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  1. Magnetic Spider-man from SM movie 2: http://www.mwctoys.com/REVIEW_062104b.htm
  2. I've wanted a Marvel Legends Firestar action figure forever, and have long advocated for a SM and His Amazing Friends box set. A DVD/action-figure box set combo release would be the ultimate, and a great way to market it all, but not essential - I think the set would sell itself. But I'll gladly take Firestar by herself if that's all we can get. There's quit a few B-list and even C-list characters that have been made into Marvel Legends and the ASM lines, so just because Firestar is not an A-lister is no excuse for her not being made. Get on with it. She's awesome.
  3. I'll keep it focussed on toys/action figures: - Horror movie figures - Living Dead Dolls - Bruce Lee - DC SuperHeroes - Marvel Legends - Marvel Select - Spider-man - Fantastic Four - X-Men - Hulk - SOTA Street Fighter - MOTU (Masters of the Universe - modern) - Minimates - Mez-itz - 4HM Seventh Kingdom - World of Springfield - Futurama - DCD Ed McGuinness - DCD Elseworlds - The Warriors (Mezco) - Jakks Rocky figures - Madballs - Legendary Comic Book Heroes - SuperFriends - Legion of Stupid Heroes - Pocket SuperHeroes - Clash of the Titans - South Park - Beavis and Butthead - TMNT
  4. There's a new Hulk movie coming out circa Summer 2008. That's when we'll see the FFF Hulk waves.
  5. Lobo is too violent for a toy but not a cartoon? That's rediculous. I would consider McFarlane's ultra-realistic Military figures sold in every Toys R Us to be infinitely more violent than anything in the DCU. These are toys created to profit off of and promote war and real-life death and violence. Yet, these are perfectly acceptable in any toy isle. But Lobo, a fictional character who represents nobody and has never contributed to any actual violence, is what we consider too violent? He's not even violent by comic book standards, falling behind Darkseid, Doomsday and many others. Wolverine single-handedly killed 500,000 people in Enemy of the State, and he's one of the most popular toys on the market. This country has its priorities backward.
  6. Am I the only one that thinks that Spider-girl just looks like Spider-man with tits? The first time I saw her, I was like WTF? She looks weird to me.
  7. Are you sure you even want the black Spider-man? Take a look at his shoulders, he doesn't have ball joints or bicept cuts of anykind. His arms/shoulders look like they have very limited articluation. He might not even have cut wrists. WTF?
  8. I was not one to automatically hate Hasbro just because they took over Marvel Legends. I have been willing to give them a chance, even like some of their products. But this has gone too far. Enough is enough. Time to stop apologizing for Hasbro's shortcomings. The verdict is now in, Hasbro really does suck. I was looking forward to this line. I would have bought all of them. I wanted a BAF Sandman like the giant Sandman we saw in the movie. I really want MaryJane. But these Spidey figures are plain and child-like, hardly better than the 5-inchers. I have lost all hope in Hasbro.
  9. Hard sciences do not account for the human mind or experiences beyond the neurosciences. The orthodox view is that everything is mechanistic, placing human beings outside of nature, at war with the self. An integral approach, which is what I would advocate instead, brings into account the full spectrum, allowing us to study both the hard sciences as well as causal factors. Math is just as important as psychology, economics is as important as sociology, etc. If we only look at the world through a mechanistic perspective we end up divorcing ourselves from nature and missing out on the big picture. All knowledge is equally important. Capitalism is not "humane" or "compassionate", these are not part of its value-sphere. Capitalism has one interest, one motive, one goal ONLY, always and forever - profit. This means human life, the environment, the future, nothing matters beyond the profit motive, because this is their highest value. If you believe another story that's because you've bought into the tale of the elite, which wants you to think capitalism is the greatest thing to ever happen to humanity. Capitalism serves the interests of the super rich, no one else. You ever heard of a thing called "labor history"? Try checking it out sometime. If the entire world subscribed to American values the planet would be completely depleted of all resources in a few years. The American ideal is not feasible for our future or the world, in fact it's a recipe for total disaster. The problem here is not making money per se, but rather money as the #1 value. Anytime you place cash as a value above human life and the environemnt, we have a problem. Our entire system is based off this problem. Why would you mock a paradigm shift? To say this doesn't have meaning is a sign of your own limited worldview.
  10. So, fields which you are interested in are "true academic discipline"s, but studies that don't appeal to you are "meaningless" and "pseudo-academic"? How very self-centered of you. Maybe if you bothered studying a field like sociology you would actually understand how economics is played out in real life and how it affects the world around us. All disciplines of study matter, all of them are equally important. If you really think capitalism and money-based values are so great, why don't you take a look at the state of the world? Most people on the planet are without health care, live in poverty, education is in the toilet, and we're facing a global ecological crisis. It's messed up and getting worse. Don't you think maybe it's time we started to broaden our sphere of values to include more than just profit margins? In order to understand that a paradigm shift is necessary, you must first realize you are operating from within a paradigm. Only then can you have a paradigm shift which allows you to see more. Break out of your box and be free.
  11. That cosmic Surfer is a huge step up from the normal version IMO. I would gladly buy the cosmic Surfer Icon if it's for real.
  12. The more you write, the more you project your ignorance onto other people. You sound like you graduated from the school of Bill O'Reily. Try thinking outside the box for a sec and maybe you'll see the world through a broader lens. Sociology is "meaningless" you say? That's like saying History or Math is meaningless. Dude, get a clue.
  13. Actually, capitalism and money-based values are the reason the world is so messed up. You got it backwards.
  14. Would it really kill Hasbro to apply a few more little dabs of paint to their Marvel Legends figures, and include a flying stand here and there? Hasbro is one of the biggest companies in the world, they are not suffering, in fact they're super rich. There's no need to apologize for them. So what's the problem? The way Hasbro will see it, is that if ML sells are too low because of minimal paint apps, low accesories , etc, they may then consider adding these things to the figures. But they would only do this because not doing so cuts into their profit expectations. Or they could just drop the line. Huge corporations like Hasbro only respond to one thing: the bottom line. Hasbro needs to step it up, stop cutting corners, and keep their prices fair, or Marvel Legends will get driven into the ground.
  15. The billionairs who own Hasbro eat just fine.
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