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  1. I didn't say they lost money, I said they cost themselves a lot of money. Meaning they made money on the toys yes, but not as much as they would've made had they not priced the toys so high to begin with. I've been a Joe fan for exactly 20 years and have amassed every figure and vehicle from 1982 - 2008 and with that said, I will not pay 8 dollars for a single-carded Gi Joe figure from a store shelf nor will I pay 17-20 dollars for an Alpha sized vehicle from a store shelf. Now if a diehard like me refuses to pay those prices, how do you think it's gonna be for the casual fans? High prices lead to oversaturation of the first 2 or 3 waves of figures, which some people liked but most hated, and thus they took a really long time to move. Stores didn't see the line moving so they didn't order much, if any, new product for months and months on end and this made it hard and frustrating for the actual collectors of Gi Joe to find the newer stuff. Once they got to Waves 4 or 5, and some of the store exclusives, that stuff was pretty good but again, you couldn't find it because so much old stuff was sitting on the shelves. You're not gonna convince me that ROC, in Hasbro's eyes and in terms of what overblown expectations they had for it, was a success. Me personally, I'd be thrilled if my movie made 200% profit but I don't run Hasbro.
  2. The movie itself was not bad. The casting(especially Channing Tatum) was utterly atrocious. Still with that, the film made a 200% profit. You're right that it didn't do as well as they'd hoped. I read somewhere recently that execs at Hasbro expected ROC to do as well if not better than The Dark Knight. I'm sorry, that film is a once in a lifetime thing that's probably not gonna happen again. Hasbro basically treated Resolute like it was a waste of time so yeah, I have to agree with you on that. All told, I still say ROC has not killed Gi Joe. Hasbro with unreasonable expectations and laughably high prices on the toys in a terrible economy has killed Gi Joe. It's several factors that have combined to equal the death of Gi Joe pretty much. I figured things were bad when there was so little new stuff at JoeCon but when I saw Hasbro themselves were actually promoting the line's competition at the same convention, that pretty much told me things are a lot worse for Gi Joe than I had ever thought. To be honest, I will not be surprised to see Pursuit of Cobra as a toyline scrapped as well or at the very least severely curtailed. I also have no faith that there will be a sequel to ROC despite what has been said. Pretty much, I think other than in fans and collector's minds, by 2011, according to Hasbro anyway, Gi Joe as a toyline will officially dead and buried. For the record, I have supported Hasbro through thick and thin. But I am the first to admit they are wholly responsible for the end of Gi Joe.
  3. It's what I mentioned earlier, Hasbro killed Gi Joe by pricing the toys for ROC at such asinine levels. Fact is, the toys sold once the prices came down so it's not due to lack of interest that it took so long to turn a profit on the toyline. All the pundits out there will say that ROC itself killed the line because it was so bad. No, that is not the case at all. Hasbro themselves killed it.
  4. I had also noticed too that IMDB nor WikiPedia has absolutely no listing for it whatsoever. Not even Michael Bell's or BJ Ward's pages on IMDB has anything about it and they were supposedly cast in the show as Duke's parents for flashback scenes.
  5. Crow, you've gotta consider though. Hasbro lost a lot of money(well, they cost themselves a lot of money with overpricing but that's another story) with Rise Of Cobra and things have pretty much gotten so bad that they had a competing toyline for Gi Joe at JoeCon. This tells me they have little to no faith at all in Gi Joe as a brand name and they don't want to invest a lot of money into it.
  6. Yeah, Gi Joe is pretty much dead as far as Hasbro is concerned. There was no real chance of the show ever making the air.
  7. No, I know the original show is running at 11 pm. Gi Joe was supposed to get a new show called Gi Joe Renegades. It was even announced at JoeCon and after seeing how bad JoeCon was this year, I figured Hasbro has lost faith in the brand and the new cartoon would be pulled.
  8. I read the Hub tv schedule over in the Transformers forum and noticed the conspicuous absence of Gi Joe Renegades. I'm guessing that a prediction I made has indeed come to pass and that the show has been pulled. It seems to me Hasbro has lost most of its faith in Gi Joe so I figured Renegades would only run 1 season if it ran at all and it looks like now that is the case and it won't even make the air.
  9. So I'm guessing my prediction was correct and Gi Joe Renegades has been pulled? I can't find it anywhere and it's been pretty obvious that Hasbro has lost most of its faith in Gi Joe so I figured Renegades would never make the air.
  10. I recorded this off Adult Swim to DVD for myself but I'd still like to get an official release. I also wonder who would have the rights to release it. My idea is that it would be released as a bonus feature with ROC on Blu-Ray/DVD when it comes out. Like maybe on a second disc or something.
  11. I noticed the blank spot for the movie as well. Is there any chance that Shout Factory is gonna release it at some point? Maybe around the time ROC comes out on Blu Ray and DVD I would think.
  12. I purchased the set for my cousin(but I'm not telling him til next week it's here lol) and I've scoped it out. The episodes frankly aren't much different from the Rhino versions other than they have the original soundtracks on the episodes. The extras are fabulous especially the voice-cast reunion. Personally enjoyed a short story Neil Ross told about Frank Welker making sound effects and messing with sound engineers while recording. I noticed as well there are 11 commercials spread out over 3 of the discs. This is really unusual I think because the upcoming Gi Joe set has(according to the official site) 25 commercials. Wonder why Gi Joe would have over twice the commercials? Seriously, the Transformers movie release from 2006 has almost as many commercials by itself.
  13. Was watching the old reruns of AWA on ESPN Classic just now and saw Sgt Slaughter doing a promo and he mentioned that Sheik Adnan Al-Kaisse had stolen his flags from his "triple t tank" and when he closed his promo, he said "US is number 1 and yo joe!" Just thought this was uber cool.
  14. I don't usually comment on this board, but while I do like the looks of this vehicle, I think it looks a lot like the old transport module from TMNT back in the 80's.
  15. I've been following this story for most of the last week so I've known about this for a while. As a fan of Mortal Kombat going back to MK 1 in 1992, I personally feel raped, yes raped, by this atrocity. All MK fans worldwide should be outraged at Midway, Ed Boon and the MK team for this. Nearly 2 years ago, we were promised that the next generation of Mortal Kombat would be darker, grittier, and more violent than ever before by Ed Boon personally. Now in April 2008, we get an MK game that is neither dark, gritty, and is less violent than any MK game released. It's a T-rated game, which would be bad enough, but to make it worse, fatalities eliminated. GONE!!! Really, let's take the Mario franchise and remove the mushrooms and power-ups. Let's take the Halo franchise and remove the ability to kill people, only injure them. Let's take the Street Fighter franchise and remove the ability to use fireballs and such. Nothing defines Mortal Kombat like its violence and gore. Once that is gone, regardless of whatever supposed benefits the crossover offers, then you no longer have Mortal Kombat. This game will do one of two things. It will doom the MK franchise, or it will push it to the brink of near-disaster. I don't know what kind of sales they are expecting for this game, but I doubt they will hit 40% of what they want. There is also no turning back. Once this game is released, that's it. MK will have lost all credibility in the eyes of the fans. Thank you so much Midway for absolutely raping an entire franchise and fanbase. A franchise that because of its extensive and loyal fanbase is your number one selling property of all time. In a few years, that will no longer be the case as Mortal Kombat will be but a memory because the lack of sales will not justify making any more games. It is sad, no a tragedy, that one decision by Midway to make this one game, can pretty much erase 16 years of greatness.
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