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  1. don't know if there is a thread for this already but i was wondering if anyone will be getting the wal mart exclusive hulk movie 2 pack. it has the hulk and abomination. it is called battle in new york. it looks alright.
  2. hey do you mind if i buy one off you. i mean that why you order 6 right? to sell them. i ordered 6 because i buy 2 for myself, 2 for a couple of buddies of mine, and a couple extra for trade or if anyone else needs one. yes tarot you can buy one off of me for cost plus shipping. let me know when you get them. i don't like to pay till the shop get them i will let you know when i get them.
  3. the price tag is steep for it. can't believe they made a figure of the monster. the movie was terrible.
  4. hey do you mind if i buy one off you. i mean that why you order 6 right? to sell them. i ordered 6 because i buy 2 for myself, 2 for a couple of buddies of mine, and a couple extra for trade or if anyone else needs one. yes tarot you can buy one off of me for cost plus shipping.
  5. i ordered mine, 6 total. i used the "Getout20" promo code to get 20% off. by the way lemonhead it says will begin shipping on october 9th, NOT october 2009.
  6. the episodes are not on youtube anymore. all they have are small clips. this sucks. i was hoping to catch the one i missed this morning with the green goblin but now i am SOL.
  7. does anyone know when these are coming out. any street date for these. i know we have the dark knight toys coming out may 5th and the new indiana jones toys may 1st but when will the hulk figs be coming out.
  8. noo hasbro is smart they have speciffic quantities for each day, they've had it like this for the past 3 years i've been, if its out of 100%, 15% will be used on thursday, 35% Friday, 35% Saturday, and 15% sunday. plus you have to do this dumb ticket thing where you have to pick a ticket out of a bag. imagine this, at least 400 people standing in a giant line, the line is split up into 10 smaller lines, and a person goes around with a bag to the front of each line, a person draw a ticket out, theres 2 kinds though a white and a pink ticket, if you get a pink one you have to come back the next day to get in another line to then buy your exclusives, which you then limited in the amount of items you can buy, but if you get a white ticket you have to wait until the next ticket give away(there were 3 ticket chances aday, morning, lunch, and evening) to try again to get a pink ticket. o and in this bag theres probably 100 pink tickets and at least 300 white tickets,i swear im not exaggerating this, this is what they used last year, and lots of people had problems with it and complain to the CC officials so its not likely to stick, but it could if they revise it. i lucky got a pink ticket and was able to buy my crap, but they were sold out of some things already and it was only friday evening. wouldn't they just do the tickets for the foom hulk set since it has a low production number. nothing else has a low production number. otherwise that would be completely ridiculous. if you are in line or any line you should be able to purchase the exclusives you want without the hassle of pulling tickets and hope you get lucky.
  9. they look awesome. like the forge and wolvie 2 pack. i do not like the fact that the nemesis wave is a wal mart exclusive and that target has an exclusive line either. in the target exclusive line i see they list 7 figures. i wonder if the red hulk is the build a figure. did they mention anything about the second wave of hulk legends?
  10. terrax, firelord, or high evolutionary.
  11. i voted for the 90's x-men. why no listing for silver surfer, hulk 90's, avengers united we stand, fantastic four 90's, JLU, JLU unlimited? oh yeah and spider-man unlimited. they were all great.
  12. i do not know if this may have been posted a while back but i am currently tracking down comics for marvel's civil war, road to civil war, and casualities of war as well as the initiative. i need to know if there is a checklist so i can make sure i get them all.
  13. i see the hydra 2 pack is in stock at BBTS. i was wondering if these are going to be in a special box or is there anything different than the regular release in assortment 3 that makes these worth getting.
  14. i still want the following: terrax firelord drax the destroyer enchantress silver sable thanos adam warlock high evolutionary cloak and dagger night thrasher darkhawk thunderstrike boomerang crimson dynamo titanium man-comic style
  15. PM me if you want a set of the cups and straws. i can get them for you since there is a 7-11 right up the street from me. the 4 holo cups are $1.99 each plus tax. the straws are $1.49 each plus tax and the helmet mug is $3.29 plus tax. let me know.
  16. i see there is a variant for the target exclusive SC iron man. it has the normal chrome lettering and trim on the insert with the name on it which is on the ones we see in the stores now. the other is one i have seen listed on ebay and has white lettering instead of chrome but says mark 1 and not red repulsor prototype like the other.
  17. the thrid would be a charcoal color.
  18. does anyone know or have found any variants to the iron man movie figures yet. i know about the 3 versions of the wal mart exclusive but are there more.
  19. secret wars A.O.A. x-tinction agenda infinity gauntlet
  20. there is absolutely nothing at any of the wal marts or some of the targets in my area. i got lucky at 1 target and got the target exclusive figure. they won't put the other iron man figs out until next week. this is the same with all the rest of the target stores in my area. the excuse they are giving is that they cannot be sold until after the 30th of march which is a load of crap. i also had checked out some wal marts and they don't even have them in stock nor do they have any in transit or even in the warehouse. what the hell is going on with the distribution of these things. it is ridiculous hasbro would have poor distribution of these iron man toys.
  21. what a waist of time today. i went to 6 wal marts, 5 targets, and 2 TRU's and only 1 of the TRU stores had a few of the iron man figures. the rest of the stores had nothing. at all the target stores they had the same response to give when asked about the iron man toys and that is they have them in the stockroom but cannot put them out until they do the plan-o-gram set up next week. 4 of the wal marts did not get them in yet and the other 2 had them but refused to bring them out of the stockroom. this is bull****. i think hasbro needs to get things straight with the release dates and when they are suppose to be out in the stores. completely ridiculous.
  22. i can't wait for these. they look awesome. i will be going to SDCC this year for the first time and cannot wait.
  23. my local tru got the iron man movie figs in today as well. they only got 1 case of the regular assortment in and a couple cases of the 12 inch repulsor iron man in. they also had the SHS 4 packs as well. i picked up the set of 5 figures and the repulsor armor iron man 12 inch as well.
  24. marvel77


    good story but your buddy was lucky he did not get kicked out of the store for putting the box in his cart. wal mart will and has done that before in the past. now why do you not like stashing. there isn't a problem with it. apparently you have the problem because it makes it hard for you to get something but that is too bad. just because they do not have the money to buy it right at that time does not mean they won't come back later and buy it. at least it is hidden for them. as far as you saying you make it a point to put their stash back on the shelf just makes you an a**hole. there is no problem with stashing. He was in no danger at all. For the sake of clarification, the employee didn't "stash" the actual case; she opened it, took out the figs, and stashed them in the "KidzWear" section. My friend loaded the clam-shelled figs into his cart, not a cardboard box full of figs. And besides, if he had loaded an actual box, I seriously doubt that this employee, who was engaging in a "termination"-type offense, would have made a peep to Management. Why do I not like stashing? For several reasons. First of all, it strikes me as juvenille. Sorry, but that's my opinion. Secondly, Yes, it keeps me from getting figs that I'm looking for, so there is admittedly a measure of self-interest involved. In that regard, it's only slightly less offensive than hoarding and toy-mongering by scalpers (many of whom also "stash"). If you're gonna' buy it, then buy it, but if not, leave it for someone else. I've done it many, many times. Thirdly...And most importantly...And probably most controversially...I firmly believe that if you don't have $9.00 on hand to buy a toy, then you probably shouldn't be buying toys (and I'm not talking about the "Oh crap, I need some cash...Where's the ATM?" type of situation, either). In other words, if your level of disposable income is that low, then perhaps instead of roaming the toy aisles and stashing toys, maybe you (meaning "you" in the figurative sense, not the personal sense) should be saving it for things like...Oh, I dunno...Food and rent?? And this, IMO, also applies to "Layaway". Sorry if that sounds harsh, and believe me, I'm not in favor of telling someone what to do with their money...That's their decision. But you asked. #US1# it seems i have struck a nerve with you. now to your reply i hope you are seriously not talking about me as i have no problem having the money every time i walk down the toy aisle to buy the figures i want. it also is not juvenille to stash something as it is in no way or shape a form of stealing like this thread is suppose to be about. i hide stuff mostly for someone else if i know they are looking for it. i have on occasion stashed stuff for myself. also what do you have against layaway.
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