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  1. They look okay, just not interested in the ultimates. The skrull variant may pique my interest, at $20 tho, I dunno...
  2. Good thing MS stepped up to the plate with more Hulk & IM figures, I was afraid there wouldn't be enough of these products out there...
  3. If the rumors of 48 Spidey figs being made this year are true, then it's more likely that 24-36 of them will Spidey in different looks, accessories and/or action features. That leaves 18-24 open slots for any allies and villians. If I could just get the 6 following made in 2008, I'd be able to wrap up my Spidey collection... 1. Chameleon (if they do a business suit version w/a JJJ head swap AND a white suit variant w/Rose head, I'll buy 3, display them separately thereby increasing Hasbro's revenue stream.) 2. Hammerhead 3. Classic Mary Jane 4. Puma 5. Silver Sable 6. Tarantula A cool BAF for this Spidey line would be Allaistair Smythe and the Spider Slayer.
  4. VOTE: NUFF SAID!! Actually a Rose & HH Gansta 2 pack would be even better!!
  5. My Kang had the following warnings: Warning: Pregnant women, the elderly, and children should avoid prolonged exposure to Kang. Caution: Kang may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds. Kang contains a liquid core, which if exposed due to rupture should not be touched, inhaled, or looked at. Do not play with Kang on concrete. Discontinue playing with Kang if any of the following occurs: * Itching * Vertigo * Dizziness * Tingling in extremities * Loss of balance or coordination * Slurred speech * Temporary blindness * Profuse Sweating or * Heart palpitations If Kang begins to smoke, get away immediately. Seek shelter and cover head. Kang may stick to certain types of skin. When not in use, Kang should be returned to its special container and kept under refrigeration. Failure to do so relieves the makers of Kang, Toy Biz Inc, and its parent company, Global Chemical Unlimited, of any and all liability. Do not taunt Kang.
  6. I'm cool with $15 per as long as it's for figures I want, that are well executed. A lot of these figures seem to be the size of current BAFs anyway, so I'm cool with paying $15 for a well done Wendigo. I'm "lucky" in a sense that I don't care if I add FOOM to my collection, so I don't have to feel obligated to buy several different versions of the Hulk I'm lukewarm on. For me, a $15 price tag just pushes me off the fence on any characters I'm undecided on (ex: another She-Hulk or another Planet Hulk). I'll make a judgement call on Valkrye and Samson once I see the final version of each, but $15 won't scare me off if they look good. The bottom line is Hasbro will really have to step it up for future offerings if they expect to see $15 per.
  7. Right on!! The white tux and eye patch Wolvy!! I'd buy one!! A Frank Miller Wolvy (brown suit from ML6, mask down w/a new head sculpt) and I'd be all set with every needed Wolverine version.
  8. Whether the BiBeast looks decent or not is beside the point, the point is they actually made a figure of the BiBeast. Were Ringmaster, General Ross, Nighthawk, Hellcat, hell even Zzzax all booked with a previous engagement to where we're actually debating how cool or uncool the BiBeast figure is?
  9. My 2008 Wish List: SPIDERMAN: Chameleon X-MEN: First Appearance Storm X-VILLAIN: Silver Samaurai AVENGERS: Jocasta AVENGERS VILLIAN: Enchantress DEFENDERS: Hellcat ARMY BUILDER: The Hand COSMIC: Old School Drax BAF: Lockjaw BOX SET: Alpha Flight From the looks of things tho, we'll be lucky to see just 1 more yet-to-be-announced wave with 4, 5, Hulk and IM all due out this year.
  10. It's funny how early these pix popped up (like 6 months ago?) and how we've yet to see any pix of the other wave. Everytime I see a new post for the Hulk figs, I get excited thinking I'm finally going to see the Wendigo or Foom, oh well...
  11. This is a pretty solid line to me as far as character selection goes. I definitely want BB, Tigra and FA-DD. Nova is a possible keeper, depending on the final look of the figure. No Beast or Punisher for me, but I'll probably get the whole wave and sell them off, including Holocaust. For me, when I keep/buy more than half the figures in a line, it's a solid line-up. Series 5 is the questionable one for me. I'm on board with Warlock and USAgent, but not into Spiral and the Surfer. Black Spidey and Union Jack are possibilities depending on their final look as well. The deal breaker for me in this line could be the BAF. A lame BAF and I could end up buying only 2 figures. Overall, I think Hasbro does a solid job with character selection. You can't please everyone 100%, but they do try to add a wide-range of characters from all around the MU with each wave. A perfect Series 7 for me would include: FA Storm, Polaris, Chameleon, Silver Samaurai, Hellcat, Nighthawk with a Lockjaw BAF. Release a Wrecking Crew and Alpha Flight box set for Christmas and I couldn't ask for more!!
  12. Heinousjoe and annihiliator - I realize that people have varying levels of care or sympathy for others' complaints about distribution and MLs in general, but let's at least be civil in tone about it. After a long, hard day at work, this quote brought it all home for me. Asking guys named HeinousJoe and Annihilator to have care and sympathy for a fellow collector. I mean, I could understand if we were talking about SomewhatunsympatheticJoe...
  13. That, or any poll Hasbro runs ends up being read, "Name the _______ (in this case Defender) you'd next like to see immortalized in plastic."
  14. Very well done!! Outside of a few random X-haters, who wouldn't want to see this figure in a boxset along side (orange/blue) Jean Grey, Forge and a new Rogue sculpt?
  15. More than my actual favorite characters, these are my favorite Spidey figures... Green Goblin Hobgoblin Rhino Vulture Kraven Mysterio
  16. Exactly!! I've been waiting to flank the Kingpin with Hammerhead AND the Rose!! Ah well, there's still plenty of other Spidey villians I want that did make the list.
  17. No Hammerhead?!! Come on!! Spidey is overdue for a wave, hopefully some of these names will make it into a wave this year. (as long as Hammerhead is one of them!!) (oh, and the Chameleon, in a business suit, with an interchangable JJJ head, I'm greedy that way)
  18. The Black Knight, followed closed by Doom and Reed Richards. BAF: the Blob, with Ronan a close second.
  19. My favorites (including some BAFs) are as follows: 12. Galactus 11. Daredevil (Face-Off) 10. Iron Fist 9. Hulk (Face-Off) 8. Captain America (Face-Off) 7. Iron Man (Classic Series 1) 6. Green Goblin 5. Hobgoblin 4. Spiderman (the Super-Articulated McFarlane version) 3. Blob 2. Juggernaut 1. Wolverine (Brown Series 6)
  20. The Blob and I got him!! And as a sidebar, I was rearranging my X-Villians to make room for the big guy when I was again struck by how much I hate the White Queen's face. I know, I know, we all hate her, but I come with a solution in this post!! I remembered when I was a kid how hard it was for me to find the '90s TB version of her and how I loved her face but hated her body. It was hard to stand, a little chubby and not-so-revealing... Well, I dug the old version out of storage and lopped off the new ML version's head!! Here is my "custom" posted for your consideration. Her face is a tad cartoonish, but "heads" above the one I swapped out.
  21. I voted Storm, but in twisted logic, I'm glad she lost. I'd rather have a classic Sunfire and won't be buying the AOA version, so that's one less dud (for me) from a future wave I have to buy to complete the BAF. If Hasbro made Wave 6 Storm, Silver Samaurai, Aurora, Lilandra, Magneto and even Northstar with a Sauron BAF, I'd be quite happy!!
  22. Warstar: B,nee & C'cll along with Gladiator, Starbolt, Oracle, Fang and Lilandra would make an awesome box set...never happen tho
  23. Agreed. Loki also looks better than his ML counterpart. I also passed on the new BRB from ML and stuck with the one from this series. Any slight size difference is worth it in terms of figure sculpt and quality.
  24. Agreed. Loki also looks better than his ML counterpart. I also passed on the new BRB from ML and stuck with the one from this series. Any slight size difference is worth it in terms of figure sculpt and quality.
  25. Agreed. Loki also looks better than his ML counterpart. I also passed on the new BRB from ML and stuck with the one from this series. Any slight size difference is worth it in terms of figure sculpt and quality.
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