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  1. Gotten!




    Question and Deadman (variant) and a few other guys to go along with them. :)

    oh shi- ....that was quick


    Actually I was late. Was suppose to get these yesterday, but had wedding ish to take care of. But a Saturday haul is just as good as a Friday one. ;)

  2. lol I like how on the Question packaging instead of saying "fan's choice!" it just says "fan's choice." Like they're saying, "Ho hum, oh, it's just the first Fan's Choice winner we decided to make, no big deal."


    Hey when you get him you can take a sharpie and put an exclamaton point at the end.biggrin.gif I'll have to admit I lost alittle enthusiasm over marvel products too. I don't care who DCUC come out with I get excited. They could come out with a wave of Doctor Mist, Dolphin, Knockout, Klarion The Witch Boy, Lord of Time, Plastique, Oracle, and The C&C would be NERON. I would buy all of them even though I have no idea about half the characters I just named. The average joe wouldn't know about them either but they would still be hard to find. LoL


    Tigersharks again. LOL

  3. The thing that throws of Shark is that the head does not sit flush on the neck. It does look hella big, and just off. The 4H let an intern design him, and he did a crappy headswap on a Zan figure he had laying around. LOL, on a positive note, seeing him makes me want some Mattel Tigersharks figures. ;)

  4. Yeah, I think Marvel characters are more recognizable to people who read Marvel, but beyond that, not really.


    And if we're going to compare the characters Mattel is making to the ones Hasbro is making...do you really think people beyond comic readers would recognize Guardian, Union Jack, Red Hulk, Warpath, Vision, or Maria Hill/Sharon Carter? Heck, how many people would recognize Bullseye? Because he was in a crappy movie in which he looked nothing like he does in the comics?


    Or if we want to go back to Toy biz, we had a wave that had Luke Cage, Falcon, Longshot, and the version of Baron Zemo that died forty years ago. Does the "average joe" know who any of those characters are?



    This, this, this, this, andddddd, THIS!

  5. So question. If Matt Mason is a known scalper and rip off artist, and if Rowdy has been confirmed as Matt Mason, then why is he allowed on here to trade, etc?

  6. See this wave is my most unliked wave since ummmm..... ever.... I think lol Other than John Stewart I am not really super excited for any of them! However I am still excited because its DCUC guitar.gif wave 8 was that way and I ended up liking them more than I thought.



    Dude not even the question ?..


    For me its


    The Question

    John Stewart Green Lantern

    Cyborg Superman Sinestro Corps

    Deadman comes in last because of his head

    ?kiliwog? (I'm unsure of...)


    Yes I am not a fan of the Question and still pissed he won the fan poll.... so boring to me. guitar.gif


    I think most people on these forums aren't really DC fans, or at least DC comics fans, it blows me away how many characters are totally unfamiliar with most the people on these forums. So I guess some of these characters are totally foreign to them. The only truly weak link in this wave is the shark, I still cannot discern what is going on with his head, its the ugliest thing I have ever seen.


    I disagree, i think its the fact that most non hard hitters in DC just are not as popular as Marvels b listers and even some c listers. Marvel is just more exposed over the last 10-15 years.



    You only say that because you are probably a Marvel fan. DC's b listers are just the same as Marvel B listers. If anything the success of Marvel over the past 15 years is not a testament to quality, but hype. I am a DC fan since the beginning, but when DC slumps in the quality and Marvel increase, I read Marvel, but that is not he case, DC has better output and overall better characters. I think most people on TNI are marvel dudes but they can't seem to get enough DC stuff?


    I agree with Draven...but I'm a big Marvel fan. That said, there have been a lot more Marvel movies involving b level characters than there have been DC films. The X-Men trilogy comes to mind. I'd call Silver Surfer a b level character and tons of people who don't collect comics know who he is. I think Marvel has done a better job marketing over the past 10 years than DC has.


    Your statement is not true, DC has had many B level characters made into movies, while the quality of these movies is debatable, they were made none the less, Swamp Thing, Steel, Supergirl, Catwoman, Constantine, V for Vendetta, Teen Titans, and a host of others. DC has had trouble getting their staple characters onto the big screen but a lot of unknown output is released but aren't immediately known, heck I don't even know most of them. Silver Surfer and the X-Men are FAR from b listers in the Marvel universe, they are the tops, and trust me, most people do not know who the Silver Surfer is. Either way, DC will forever set the standard, DC live action series have dominated any Marvel output, the Superman movies are the staple archetype for comic based movies, heck Spider-man 1, 2, 3 are all based off Superman 1, 2, and 3. DC has the best all around cartoons on TV but proper promotion and lack of exposure ruin them, but come on, what Marvel cartoons can rival JLU, Superman/Batman TAS, Teen Titans, Galactic Guardians, Superman 88, you stack them up and Marvel falls, heck even though DCUC came after legends, they buy far exceeded them. Even the term "super" hero is coined after the VERY FIRST SUPERHERO...SUPERMAN!!!!


    I said Marvel does a better job promoting it's characters (a or b level) than DC does...and I mean to a broader target audience.


    The X-Men altogether may be a list in the Marvel U, but Cyke? Jean Grey? Prof X? Mags? These are b levels in the overall universe and in the world (our world). Their movie was better than any of the ones you mentioned and therefore they have been promoted better.


    Btw, Supergirl was made about 20 years ago I think. I was talking 10 years back. Teen Titans wasn't a movie...their target audience was kids...still, that's a good example I guess. Tho it's been so long since that cartoon was popular and those figs have been produced in DCUC, that it's kinda obsolete at this point. V for Vendetta isn't DCU (yes, it's produced by DC, but that character isn't in the DCU).


    I think if you went to avg, non-comic book readers and started rattling off Marvel and DC characters, I think right now, you are going to get more recognition hits on Marvel characters than DC.


    Yeah i think I disagree with this. I am a huge Marvel fans and love the characters, comics, and the toys, but DC Comics has ICONIC characters. Don't believe me. I'm not even gonna take the go ask an old person who Jean Grey or Deathlok are. Go to any middle school and show kids pictures of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Robin, Joker, Batgirl, Supergirl, etc and they will know ALL of them. Outside of Spiderman, Wolverine, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man (recent film fame), kids won't know like the other 90% of those characters. Like they recognize teams XMen, Fantastic Four, Avengers (maybe) but ask a kid who do they know Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne and I know who the winner is. Now Peter Parker vs Clark Kent would be a tough one to guess, but my point is DC characters are much more recognizable.

  7. DCUC and MOTUC. Ghostbusters to me, and this is just IMO Ghostbusters is a waste of a line. After the 4 guys... then what? Janine? Luis? Dana? Psssshhh. This should/could have been a SDCC exclusive 4 pack. Set the price point at $100 for the 4 guys in a cool box set. Then next year do a Sta-Puft Marshmellow Man. Then Ecto 1 and call it a day! But DCUC and MOTUC thats money in the bank.

  8. believe it when i see it


    Believe it JJ. My net was down yesterday (damn you Comcast) I wanted to reach you to let you know my other cases of Wave 10 had come in, and I was gonna tell you where to score some. I picked up mine (manager hid it on the floor for me) but they also put our like 2 other cases on an endcap. They are expecting 8 more cases at that store (they ordered 10 for me) so Mattys declaration makes me believe the store that said they had 300 figs on order will be getting them.

  9. I don't think any pics were shown, but Beast Boy was the next member, and Negative Man is due up in wave 13, and he will have 2 versions. Regular costume, and energy variant.

  10. rep is a big deal and ive dealt with clam and hes hooked me up with free figures and stuff in the past as thanks for hooking him up with sdcc stuff...things like that build rep....not if he sells on ebay or not. so u either have good rep and not sell on ebay or have bad rep if u sell on ebay?

    u say im ok in ur book.....but arent i just like clam is supposedly? selling stuff on ebay...wouldnt that give me bad rep?


    You addressed your issue. I respect those who are up front. You didnt have to explain yourself, but you did. You said you and your cousin share the page. Some of the stuff on the ebay page you said was your cousins, and you also stated you discuss items off site and work deals for people. You addressed the issue, openly and honestly.. and even though you COULD... didnt delete any of my posts....WAVE 10... so actions speak loudly. Rep is built over time, first impressions are... well, just that.

  11. Wave 10 is awesome and I am glad I have mine! Its good to finally have a Man-Bat. Too bad I don't collect ML anymore since I just learned Namor knows magic... who knew. Its ok DCUC is better. Especially WAVE 10!

  12. As I stated before, you are good in my book JJ. You are respectful, and don't say rude or inconsiderate things. I understand your neutral stance and respect it. If you ever need some help in the San Jo area you can get it from me. TNI is going to be an interesting place.

  13. So not trying to start a flame war. But I think the mods should take down the post dissing Stud. Not fair to call him a scalper or bad trader and a douchebag for TRADING,


    I would do it if I saw much of what you are talking about... but I think you are blowing it out of proportion.


    you actually acknowledging it is bringing more attention to what... 1 or 2 posts?


    let it go


    L8, but previously resolved... and agreed, let go it has been. Clam huh?? and your icon is Namor. Nice. :)

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