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  1. Hey nutlog666, you can ask the next question too. After being belittled and annoyed by someone who needs to get the last word in constantly in another thread, I'm just going to drop this board for a while because I think the little bully needs to feel like he's really won because this is all he has left in his miserable existence. Thanks for the trivia fun.
  2. Again, catter? I said nothing to you and you're trying to start something with me? What the f*ck is your problem? This is beyond Rock, Cena, or anything. What is your problem with me that you can't stop yourself from trying to provoke me and start something? Did Daddy sodomize you when you was young and so you start something with anyone who you know is intellectually better than you? Did Mommy dress you in a Barbie outfit and so you want to "man up" by picking a fight online? What is your deal? Outsiders, JayC, any other moderator... you see what I'm getting at about guys who try to start arguments. Everyone else that has disagreed with me on my point of view hasn't been the flaming jerk that catter has been.
  3. - Orton's DDT on Steph was fabulous! Then the kiss... oh, that was great build for what is going to be a classic as these two deliver everything right about wrestling when the lights are on bright. - Loved seeing Mickie v. Santino. It was funny. Mickie was smoking hot (as always), and it worked to add a touch of drama for an otherwise meaningless battle royal. 24 Divas dumping Santino in a style reminiscent of Hassan ousted in the 2005 Rumble would have been funny but Mickie keeps the Unibrow out of the Battle Royal. Good for Mickie getting the W. If only Santino could have gotten up the corner faster, I don't think the segment would have been as bad. - I think we all have actually seen 12 Rounds at this point through all the promos for it. - Why would Lawler call out Jericho 100 minutes after watching Jericho beat down Flair (which was epically well done)? Jerry could have at least made an attempt to save Flair instead of standing around calling the mayhem as it took place in his lap. That just didn't make sense... Lawler should have manned up then or never manned up at all.
  4. OT: Did anyone see the ROH show? I was at a friend's house so I could check it out. The in-ring action was solid, entertaining, competitive. But, the show lacked any character or charisma to a point where it became boring over the show's course. What did everyone think?
  5. Respectfully disagree??? Thank you, Robbie Digital, Darthjoe, JayC, and Doom Saber. I didn't think that disagreements and respect could coexist on here. As far of an example, I remember my personal experiences with seeing The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, and Walking Tall in the theaters. The Mummy, let's face it, was a pretty white film for the most part. The audience was also that way. Opening weekend, a screen showing to over 150, and 90% were light of skin. Same screen on opening weekend for The Mummy Returns and that audience was 60% African-American just because of the bit performance of The Rock. Walking Tall was another film with an audience that was almost 70% African-American to see the loose remake of a film that is considered a classic in the South because of it being about a local folk hero. When the film resumes were brought up in one posting, I noticed how that showed a lot of what I was addressing. Dwayne had more opportunities from film companies outside of WWE Films. That is something that none of the other performers who have dabbled in acting have ever gained. Roddy Piper is a far better actor than any of the wrestlers who have dabbled in acting. Yet, while not stuck in WWE Films, Piper has never been given the chance to be in a big studio film because he's simply... a dime a dozen. He's just as funny, charismatic, and entertaining as Dwayne but is lacking one thing: an automatic connection to another demographic. That is all I was saying. I knew it wouldn't be agreed with but I'm one of those who says what he things, controversy be damned. Thanks to those who have made most of this thread really interesting to read and hope I didn't ruffle the feathers of anyone who matters.
  6. Wow, that is just a crazy and tragic story. Perhaps wrestling is safe from tragedy for a little bit at least as the old wives tale surrounding deaths is that deaths come in three. Test, Steven Dunn/Doll, and Abismo Negro.
  7. I didn't ask you to argue about it so your initial post was right. Plus, I didn't tell you No. I directed your remarks using the words Yes and No. However, even though you want to keep poking and prodding, hoping for an argument online, I'll give you the satisfaction. You win! You're right about everything, catter. You're the brightest and smartest person in all of cyberspace. You're a king among men. Now go, revel in your victory like all great tools before you who have won annoying online arguments. Wallow in the filth that is your self-worth. I've got better things to do than read your "witty" responses and not-so-subtle jabs directed towards myself. Enjoy your win, catter and may God have mercy on the souls of all of those who dare disagree with the mighty, majestic catter!!!!
  8. I believe the group in question was Fishbone.
  9. LOL @ Bandelero for his comment! Also, I would have finished reading what catter said to me but after the first post, I refused to read any more of his remarks. Between the childish words and the fact that he doesn't understand how to compose what he wants to say in one post, I just couldn't give it the time of day. As far as Dark Horse's remark, yes... Cena vs. HBK was the main event of the main events on the card. Co-main events DO mean something because they put asses in the seats. If you believe for a second that more people went to WrestleMania 24 wanting to see Undertaker-Edge than HBK-Flair, you're dreaming. Same think with Hogan-Vince over Lesnar-Angle at 19 (because people are idiots when it comes to Hogan worship) or Hogan/Beefcake-Money, Inc. over Bret-Yoko at 9. Co-main events are just as big of draws as the match that gets to go on last. However, this intended for everyone and not one person in particular, wasn't the point of what I said sooooooo long ago that the Undertaker vs Batista rivalry elevated the SmackDown brand/show in the company's eyes? We are not talking about match placement on the WrestleMania card. The point of this whole deal is that the rivalry elevated the brand and the show. Everything does not revolve around WrestleMania and Mania's match placement. That is the point that I'm trying to get across and nobody seems to read into it.
  10. That's a shame. Way too many losses happening in the business. Condolences go out to his family, friends, and fans. I remember reading about him in the old Apter magazines from his work in the USWA and his time as part of Well Dunn. Never really had an opinion of him but it's a sad thing for anyone to leave this world at just 44.
  11. Off Topic to Catter: Why is it that every time someone disagrees with your opinion and tries to have a seemingly intelligent discussion, you turn it into personal attacks and consider the other person ignorant? I'm not wrong, you're not wrong. We're stating personal opinions. Unless we’re in the trivia section and I get a question wrong, don’t ever say I’m wrong because you don’t agree with me. You have no earthly idea how that just pissed me off. Everyone has one and nobody’s opinion is right or wrong. That’s the beauty of having an opinion. Get a hold of yourself and your life, you typo-filled, ignorant blowhard with the mental abilities of a five year-old and the temperament to match. If you don’t have a productive statement to say to anything I have posted, then refrain from replying. Frankly, I’m tired of translating your child-like replies… all 2-8 of them, depending upon how many thoughts make it through the cabbage inside your skull. I know I'm not alone in feeling this way.
  12. In the wrestling business, Yes. In Hollywood in the most vein, egotistical, unethical, shallow industry known to man, No.
  13. It was a main event match, regardless of match order. Plus, we're talking overall impact on a brand and not match placement on WrestleMania's lineup. Using that logic, Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels from last year's WM was less important than Melina/Beth vs. Ashley/Maria. Anyone who uses "match placement" as a level of importance is completely missing the plot.
  14. I know I'll sound awful for this but I'm saying it anyway, controversy be damned. The only reason why Dwayne was given a chance in Hollywood over the other "meathead wrestlers" (as Hollywood executives probably see wrestlers) is because he was ethnic. He appealed to a larger fan base and could reach out to another demographic that Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, John Cena, Triple H (anybody remember Blade III?), Stacy Keibler, and other wrestlers/Divas who have dabbled in acting could not reach. Can they act as good as Dwayne? Well, having seen Dwayne act in a few films, I can safely say he's not going to be up for an Oscar before Cena or Piper because all three have the acting abilities of a muppet. But, he was given the chance to be a Hollywood player because of his appeal to a broader audience. Yeah, I'll admit. That does sound a touch racist. But, this is America and it is a racist country. I mean, Barack was given a free pass for making that Special Olympics remark on Leno while Bush would have been drawn and quartered. It is all because of race. America is about everyone not white right now. The battle for equality has still not been won because the pendulum just swung in the other direction. That's the way I see it. Back to Cena's remark. I doubt he'll ever jump to Hollywood permanently because he'll never have the chance. You'll have a better chance of seeing Mark Henry staring in a non-WWE supported Barbershop 3 than Cena or Triple H do anything meaningful in Hollywood enough to make them permanently jump to Hollywood. Just ask Stacy Keibler how the experience went. (Fully bracing now for hate messages and slanderous comments)
  15. Personally, I will agree with Cole on one front. The Undertaker/Batista feud was the main feud on SmackDown during the only time in SmackDown's existence where it has actually not looked like the "B-show." Angle/Lesnar was great. JBL/Eddie was fabulous for the brief time it ran. The Los Guerreros, Benoit/Angle, Edge/Rey tag wars showed how great tag wrestling can be. However, none of those rivalries ever matched the interest to make SmackDown the "A-show." Undertaker/Batista is among these feuds for me on a level that I wouldn't put one above another because they were all great, entertaining feuds. Taker/Bats get the nod just because of their spot elevating the brand as a whole to new heights. Another great SmackDown feud that should be remembered is the Benoit/MVP feud... fabulous wrestling between a veteran and an up-and-comer. Wonder whatever happened to Benoit...
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