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  1. So instead of this one looking like Jeff Garlin, we're getting Andre: Diedrich Bader edition... I guess that's better?
  2. In Scream 2, there's a scene where Sidney is beset by actors in theater masks and imagines Ghostface amongst them. Three "wrinkly" mask is that.
  3. For those wondering, the statuesque future in the video is the figure he's updating, not the end result that he's kickstarting. If you watched any of the videos from NYTF he's planning to not only update the figure with full articulation but the cape as well. Hence the need for Kickstarter, because it will definitely be a deluxe figure much higher in price point than his mass market figures.
  4. http://www.kickstart...rsemen?ref=live they've FINALLY got their kickstarter up. i must say, while the video was a tad sedate, it made the salient points... and the price is actually lower than i was afraid it would be. i really thought we were heading into like play arts kai kind of price range, but we're not there yet. YAY! now i just need to decide how invested invested is...
  5. quick update for anyone who cares, the scarabus singles are now up for pre-order on storehorsemen.com. i finally broke down and snagged a dark talisman (the all black version) and holy CRAP will you guys find this figure awesome once in hand. the articulation is abundant and *GASP* FUNCTIONAL! nothing warped, nothing floppy, nothing paint sealed... just a good well executed figure that's the most visually striking villain this year. they're all due in july, a couple weeks later than announced to perfect the paint aps and i would not wait on this one. when word gets out on the quality of this execution, i suspect he'll sell through much faster than xetheus or ramathorr did. and if i do say so myself, for good reason.
  6. for those of you still on the fence, here's a review on the Light and Dark Talisman figures... it certainly sounds like the QC is vastly improved over past releases... and hot damn he's one fine looking toy. http://www.itsalltrue.net/?p=12132
  7. don't know if anyone saw this: Scarabus figure 10-packs will go up for pre-order this coming Tuesday night (March 1st, 2011) at 9:00pm EST at the Four Horsemen's online retail outlet - Store Horsemen. Each Scarabus 10-pack contains one of each of the Scarabus variants, including Scarabus himself, (see images below) as well as a free Four Horsemen poster/print signed by the Four Horsemen! While the upcoming Scarabus three-packs, two-packs & singles will be priced so that each figure will be $30.00 each, and will be spaced out in monthly pre-order releases to help your wallet as much as possible, if you pre-order the Scarabus 10-pack, you'll be able to save on both cost and shipping! In the 10-pack, you'll get all 10 figures and the poster/print for only $275.00 (plus shipping & handling)!! That's only $27.50 per figure - a $25.00 total savings!! Plus, you'll be saving on shipping charges by having them all shipped to you in one box as well! Also, pre-ordered Scarabus 10-packs will also be shipped out to our customers before any of the other upcoming multi-packs or singles. You'll have Scarabus and all of his variant forms & minions before anyone else in your neighborhood! Please be aware that this is a pre-order, but the figures are currently in production and we expect them to arrive in our warehouse by early June, if not sooner. Also, please be aware that your account will be charged at the time of purchase or within a day or two afterwards. To discuss Scarabus, the upcoming pre-orders, and all things Scarabus and the Four Horsemen, be sure to register to the FANtastic Exclusive message boards and join in on the fun! Also, for up to the minute Four Horsemen news and updates, be sure to follow the Four Horsemen on Twitter (@4HorsemenDesign), and 'friend' them on Facebook (FourHorsemen ToyDesign)! -FH- but the 10 packs are now available for preorder on http://storehorsemen.com/ and there are still singles of the Dark and Light Talisman figs that debuted at the Toypocalypse event that co-incided with NYTF (though the event versions had exclusive packaging, so the ones on the storehorsmen are slightly different.) Someone already posted a review on youtube as well the figs are in production and according to the horsemen, should arrive in 'joisey around early june (and possibly sooner) these things make me happy to be a toy fanatic.
  8. for those wondering what the hell i'm talking about, peep this: come on... admit it, he looks fantastic (pun intended)... and unlike past exclusives, he's gets to take full use of all his articulation. and they've gone on record on the boards and on the scarry-shots mentioning that they've doubled down on QC and materials and he should be extremely play-worthy. how can you get better than this? that's a SIC load of accessories, alternate faces, etc... PLUS.. no coupons for a BAF they have no intention of making.
  9. Well... Scarabus didn't come in 2008, nor 2009, nor 2010... but it appears things are a go for early 2011! Has anyone else here been keeping up over at http://www.fourhorsemen.biz/? they're doing regular updates called scary-shots supposedly through feb when he's slated for release... and yes, he's already in production! makes a toy fan happy... and they continue to state that they're watching QC very tightly this time to avoid the mess they had w/ the Anitherian Guards and the Queen's Council. am i a mark for the horsemen? no... but i'm close, and i don't care who knows it! scarabus is the most excited i've been over a toy in a VERY long time.
  10. no no, just pointing out that there are several factors going into the decline in activity. members are a part of it, as jay said, mods are really a tiny part, aside from needing the ability to help across all boards, but the companies, and the product itself, contribute to there not being much to say at this point. and as jay also pointed out, newer technologies and social networks have largely made this forum kind of last decade. the only way around it is a concentrated effort by the board members to commuity build, to contribute more than just content, but character too, to draw people into showing up. i've been VERY reluctant to get active here, in large part because of the vitriolic and illogical nature of the political discussions happening... on a toy board. partly, i had little to say that wasn't said elsewhere by people i got along better with... but i can say this, at no point, when i was a wee little newb, was i made to feel welcome. by anyone. now, i'm not expecting a chorus of angels and a circle jerk, but a "welcome aboard" even if just from rote reaction, would have been nice. but i'm past that point now, and it alone wouldn't have made me active here. the question is, what kind of community is TNI, are there positive people here having fun and welcoming others to enjoy their hobby with them, or is it a retirement home for embittered, small minded politicos without the savvy or cojones to sign up for anne coulter's forum? i mean, and i'm saying this nicely, as an outsider, do you guys have any idea how offputting it is to outsiders to log on to see toy news, scrool down to the forum topics, and see that you all are discussing immigration or abortion, rather some of the really cool upcoming toys in the news banners? it's just flat out weird. and it certainly discourages others from coming here to talk toys. and as pointed out before, when there's less and less relevant to say on the topic, each word must be chosen carefully. that "top 5 topics" banner can crush newbies very easily when it's not about toys. when it is about toys, and it's helpful sounding, i click, almost every time. when it's not, i don't. and i bet i represent a trend that a lot of casual toy fans are experiencing here. the difference between me and them is, i care enough to let you all know what's up and encourage a more on-message and positive community here. TNI rocks guys, don't let this place go.
  11. mods are only one part of any forum-problem equation though... frankly, it's a rough time to be a figure collector. figures are pricing themselves out of many people's budgets, and what is still coming frequently blows. Example? well, matty is currently sustaining two forums on bitching over their products, mostly motuc, and several sites these days are turning into satellite sites of the two big forums. it's preposterous, and i hope those other site owners are ready when this bubble bursts... cuz motuc's time is coming. eventually, that fan base will simply not take it on the chin as they're doing now. MU- what are they doing to stay competitive? galactus, that's what. great figure, reasonable price, decent distribution, but how many times you can say "wow, that was great" before you've said all you needed to say? marvel legends- they're trying. there were a ton of legends fans once, and the prospect is compelling, but we've got nothing to discuss until actual new product gets shown. the two packs have been in the zeitgeist too long to generate much hype anymore. who else is doing anything worth a crap? glyos are cool, but matt handles most of that fan community himself. three A is cool, but ashley handles that fanbase himself. the fantastic exclusive boards have branched to handle the outer space men, which are damned cool toys, and the dude who created them, mel birnkrant, has been lured into semi-regular posting over there, but you'd have to battle tooth and nail with one prominent mod who's decided the place is his personal forum. that seems a property that is worth discussing, but no one here is really onto that property... so there's a missed opportunity, right? mezco continues stuff that cool, but not exactly buzzworthy. NECA? well, i'm very surprised that they don't generate more chat than they do. they're so inconsistent, with some of their offerings being very ho-hum and some being absolutely must-own, but they don't seem to generate much buzz over their work. why? is that another missed opportunity here, or can they not sustain an audience? either way, the toy biz is not a steady constant, so fan sites must accept the eb and flow of an industry they love but ultimately, don't matter that much to. cuz that's the other problem, what the companies are doing for the fan sites... and some of the big hitters in toys don't seem to give two rat's asses about us, the toy buyers. they treat us like crap, which is not how one fosters a fanbase.
  12. not to berate anyone here, but the comic there shows gladiator as an equal in a fight w/ colossus... which is pretty much proof he couldn't handle superman. look, i'm a marvel fan way moreso than dc, but superman is kind of elite... dc has to jack up the hulk to get a guy who could conveivably beat superman in a permanent sense. the HULK. as far as marvel goes, outside the cosmic powers like the celestials or galactus, superman would really only stand challenged by a few names... thor, the silver surfer, thanos, quasar, captain marvel... that's really about it. because supes brings more to the table than simple strength. he is smart, though that isn't the trait that he's generally known for, he does fight a smart fight. he's fast, he's adaptable, and thanks to the heat vision/x-ray vision/cold breathe combo, he's got versatile powers to bring to bear. gladiator consistantly isn't in the top ranks of the marvel elite guys. hell, the last time tryco slatterus held his contest to see who's toughest, gladiator didn't even make the invite list. he was selling t-shirts at the stadium. and yeah, to "thor isn't that tough" guy... thor's that tough. thor's been there and done that against guys that would have left supes crapping in his outerwear. plus, thor's magic, all magic, all the time... supes has NOTHING to offer thor. not a damned thing. think supes could tussel w/ ymir or surtur? nope, all magic, all the time. the celestials? not on a dare, too cosmically powerful, they'd leech the yellow sun powers right out of his cells w/ a thought and leave his corpse to burst in the vacuum of space. and thor's gone toe to toe w/ them all. a properly written thor (cuz i know they've faced, w/ the general assumption that thor woudl lose.) couldn't be effectively challenged by superman... the first asgardian magic blast he pinged off supes' chest (a tactic thor reverts to REGULARLY) would leave a big smoking hole through supes' torso and the fight's ovah! no fancy black duds and kentucky waterfall gonna heal him after that.
  13. not to mention, sex and pseudo violence aside... for a moment... and the acting has really been quite good. seeing john hannah as "jonathan" from the mummy movies, and how sniveling and cowardly he was, it's nice to see him playing a role w/ more cock and balls. and he does it well! that's nice. lucy lawless... it's tough to get over the "her goodies were worth the wait" factor... cuz they were... but DAMN, she too can actually act! it's nice not to see her "YIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIY!!!" every time she mounts crixus. and that dude, manu, who plays crixus, he's such a jarhead it's fantastic. he's very convincing as the institutionalized gladiator. he really seems genuine in how devoted he is to the sport, which makes his realization a big motivator for him... how would you handle finding out that everything you devoted yourself to was a sham? pete mensah as doctore is scary awesome. a few "we are gladiators" lines left best in 300 aside, he's done a fine job of being tocher than john wayne's scrotum while still being human and approachable. and i like both the slave girls, naevia (crixus' girl) as layed by leslie-ann brandt is just perfect. she's hot in the girl next door way, she's quiet and unassuming... like she SHOULD be! it would very easy to overact that role. and spartacus' go-to girl mira, as played by katrina law, reminds me a ton of a girl i had a crush on in grade school. she wins w/ me every time based just on that, BUT she's also doing a really good job of "knowing her role" so to speak, and being a front and center personality only when alone w/ spartacus. she kind of "turns on" when it's just the two of them, and it's awesome.
  14. sorry for the double post, but yes, there's a second season planned, but andy whitfield (spartacus) just got diagnosed w/ non-hodgkins lymphoma, so production is delayed while he gets treatment. fortunately, the article i read said he found it very early at a "very treatable" stage so hopefully he'll make a swift recovery and be back in arena shape in no time. plus, i believe it's men's health (or one of those fitness mags) has an article up talking to the actors and the workout guru who put them through the "ludus" to get them all looking like fleshy gods... no mention of the cock pushups mike "segovax" edwards did though @loll@
  15. you're right... sorry about that, i clicked the wrong add reply button... they have to put those a tad further apart. i was responding to the OP... how can't you love big natural boobs that are a tad lopsided and have nipples pointing in two different directions like shawn michaels' eyes? i LOVE those kinds of boobs and attempt to get as up-close-and-personal with them as i can every time possible. let me tell you boys... i like action figures, i likes movies, i like coffee... i'd give up all three w/ nary a backwards thought for unlimited time on tit. i just want to feel them all, maybe take snapshots for a tit catalog worthy of the alexandrian library itself.
  16. I am guessing they are setting that up for the season finally titled "Kill Them All"... why on earth would you watch this show and skip the sex scenes? i love the show, and the sex is a big reason why! it's like sex and the city, only the girls don't look like decaying horses and there are decapitations. i love, amongst other things, that most of the physiques are REAL... aside from lucy lawless, who either defies gravity cuz dammit she's XENA or has had a boob job, the other gals have natural breasts... and it's refreshing. if i have to get past a kickstand or two to get real boobs on gorgeous women, so be it. i have one too, and have nothing to be jealous of. i also don't skip past the blood and entrails... it's not a show for 12 year olds. i watch AFTER my kids are in bed. once you get past that first episode, i've liked each subsequent ep more and more. the politics is VERY roman, even if the action is comic booky. i'm enjoying the series for what it is and what it does and recommending it to all my peeps who haven't seen it yet.
  17. hey, assholes, this spinless puke liberal jackass will rip your head off and #$## your neck hole if you don't tone down the attitude just a tad... m'kay pumpkin? just cuz the white house doesn't like your himler news channel doesn't imply #$## other good taste and sound judgment. fox channel has as little to do w/ news and you do w/ tact.
  18. come on guys, the first weapon is lazy thinking is hyperbole. not every evil is the WORST evil (comparison's to Hitler or Satan), not every mistake is the WORST mistaken (destroying america) and not every aspect of value-based action is the MOST heinous just because it's not your values (raping american values). very likely, yes, this was a move on the part of the Nobel committee that was largely political in nature... it wouldn't be the first time the Nobel Peace prize was handed out for political reasons... for example, al gore won a Nobel peace prize for "an inconvenient truth." now, i could understand the team of advising scientists for the movie winning the peace prize, kind of, but i'd be more apt to award them the Nobel Prize for Chemistry... a much lesser noted Nobel Prize, but no less substantial for the offering. Al was a paid spokesman of slipshod science... how exactly does that engender "to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses." (that quote is albert nobel's requirements for the awarding of the peace prize.) we're also talking about an award that was at one point awarded to Yasser Arafat, but was never awarded to Mahatma Gandhi. again, the Nobel committee is not above question on some of their choices. let's also at this point remember that this is an international committee, not a bunch of "lefty americans" so that rhetoric doesn't hold water. lefties aren't any more to blame for this decision. some crazy norweigans and swedes are to blame. you wanna gripe and protest? take your ikea figure cabinets, stuff them w/ smoked halibut and ABBA records, then go out on the front lawn and burn them in effigy! lastly, if i can posit a theory... maybe they awarded barack a peace prize simply cuz he's a douchebag righty? he's still MILES ahead of bush for speaking to other nations, for seeking a renewel of the diplomatic discourse w/ the rest of the world that the previous administration refused to engage in, and he's not pursuing an openly (and futily) imperialistic agenda like bush did... maybe this is a condescending "pat on the head and give a milkbone" gesture to america for chosing a PERSON rather a puppet to a cold war profiteer to run our country? admit it, the thing that gals you right leaners the worst is that the very thing you can FACTUALLY accuse Obama of is being as impotent in office as most of your stooges? despite good rhetoric, he hasn;t actually done #$##! so all this "he's raping america, he's trying to make us all forget god and have homosexuals marrying in the streets and he wants us all to turn Blackrican American," chest thumping bullshit is pointless until the guy actually DOES ANYTHING! so far, he's talked a good game... which again, puts him 1000 leagues ahead of the previous assclown to hold office who couldn't talk himself into eating broccoli. you one-note wonders on the right need to quit letting sarah palin write your talking points.
  19. trainer of samurai

  20. wow... just goes to show why posting about politics on a toy board is stupid... there's liek one civil post in this whole thread. can none of you CIVILLY discuss this without resorting to personal attacks, lies, fabrications, and assumptions? cuz if you can, i've not read proof of that. the first guy posted a link to the msn version of the story... the second guy wanted a "fair" report from fox... which is of course bull***t, if you want the truth, you should be reading at LEAST three sources on any story... but in reading across them, there's more speculation from the left wing provided on the fox report than there is the msn one... so where's the bias leading now? bottom line, she quit... what's the big deal? if any of you FROM alaska? does a single one of you have vested interest in her staying on or quitting the post? not that i've read. so why the vitriol towards others? can't a simple recitation of the facts (and maybe clarification of those if there's doubts) be handled and an intelligent, civil discourse take place? by thor guys, y'all need some FRIENDS to talk this crap out w/.
  21. i'm trying really hard not to be negative about these, but for me, the marvel boat has sailed. hasbro never rivaled what TB was up to w/ the line, and for me, too much time has past for me to go back to collecting legends now. i can't emotionally (or financially) invest in good conscience knowing that legends is a second-rate line for them and they can pull the plug at any time. sorry hasbro, y'ave burned me too many times. i tried, i tried a lot of the HML figs, and got more and more disappointed time went on.
  22. i favor the humans too, but that mutant looks awesome to me. and the others... well, i love female figs... they'll be hard to pass up. just a quick reminder, the pre-sale goes up tonight at midnight on store horsemen for the whole set, the mutant siliskk, and the human females.
  23. probably the first couple series of movie figs from mezco. they were tough, they were gorgeous... don't really know what you're looking for in the "definitive" catagory... movie, comic, cartoon likeness? all have at least one good representative from somebody.
  24. and a little update for those of you who care: PRE-SALES FOR QUEEN ALLUXANDRA AND HER ROYAL COUNCIL BEGIN WEDNESDAY The Four Horsemen have announced that they will begin taking pre-orders for “Queen Alluxandra of the Bluddmane Clan”, “Isadorra of the Ironspynne Clan”, “Siliskk the Mutant” and full sets of “Queen Alluxandra & Her Royal Council”, all characters from their fan favorite property “7th Kingdom”, beginning at 8pm est on Wednesday July 1st. Although Queen Alluxandra and Isadorra will be available at both Store Horsemen (http://www.StoreHorsemen.com) and on hand at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con, the ONLY place you’ll be able to get Siliskk and the Royal Council Set will be at Store Horsemen! Queen Alluxandra and Isadorra will be $20.00 each (plus shipping - if you’re not purchasing them at SDCC) or you’ll be able to pre-order the pair together for only $35.00! Siliskk will be available in very limited numbers only through Store Horesmen for $20.00 each, plus shipping. Queen Alluxandra & Her Royal Council will retail through Store Horsemen only for $220.00 for the full set of 11 figures. The Royal Council set will include Queen Alluxandra, Isadorra, Siliskk, Kromius, Ccora, Akkuli, Biggara, Badathiir, D’zwirra, Oktobria and Raavia. Royal Council sets are going to be limited to only 125 sets, so be sure to place your order early, because just like past 7th Kingdom sets, these are expected to sell out quickly![/red] come on action figure fans, this is a chance to nont only support the female figures we keep telling toy companies to take a chance on, but also the best independent toy studio going. no one else in the industry is as hands-ons and conversative as the horsemen. these guys are really trying to do toys that we action figure collectors want to see, but can't get the big guys to make. your voice counts over there, and i have to say, as a geek, when one of your ideas gets immortalized in plastic... that's pretty damned cool.
  25. well, i believe we've gotten all the variants shown thusfar... 6 six stalking, skulking cat women, a mutant, an elemental, a machine and two humans... sounds like my favorite game of twister (minus the jello shots) my favs are the two human gals, allux and isadorra, and silissk the mutant... to me, they just beg getting posed w/ other toy lines (i'll leave who to y'alls imagination) but the cats are pure 7th K. the cat ladies will look excellent cavorting w/ my minotaurs and rubbing up against the warthog who already has a look on his face like he's up to his knuckles in truffles. wonder if they were planned together? and just for those who may not have time to scour the whole bloody web for pics of these fine ladies, one of the fan ex board members gave us this handy "mug shot."
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