes, and it's a shame because his character was featured more than Juggs, Colossus, and Angel combined. -Kitty Pryde Self explanatory, only character missing from the X-Team. -X3 Iceman (With Iced-Up variant) Iceman's X2 look was never even seen on screen, the duel icey X's were photoshopped onto a generic X-Suit for promotional shots. While the X2 figure is a fine substitute, it would be nice to have him in matching X chest suit with Wolvie, Colossus, and Cyke (and Angel if he' really made). -X3 Rogue Rogue got an X-Suit figure in X1's line, the problem is that not only is the uniform inaccurate, but the figure was made in a 5" scale making her look ridiculous when displayed with the rest of the team. Her civilian figure is the proper scale, but I think everyone would prefer to display her in her X-suit. -X3 Wolverine The Wolverine figures from X2 were flawed, and considering he is the main character in the films it would be nice to have a DEFINITIVE version of him. The first release had fine articulation, but was missing his belt buckle which completely kills the figure for me. His giraffe neck didn't help much either. The second version gave him his buckle, fixed the neck, and gave him an AMAZING Hugh Jackman likeness, but the figure was ridden with a craptastic action feature that limited his movement. Best of both worlds would be really nice to have. -X3 Storm While her X1 figure shares the same uniform as her X3 counterpart, the pose/articulation leaves a lot to be desired, not to mention that X1 hair was just BAD. X1 Storm works fine in a display, but an X3 Storm would be a nice treat. -Multiple Man He was a small character but a figure would be cool, and you could buy a few of them and make a nice little display. Magneto could always use a bigger army, and Madrox could provide that single handedly. -Mystique Again we got one in X1, but it would be nice to have a more articulated version considering how acrobatic she is. Daredevil -Bullseye -Kingpin -Matt Murdock Would take an Elektra but could do without her. Blade -Hannibal King
  23. Tommy

    X3 Angel!?

    If the wings are removable like the original ML Angel, an X3 Iceman could be as simple as a head pop and swap from the X2 Iceman.
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