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  1. Great find, I am so done with this line though. The figures are great but I just don't get any joy from collecting anymore. I get something and then all I can think about is getting something else that I don't have. The last thing I will collect will be the Bill Murray fig from mattycollector.
  2. I found the entire wave with variant figs at walmarts here in Austin Tx.
  3. I found the entire wave with variant figs at walmarts here in Austin Tx.
  4. I just got sick of these wal-mart exclusive lines but being a collector, I had to have them. I have never seen any of the wave 10 at retail but I cracked and bought it online through ebay and I have no regrets. Yeah it was expensive but I figure that my time is worth more than these figures and I hate dealing with wal-mart and all the people and parking and rude employees. Seriously if you think about it, you actually save money buying it online most of the time after you add in time and gas money.
  5. I like this idea too. I have a detached garage and that would give me plenty of space and the wife wouldn't #@$#@ about it then. I would be worried about someone breaking in though, maybe I'll just invest in some really good locks and a bigger gun. Is it empty now? Cause, unless you have had break ins into it, I don't know why you'd be worried all of a sudden...unless there's a toy thief in the neighborhood. Well I haven't had a break in but then again it's not something that you ever expect to happen, but life is unpredictable.
  6. I like this idea too. I have a detached garage and that would give me plenty of space and the wife wouldn't #@$#@ about it then. I would be worried about someone breaking in though, maybe I'll just invest in some really good locks and a bigger gun.
  7. I like this idea, I however use thumbtacks on my walls so I have to find a something that won't put a bunch of holes in my walls every time I switch things around. I'm not completely against covering up the walls again but another problem that I have is that I use this room as a band practice area too and sometimes the guys tend to elbow the figures around them when they play. I know that I should move them out of there if I want them to be safe.
  8. Somehow I thought I would get advice that was a bit more creative and useful........thanks anyway.
  9. So I used to have an entire room dedicated to my collection. I got married in July and had too take all of my figures off the walls when we had family come and stay with us. (they covered every inch of wall space in the room) and put them in the closet (a walk in closet that also had every inch of wall space covered). I don't know if I want to hang everything up but I don't want too just keep my collection piled up and locked away in the closet, any suggestions on what I can do to display my toys without totally overtaking the room?
  10. DRS

    DCUC Wave 6

    I just can't take this anymore. I hate collecting these toys, I've been losing interest in collecting for a while and I think I'm finally ready to stop. I love DC and The dc universe figures are awesome but I'm just sick of the hunting and the cost. I have a room in my house that is devoted entirely to my collection, I used to love spending time just looking at all my figures but now it just doesn't seem worth it. I'm disgusted when I think about how much money I've spent on these toys and what I could have been doing with the time and money spent on them. Sorry I just had to rant, but anyway these figures look cool.
  11. DRS

    walmart ares wave

    I agree, but I won't be quitting. In my opinion if you're going to make a wave exclusive to a certain store, you should make damn certain that the store will have TONS and TONS of that line. Every single store. They need to be on top of that. The Wal-Mart wave is just terrible, and really really feels like filler. Thanks for your support. I'm just angry at the moment and needed to vent. I probably, more than likely will continue collecting ( just because when I find something cool I can't resist and have to have it ). A quick question. I've been thinking about picking up the Wolverine and Forge 2 pack since I can't really find the Ares wave Wolvie. Do you have that Wolvie and Forge? If you do, do you feel that the set is worth the purchase? At first I didn't really care too much about the look of the Wolverine, because the figure looks too tall. But after checking it out several more times I have started to like it. Plus it's the Wolverine and Forge drawn by Jim Lee and he is one of my favorite Marvel artists of all time. Arex wave Wolvie??? I think you mean Target wave.. and he is pretty badass. the 2-pack Wolverine is BUTTUGLY. Seriously, don't even try to want it @lol@ its horrible Hate this wolverine, and forge's alternate hand can't even hold a gun (but the figure is cool).
  12. How many 2 packs are you looking for? So far I have Elektra/ Ronin, Wolverine/ Forge and Mr. Fantastic/ the Thing. I don't know if there are more out. Captain America/Nick Fury, if you are really interested let me know.
  13. I bought one but I would gladly trade it for all the new Marvel Legends 2 Packs, if anyone is interested please contact me,the falcon is still unopened.
  14. Got my stealth Launch Batmobile at a walmart in Austin, TX. Its pretty cool, except the little batman figure that comes with it is severley under articulated. But the box says that it will fit most 5.75" figures
  15. Breaking Iron Man News!! http://www.theonion.com/content/video/wild...ron_man_trailer
  16. I plan on getting every single one of the hulk fing fang foom figures. Sure they are going to be pricey but I also remember that when I was a kid, $5.99 for a figure was the norm. If you compare any figure within a certain size range, the price will usually be around the same regardless of the line or company (I'm sure there are exceptions though).
  17. Sorry dude, but having 200 legends loose or MIP is going to look nerdy either way, also I agree I've seen loose figures go for more than when they were sealed (doesn't happen much though)
  18. Best: Deadpool (too Cool), Series 1 Iron Man (The Iconic Armor), Face Off Captain America (Masked, the only Cap you ever have to own) and Hawkeye (not the best figure ever, but one of the coolest Legends made so far) Worst: Banshee (Giraffe Man, stupid looking neck), Scarlet Witch (What the hell is this thing?)
  19. The most I've paid for a single figure is $130, I'm not saying which one though. I came very close to paying over $400 for a super rare figure one time but I came to my senses and didn't bid any higher.
  20. This sucks, I had already placed a pre order on toyglobe for these, I guess I'll have to go somewhere else now to place an order.
  21. DRS


    Just a heads up, I found Mark 1, Mark 2, Mark 3, Iron Monger (not open cockpit), and Tony Stark Ironman at Sears. During one of my wife's many stops for a pair of black shoes today, I wandered off and checked the toy aisle while we were at Sears, and lo and behold, I found all these cool Iron Man toys. I was only able to get Iron Monger because my wife would be really pissed off if I bought more than 1 figure in front of her but I plan on going back tomorrow and getting the Mark 1 and Mark 2. So check out Sear's if you can and maybe you'll get lucky.
  22. DRS

    the next avenger

    Great, baby avengers, I wonder if they'll battle baby Kang.
  23. DRS

    Will this Work?

    Thanks for the great advice guys, I now have a better idea of how to set up my practice/toy room.
  24. DRS

    Will this Work?

    My wife and I will be moving into our new house within the week, and I can't wait. One of the reasons is because we're both musicians and we will finally have our practice room where we can play all we want without having to worry too much about the neighbors. So here's what I'm planning to do, I'm going to set up my collection in our practice room (almost completely moc) to sound proof the room, or atleast block out most of the noise. Would this actually work though? I know that using egg cartons is another way to soundproof, but I'm not entierely sure, could anyone give me some advice on if this will actually work?
  25. I loved Ultimate Alliance, although I never understood why the levels all looked like the light source was right above the characters heads. Also, more downloadable characters would just kick all sorts of @$$, and maybe something besides a top down view of the levels would be awesome (first person or a resident evil 4 style would be phenomenal).
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