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  1. This isnt a sale thread, Mostly I want peoples opinions. I'm thinking of selling my collection. I have this massive collection and I've begun to fall out of love with Marvel legends latley what with the increased prices and poor quality and I've begun to fall in love with the newer GIJoe stuff. I just want to get peoples opinions on things the following is a list of what I have, and what I am willing to sell Series 2 -Human Torch Series 3 -Magneto Series 4 -Elektra -Punisher Series 5 -Silver Surfer W/ Howard the Duck -Blade -Colossus -Nick Fury -Mr Fantastic Series 6 -Deadpool W/ Doop -Phoenix -Juggernaut -Cable Series 7 -Varient Vision -Apocalypse -Ghost Rider -Hawkeye Series 8 -Black Widow -Modern Ironman -Ultimate Captain America -Storm -Dr Octopus Series 9 -Hulk -Professor X -Dr Strange -Bullseye -War Machine -Nightcrawler -Deathlock -Galactus Series 10 -Black Panther -Cyclops -Mystique -Mr Sinister -Omega Red Series 11 -Ultron -Task Master -Scarlet Witch -Vengence -Wonder Man Series 12 -Wolverine -Bishop -Maestro -Ironfist -X23(Black) -Sasquatch Series 13 -Abomination -Pyro -BlackHeart -Green Goblin -Loki -Lady Deathstrike -Onslaught Series 14 -Luke Cage -Psylocke -Longshot -Ironman -Baron Zemo -Falcon -Mojo Series 15 -Spiderwoman -Spiderwoman(Arachne Variant) -Wasp -Captain Marvel -Moon Knight -Beta Ray Bill -MODOK Giantman Series -Kitty Pryde -Captain Britain -Havok -Thor -Ms Marvel -Antman -Sentry -Sabertooth -Giantman Hasbro1 -Emma Frost -Hercules -Banshee -Hulk(Silver arm) -X3 Beast -Ultimate Ironman -Annhilius(Pink) Hasbro2 -Shehulk -Yellowjacket -Quicksilver -Blob Hasbro3 -Captain America -Cyclops -Bucky -Hydra Soldier -Hydra Soldier(Varient) -Marvel Girl -Black Knight -Danger -Brood Queen Fantastic Four Legends -Dr Doom -Ronan the Accuser Marvel Legends Exclusives -Cannonball -Domino Marvel Legends Toybiz 2packs -Captain America -Red Skull -Unmasked captain America -Baron Von Strucker -Hulk -Leader -Daredevil -Kingpin -Sabertooth -Punisher -Jigsaw -Mandarin -Ironman Marvel Legends X-Men Boxed Set -Magneto -Gambit -Beast -Rogue Marvel Legends Sinister Six Boxed Set -Black Cat -Spiderman Marvel Legends Lethal Foes Boxed Set -Vulture -Lizard -Rhino -Carnage Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Boxed set -Invisible Woman -Human Torch -Thing -Mr Fantastic -Franklin Richards -HERBIE -Dr Doom Spiderman Classics -Sandman -Venom -Mysterio -Hobgoblin -Black Spiderman -IronSpiderman -Beetle Fantastic Four Classics -Thing -Super Skrull Marvel Select -Mephisto -The Watcher thats my collection. again. I'm thinking of selling them. what do you all think?
  2. Yeah. TB has a history of poor figures like that. its the one thing you can applaud Hasbro with. Their Figures Dont Break out of the Package, while TB's has a one in 7 chance of breaking. somtimes you can fix it, but sometimes its really bad(reason why I own 2 Giantman Thors) Toy Biz = Good Skupts, but high breaking Hasbro = eh-ok skupts, no breaking You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and then you have Marvel Legends. Sit Ubu Sit...good dog
  3. I Love ML. I have collected them for years. but now I have a problem. They are too expensive and Hasbro wants Con Exclusives, meaning it'll be harder for me to add them to my collection. this is also added to the fact that I really love GIJoe also and I LOVE the new 25th anniversary figures. great figures at a low price. Now I cant afford to collect both, and ML is the worst out of the two when it comes to price. That and Hasbros hits and misses with the series, I just dunno. On the one hand, I want Tigra and Ronin and Fing Fang Foom. On the other, I want Tomax and Xamot. and I've also spent so much money on the series. So you see my dilemma with it. If those 3 and 1/2 ML figures look great and have a good price tag, I might get into them. The possibilitys of the 3 and 1/2 scale are endless. I just dont know. Need Help
  4. we know its confirmed, but we dont know whats in it. post your wishlist. heres mine Ironman(Either new Post Civil War figure or rerelease of Modern Ironman) War Machine(Initiative look) Crimson Dynamo Mandarin(new figure) Madam Masque Kang the Conqueror Living Laser Titanium Man Build a Figure Ultimo Honorary mentions Pepper Potts/Hera (Want to see a few civilians start getting made, or use her Order appearance) Jarvis Happy Hogan Count Nefaria Controller
  5. Heres my list as a countdown Honorary Mention : Jean Grey(a new one) 15 : Exodus 14 : Red Hulk 13 : Vulcan 12 : Warpath 11 : Ronin(with replacable Clint Barton head) 10 : Arnim Zola 9 : Penance 8 : Wolfsbane. 7 : Antman(The new one XD) 6 : Ares 5 : Multiple Man Army Builder 4 : Ultron(Either Classic ultron or Annhilation Ultron. Both look bad ass) 3 : Hawkeye(Young Avengers) 2 : Adam Warlock 1 : Winter Soldier or New Cap Boxed Set I'd like to see New X-Men Rockslide, Dust, Surge, Mercury, Hellion, X-23(I hate the apoc series X23. her head is too big) Build-A-Figures Stature Black Goliath(Bob Foster or Tom Foster) Yellowjacket High Evolutionary
  6. Yeah. I'm like that. A completest but when it comes to me, its me getting characters I dont already have. I had getting move than one wolverine or ironman cause I only need one for my displays and stuff. Though I will be getting Astonishing Cyclops cause he looks real good. better than the Classic Cyclops from Sentinel.
  7. I would get MJ, just because I dont have an MJ. as for the rest, meh. dont really want movie figures.
  8. Nexodusrex

    HML WAVE 4?

    if they do ronin, I think they should give him switchable heads like Deadpool. The regular would be Maya Lopez, the Varient would be Clint Barton.
  9. Nexodusrex

    ML Themed Wave

    Hi. I'm New First Post. I normally just see what people write but I thought I'd take a crack at this. I'll also add some Boxed sets Young Heroes -HawkeyeII -Speed -VisionII -Sister Grimm -Arana -Lucy In The Sky -Hellion -Mercury Build a Figure - Stature Multiple Man Boxed Set 5 Multiple Man figures with different facial expressions and whatever to make them diverse Wrecking Crew Boxed set The Fing Wrecking Crew!!! Hand Ninja Boxed Set 4 Hand Ninjas and a new Elektra Hydra Boxed set 4 Hydra Agents and Madam Hydra Deadly Genesis Boxed Set Featuring Vulcan, Petra, Darwin, Sway, and an exclusive Moira Mactaggert Post-War -Winter Soldier -Iron Man(like Modern, but newer)/w caps shield -Dr Strange(Same figure, NEW CAPE!) -AntmanIII -Ares w/ removeable helmet -US Agent -Venom(Mac Gargan) -Crossbones Build a Figure : Yellowjacket Annhilation -Nova -Quasar -Drax -Moondragon -Phyla-Vell(Quasar Varient) -Firelord -Stardust Build a Figure Thanos(Annhilation Look. Or if you want, Build a Figure Supreme Intelegence) Fing Fang Foom Set -Blink -BlackBolt -Swordsman -Silver Samurai -Klaw -Guardian -Meggan -ROM Build a Figure Fing Fang Foom
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