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  1. These are the kind of messages that keep the whole thing going. Whether you're pro-Hasbro, anti-Hasbro or somewhere in between, I think we all can agree that there is always room for improvement. You think these new figures are fantastic, I think they're just OK. People who post anti-Hasbro messages aren't bored haters with nothing better to do. They're fans of Marvel comics who want to see the characters they love made the right way. There's nothing wrong with challenging Hasbro to step up and continue to improve.
  2. The more I see Cap, the more I like him, he'll look great in my ML FA subset. I'm on board with the Hydra goon, hopefully I can find the variant so they can flank the good Baron. The Black Knight looks solid, would've preferred more of an old school look, but he's on my list. I'll pass on Hamburglar Bucky, maybe if he came with fries... Modern Marvel Girl and Danger hold no appeal to me when there's still too many X-LEGENDS to be made. I agree that the waves seem to be improving, hopefully FF & Series 4 will continue the trend.
  3. Oh, I also hate the Cat Beast, but I love the Disco Dazzler!!
  4. Onslaught/Bone Claw Wolverine-okay, we get it he's feral, but does he have to wear the skull cap over his eyes a la Mush Mouth from Fat Albert?
  5. Another line of figures crying out to be made!! 1. Chameleon (in a business suit, it must have an interchangable JJJ head, any other heads like Robbie Robertson, the Rose, etc are welcome) 2. Hammerhead 3. Tarantula 4. Constrictor 5. Classic Beetle 6. Puma BAF: Spider Slayer
  6. Thor!! Yeah, now we're talkin' action figures!! 1. Wrecker 2. Enchantress 3. Odin 4. Wrecker 5. Classic Loki 6. Executioner 7. Wrecker 8. Mr. Hyde 9. Masterson Thor 10. oh, and the Wrecker!! With a Thor movie slated for 2009, hopefully we'll see all these guys within 2 years!! Nice work Rollo, you always find great pix!!
  7. It's not an arguement/comparison so much as I'm saying that I'm willing to be patient with Hasbro based on the work their capable of as evidenced in their Star Wars line. I'm willing to suffer through a below average year for the line, if it means an improved product for years to come. However, it is a finite patience and the limits of it will be tested with the next few releases. Hopefully Hasbro gets it together soon and proves to everyone that they're not stupid. However, I recently read that Hasbro CEO, Jack Hasbro, located company HQ in a town called Bone Stupid, Rhode Island, so who knows...
  8. Hasbro has their good and bad points just like Toy Biz did, duh... This is a no-brainer for anyone that has followed the line for more than a year. I'm discouraged with many of the current issues that are kicked around in this forum just like everyone else. There's one big reason that I'm willing to give Hasbro the benefit of the doubt for now: Star Wars. If any of you have collected that line or given it more than a cursory glance, you might remember their initial wave of Kenner figures from the mid -'90s. Zero articulation, bad sculpts and likenesses, seriously, those figures sucked. The first Princess Leia, that was a man, man. (forget Mystique) Since those early days, the figures have progressed into tiny little works of art over the years. But, if the fans didn't support the early line and buy the figures, we may have never seen the detailed sculpting, super articulation and obscure character selections that we wanted. Some of the issues people are unhappy with may never be fixed. Paint and articulation may not improve to the standards some would like to see. But that's why the figures cost $9.99 and not $50-$100 like Sideshow would charge for detailed figures. As long as sculpts, availability and character selection continues to improve, Hasbro will maintain their fan base. Now if the same issues are being seen a year from now...
  9. FF line-getting all of them!! I'm pumped about Ronan and most of these figures look great!! Spidey-none of them: no movie figures for this fanboy!! Holocaust-some of them: Black Bolt, Daredevil and Tigra are must haves for me!!
  10. Just when I'm starting to think we've run out of things to talk about... 1. Information gathering. I don't know if I'd start by firing everyone, but I'd assess the team's passion for what they do and test their willingness to listen to other sources to gather information. Marvel Legends is a product primarily dedicated to collectors and with me now working at Hasbro, I'd have access to information gathering tools that would tell me what collector's want. From focus groups, to website polls, I'd find out what the majority of collector's want and apply that to what's been learned from the entire run of Marvel Legends. 2. Wave Themes One of the first things I'd gather information about is the way waves are put out. Is simply numbering a new wave with the latest randomly selected characters the way to go? Or should it be more along the lines of the new themed FF wave coming out this fall? Are we timing releases of waves (or perhaps box sets) with major story arcs such as Civil War and World War Hulk? It doesn't look like it... Also, how do we properly market the movie figures? We have golden opportunities to pursue with all the media hype Marvel movies generate, are we doing all we can to satisfy demand on all fronts? 3. Character selection. We've gotton some kudos for improved character selection, but can it be better? What is the current process for selecting figures for a particular wave? How do we involve the fans and collectors? We've got a lot of bodies and parts made now where we can make more variants or collector requested figures. How should we market this possibility? Mail away offers? Hasbro points to redeem for free figures? Online exclusives of more obscure figures that might not be right for mass market? 3a. Build-a-figures. The right BAF choice could sell us more figures. If we release 6 figures and 2 of them are peg-warmers, would they sell if the right BAF was there as an enticement? I'm not buying that we can't make larger BAFs anymore on face value. Why not? Would collectors pay $10.99 for a ML if we're giving them the proper enticements? 4. Sculpting and detailing. Can we improve the sculpts? Emma Frost would've never gotton by my initial walk-through. A lot of feedback has come back regarding the joints we're using. Why did we change? Can we go back to the way joints used to be made? Can we afford extra paint washes? Well, we're charging more, not including comics and making smaller BAFs, so we should be able to do that. 5. Details. Do we need to look at things like packaging and accessories? What do our customers want vs the cost-effectiveness of such choices? 6. Distribution. Are we doing all we can to get our product into the buyer's hands? It doesn't look like it... What are the hang-ups? What are frustrations on the retailers' end? We're Hasbro dammit!! What's the problem here?!! We're only going to make money if we make product available and desirable in the mass markets!! Then in my second week on the job, I'd implement everything above
  11. As a whole, I think they look pretty good. Black Bolt-looks awesome, with his release still at least 6 months away, perhaps small details will be added to make him better (A-) Daredevil-looks even better than the Face-Off version (A-) Tigra-looks solid, holding out hope for a more sexy-feline face for the final version (B+) Nova-something's not 100% right about him, also, would've liked a removable helmet (C+) Beast, Punisher and Holocaust look solid, not my cup of tea as far as character selection goes though (C+) Over-all I'd give the wave a ( with room to improve before the final product comes out. Good character selection, with improving sculpts
  12. Mine has villians and allies all in one wave-feel free to add whichever Wolverine that gets the most votes in the #6 slot!! 1. Vindicator w/Puck (Thanks to Tarot for adding "of course" to the Puck addition. It's that kind of thinking that will have the Hasbro Figure Decision Team, the HFCT, brainwashed into including Puck with Vindicator as an automatic!!) 2. Silver Samaurai (anyone who has never read X-Men #173 has missed one the all-time great fight sequences done in comics!!) 3. FA Storm (as good an excuse as any to get her made) 4. Shaman (another shameless Alpha Flight plug) 5. Hellfire goon (I'd get several and re-enact X-Men #133!!) BAF Wendigo (Remember, Hasbro has disavowed all knowledge of a Hulk line that would include him )
  13. Distribution mulligans: 1. Juggernaut 2. Deadpool 3. Variant Wasp Re-sculpt mulligans: 1. Toad 2. Ultron 3. Emma Frost (note to Hasbro: just put a newly sculpted head on the existing body when you do the Hellfire Club boxset )
  14. I agree Clam, it's all those things that have caused the sales slump. You think a Spiderman movie would only boost the Spiderman Classics line, but instead it's cancelled? Pretty sad, that was a great line that produced some really fantastic figures (Hobgoblin, Kraven, Rhino, Mysterio). Without SC, it leaves only a slim chance for guys like the Chameleon, Tarantula and Hammerhead to be made and no chance for Mary Jane. @grumpy@
  15. While I conceed I can see releasing more figures this fall to coincide with the movie release (and Christmas gift buying), I really don't care as long as they stay separate from the regular ML line. It sucks to have to buy a Jean Grey and Juggernaut X3 that I don't want to complete a Blob. If they're going to make MLX3 figures, give the collector's their own separate wave of them. While I'm in Khamla's camp as a guy who doesn't want any movie figures, period, obviously there are fans that do. I just don't want them to compromise the regular ML line. So, when the Iron Man movie comes out, make a ML movie line AND a regular IMML line consisting of top vote getters from the IM thread. I'm happy if at least 4 regular lines are released in a year, I just don't want it to turn into something where the ML movie figures surplants the regular line. Hasbro indicated that's the case by moving Series 4 into 2008. Maybe I don't speak for everyone, but I'd rather get my hands on Black Bolt and Tigra (Grrrrr baby) that another set of Spiderman movie figures...
  16. I'd take an AIM goon and another version of the Mandarin, but this thread makes me realize that IM might have the weakest rogue's gallery of Marvel's heavy hitters. Crimson Dynamo and Civil War IM get voted for a lot and would likely sell very well, but is anyone really holding their breath for Blacklash or the Grey Gargoyle? I do like that picture of the Spymaster, what IM era is he from? He must be very proud of his spying ability for him to put the letter "S" on his belt, a la 1st appearance Galactus.
  17. An Infinity Gauntlet wave would rock and produce some long over-due figures!! For a BAF, I'd like to see Eternity, or a Celestial, hell, I'd even take the Stranger!!
  18. 1. Oppo Rancisis 2. George Lucas Stormtrooper 3. Pablo Jill
  19. <-----Guardian/Vindicator with Puck sidekick!!
  20. 4-5 releases per year is a good number, but I refuse to count that Spidey movie line as a Legends wave. For me, it's the spacing of the waves from which I hope Hasbro works out the kinks. The wait between Series 1 & 2 wouldn't have seemed near as long if Series 1 wasn't release so hot on the heels of TB's Series 15 and Series 2 didn't have such widespread distribution problems. Think Series 1 released in Feb and Series 2 released in May. Series 3 released in Oct makes Hasbro planning lose credibility and is cause for people on the fence to jump on the anti-Hasbro bandwagon. If we'd have seen Series 3 hitting stores now, Series 4 AND the FF wave in Nov, a lot more collectors would be singing Hasbro's praises. That's why Hasbro needs to treat the movie lines and regular Legends line as 2 distinct products. To me, the movie line should be marketed to kids and movie fans before and during the time of a movie's release. When Hasbro releases Iron Man figures next year, there should be a line of figures based on the movie that comes out just before the movie's release. Then, to capitalize on the movie hype, make a line of Legends IM figures based on classic comic book heroes and villians. Suggestions anyone? It seems Hasbro is starting to get it by releasing the Spidey movie line as all one series, but this fall? Again the timing stinks... AND... where's the Legends line dedicated to the comic book classics to cash in on the movie hype? It would have been a good time for a Tarantula, Chameleon/Jameson, Silver Sable, Hammerhead and comic-book-look-Mary Jane!!
  21. Marvel Legends seems pretty light on the X-Villians, lots of great possibilities on this list!! Avalanche-classic look Destiny-would round out the second team Mastermind-maybe a little boring, but a Jason Wyngarde variant would fill holes on 2 X-Villian teams!! Sauron-definite BAF candidate Toad-remake, not re-release Sebastian Shaw-must have!! Donald Pierce-I'm all in, but would others be? Scalphunter-probably the most memorable of the Mauraders (outside of Sabre), I'd buy him Stryfe-with removable helmet Hellfire goons-over the Reavers for me Black Tom Cassidy-the arch-nemesis of the Banshee is a must have!! A couple of others not mentioned: Arcade-I want an Arcade figure!! Badly!! Mesmero-my Magneto just doesn't have enough lackeys around Cortez-see Mesmero Count Nefaria And...the re-release of Juggernaut, Deadpool & Dark Phoenix
  22. My Top 10: 1. Wrecker 2. Vindicator w/Puck sidekick 3. Adam Warlock w/Pip sidekick 4. Polaris 5. Hammerhead 6. Hellcat 7. Chameleon (in business suit w/detachable head & J Jonah Jameson head) 8. Sebastian Shaw 9. Lilandra 10. USAgent BAF: Eternity Top 5 Re-releases: 1. Juggernaut 2. Deadpool 3. Wasp (variants) 4. Dark Phoenix (hopefully coming scaled down from that awesome looking Icon) 5. Toad (actually, just re-make him)
  23. Okay, villians first, we need the following villians... 1. Ar-freakin'-cade 2. Sebastian Shaw 3. Mastermind (w/Jason Wyngarde variant) 4. Black Tom Cassidy 5. Destiny X-Men 1. Jim Lee Rogue 2. Polaris (variant opportunity) 3. FA Storm 4. Forge 5. Multiple Man (variant opportunity) X-Allies 1. Lilandra 2. Gladiator 3. Ka Zar 4. Corsair 5. Mimic Of course, preceeding any X-Allies, we desperately need an Alpha Flight box set!! (Vindicator, Shaman, Snowbird, Puck, Northstar & Aurora)
  24. I can't see how anyone would think Jim Lee and Todd McFarlane suck. They both turned around lukewarm books in the late 80's and early 90's into must reads!! (Cue old man voice) I remember hanging on the edge of my seat each month waiting for the next issues and being at the comic shop as they opened the box just to get my hands on the latest books. ASM 316 will always go down as one the top Spidey books in history to me!! I was so excited for X-Men 1 to come out, I actually fell for the trick of buying all those multiple copies!! Anyhow, everyone's entitled to their opinion. I do agree with you on Byrne and Perez. Iron Fist was awesome (check out Essential Iron Fist) and his run on X-Men and FF took the industry to new heights. But the last 20 years have been rough on old John. I remember seeing that revamped Spidey book he did several years ago and thinking, "this is John Byrne?!!" He has my sympathies, it's pretty hard to equal all that success from his early days.
  25. Is there any doubt this was to be the next wave for the crappy Marvel Masterworks line? They likely scrapped it when zero sales (other than people buying them at 75% off) were seen from the FF and Spidey ones. But...if this idea were resurrected...a ML style Jim Lee X-Men set would be a must buy!! Mine would include the following characters... Cyclops-the only way I'll ever buy a new Cyke Jean Grey-that's what her code name read back then Rogue-a major player in need of a new sculpt Wolverine-b/c they're required by law Colossus-a very Jim Lee looking Icon was just unveiled a SDCC Storm-even if the FA version happens, I'd take a JL Storm over the TB version Alternates: Jubilee-likely the only way she'd ever get made Acolytes-same deal for Cortez and/or Delgado
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