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  1. Understandable. Not my intentions to raise eyebrows, but sticking up for my friends is something I do. I knwo you from the fwoosh. You are a cool guy. I mean you are a mod, so i wasn't questioning your methods. LOL. Doing so hasn't had the best results for me on other sites! LOL. So as not to get too off topic. Maybe this will raise an eyebrow or 2 for the right reasons:



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  2. ugh not this again...ive already explained the situation with my store, half the things on there, are not mine i share the store with my comic book guy. besides the auction also has a best offer attached to it, so price is not set in stone. I have also gone about mentioning to anybody on these fourms if they see anything in the store they want to shoot me a pm and i can take it off and we can work out a cheaper deal or trade.....and is it just me or does anybody else think that fabexmax is ted galifinakas or whoever the guy that is being talked about is.


    LMAO. thats the new diss in the trade world. ______________ is Ted! LMAO. Lil info about ya boy JJ, I wouldn't take the time to sign in daily wit such a long name. Galifinakakjakhskhasasa.... nah, not me. And sorry if I offended you. I wasn't aware that others had given you a hard time about the sale prices in YOUR ebay thread. I didnt realize it was a joint account. I can go back and edit my post if you'd like, but maybe you shouldn't have a link to stuff that isn't all yours because to a person not in the know, anything on the ebay page is a representation of yousince the link to get there is in your signature. Just a thought. No malice intended. LMAO "I am Ted" Lets make shirts, make them wal-mart exclusives but never ship them to wal-mart, then sell them on ebay. LOL

  3. So not trying to start a flame war. But I think the mods should take down the post dissing Stud. Not fair to call him a scalper or bad trader and a douchebag for TRADING, and I just clicked the link of JJ's ebay store and he has a loose DCUC Gotham 5 pack for a $114 Buy It Now... and its loose!!!!! And JJ is a MODERATOR on this site! LMAO. So as you can see, being called a scalper is relative. Again, not calling out JJ, its his stuff, his site, his prices. I was just using the way a trusted person on this site does business to create a basis for respect of other people and their trading/ selling styles.

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  4. Damn, this whole wave 10 thing is bringing out ALOT of hate from ALOT of people. Studmuffin is a friend of mine, and its not cool that people who don't know him are bashing him on a board he doesn't even frequent. Truth be told the 3 cases in the pic he took were MINE. Because he is a friend of mine I told him to meet me at the WalMart cuz I ordered them from corporate and we split them. I personally went on facebook last night and called out our "friend" TED, and let it be known he is a scumbag and a liar. People I am cool with locally know I do stuff like this ALL THE TIME for them. I got a set and a half, he got a set and a half, and we left the extras behind for others to find today! Also regarding his Gleeks from SDCC, he drove to San Diego from the bay area, had his tickets for the con, stood in line for the exclusives and paid cash like anyone else who woke up early enough and stood outside could have. Then to be honest he gave out more than half of the stes he got to people he said he would hook up. I know cuz I got one of the WT sets with Gleek! Why the scalper talk? He didnt ebay a single set? And furthermore, most of the time, he will entertain people who pm him for trades, but mostly he trades his HTF stuff for customs. Look at his collection and you will see. DUDE HAS EVERYTHING, so most of the time he trying to trade up, or just getting fodder for customs. Not everyone who gets the HTF stuff then trades it is a scalper. Wave 10 has brought out the McCarthyism in many of you. Honestly if more people would talk less trash, karma would find you and bless you. True story.

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  5. found them today at walmart again............stupid $15 pric tag



    For the people who found them in Wal-Mart, can you gusy post a UPC or Item number. I am in San Jose and am going CRAZY trying to find She Hulk! I also need te BAF pieces from The End and SOn of Hulk, but really don't wanna buy them. I have all of the others. Thanks.

  6. Hello everybody,


    I'm selling off my BAFs to clear up some space. All prices include shipping


    Sentinel - $45


    Apocalypse - $40


    Partially complete Giant Man (Upper torso, lower torso, left arm, left hand)- $20


    I accept cash or paypal. PM me if you're interested, thanks.





    I'll give that Sentinel a good ass home! Hit me up!

  7. UPDATE: My apologies to any who PM'ed me and never got a response, I spring-cleaned my mailbox and wiped it all out... whoops. In all fairness, that means I haven't made any deals at all, so everything I had before, I still have. If you still want it, PM me again.


    Please, please, PLEASE do not send me a PM that just asks what I need, or want I want for 'X'. My wants are right there- make a serious offer that you think is fair. I'll look it over, we'll talk, everyone will be happy.


    Pictures available upon request. 'LMC' means Loose/Mint/Complete.




    DCSH Cyborg Superman MOC. Card is bent at the top by the hangtag. -PENDING


    HML3 Marvel Girl Variant (NOT the backwards one) MOC


    ML Sentry Variant (bearded, 'lemon' color suit) MOC


    ML5 Red Skull! LMC


    X-Men Rogue (X-treme, short hair) LMC -PENDING


    DCD Kingdom Come Kid Flash MIB

    DCD Psycho Pirate MOC (bubble is collapsing on itself a bit) MOC

    DCD Harbinger (bubble is collapsing on itself a bit) MOC

    DCD JSA The Atom 2-pack MOC


    I also have a ton of loose figures from the Toy Biz BAF waves, without BAF pieces. I'll get a list up in the next few days, but in the meantime, if there's something you're looking for, just ask.


    WANTS: I don't necessarily want these MOC, but I do want them complete (accessories and BAF parts).


    Iron Man movie: Stealth Operations (War Machine)

    Iron Man movie: Repulsor Red (Silver Centurion)

    FF Classics Human Torch w/ Impossible Man

    FF Classics Super-Skrull -PENDING

    HML FF Invisible Woman w/ Ronan piece

    ML Moon Knight (regular OR variant) w/ MODOK piece

    ML Destroyer... I can dream, right?

    ML Goliath (I don't care what wave he's from)

    ML Black Queen

    ML Black Cat (Sinister Six) -PENDING

    ML Electro (Sinister Six) -PENDING

    Amazing Spider Man Hobgoblin (the second SMC one)

    Apocalypse hoses x5. Yes, I want FIVE of them. I will trade for Apoc arms to get them, but I really just want the hoses. -PENDING x2


    GI Joe 25th Anni Shipwreck MOC (I don't care about the tattoo variant- I just want A blasted Shipwreck!)

    The Target vehicles: HISS, AWE Striker, Night Specter


    DCSH Two-Face

    DCSH Clayface

    DCSH Catwoman

    DCUC- Anything! I've fallen behind and want to catch up!


    SOTA SF Ken (in red). This is for a custom- condition is negotiable!


    SO whats the status of our trade??? :(

  8. HAVES



    DCUC Wave 10 Joker

    DCUC Wave 10 Robot Man

    DCUC Wave 10 Man Bat

    DCUC Wave 10 Beast Boy

    DSCH series 8 Batman (black and grey) MOSC pending

    DCUC Ares MOSC

    DSCH Clayface MOSC




    Series 1

    Iron Man



    Series 2


    Dr Doom

    Human Torch with 4



    Series 3

    Ghost Rider





    Series 4



    Gambit hand cam off, missing jacket



    Series 5


    Mr Fantastic

    Nick Fury

    Red Skull


    Silver Surfer w/ Howard the Duck

    Series 6

    Brown Wolverine

    Deadpool w/ Doop




    Series 7


    Classic Ghost Rider


    Phasing Ghost Rider

    Silver Centurion Iron Man



    Series 8

    Black Widow Blonde

    Black Widow Redhead



    Modern Iron Man

    Mohawk Storm *MOSC*


    Series 9

    Bullseye Variant


    Dr Strange


    Professor X

    War Machine

    Galactus BAF complete


    Series 10

    1st Appearance Spiderman

    Black Panther

    Mr Sinister


    Omega Red

    X-Factor Cyclops variant MOC

    Sentinel BAF complete

    Series 11

    Iron Man Hulk Buster

    Scarlet Witch





    Series 12

    Maestro Hulk



    Iron Fist


    Astonishing X-Men Wolverine

    Apocalypse BAF complete


    Series 13



    Green Goblin



    Lady Death Strike


    WalMart Giant Man Series

    Age of Apocalypse Weapon X

    Age of Apocalypse Weapon X (burnt face Variant)

    Age of Apocalypse Sabertooth

    Ant Man

    Captain Britain

    Kitty Pryde w/ Lockheed the dragon



    Ms. Marvel


    Giant Man BAF complete


    Series 14

    1st Appearance Iron Man

    Long Shot

    Baron Zemo

    Luke Cage



    Mojo BAF complete


    Series 15

    Beta Ray Bill

    Captain Marvel


    Iron Man Thor-Buster Armor



    Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter variant

    Wasp (Shoulder length hair, red costume, variant, chase)

    M.O.D.O.K BAF complete pending


    Hasbro Legends


    Series 1



    Ultimate Iron Man


    Series 2


    Quicksilver Green 1st Appearance

    Ultimate Wolverine (with Blob's lower torso)



    Blob BAF complete

    Series 3

    Black Knight


    HYDRA Soldier closed & open mouth variants LOTS!!!!!!

    Marvel Girl powered-up variant

    Marvel Girl Rachel Summers

    Brood Queen BAF complete


    Fantastic Four Ronan the Accuser Series

    Dr. Doom

    Mole Man

    Mr. Fantastic

    Namor the Sub-Mariner

    Ronan the Accuser BAF complete pendning


    Hulk Fin Fang Foom Series

    Hulk ("The End" appearance)

    King Hulk

    Skaar, Son of Hulk


    Savage Grey Hulk

    Doc Samson

    Fin Fang Foom BAF complete


    Red Hulk Series

    Adam Warlock

    Silver Savage



    Union Jack

    Wolverine Classic yellow

    Red Hulk BAF complete


    Nemesis Series

    Nemesis BAF missing left arm only


    Toy Biz: Face Off Series


    Series 1

    Captain America (unmasked) vs. Baron Strucker (variant)

    Daredevil vs. Kingpin

    Hulk (screaming) vs. Leader (classic)


    Series 2

    Iron Man (Modular Armor) vs. Mandarin

    War Machine vs. red-costumed Mandarin (variant)

    Business Suit Jigsaw (variant)


    Hasbro Two-Packs


    Series 1

    Ronin and Elektra

    Ultimate Captain America (World War II costume) and Ultimate Nick Fury


    Morph custom


    Wal*Mart Exclusives 2 Packs

    Cannonball and Domino (Two Packs)


    Toys R Us Exclusive

    Black Queen (Jean Grey, Emma Frost body repaint)


    Hasbro Toy Store Exclusive

    Sunfire Age of Apocalypse *MOSC*


    San Diego Comic Con Convention Exclusives

    Stan Lee

    She-Hulk *MISB*


    Marvel Legends Box Sets:


    X-Men Legends

    Beast w/ Labcoat and Glasses

    Gambit w/ Pleather Trenchcoat Pending

    Wolverine Unmasked


    Spider-Man vs. the Sinister Six

    Black Cat


    Kraven w/ New Head Sculpt


    Fantastic Four Legends (CHASE SET)

    Dr. Doom w/ New Head Sculpt

    Human Torch w/ New Head Sculpt and Paint (Transparent)

    Invisible Woman (Transparent)

    Mr. Fantastic w/ New Head Sculpt

    Thing w/ New Head and Hand Sculpt

    Franklin Richards

    Herbie the Robot

    Mr. Fantastic Ball


    Fearsome Foes Gift Pack






    Young Avengers



    Iron Lad


    Marvel Monsters *MISB*


    Frankenstein's Monster

    Werewolf by Night



    House of M

    Iron Man


    Spider-Man Classics (2001)


    Series 1


    Spider-Man *MOSC*

    Spider-Man Black Costume



    Series 2

    Rhino *MOSC*


    Series 3 (K*Bs Exclusive)

    Spider-Man 2099


    Spider-Man (2002 - Current)


    Series 2



    Series 4



    Series 5

    Morbius with Fang Attack Action


    Series 6

    Kraven with Spider Trap Bolo Gun



    Series 10

    Snap Shot Spider-Man with Camera and Display Base


    Series 11

    Tail Strike Scorpion with Stinger Launching Action


    Series 12

    Wall-Crawling Spider-Man



    Series 13



    Series 14

    Buzzing Beetle


    Series 16



    X-Men Classics (2004)


    Series 1

    Cyclops with Optic Blast Action

    Archangel with Missle Firing Action

    Storm white


    Hulk Classics (2004)


    Series 1

    Superposable Savage Hulk with Bendable Steel Girder

    Smart Hulk

    Joe Fixit Hulk


    Series 2

    Absorbing Man

    Bruce Banner

    Mecha Hulk w/ Gremlin pending

    War Hulk


    Fantastic Four Classics


    Series 1

    Human Torch w/ Mr. Impossible

    Super Skrull


    Series 2



    Fantastic Four movie



    25th Anniversary GI Joes


    Series 1

    Snake Eyes w/ black Timber MOSC





    S.H. Figuarts Piccolo

    S.H. Figuarts Super Saiyan Goku


    DCUC Customs

    DCUC WAVE 11

    DCUC wave 8 Parademons


    - DC Direct Green Lantern Series 2 Guy Gardner

    - DC Direct Kyle Rayner (black, white, and green suit)

    - DC Direct Secret Files Hugo Strange head pending


    - Transformers Masterpiece Thundercracker


    - MOTUC Faker MOSC

    - MOTUC King Greyskull MOSC Pending

    - MOTUC Hordak Pending

    - MOTUC Tri-Klops MOSC Pending

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