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  1. Whats up guys ran out of things to talk about and now just waiting till the new Marvel Legends line and Hulk and Spider-Man waves hit? New stuff isnt the only thing we can talk about. And lets not wait till new stuff to come out to start talking again. Lets start making this forum alive again. Post anything! Any topic lets just get it going!



    gee, i've just come back... i thought this place was gone due to the new marvelousnews forums... i'm really glad that it's still here...

  2. hey... i finally made it back! damn, i didn't know you guys are still here... everytime i go to the discussion boards, i get redirected to the new marvelousnews forums... this place is much better than that one... i was posting there, and i was like, "man, where are the others?"... i just tried to visit TNI, and well, you guys are still here! i'm just so happy...


    well, here are my recent grabs:


    MOC maestro

    MOC x-23 (black)

    MOC white sasquatch


    i finally completed my BAF apocalypse, but heck, he can't stand... his knee joints, and ankles are very loose... some glue stick at the back of the ankle joints (hidden) and clear nail polish on the knee joints finally did the job...


    i also got a red prototype iron man...


    i'm trying to slow down on buying toys... i really want to buy a PSP and i'm saving some cash by not buying much of the old ML's... when the new ones hit the stores, i'll definitely buy all that i can grab.

  3. i hate when they have to be Walmart exclusives, it's harder for me to get to those in both of the cities i live in! hey pvb! how is the philippines postal service? i heard nightmare stories bout it! probably why i'm hesistant to help you out, hey, there's a lil guy named diesell that commutes back and forth from CA to there, why don't you ask him to hook you up. the price you are paying is way too much, i mean, even if we make what we make, wink-wink, it still good to save money right?



    haha... the philippine postal service is really crap... i think nothing goes thru there safely... i mean, even letters, there were reports that people here receive them opened... how bad is that? i'm not familiar with the diesel guy... maybe when i see him here i'd talk to him... thanks dude!

  4. damn where bbts whe you need them. i want that figure. i didn't vote on him for nothing. any one want to help me out here.



    i didn't realize you're not from the U.S. until now...

  5. just wait for them to go on clearance folks.


    Sure, Fing Fang Foom is cool, and we all want him.. but all of the figures from that wave suck ballz!!!!


    so just wait... have patience.


    3 weeks after they are out, Walmart will have them for 10 bucks. (because they will be clogging the pegs)



    all of the HML2 and 3 figures, and all of the FF and Spidey wave figures, and all the 2-packs went down REAL fast in my town.


    I dont expect the Hulk wave figures t be any different.




    ON a side note. I actually applaud Hasbro for doing the line and raising the price. They would not have done the series with Foom for 10 bucks, they aren't Toybiz afterall (we all know TB used to give us our money's worth)... anyhow, as I have always said, I would rather have something I like for more money, than to have something I dont....


    However, what I was hoping for is that Hasbro would improve their paint, articulation, and sculpting and charge a buck or two more.


    So bravo Hasbro for doing what u had to do in order to offer these figures to your fans. Unfortunately, I think those figures stink, so I won't be buying them. I wouldn't buy them for 5 buck (well, I would just for the Foom pieces).



    man, HML2 is still on the shelves here with their original price tags... sucks.

  6. yeah, as if they haven't milked enough money yet from that mold... i mean, i think they're gonna make all the armors except hulk-buster with that mold... but i still like the new armors shown, except for the cap armor...

  7. The Nemesis Wave has technically become HML5 since it's being released in December, and the Spiral wave has become HML4 because it's being released in September. Red Hulk is the BAF.



    ya HML series 4 became series 5 and the original HML series 5 became series 4


    oh... i see... seems like when i'm upset, i tend to skip what i'm reading... thanks guys! so, we're getting another small baf... i mean, you're getting another small baf, 'cause i don't know if i'll ever see that wave here... darn.

  8. they're too pricey... i think i'm only gonna get the red hulk, and doc samson... goodbye foom, seems like i'm not gonna have you...



    Good luck with that Red Hulk, considering he's the BAF to the new HML4. ;)


    what??? i didn't know that! holy cow... HML4 or 5? i thought nemesis is still the baf for HML4? those waves are exclusive, so, goodbye too, red hulk! i thought he was part of the hulk waves...

  9. We still have three more 2-packs to see.


    And this alleged comic centric Spider-Man series with a bunch of NEW villains that aren't repaints of all the villains we've already gotten for the third or fourth time.


    And hopefully some new stuff, too.



    and i hope there are no more exclusives... please.

  10. oh stop it! yer a EE, we make tons of money, but for you and me, since we have this awful hobby, the money comes and goes like the wind. heheh!



    LOL! hehe... this hobby has drained my savings!

  11. yeah, exclusive figures are bad for everyone. fans over seas and i know from experience in the united states as well. Walmart just has horrible distribution, in fact out of 2 super centers and a normal one in my area only one has gotten Iron Man toys period, let alone the exclusive war machine figure (which they had for a week sold out and never restocked.)


    I wish the walmart wave would have been a Toysrus exclusvie as well, since at least my store had gotten every single wave. granted it would be bad for legit collectors, since i would have grabbed an entire set for myself. but i'm not scalper.



    i remember back then when toybiz came up with the giant man wave... there were a lot of great figs in that wave, especially some great avengers... but that wave is a walmart exclusive... it was never released here locally... some of the hobby shops in the city had them, but you've got to buy the whole wave and it costs 15 000 pesos (375 U.S. Dollars)... others sell them individually, for 1500-2000 pesos (37.5 to 50 U.S. Dollars) each... i really wanted to get sentry, warbird, ant man, and captain britain... so, i bought them even though they were very pricey... and i went broke... i want the giant man baf, but i can't afford to buy the other figs in that wave...


    i think the same thing is gonna happen to me with the new waves... and it's really sad...

  12. This is infuriating. I would rather they cancelled the damn line than make two separate exclusive waves. I will NEVER see the Walmart or Target waves in the wild. I think all the hotwheels scalper filth in the country just had spontaneous erections.



    oh man i dont live in the u.s, how can i get those now :(



    What's the point of having exclusive waves? That doesn't help the fans and I don't know how it helps Hasbro.


    The figures look good though. I'd rather wait a while longer for them to do it right and judging by what's at NYCC, things are coming along nicely.



    wooow more exclusives, i dont have a target or a wallmart or anywhere in this country were i could even buy one of these, so i will have to get ripped off over the internet yet again, and no word on storm, well these are ok i supose, i would only want elektra nick furk the ultimate version and forge but i havent got a chance did anyone ask about how andyone not in america can get hold of these figures????

    i feel your pain.im so worried that i wont be able to get these



    glad to know that i'm not alone with my sentiments... this really sucks... they never think about the guys outside of the U.S.... sigh...

  13. this is a bad and sad day for me... yeah, the figs are great, and i really want to get them all... but heck, they made the HML 4 and 5 waves exclusives? they won't be locally available here... sucks... and then, the hulk figs are too pricey... why? i think that the only ones i can get are the 2-packs... and i'm gonna buy a lot of them to make some armies...

  14. hey dude, idk about the exclusives, but i woulda sent you the mark 1-3 & prototype iron man for cost + shipping


    i got them all for 9.99 each



    gee.. thanks dude... yeah, figs are really pricey here... maybe because this is a 3rd world country... didn't see the exclusives and the iron monger figs in the mall... i don't know where the guys from ebay found them... by the way, how much would shipping from the U.S. to the philippines cost?


    man, hasbro is killing me... i've just read that they made the HML4 and 5 walmart/target exclusives... that means it won't be locally available here just like the Giant man wave... and the hulk (fin fang foom) wave is too pricey there, imagine how much it would cost here... i think i'm only gonna get the 2-packs... man, this is truly a bad day for me.

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