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  1. Whoa. Somebody else is an X-fan. And from the other side of the coin. I could care less about most of the lame X characters you mention. See, I think those are lame and Ultimates are cool. Equality?? Sorry but it seems that most of the posts are leaning your way, so in the interests of actual equality, I cast my vote for lots more Ultimate figs. Love the books, love the characters, love the figs. Well, I don't love that Ultimate Wolvie with his bizarre paper thin chin, but... More Ultimate Figures please. GEEK
  2. Well, the same can be said of the "standard" universe. They killed Cap, so let's drop all the regular figures and go with only Ultimate. So my vote is for Ultimate Figs and yours is against. No biggie. GEEK
  3. So incest and wife beating are badass, but gay and hip and cool, is lame? Got it. GEEK
  4. Really. Buy the book. It'll be worth it for reference alone, plus it's SUPER HERO ZOMBIES. Two great tastes in one. GEEK
  5. Somebody's buying them. The SupaTarget got them in and everything is gone. All the figs, all the vehicles, all the dress-up, all the SuperHEro Squad, everything. GEEK
  6. Maybe because that was their intention for the character? You do realize that Ultimate Colossus and regular Colossus are, technically speaking, two entirely different characters, right? His sexual inclinations were hinted at from the beginning... which means that it didn't 'go' anywhere (at least, not because of that). New Avengers and Young Avengers are two distinctly different groups. And there are only two gay characters among them. And what exactly does this have to do with any 'point' you're making? Oh, so you don't want him to be gay because you have some sort of stereotyped ideas about that and what it means. Did you ever stop to think that maybe the creative team(s) wanted him gay to challenge absurd notions like yours? Well put. Opens the door for a great new villain. Homophobitron. Hey, making funny names is cool. GEEK
  7. More than you imagine. Please note, however, that if you go strictly by the names, some of them are misleading. For example, they simply list 'Colossus', but you have to read the entry to understand they refer to the Ultimate version. Same with characters like Archangel (1602 version) and Black Cat (MC2 continuity), and so on. Really, who cares? Well, besides the homophobic Ultimate Nightcrawler. Back to topic. BRING ON ULTIMATE X-MEN FIGURES. Love 'em. I'll take an all Ultimate Universe Wave please. Ultimate universe is what brought me back to comics after 20 years. Go Ultimate. GEEK
  8. Oooh. One more thing. Has anyone actually confirmed the "Mr Fantastic/Thing" two pack?? I know it's up on some store, but the Hydra Soldier two pack is up as well and it hasn't been confirmed either. Man, I hope neither is real. Way too many better figures to release, especially with Hydra soldiers still hanging on every peg and MF and Thing figs in clearance. GEEK
  9. I know this is not a DC forum, but the DCUC figs rock and they are making the variants (Well after the non-existent RT variant) readily available. That WW variant looks fantastic. Fan-tastic list. It's saved me a days worth of work. You rock. Ever looking for figs, let me know and I'll scour for you. THanks!! GEEK
  10. That's exactly why Downey is perfect for Stark. GEEK
  11. Another "Legends Cancelled" thread??? GEEK
  12. Life is a spoiler...and/or a rumor. GEEK
  13. Just saw Toy R Us has the Hulk movie figures available on their on-line shop. I'm mildly interested, but I think I'll wait till I see on in person to decide. But for those who gotta have now... Go get 'em!! GEEK
  14. nicely said. hey at least i didnt blow money on a absorbing man, cause the next hulk wave has him. Well, if that's your comparison, then you did blow your money. The Absorbing Man in the HUlk LEgends is nothing like the old HC one. TOtally new sculpt. The SuperSkrull is repaint. Still not sure why the SuperSkrull is the "soldier" now. Weren't the regular skrull soldiers much smaller. No big deal either way. I say kick yourself only if you enjoy that sort of thing. Who knows, maybe they will tie in the weird gray rock/blue flame thing with Secret Invasion. I just want to make sure they give us the new SuperSkrull with the X powers. PLease, please, please!!!! GEEK
  15. We're also not done with the announcements for the year. They could still drop another two pack with Winter Soldier and New Cap and that'd possibly be out before Red Hulk. I'd like a Winter Soldier and it wouldn't be hard to do so I'll push for that. The new Cap, well I can go either way. If they make it, I'd likely get it. What I want is that SuperSkrull with all the X powers. Freakin' cool. GEEK
  16. It's Despero. The Secret Invasion is really DC sneaking in. Actually, he seems to like guns, so I put him as a military type. GEEK.
  17. Well I guess I'll be the first to say, I'm OK with all the figures. Yeah SheHulk is wimpy, not crazy about her. The rest are fine. It would be nice if they finished the paint jobs and made them better, but Hasbro seems determined not to do that. DCU is kicking their butt in the paint dept. I'll pick up all the Hulk figs and be happy with my FFF. I'll have a loose SheHulk for sell at that point. Anyone else think we deserve a Savage Grey Hulk variant with an Ultimate Hulk head??? GEEK
  18. Yeah thought there might be an issue, but if you were going to buy, then why not half off??? GEEK
  19. Yo! For all those International figure collectors looking for Brood Queen figs still, Walmart.com has several of them on line and at least Cyclops and X3 Colossus for $5 only. Now, of course I assumed they would ship INternational and that is likely something that will come back and bite me, but I thought I'd drop it none the less. They also have the full flame Torch Icon for $5 and the partial flame version for $7.50 Oh well. GEEK
  20. Oh yeah. We needed a goblin with pumpkin crotch. I wonder if fire comes from that one?? GEEK
  21. Well, we know we get the Elelctra Skrull, so why not?? Skrull them ALL!!! Ha Ha ha ha. Ahh crap. Maniacal laughter just doesn't work in type. GEEK
  22. Geek

    Is it me, or..?

    Yeah, it it wasn't really a negative, just an observation. I grew up with the ninjas in the old 70's exploitation flicks. Truth is, I wish they would put them both out so we have some variation. The real truth is I wish they'd put out the other ones. Hellfire Club flunky, AIM agent, Actual Doombot. Heck a box set with one each would satiate my thug lust. Yikes!! That sounds horrific. GEEK
  23. Geek

    Is it me, or..?

    Not sure they look all that different, and I know a few ninjas and they all wear kind of loose clothes. I think tight clothes ninjas are born of the video game age or TMNT. There are still pics of the proto type ToyBiz ones out there. I think I like the Hasbro one better. Though, a real sculpt on Ronin would have been cool, I agree. I had a pic, but I can't get it upload, and don't have time to figure out why. GEEK
  24. Same here. Got several red DD, but that yellow. SWEET. My guess is though, that neither will be hard to find. Kinda like the Hydra soldiers. Here's hoping. GEEK
  25. Geek

    A.O.A Sunfire

    It's worse. That's a US date format on the HTS page, as in October 9th. GEEK
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