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  1. Don't agree with repaints in general, but straight re-releases of hard to find figures isn't a bad idea. Sounds to me like you're one of those "future scalpers," or possibly one now. Hasbro would do well to re-release figures like Deadpool, Hawkeye, etc because it would contribute to PROFIT, something Hasbro gets no part of when dealing with overpriced scalpers or eBay. But, according to you, Hasbro doesn't want to do that. No, Hasbro doesn't want to cater to "cheap-o" consumers willing to hand them money for a product because they'd much rather have the money go into the pocket of some greedy slob shilling his MOC Deadpool for two-three times the original retail price. Either you're selling the figures for an inflated price yourself, bitter because you had to pay top dollar for a figure, or have mommy and daddy paying for your collection. Either option isn't flattering, so quit whining. yeah, i'm whining. thats rich. actually i have never even sold a figure, and have no intentions of doing so. and no i bought my whole collection by myself, but you made absolutely no point, frankly i am amazed that your life is so sad that you actually care what i think. i certainly could care less what you think about me. but here we are. i just don't see a point in rereleasing something that alot of people already have. sure if you are just going to check ebay you are gonna pay 2 or 3 time what a deadpool should cost (if you think you should still be able to get a deadpool at walmart prices your nuts) because theres clearly a bunch of suckers born for every one of those scalpers, i got my deadpool MOC for 25 bucks. i don't think thats such an insane price that it deserves a redo. besides this is just my opinion, you people need to get over it. i can't believe how many of you use this place to vent out your frustration on strangers but its kind of pathetic.
  2. is that the same three faced six armed tri-sentinel that spidey evaporated when he had the captain universe power in amazing 329?
  3. something i noticed, this new cap has a gun and a knife, the same exact set up as union jack had on the cover of the recent union jack #1. http://marvel.com/catalog/?id=5076
  4. remember in one of the podcasts they said they were exploring how to reintroduce the green quicksilver variant because the didn't meet the demand for them. well i guess this is how they are doing it. http://wizarduniverse.stores.yahoo.net/jan084460.html the listing reads: Marvel Legends Marvel Heroes Series 2 (Hasbro): The Blob Builder 'Variant' Action Figures Case of 8 (1+ Sets) (Advance Order) The Marvel Legends are back for more! The 6" super-poseable superhero line keeps going with this wave of variant figures from the previously released "Blob Series" Build-A-Figure collection. Comprising the variant Quicksilver, the variant Yellowjacket, and the variant Evil X3 Jean Grey figures, each figure in the "Blob Series" comes with one piece of The Blob — collect them all to create a three-dimensional warning against obesity! Case Includes: • (3) Quicksilver • (2) Yellowjacket • (2) Thor • (1) Dark Phoenix i'm looking forward to the chance at a green quicksilver myself.
  5. i'd say winter soldier, because it would be too weird for hawkeye to go from bow, to ninja weapons, to gun in such a short time. this is probably why brubaker brought bucky back in the first place. that and i don't seeing them being able to get that shield back from the winter soldier if its someone else. noone on that list could get that shield from bucky. i doubt hawkeye would jump sides again too. but if stark names the new cap i doubt clint or bucky would wanna work with him. but then again, do we know stark hands off the title or does someone just assume it? the skull would be funny cause he was resurrected into a clone body of steve rogers once wasn't he? the red skull doesn't have his own body right now anyway. stark would lose every fan he has if he was a big enough jerk to make himself cap. usagent, thats already happened i doubt they do it again, and union jack is british and its a more or less handed down title of union jack, i doubt he would just drop it. i'll go with bucky, even though it seems to obvious.
  6. i would just give them to neighborhood kids or something. in this day and age of paranoia, i wouldn't be suprised if any donation place has a policy of throwing away anything thats already opened just to be safe. everyones so afraid of lawsuits, most places that are taking stuff in this year don't want it wrapped even, so they can pitch out all the recalled stuff or anything that might have been tampered with just incase, cause if they pass something along and some sick freak tainted it, then the charity is responsible. so donating anything opened might just get it thrown away. maybe go to a local daycare or preschool and tell them you want to donate them for their kids to play with, explain why they are opened and they'll probably be cool.
  7. i was amazed when i got bucky of how much of him is just reused patriot parts. he seemed more in the vein of the new headed two pack, than a normal legends character.
  8. Yea, I proposed the very same idea in another thread awhile ago. Have JJ Jameson finance Kraven to hunt down a transformed Conners, with Spidey interfering, and you've got all the interplay the story needs. hell yeah, that would be great
  9. lucky duck, my wife will go with me when i go looking for stuff, but she would never actually brave finding something for me on her own. that missus of yours is a keeper.
  10. ok, well i think that would be a scale issue. those two lines are apples and oranges
  11. heres my hope for spidey 4..... new director and cast (everyone but jjj, aunt may and uncle ben) connors turns into the lizard, kraven comes to hunt the lizard, spidey has to stop connors and save him before kraven hunts them both down. you could even do a "kravens last hunt" type storyline with the lizard instead of vermin. make it a lil darker and less aimed at the 12 year old (batman begins should show them they don't have toaim for children to make money with these films). carnage, maybe down the line, but it has to end with the sentry flying him into space and tearing him apart. i loved that in new avengers and would love to see that enacted.
  12. I'd like to point out that toy companies re-release older product all the time. Spawn, Star Wars, Transformers, Batman... sure, but older product made by another company? Well, considering Hasbro already did that with Spider-Man: Origins, which sold a darn sight better than their own original series, I don't think it's that far-fetched. origins sold better than spidey classic? what color is the sky in your world man? hell you can still buy alot of them from hasbro for original price, they sold so well.
  13. I'd like to point out that toy companies re-release older product all the time. Spawn, Star Wars, Transformers, Batman... sure, but older product made by another company?
  14. fine, but if your house looks like a toy store then thats what it will end up being. do you keep them MOC for a streamlined look or to get the total value out of them when you sell them? are you gonna sell the prized rare figure for market price when there are others being sold for twice as much? i doubt it.
  15. you guys are so cheap! you wanna collect something but you don't want to have to pay collector prices or be inconvenienced by having to look for them. every legends is still available out there. if you are a MOC collector (what i like to call a future scalper whose biding their time) then repaint means nothing to you, and if collect loose, well then they aren't all that expensive, besides maybe a handful of super rares like the stealth iron man and dragon man, but thats part of collecting something. but i am reading that you guys want hawkeye and the modern iron man redone? i got a loose hawkeye for maybe 10 bucks, and the modern ironman i bought MOC for maybe 25. this isn't worth a rerelease. companies don't cater to cheap-os. repainting or rereleasing figures would be an expensive waste for hasbro. why would they take the time and money to make you again, what many of you probably already have? it makes no business sense at all. if you are looking for old ones, then search ebay, be patient and keep looking til you find a good deal. or get to know your local comic shops, every city i have ever lived in has had atleast one comic shop that bought peoples collections and sold loose figures. no other industry would rerelease things. chevy doesn't make a new version of a 66 corvette cause they are too expensive for everyone to own. they don't reprint every comic book every year just incase you missed it and don't wanna have to find one. baseball card companies don't reprint dimaggio cards with a slightly different color so you can have one. repaints would kill marvel legends, you think some of the stuffs peg warmers now, what do you think would happen if they released stuff most people have? and the previous best ofs (walmart had one) are sold for just as much online as the originals are. so unless you could grab it first hand and beat all the scalpers, youd pay the same for it as the original anyway.
  16. so i was mad because hasbro immediately backordered my order for 2 hydra soldiers. but thanks to a tip from a board member i found 4 hydra variants at a local walmart today, so it all worked out.
  17. i like him too, but hes still got alot of uses. sometimes if i find one of my cats sleeping in my room, i like to stand either the planet hulk or the select zombie hulk up about 6 inches away from their face, so hes the first thing they see when they wake up. the reaction is worth all the time it takes waiting and watching to catch it. i like the toothbrush holder idea too. those cavity creeps won't stand a chance against the hulk.
  18. you're lucky, there is but one kb in this whole city, and last time i went there all the had was the x-men stealth beast and some ff movie things. but like fifty or more of each of just those 2 figures. so i hit TRU, they had a bunch of black queens and a bunch of diamond emmas, and nothing else.
  19. well thats my last order ever thru hasbrotoyshop.com, where they let you buy stuff saying its available, then immediately back order it. where they let you use paypal so it will go thru immediately, but don't actually charge anythng till (and if)they ship it. and where the customer service people are no help and don't even try.
  20. i ordered my comics in from the shop i sub at,all 8 ff legends and the brood queen (all but bucky) are coming in this shipment, so i ordered buck off of ebay (and got him in like 2 or 3 days), plus i have the torch icon, 2 more hydras, the stan lee and she hulk exclusives. so i just got bucky (who really should have come with a tommy gun, i gave him jigsaws shotgun) and i have 20 more figures that are going to be coming in the mail in the next week or so. already rearranged my shelves to make room.
  21. i went kinda toy happy on myself this x-mas. my ff legends and brood queen legends came in to the comic shop i order from (minus a bucky of course), so i ordered a bucky off of ebay (got him already), then i ordered the human torch icon, the she hulk and stan lee exclusives and a couple more hydras. so within the next week or so i have 20 more figures coming in the mail. good stuff.
  22. scarecr0w13

    Marvel 2008

    no it 2009 there not going to rush it again. does anyone know who the villians is? i heard it was silver samurai (which would explain why we got that choice for the toyfare poll) but i really hope it omega red. he is my afvourite wolverine villain i read something last week about it being based on the department x stuff, they said they were trying to cast victor creed (sabretooth) and they talked of maybe deadpool too.
  23. i like your sig. they need to make a figure of that armor thats above the silver centurion one. with the brass knuckly fists and pointy mask. is that the "retro armor"?
  24. i got this from http://mlcollect.wetpaint.com/page/Marvel+Legends+Exclusives, a wiki legends db, and it says that in the UK that modern havok was released in the giant man series. i was under the impression they never made him, just the classic style. "Giant Man Wal*Mart Series -AoA Weapon X - right foot -AoA Sabretooth - left foot -Ant Man - right arm -Captain Britain - right leg -Kitty Pryde - upper torso -Havok - left leg -Sentry - left arm -Warbird - lower torso -Thor - right hand -Giant Man BAF -Sentry bearded variant - left arm -Scarred Weapon X - left hand -Modern Havok - left leg (released only in UK) **NOTE: To assemble Giant Man in his entirity, you must collect all regular figures AND the Weapon X variant." is this right or did someone just have their info wrong? i saw the pic in toyfare of him but i've never seen one (ofcourse i have never been across the pond either). anyone?
  25. scarecr0w13

    Marvel 2008

    i'll second that, WTF!?!?
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