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  1. Awesome topic! I'm not 100% sure but i think my first figure was Darth Vader from the original Star Wars trilogy. I know he was my 1st SW figure, either esb or rtj. My parents bought it me. It was the one where the light saber was half way up his arm and you had to slide it out and there was this funny thin bit at the end that i cut off cuz it looked rubbish. Thankfully i still have all my figures but my son is trying to steal them off me! Lol. I gave him both versions of Darth Maul as his first ones and my daughter's first was Padme, the version that came with the pod racer view screen, ovbiously all from episode 1.
  2. Cliffjumper (Transformers) I
  3. Managed to get a work mate to fix the cable just before we got made redundant, phew! cool having it back again. Deb and i have been using it a lot, watching all 24 seasons. Thanks to those who pm'd me.
  4. Hi all long time no post.... Recently/currently playing Hotel Dusk Room 215 (ds) New super mario bros. (ds) Metroid prime hunters (ds) lord of the rings two towers (ps2) transformers the game (ps2) final fight (snes but snes emulator on xbox) tmnt (wii) wii sports (wii) call of duty 3 (wii) altered beast (gba) Regards two towers - i returned to it as i never completed the extra bonus parts including the tower of orthanic, still a good game. Rotk is more difficult imo.
  5. Hi all, long time no post, or game completion.... .... but if i remember correctly the last game i completed was the awesome Zelda Twilight Princess on the Nintendo Wii. Or it could have been Star Wars Revenge of the Sith on the Xbox? Either way both games are superb! Hey Wandye is the 24 video game any good? Thought about getting it a few times. Cheerz Sith
  6. Sith

    Long time no YOJOE!

    Why does that always happen? You ask for help then you do the same search you have done for months and you come across what you want!!?!?!? Well i'm not complaining found the Ninja battles movie and some of series 3 DIC and some of the Extreme series!!!!!! And both from the same website!?!?!? Crazy. Never aired in my country so it's only fair, why should fans get left out. Has anyone got the Old Heroes Never Die - Never aired on TV,packaged with Commando Sgt.Savage? Thanks Sith
  7. Hi Gijoe'ers. First post in a hell of a long time. Id thought id come and ask the people in the know, the thing is i made a list i derived myself from yojoe.com of all the cartoons ever released, id prefere action force as thats what i grew up with but gijoe's basically the same and obviously as awesome. Using torrent files i have avi files of the list below with the * Id like to get hold of the ones i have missing but can't find them. Can you help me? * = Got *mass device mini series (1983) *the revenge of cobra mini series (1984) *season 1 (first 5 episodes actually pyramids of darkness) (1985) *season 2 (first 5 episodes actually arise serpentor arise) (1986) *the movie (1987) *(season 3???) (first 5 episodes actually operation dragonfire (1989) (season 3???) (1990) (6 - 25) (season 4???) (1991) (26 - 44) Old Heroes Never Die - Never aired on TV,packaged with Commando Sgt.Savage gijoe extreme season 1 ( 1 - 13 1995) gijoe extreme season 2 ( 14 - 26 1996) *spy troops movie (2003) *valor vs venom movie (2004) ninja battles movie (2004) *sigma 6 season 1 (Got 13 episodes) *sigma 6 season 2 (Got 8 episodes) Thanks Sith
  8. Never visited a tower records as far as i'm aware, i know Metallica played a gig outside of one once. There's probably one in my local town but i wouldn't notice as i haven't bought a cd in years. I remember wishing for a HMV and when it came it was a rip off.
  9. Hi, Long time no type..... well my bands finally got there ass into gear, we have a gig due, some pics and 3 demo demo demo versions of songs on http://www.myspace.com/astheskyburned so please check it out. Cheerz Sith.
  10. Yep you are right, i am pathetic. What else can i do apart from the mature thing and totally ignore you. Deb is not the only mod that seems to find a reason to complain about you. Maybe a pm would have been more appropriate. Leave me alone, leave my wife alone, we have bigger issues to deal with.
  11. Just wondering if anyone is still interested in any of my figures. My cousin has many that he is selling also, duplicates of ones already in my list, probably go down the ebay channel though, see what he says. I might get rid of the lot, still unsure.
  12. LOL, still crying about it. Read the post...all I did was vote for you. I said nothing else. You had to whine about it like I'm not allowed to vote or something. Looks like other people are voting for you, too...go bust their balls. It must absolutely kill you when a guy on this site doesn't tell you you're hot, agree w/ everything you say and generally have their head buried up your ass. Truly patehtic that you crave the attention that much. @loll@ @loll@ Look 'mate' back off pestering my wife or you will have me to deal with, things arn't to great between Tank-Girl and i and you doing this isn't helping at all. Go and spend your time elsewhere if you can't be civil, you have been warned by other mods and like they said if you don't like a topic then don't friggin post on it. All i'm asking is you leave my wife alone and carry on playing this game as it should be, not picking on her because of another (now deleted) topic. Damn i remember when adc/tni was so much fun, no one fell out, we all knew eachother, it was great, mods used to get bored even, no annoying reported posts etc
  13. Mate!!!! What i wasn't on here in the 80's ? lol, just joking. Yeah i'm still around, don't get much time on the pc and when i do id rather do other stuff, i do miss you all though, i've posted on other forums and i have to say this one is by far the best, wether i'm still interested in toys or not the people are cool. Ok so it's not as good when you don't recognize people but when its the golden oldies then it's cool.
  14. hey i'm still around, just read stuff or have deb/tank girl tell me what's happening, i knew it as adc when it was that black board with the little icons and stuff....i was the 1st uk poster! lol. thanks to he-man.org. i won the monthly contest (metallica figures) then became a corrupt moderator. Not posted for a long time, last time i was on i spent most my time in the video games section. I've done about 6 posts tonight but that's not to say i will stick around like the old days, i don't get internet time, i used to post from work you see. Monkey room! Ha ha crazy drummer, clam, mandalorion, outsiders, sandman, teelu, dustin(18467dm8 or something?) ha ha cool good old days.
  15. It was awesome, metallica, tool, in flames, god forbid etc they were all brilliant and that's to name but a few, i'm still upset i didn't see soilwork, Deb/Tank Girl and i were so looking forward to them. I'm hoping we can go to next years one, and buy a t-shirt as soon as we get there as they sold out and we ended up with a mug, which is still cool but you know us rock fans like our t-shirts.
  16. As you know deb i was naughty a long time ago and downloaded a torrent file that had there 1st 5 albums on, then i got some more and more and you know the rest. However i think i prefer soilwork, difficult to say but i love them both. Guitar work is fantatstic in some places, the choruses are superb, great sounds...etc
  17. It was good, deb and i enjoyed the watch, i almost copied it, i wouldn't buy it though, it ended too soon for my liking still many things that could/should have been covered. Unless that's the plan......an number 2!?!?!? Makes me proud to be British again though.....just wish they had covered the more heavier british side.....carcass anyone?
  18. My xbox is broken - the xecutor2 mod won't work because of that annoying thin,flat fcc ribbon cable that comes out the back. Anyone know where i can get a replacement cable? The xbox works as if i never had the mod but the mod does so much cool stuff i really miss it. Deb and i used it for a dvd player also (well more obscure format's like avi, divx etc) i miss being able to use the xbox. Please help!
  19. My xbox is broken - the xecutor2 mod won't work because of that annoying thin,flat fcc ribbon cable. Anyone know where i can get a replacement?
  20. Completed res evil 1 gc remake tonight. Awesome game, still a little baffled about ending, i understand it it's just i expected more.....theres different endings depending on what you do you see.....mmmm. There's some things i wanted to do and didn't get to do them but turns out i could have done if i wanted to.....might go back to last save file and change it....or do i play res evil 0 as i have that now?
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