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  1. I'm on board with a Cap wave and a lot of those figures on the list until I saw Hate Monger and Master Man. As interesting as it would be, it'll never, ever happen, in any line, ever...not even with an Adolph Hitler bonus figure. That aside, as much as I love Wolverine, Cap needs his own Legends line in '09 way more. My wave would include: New Cap Winter Soldier Crossbones USAgent AIM Soldier I like the idea of the Red Skull in a business suit with interchangable heads, throw in a Tony Stark head and I'm sold!!
  2. Right now, I'd love a Winter Soldier. That FA Storm that's yet to see the light of day would be a close second for me.
  3. Apparently this isn't a hoax...but CTR is reporting a repaint wave of Marvel Legends that is to be unveiled at ComicCon. It consists of a rather weak line-up, with an awesome BAF hook... Astral Prof X: Who asked for this?? Speedball: A repaint of Ronan FF Johnny Storm Santa Claws Wolverine: Soft goods on the sucky Ultimate figure AOA Banshee: He sucked the first time, why repaint?? Beak: WTF?? Aurora BAF Lockjaw
  4. Start over? No. Whether Hasbro would miss my business or not, I would stop collecting if Legends as we know them came to an end. However...a simultaneous 3 3/4 line would allow the 'Bro to cash in further on the Marvel license without ending the current Legends line. It would also allow for cool collector requested items like the Quinjet, Blackbird or even a (well executed) Danger Room.
  5. No thanks on figures or box sets solely based on the Skrull imposters. It would be a cool idea for some variants or an extra head swap pack in though.
  6. I agree, IMO the F/O Hulk cannot be topped as far as a classic Hulk version goes. Other "perfect" figures for me are: McFarlane Spiderman ML13 Green Goblin Classic Hobgoblin FF Rhino Kingpin Mike Zeck Kraven Iron Fist Brown Wolverine
  7. Okay, here's my #$#@# of the week. What the #@(% is up with HML4? Can we at least get a "coming soon" on the Hasbro site? I don't want to hear any b/s about timing it right with the movie figures either. I hate movie figures so that doesn't affect me. God I hate Hasbro, 3 waves (4 if you count the FF wave) in almost a year and a half, WHOOPEE!! @firedevil@ @firedevil@ @firedevil@ @firedevil@ You know, I think I'm going to like this thread!!
  8. True. I guess the only thing worse was the actual "surprise" of Galactus in the FF movie.
  9. Here's my short list... New Cap and Winter Soldier Peter Parker w/half Spidey, half Peter head to show off Spidey-sense (include camera and backpack) and JJonahJameson (or classic Mary Jane) Modern Armor Iron Man and Crimson Dynamo New Thor and Enchantress Classic Drax and Thanos and you know what??...I would buy a Classic Storm and Callisto. Keep the tentacles tho (WTF??) Just give her a knife and a mean look a la Uncanny #170. And while we're talking about X-Men comics from back in the day, give me a Silver Samaurai and brown Wolverine (ML6 maskless variant) from Uncanny #173. And...all the X-haters will love this, but I'd buy another Mystique packed with an updated Rogue. Give her interchangable heads (Raven Darkholme, Destiny, Rebecca Rominjn) and it'd be a slam dunk!!
  10. I love the X-Men, but debating Sauron's potential status as a BAF tells me that we're running out of BAF ideas. Sauron is a tall, skinny guy with a big dino head; he should be a regular figure a la Angel from the Sentinel series. Speaking of the Sentinel series, that's my vote for the next BAF, a repaint of the Sentinel BAF. Make a mega 8-10 figure X-Men wave to justify the cost, but that's the BAF that would draw the most interest.
  11. You can find some fault with pretty much every figure, very few are "perfect." That said, for me, the question becomes which remade figures would I actually buy. Toad-we all know the story of how this fig isn't really even a ML. Magneto-I liked him until someone pointed out how his torso is the ML1 IM, now I can't get past it. Colossus-yeah, too muscular and I don't like the head sculpt either. Would like to see a new one patterned after the '90s TB new X-Men box set. Rogue-ugly and part of a box set I didn't want. Deadpool-a new sculpt would leave the original one rare for the collectors and give everyone else a figure we want. Storm-one of my favorites, I passed on the ML8 version 'cause it was so ugly. Release the awesome looking FA version already!! Ultron-THE most recognizable Avengers villian with a horrible, horrible design.
  12. For my money, I'm just not into a zillion different Spideys, the classic suit and the black one and I'm good. However, I would be into an all civilian wave from the Spiderman mythos. Make mine: Peter Parker (w/camera and backpack stuffed w/Spidey suit) Classic Mary Jane J Jonah Jameson Norman Osborne Gwen Stacy Pick one from Flash Thompson, Aunt May or Harry Osborne to round out the set.
  13. For as popular as Shatterstar was (is?,) it is crazy that he does not have a figure yet. I know this topic comes up quite a bit, but an original X-Force box would be great. I despise the new Hasbro Cable, his head looks like it was carved out of soap. A new Cable, repainted Cannonball, Domino with a new head sculpt, Shatterstar, Warpath and a new Deadpool in a X-Force boxset would entice a lot of people. I know a lot of people hate Rob Liefeld, but when I was a kid, this line-up from X-Force was badass!!
  14. I hope you're wrong on Valkrye, but either way, I'd love to see a Defenders set as well. Moondragon could serve as a 6th or alternate.
  15. An ML IM line would be a good idea, if not this year then when? Make mine: IM modern armor Retro IM (classic red and yellow with the built-in nose plate) Count Nefaria Crimson Dynamo Ultron Radioactive Man BAF Titanium Man
  16. The Cap and WS is a good bet to happen, the others you mention would be cool choices... I'm hoping we'll see more army builders like AIM, Hand and Hellfire Club 2 packs as well.
  17. Wrecking Crew and Alpha Flight, then we'll go from there...
  18. THAT would be an AWESOME wave!! I'd buy every figure and be stoked to build Sauron!! All needed villians that would please (almost) everyone in some way!! Save the Wrecker and Sebastian Shaw for the box sets (hint, hint)
  19. I'm down with a Lilandra/Gladiator, we know we already have the Lil sculpt. "Jim Lee" Cyclops and Jean Grey would sell very well, as would Havok and Polaris. Rogue and Gambit are crying out for remakes!! Madrox and Madrox with variant head would be cool!! Go ahead and release Aurora and Northstar, they've already been sculpted. Sunfire and Thunderbird would wrap up the "new" X-Men. A few others... Juggernaut and Black Tom Magneto and Mesmero/or a newly sculpted Toad Arcade and Proletariat a la Uncanny X-Men #124 (never happen but would be cool!!) Sebastian Shaw and Jason Wyngarde Classic Avalanche and Destiny
  20. Relax dude. It's been said that Hasbro plans on releasing 4-5 ML waves each year and I haven't seen anything to make me think that's changed. HML4 was likely delayed b/c of the issues with Beast figure and will probably be out in Mar or Apr. The same thing happened last year w/HML3 where we ended up waiting 2-3 months longer than we thought we would. Icons is done, replaced by the Unleashed figures. Marvel Toys will not be producing ML anytime soon. With the LCBH guys looking for work, some of them may be invited to join the Hasbro team. Hasbro will likely reveal the remaining 4 Hulk Foom characters that made the cut from the original 12 at Comic Con. (hopefully Valkrye is one of them). More info on 2 packs and or boxsets will likely be shown at that time as well. Ransomz said he overheard talk of a Wrecking Crew box set at TF!! It seems to be the concensus that more ML product will be revealed then. X-Men/Wolverine figures will be more of a 2009 thing to coincide with the Wolverine movie release. Hopefully my version of the podcast will ease any nerves.
  21. Yeah, a seller can end an auction anytime and/or cancel bids. You can search ended items and see if the seller gave a reason for ending the auction early, maybe it's been relisted...
  22. Whoa!! They said a Wrecking Crew is finally in the works?!! That's awesome, hopefully it looks great and paves the way for even more team sets!! (Alpha Flight, hint, hint)
  23. Can't wait for the Wendigo, a big pass on the rest, especially if they're $15 per... I'll swap my FOOM pieces from Wendigo and Valkrye for the Holocaust pieces from the Beast and the Punisher, any takers?
  24. Whoopee. At least Hasbro has done their level best to save me money over the next 6 months...
  25. Okay, this is just stupid. Jesus, more of these freaking movie characters?!! Damn, even the few guys that actually like and collect movie figs have to be sick of these.
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