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  1. spontaneous combustion perhaps.
  2. cast your votes here. remember 5 per each category more than five would be null and void. for new categories we could do that later and keep them in mind.
  3. Loosecollector is indeed one of the World's Best Customizer. I hope someday he would made me a fig at an affordable price.
  4. Because you demanded it! The Hasbro, We Want Tally is open once more. This would help others understand who do they really want. Voting Period: November 8 - December 15. Voting System: 10-7-5-3-1 Mechanics: Name only 5 characters per category that you really want from each. More than 5 would be considered null. Vote any character you want even to those that appeared previously. Versions of differenct characters must be specified clearly (e.g. Iron Man Neo Classic, Luke Cage Modern Version, etc.) If it is not on the list, feel free to include anyone you like. Have fun and put it your best thinking caps. Here are the categories Avengers: Quasar Darkhawk Ares Antman 3 (Eric O'Grady) Justice Firestar Rage Luke Cage (Bald-New Avengers) Gilgamesh Binary Sersi Moondragon Mantis Hellcat Dr.Pym Living Lightning Starfox Sting Ray Jarvis Photon (Capt. Marvel 2) Swordman Triathlon Dr.Druid Vision (White version) Marrina Silverclaw Firebird Thunderstrike Mockingbird Jocasta Machine Man Goliath 2 (Bill Foster) Avengers Villains: Thanos Korvac Kang Immortus Hyperion Spectrum Nighthawk Graviton Piledriver Wrecker Thunderball Bulldozer Power Princess Whizzer Titania High Evolutionary Enchantress Moonstone Grandmaster Count Nefaria Crimson Dynamo Marvel Cosmic: Super Skrull Adam Warlock - tentative for HML5 Gammora Drax Pip the Troll Major Astro Martinex Nikki Charlie 27 Starlord Starhawk Aleta Wraith Super Skrull Gladiator Eon Corsair Chod Reza Hepzibah Deathbird Lilandra Magus Vulcan Eternity Spider-Man: Silver Sable Puma Prowler Rocker Racer Paladin Cloak Dagger Scarlet Spider Ezekiel Kazar Hornet Madame Web Molten Man Tarantula Cardiac Speedball Tombstone Silvermane Chameleon Hydroman_FA Beetle Kaine Speed Demon Will O the Wisp X-Men: Shadowcat_FA Dazzler Forge Polaris_FA Thunderbird Callisto Sunfire Marrow Jubilee Joseph Maggot Jean Grey (Jim Lee) Iceman_FA Beast_FA Meggan Phoenix 2 (Excalibur version) Multiple Man Wolfsbane Guido Havok (X-Factor version) Shatterstar Boomboom Sunspot Marvel Girl (X-Factor) Warpath Caliban Feral Archangel (apocalypse version) X-Man Maverick Chamber Belladonna Husk Widget Kylun Peter Wisdom Siryn Karma Mirage Warlock X-Men Villains: Sauron Mastermind Destiny Avalanche Phantazia Spiral - tentative for HML5 Unus Toad (Liefield) Nimrod Bastion Ahab Black Tom Cassidy Mesmero Arcade Shadow King Crimson Commando N'Astrih Silver Fox Exodus Cameron Hodge Phalanx Legion Mikhail Silver Samurai Selene Sugar Man Harry Leland Reavers Cortez Sebastian Shaw Goblyn Queen Hellfire Club Soldier Styfe Gideon Alternate Universe: (AOA, Zombies, Ultimate, 1602) It is up to you!
  5. has anyone purchase a Variant Hydra yet?
  6. The Polaris custom was really nice at the customs deparment. I guess the X-Men Wave is not far behind.
  7. where is Black Goliath? Can seem to find him? Great work? Penance is absolutie Cool!
  8. Wow Jin Saotome is really awesome. Hasbro must be really stupid not to sign you up.
  9. Imagine a BAF Spider-Alien would go up against your Brood.
  10. Cancelled! LCBH is one of the coolest thing we have for this year. It is better than their hasbro counterparts. More power to this and hope we can support it by buying the figs. Pitt, Witchblade, Darkness are the hard to find compared to the HML.
  11. Conan 2 pack is actually good. But the Bodybags yuck.
  12. Hasbro has produced a million sets of brood. not to mention the two packs so you can build your army.
  13. I guess the best way is for everyone to vote, since others passed on voting. We would make it longer to allow and accommodate everyone's wanted figures.
  14. Clam34 was the first one to do the "I Want..." That is why the Hasbro We Want was done in his honor. After that chain reaction everybody seems to be doing it.
  15. Actually this might work. For instance DC and Marvel could trade a single character that would run on real continuity for both universe. Like Spider-Man in DC whilst Superman on Marvel under their own comic books. It would be really interesting to see how it pays out.
  16. I guess Hasbro is just shy to answer any real questions. Just ask them a yes or no like lawyers? Did you or did you order the code Red?
  17. Galactus Masterworks? I just sold it for $10 including shipping.
  18. My bad, forgot the Brood Queen. Remedy the tally.
  19. I guess there are few of us who still love to have a Valiant character on LCBH.
  20. Interviewing Hasbro feels like asking someone about Roswell, the Yeti, Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle, etc... It also reminds me of watching LOST and X-Files combined. The answers are usually "No comment" "No comment" "Let us see what the future tell us" It is actually funny reading the transcript, since it feels like an Easter Egg Hunt. But they did give us information, since all you needed was to decipher the clues: 1. BAF clicks, comics don't. So we stay with BAF. 2. Cap is good, but Bucky is not. But what if Cap is Bucky would it still click? 3. 5 inch sucks with no BAF part, we lost millions. We try 6 inch this time. 4. 2008 is a big year since we are no longer rookies. We try the Spider-Man cartoons also with BAF and six inch. I guess the best way to ask them is questions like "Did you or did you not order the code red?" Straight answer. No more going around the bush.
  21. So far here is the rundown of villains that were made by Hasbro. X3 or movies not included. HML1: Annihilus (BAF) HML2: Blob (BAF) *Xorn is both, but akin to a hero since the real one joined the X-Men. HML3: Danger, Hydra, Brood Queen (BAF) FF1: Dr. Doom, Mole Man *Ronan is both, after the recent Annihilation storyline he is more akin to an anti-hero. HML4: Nemesis (BAF) The Villain tally so far: BAF= 4 Regular= 4 So the question is, are you satisfied in seeing one or two villains per series? Is the collation sufficient enough? Since try to remember that Hasbro wants to sell figures that is why either one villain as a BAF or two as regulars? Making more maybe risky on their part. What do you prefer?
  22. Unmasked Variants are actually one of the grandest designs for Toy Biz. Second in line is producing a totally different figure ala Destroyer or Genis Vel. Hope that Hasbro would follow with the traditions TB has done rather done paint the town RED.
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