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  1. It's another girl!!! HI! (I'm Erica.. it's good to see another of my kind around here. lol)

  2. Well, here's some questions to think about: You have six bad guys, right? Each with their own distinctive looks, and personalities--but who are they? Why'd they get together? Why are they doing this evil stuff? Why are such different people part of the same team--did they ALL suffer the exact same thing that gave them the motivation to be a terrorist? If they are a team, why are their costumes all different? Different costumes speak of different drives Are they personalities, or just ciphers--and if they are the latter, what's interesting about them? If they are personalities, we ( the audience) need to see their motivations and understand why they've turned to evil--otherwise they are not going to be believable, right? See, that is the pitfall of a large cast--everyone needs screen time and there's very little screen time to establish characters. The more distinct they are, and the larger roles they play, the more time they need. With six bad guys, you got six characters that need to be established--otherwise why use something like the Sinister six in the title or as a label for the group? X-men 2 had a lot of characters--but how many of them had extensive speaking parts? How many were on screen for any length of time? Really, most of them were either a screaming mutant, a metal mutant, a tv-channel-changing mutant etc......just ciphers. Pyro......for example........is a bad kid. Why? Why does he buy into Magneto's line instead of Xavier's? He's just window dressing as a character--you can remove him completely from the story and it doesn't suffer. Did they really need Nightcrawler, for example, to be a character outside of the school? Why not have him already a part of the place, but someone who fell into Stryker's influence by accident? Again, they could have taken all the elements of him in the movie and removed them and the story would nto have suffered. The only essential characters, were Wolverine, Xavier, Stryker & the kid in Stryker's Cerebro, Magneto and Jean. Of those 6, 3-4 of them were merely devices to further the plot, as they either served as a threat or as a savior ( or alternated between both). Very little was built on any of the characters--mostly because there was so little time. That is the danger in having a large cast. Audiences are curious about any character placed in the spotlight, and their response to the story as a whole depends on the rapport they have with those characters. Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are pretty good examples of large casts in movies........but they are also close to 3 hours each in length. That's extremely unlikely for a movie like Spiderman. The Sinister Six seems like a good idea on the face of it, but in movie form its VERY hard to pull off. You brought up some good points arrow, and I agree that it is difficult to concieve of giving each of these characters enough screen time but here's another take I have on it. Look at a movie like the usual suspects. That story is full of interesting unique characters working together under a mysterious leader to pull something off. I think that movie went into just enough detail with the characters without cutting anyone short. I guess I'm just tired of seeing the same type of formula for these movies. I think these movies have gotten into a rut, Spider-man especially. He has trouble in his personal life, some sort of freak accident happens to some guy and gives them superpowers, they meet and fight, spider-man has more personal issues, later Spider-man fights super powered villan and wins. Another issue I have with Spider-man, and Marvel in general is how all of these characters live and fight in New York, yet they haven't run into each other or heard about each other in the film world ( yeah I know legal issues, and there was the fantastic four deleted scene where Mr. Fantastic morphs into Wolverine.) Maybe I'm wrong with the sinister six concept, but I think most people will agree that the next film has to do something very different.
  3. See thats my whole deal. I don't think they would all need to have some sort origin stories, they could all be hired mercs. I would like to see Lizard and Kraven in the future sequels (logically, Lizard fits in perfectly). X-men 2 for example handled the team dynamic well even though there was an overabundance of characters.
  4. So since Spider-man 4 is a guarantee, I'm sure the script will start to be written soon. I personally "liked" spider-man 3, but I felt that the biggest downfall, and the big downfall of any movie in this type of genre, is that every character has to have some sort of backstory. Sure it was cute to watch Peter being a little nasty, and we finally got to see Venom and some awesome work on The Sandman, but it was just so much thrown into the mix, that it loses its significance. I think that the direction for the next spider-man movie should focus on a team of villans. The keyword is team, in that they work together and have tactics and training. I think a Sinister Six storyline would be perfect. You could have characters like Scorpion, Beetle, Vulture, Electro, Shocker, Mysterio and possibly the return of Sandman. A highly trained, state of the art terrorist organization that knows how to work together and don't have to have complicated backstory's. This is my idea, not sure if it's been brought up before. What does everyone think?
  5. Well I'm kind of disappointed now, I was hoping for some decent Spider-man 3 figs. I'm thinking of getting that Medicom 12" Black Spidey, but I don't know, it's pretty expensive. Does anyone out there own it? If so, would they recommend it as a worthy purchase?
  6. Hey DRS, I've been thinking about the same thing! I have too many figures all over my desk and anywhere that I can find room. I was thinking of buying some shelfs or something and displaying them on the wall, that or maybe some sort of bleacher type of display.
  7. Well, I enjoy DC and used to read some image stuff (mostly spawn). But I've always known marvel, even as a little girl I knew that Spider-Man would always be cooler than Superman because he made jokes in the middle of a fight. I have some DC Direct stuff and a couple of the DC superheros line (aka the superman Batman line) but I will always be a Marvel Girl!
  8. Great to hear this Jin! Also, loved that mvc sentinel you made!
  9. Awesome Ryno, thanks for accepting me! I ended up getting almost all of the x-men classics, spider-man, hulk figures the same way. I thought, I'll just get this one since its the only one I really like, then I got another one and another one. Pretty soon I had them all and I still wanted to get variant figures!
  10. Hey guys and gals, I'm still new to this whole topic and discussion thing but I'm starting to get addicted to it. I love reading through posts and getting different views on collecting and what have you. I was just curious as to why you guys started collecting Marvel? I'm in kind of a minority since I collect and I'm a girl! Most of my other friends think its crazy to collect Marvel legends and Super hero stuff but I think its crazy to spend hundreds of dollars on shoes and clothes (not that I don't like shoes and clothes). I personally got into collecting because of a guy I was dating. He had so many toys and I just loved going over to his place to look at everything. He actually bought me my first Wolverine Figure ever (Marvel Legends series III ) and thats what got me hooked. I'd love to hear how everyone else got started!
  11. What is it about female figures that makes them so hard to get a decent likeness? I do love my She Hulk though, she's actually pretty!
  12. Uh that would fall under the first one ##$%$#. Also, I'm assuming you scored more than 5 right? Here's another one for you 21. Looking through website posts over 2 days old Nice try, but I didn't have to go look anything up. I saw the post, saw your name and said to myself "oh yeah, that's the same dildo from the other thread who thought he was cool and started that thread about overpaying for those POS figures and completely got ripped for it." It was pretty easy, actually. ugh, I called myself on it, and so did you and so did everyone else in the other post. Thank you for bringing that post over here because I'm sure you feel real good about yourself when you fight through posts. May I remind you that I'm not the one who brought up the price, actually no one even answered my question which was the original post. I asked if anyone had seen them here in the states and some douche, probably you, brought up the price. So if anyone else wants to point out what I already pointed out about finding them here as soon as I paid an ungodly sum for two figures then why don't you just go back to last weeks post and add it there. Anyway, why don't you just admit how many of these you are and be done with it? I'm guessing you have a goatee right? Do you work at a video store.....I bet you do. Oh, and I don't think I'm cool,I know I'm cool, my mom said so Somebody would have probably answered your question if they weren't so busy clowning on you for getting raped on a couple of crappy figures that will be everywhere soon. And actually, none of your list applies to me because I don't collect figures anymore (I actually collect statues). Just like to come in and keep up w/ what's going on and flame the occasional dumbass noob such as yourself. I guess #1 would apply to me (for statues, not toys) as I have spent about $1500 in the last 45 days or so on statues and have another $3000+ in preorders for stuff that will be released in the next 6 months or so. #11 would also apply I suppose (although I refer to that as an "office" since I have my PC and all my books in there, the reality is 90% of the room is for my collection, lol). The rest doesn't apply to me because you can't buy statues at retail stores, I'm not fat, not bald, no facial hair, I own my own house, etc. As for where I work...feel free to PM if you want to compare how much we make. You seemed to come up w/ quite a lengthy list there rather easily...you sure most of that doesn't apply to you? See for yourself j*rkoff, this is getting fun. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendid=46758336 What was I supposed to "see for myself" from that? Your garage band??? Should I head to itunes now or later? P.S.- Please stop butchering the Spider-man theme song. Thanks BWAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!!! I was thinking the same thing! Yeah...only the Uber-successful have their own "MySpace" page...no wonder he can afford to get fleeced on <snicker!>...HML 2 "variants"!!! He's a tycoon! BWAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!!! @loll@ Sorry, I just don't think its fair to gang up on people, maybe we should stick to talking about toys on this post?
  13. Found a complete set at KB! There had two boxes in their shipment and I was able to look through them and not a single variant, what a drag. Still have my set though!
  14. Most generic, I agree, Professor X, Most Unique, well its not a legend, but its done in the legends style Dragonman!
  15. Yeesh, I forgot about that one, I guess any toy based off a ben affleck movie is going to suck.
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