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  1. They seem to WANT to do a lot of stuff.... but they've yet to actually do anything.
  2. pic 1: #7 is Kenner Predator... probably the Elder Predator pic 3: #23 is Kenner Predator, unsure who's.
  3. I thought $15 apiece was far too much for what you got. Sure, MC was poseable but the others were not. The prophets woulda been nice but they only made 2 of them and now the license is gone, so it'd be a waste to buy the 2 they made(I saw 5 of one of them locally just last weekend). Nor do I see why Cortana sells for so much aftermarket- she's just a transparent chunk of plastic with a light base. I have something like that around here, they're just a switch, 2 wires and a battery holder in a shell with a light socket under the figurine. Not worth $100. I'll have to pass on the McFarlane stuff... I hate how he casts everything in some odd base color then covers every inch of the toy in paint. Cheap paint.
  4. Shame I'll never see them in a store around here and they'll cost too much to buy online.
  5. Frenzy and Ravage got such poor distro they may as well have not even existed? What? Sorry, but I watched the cartoon. I read some of the Marvel issues, I thought they were dreck. I have no love for them. And FWIW what we've seen of Attacktix has Rumble as the blue one.
  6. Unable to find? How about.... most of them. I can find plenty of Superman and Bizarro, and still get a Scarecrow. I'd hoped to get the new Supergirl, Steel, Lex Luthor(only Steel I saw had a superglue fingerprint on him). Less so on Batman, but I'd hope for that Two-Face and Clayface to show up. Maybe the new Batgirl. The new Supergirl too(had the first one but sold it knowing we'd get better). Thanks to spotty distribution, uneven casepacking and the fact they're $10 apiece for $8 toys, I usually don't even worry about them. I saw the new Bizarro.. the #1 plate is nice but his hand is tooled to hodl the wheel axle and looks goofy with nothing in it. This Bane is just bait for those who wanted the bear packin(which I think only 5% of wave 1 Banes even had). I had Azrael, but sold it... it was just a part of Quesada's history of spitting on established characters(which, going by interviews, I'm guessing he actually thought Jean-Paul Valley would be a permanent Batman replacement... probably explains his hatred of DC). Saw plenty of Clark Kent, but he's too out of scale with Supes so I left him(he doesn't shrink when he changes clothes, after all). There is no reason Mattel should STILL be doing casepacks as bad as they do. Seems they only care about distribution if it's Barbie or Hot Wheels, their other lines just don't matter to them.
  7. After seeing what was done in the fam film Patient J, I don't see this even being remotely as well done in the end. Dark Knight is just recycling the mobster gimmick of Burton's Batman with an odd cut-up mouth which doesn't seem to really fit with the character. I'm expecting theyll ditch "Batman knocks him in chemicals" in favor of "crime rivals mutilate him".
  8. Assuming this is series 3 Bats and one of the Robins is standard colors I'll go for it. I need a new Robin anyway. We've had a lot of Blue/gray Batmans lately and I hate that suit... it's too much a remnant of the Adam West series to be taken seriously. Now if only Two-Face and Clayface would come out.
  9. I'd see G1 Megs as a gray-haired general with lots of decorations and a large gun on him at all times. Galatron is more of a gray-haired businessman/mobster in a finely-tailered purple suit with gray undershirt who carries a gun under his jacket and has a habit of slapping his employees around.
  10. It's funny... he was still calling this a "stupid toy movie" even as the film debuted and claiming he hadn't signed on for a sequel. Now that it's made money he's eager to go back to it. Whatever seems to be said in Hollywood means squat, as people will usually do the exact opposite. I think people hate Bay because he's a snob. Pearl Harbor was pretty much an insult to WW2 veterans and a thinly veiled Titanic knockoff. He got sued for The Island on 70+ counts of plagarism. He's also selective about which actors he picks because he's rumored to be an outright bully on set(I don't see Samuel L Jackson or Vin Diesel being in a Bay movie any time soon, nor anyone else who wouldn't put up with it). He's only kept around because he makes money. Same reason DC seems to keep Alex Ross on board.
  11. I never understood the deal with Harry Potter. Seemed little more than Lovecraft watered down for kids.
  12. At the current tag of $5 each separate, a good deal if you have none... or even 1 of these. But as I've already bought 3 of what's in this set and plan on passing on 2 of them, I'll have to pass.
  13. Transformed? Something that rare, you have to have balls to be touching the thing long enough to transform it. I had a test shot Cyb Galvatron once and it stayed in a case.
  14. It really makes no sense to hire these OTHER G1 VAs when they turned Michael Bell down for Prowl.
  15. Not to derail the thread, but Pitt was pretty much just a cheap mash-up of Hulk and Lobo that Image had in the early 90s. He even quoted Hulk in his Gen 13 appearance. Part of Image's attempt at being an "edgier, cooler" Marvel, I guess. It does look better than the BAF we're getting, at any rate, but it's still a character I despise for its unoriginality.
  16. the T3" pack and unleashed BB were still full price when I looked yesterday. I MIGHT buy Unleashed BB at clearance, but not full price.
  17. I hate to say it but "too bad". Street Fighter was a big hit with eBay sellers, but as far as the stores I actually saw them in, retailers could barely move them. $15 apiece doesn't allow for impulse buys, and the few people enthusiastic would not only want entire sets, but could get said entire sets off eBay for less than retail(or at retail after shipping). Store distro sucked and the things just got clearanced everywhere due to a lack of interest. Add in the fact that their Now Playing line bombed- true, people bought Darkman but who wanted the soldier? That thing clogged pegs. And again, DS was doomed from the start. Their suggested retail apiece was $25! Then we got accessories dropped for a price decrease(now they cost as much as a SF toy but have nothing whatsoever with them), but even that can't help thanks to the fact they chose 2 characters people don't tend to think of... they'd want Morrigan and Felicia, not "Dracula clone" and "generic zomie rockstar"(which might be pushed to purchase if they'd made the first 2). Admittedly, Felicia would be ugly as SOTA can't much handle a ball joint worth a damn but Morrigan coulda been done reasonably well(keeping in mind SOTA didn't add in a shin swivel to SF until series 4- and many in 1-3 had their boots glued on as separate pieces anyway!). SOTA still believes that toys of female characters don't sell- obviously untrue... finding Chun Li or Cammy in stores was impossible. Crap like Adon and T Hawk(and I say CRAP due to the gigantic hole in his shoulder, ugh) was what didn't sell(which tends to be a company policy more than anyhting... release few female character toys then claim the low sales as proof that they "don't sell well". MOTU did this... of course Teela didn't sell well, they made maybe 1000 of them. The Batman/Batgirl Target set sold real well FWIW, better than Supes/Bizarro or "I'm real skinny" Clak Kent with bulky Supes). I can't much care if these 2 ever come out simply because the characters on't uch interest me and they'd be too costly to make. I fell for those who would want them but I can't offer my support.
  18. I'm not sure I could understand NOT doing a Skywarp for the movie line... they're ALREADY doing 3 of that mold(movie, Thundercracker, G1 starscream Target exclusive). Then again, it would make sense to release multiples of cheaper toys than costlier ones(buying 6 Classics jets would be the same as buying 3 movie jets).
  19. Hasbro really skimped on the paint budget, given how big this movie is being pushed. Maybe if they'd ditched the bath products, numerous coloring books, and every other piece of merchandise they could think of... Spaceballs level merchandising.
  20. I'm guessing you've yet to see the Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special fan film? He sorta did in that. As to the custom, good job.
  21. First, a link to an archive site ML Mysterio with proper dome Second link for some Transformers goodness Alternators G1 Dead End & G2 Sideswipe I've sold all 3 of these. Kinds wish I'd kept the Alts though but if I can get spares of both then I can rebuild them. The Sdeswipe I was rather pleased with, especially the tire spikes from the comics. Now a Ghostbusters custom EDIT- I realized this pic was taken prior to the figure splicing mod, oops. Just shows the gun. I took the upper half of "deluxe" Kylie from EGB and the lower half of "basic" Kylie and meshed them together for a more show-accurate look. No repainting but gluing was tricky when I reassembled the torso. Opening the 2 resulted in 1 figure worth of toy destroyed as I had to demolish 1 torso and 1 waist to get what I needed. The hip-pack is fromt he deluxe and the tiny gun from a deluxe Egon. I wedged a peg into the back to fit the trap to, with the ponytail holding that in place by friction. I've lost the green gun since though- anyone have one they can sell me? More Transformers: G2 Megatron PVC Made from a LOT of parts... Armada Megatron's shoulder's and Demolishor's chest for the upper torso, midriff from Sonic Bomber(I think...), legs from deszaras(not seen are the treads I lodged into the backs). Arms are a combo of Star Convoy and Ultra Magnus arms. Cannon is an Armada supermode Prime shoulder with some random gun barrel. head is Megatron repainted. Reprolabel emblem. This one sits amidst my G2 Megatron display. Predaking PVC Made from too much to list with a lot of pieces assembled from tiny cut-up bits. Seems for the most part I used a Star Saber with Road Ceaser legs and feet though. Arms from Deszaras. The sword was from a Phantasy Star gachapon. Sadly this one no longer even exists but the 3" Titanium version filled the void. Pics I may have and will see if I can dig up- Legend of Zelda Ganon, PVC "Rebirth" Cerebros, PVC Bruticus, PVC Scrapper, etc. I don't much kitbash anymore. My only recent project was to cut up the gun attachment bits from the Megatron that came with Anniversary Optimus Prime and reassemble them into the cannon thing. It was a boredom project.
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