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  1. The plastic wedge method is generally a lot safer, though wedging the thin slice of plastic in can be a trick and it MAY work itself out if you move the joint excessively.
  2. Slightly on topic- a Target I was at today flat out REFUSED to check DPCI numbers for me for Jazz and SS citing the "collectible item" policy. They also have no number keys on their price checkers anymore. Another refused to check them by phone. I know a lot fo Targets still pull stock with the number. This doesn't strike me as having anything to do with "collecible merchandise"(which is a goofy way to describe toys they sell), just a desire to be as lazy as possible. Target employees in this area won't so much as ask you if you need help and seem to be good at dodging customers who look as if they need help. They won't go near toys until the store is closed. I've seen them literally run past the section.
  3. Saw one today at TRU and bought it on the spot.
  4. I'm keeping the Blob part that came with She-Hulk in the event I can buy the other parts loose or KB eventually gets the wave in at clearance(the way I built Mojo) but none of the other figures in that wave call me to buy them. That's the problem with BAF- how many people really want all the figures in a wave?
  5. People are so desperate for TF stuff right now, even the crappy bootlegs at Big Lots are selling well. Anyone seen a Galvatron amongst the WM Cybertron restocks? I need a Galvy and wouldn't mind a fresh chance to get one.
  6. Definitely worth picking that one up next I spot it. Good colors plus the plate. Downside is his hand is still made to hold the big axle and looks odd without it(which kinda made the Target 2-pack a ripoff). But I have a Bizarro with axle now.
  7. That's a rather decent recolor. Anyone got one to sell/trade me?
  8. You could try cutting a small C-shaped bit of plastic from a thin toy card bubble and wedging it in there. I have one of those Chinese KO Optimus Primes and the arm holding the pod up in insanely loose, but that seemed to do well enough.
  9. Out of curiosity, did the black emblem version of wave 2 Supergirl ever come out or did she get ditched for the blue version?
  10. Sounds like he got yelled at by some studio execs. Still, he's not exactly known for mature behavior.
  11. I need some pics of the new #1 version Bizarro from DCSH. Preferably next to the original evrsion. I wanna compare the color changes better.
  12. I'll get Ra's if he's DCSH scale as I could see him as one Mattel won't mess with. Pity he probably won't be, DC seems intent on the 7" scale lately. Hmm, maybe if DCD made their stuff to scale with Mattel it'd sell better.
  13. The guy is a pathetic loser. No, he won't ditch the franchise because people didn't like his designs or his decisions(he's badmouthed DeSanto, Murphy and Spielberg for DARING suggest how he should make a movie), but he ditches because of some meaningless DVD format replacement war. Great way to act like a 2 year old Bay. He managed to make his whiniest detractors look mature. His movie made 600 million and he's still not happy. He's worse than Paris Hilton. Ue Boll showed a lot of class rolling with the punches on Postal(he even plays a mean stereotype of HIMSELF in the film and lets RWS president Vince Desi kick his ass. If you haven't seen the trailer, it has a clip of him saying "my movies are financed with Nazi gold"), why does Bay act like all the bad things Boll is SUPPOSED to be? Take a list of all the bad things said abotu Boll and you get Michael Bay down to a T. Now all we need is for Bay to get drunk and pull a Mel Gibson and he'll be done in Hollywood.
  14. Assuming the person buying those Sailor Moon manga does not back out of the deal, I'll be able to buy this stuff.
  15. Players for both formats cost too much for casual viewing anyway. Even considering the PS3 also plays games it's still a ripoff. Several hundred to see movies in a slightly higher resolution...
  16. Probably one of the more useless things I've ever seen... some random anime girls with bits and pieces of DC costumes slapped on(mind you, Sailor moon was largely a ripoff of Wonder Woman and She-Ra, so this is just full circle). Power Girl is only recognizable thanks to the gold chain and red sash, she'd be "generic Shirow Masamune girl #347" without it.
  17. I didn't see a joke there. Just some random rambling slapped to drawings in a fanboy attempt to "prove the haters wrong"(because hating the movie is supposed to be some ungodly sin or something). Sorry, not funny. Achewood, now that's funny... and has better art. This looks like a kid drew it.
  18. I'm not looking forward to the animated toys. That is one instance where show-accuracy should have been ditched. Soundwave with a guitar also reeks of "lame 80s garbage". The fact I want that Darth Vader Death Star SWTF more is an indication... for all the G1 stuff thrown into animated it's reeking of kiddie-ness and "we didn't wanna spend too much to animate this piece of crap". Looks like those Penny Arcade guys drew it(and I silently suspect it'll be about as boring). It'll be as bad as AEC was. Classics continuing? Yes. So much for "movie designs are REEEULISSTIK and old designs suck".
  19. Yeah.... these ARE nice custom pieces, but I can't understand why these sell for thousands of dollars. Mind you, I still think the movie designs are a tough ugly(I still don't believe that these were the ONLY WAY to put Transformers in a live-action film. If ILM can't make more traditional designs- especially considering all the mass-shifting used int he film- then they are simply a substandard studio. No doubt WETA could have done it. The designs were down to somene's personal preference... specially with that one ILM employee saying "the designs of the past 20 years have been crap". I'm sorry, but if you believe ILM/Bay/whoever on the design reasons then you should be willing to accept anything President Bush says without question. It's only fair) and the toys deviate enough to make them interesting. I compare the Barricade toy to the RR and prefer the transforming toy. Barricade though should have left the wheels off the RR hands... simply because he has 2 extra wheels now in robot mode.
  20. I heard Aaron Archer HATES Sky Lynx... so anything that digs at that joker is fine by me. Bring on a sky Lynx reissue!
  21. ...which has utterly no impact on the toy whatsoever. And what's wrong with th eupgrade? Some "fans" lately have developed the habit of "it MUST be new and different to be good". Sheesh, some fans if they absolutely HATE what's come before. I'd want a decent toon-accurate toy that vaguely transforms into the cannon form. We already got the toon-colroed reissue. I mean, if tyhey're not going to do it toon accurate then they may as well just give us Energon Galvatron again and save the cost of a new sculpt.
  22. These days I side with Mattel WHEN I can find the stuff. DC Direct costs more and usually isn't in scale with Mattel. Mind you, we get exceptions. Reactivated Lobo matches well with DCSH and I doubt Mattel will make one. And DC Direct costs more. I'd rather stick with DC Direct for stuff like the 13" line. I was rather pleased with the Two-Face they made and plan to get Power Girl.
  23. DiC did rather respectable with Real Ghostbusters, COPS and Captain Planet, and Captain N wasn't too bad either... but then they churned out garbage like Beverly Hills Teens and GI Joe. At some point they changed animation studios(strangely, COPS got the good studio while GI Joe didn't) and perhaps a good chunk of writing staff. Then things got worse what with Stunt Dawgs, Darkstalkers, and Stargate Infinity. Extreme Ghostbusters seemed to be a step up but it was too late- too many pursist fans wouldn't watch(the same people who sat through the NBC years of RGB- even the worst EGB episode was 10X better than most of the NBC era- Grundel being one of the rare good ones and even that felt like a season 1 holdover). They also did a short bit called Dinosaur Island which was good bit few people actually saw it(did manage to buy it on DVD though).
  24. Stuff like this really should be put in the Customs forum, leave topics like these for official repaints...
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