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  1. I had someone pick me up a Starscream as I can't find them. One Target installed price checkers with no keypad. Another disabled their keypads a couple days after I tried to get a Starscream with the DPCI(they refused). Seems their checkout policy at one store is "only one copy of a toy" which explains why the scalper-friendly G1 Jazz remained stacked long enough to grab a spare for someone- only to get restocked days later while at least 4 were on the pegs. I've seen employees literally run past the toy section to avoid customers there.
  2. The whole wave 1 lineup reeks of "crappy characters of the 90s". You have the typical Image lineup which was just ripoff city- Erik Larsen has always been on my bad side as lame(gee, drawing Savage Dragon punching out Bush? Good way to take a lesson from Green Day and others who had faded into obscurity!). Witchblade? I remember when it was called The Mask. Pitt, I've said before is a lame Hulk + Lobo clone. Wave 2, Monkeyman & O'Brien at least somewhat interest me but agin, for the most part it's a lineup of "everything that was wrong with comics of the 90s". If Wildstorm wasn't a DC property now we'd probably have Gen 13 shoved in here(sorry, never saw the point of the book- it wasn't original. X-Men meets Dirty Pair, woo!).
  3. Seems whenever I stop at WM, IF they have ANYTHING, I already own it. Though the list I give to my mother for her grocery trips occasionally turns up something there. Myself, it's often a popup between TRU or Target, with Biggs and Kohl's as secondary outlets. Meijer isn't stocking the movie stuff(or much for TFs, really) and KB rarely restocks(again, their overall TF shelving is practically nil).
  4. My store typically charges $15 for most, $18 for the larger figures(Hawkman, Luthor, etc), partly based on the fact that some figures can only be purchased in master cases and such.
  5. My Targets are so lazy they still won't put out the G1 Starscreams they have in storage. I just chalk it up to Target becoming increasingly crappy- no more DPCI checking, no more backroom grabbing, generaly pissier customer service... why even carry toys if they seem to treat toy buyers like garbage? I get the impression they don't want us buying their stock or something with their "anti-collector" policies.
  6. I might actually buy this. I could only buy into the "she's a man" thing if she's like that model on House- DNA male but developed as female. More plausible than saying she's a cross-dresser when she has a D-cup. Plus it was a pithy excuse Capcom Japan came up with to try and avoid drawing up a new character to replace her with- which Capcom USA did anyway. Even at that, they still can't seem to decide on if she's a female in US continuity- but it's Capcom... they can't decide of MM Legends is set in the future or an alternate setting, among other thinsg they seem uncertain of. They do get lazy... she was scripted to be in Streetwise, but her promo art was still of a young woman... going by the story setting, she'd have been in her 40s-50s(let alone Haggar being in his 60s and Cody being in his 40s too... yet no one had aged).
  7. The plot holes largely come from making this a sequel to Superman II, but jumping the setting to "modern day", screwing up all the years. And they already did a reboot by ignoring 2 entire movies. Pity they couldn't get Hugh Laurie as Perry White. Langella is too much of a stereotyped villain and didn't work in the role.
  8. I'd gladly grab a set of the 2 and get someone to repaint a TC for me should I fail to obtain a Botcon version. Pity they can't repaint the mold in light cartoon TC blue for mass-release(slap a new name on him for all I care). It's hypocritical to not release a deluxe mold 4 times when we're getting voyager movie Prime 4 times!(regular, robovision, G1 version, battle damaged). We got Jazz 3 times, and the voyager SS mold 3 times so far. And we look to get the mold a sSunstorm at some point. If you're keeping count, 3 voyagers cost as much as 6 deluxes. And I'd fail to call it "mold over-saturation" when most of the toys can't be found anyway. Dear Christ we're even getting a 2-pack here for the Prime mold in 2 colors!
  9. The $15 Cheetor was worse. Much flopper all around. At least supreme Cheetor could stand on his own(in either mode). I had a mega Cheetor, toy felt like it was built with"hit by a car" articulation.
  10. FAB Ironhide. Hated it so much I took it back. A turd with a Hasbro stamp on it. I passed up FAB Barricade yesterday as well because it looked as bad.
  11. I like the line except Zartan. His old costume wasn't all that odd. But they got Shipwreck right, unlike that failed attempt that Sigma 6 tried. Now where are Tomax and Xamot?
  12. I'd just like to find them at times I have the cash to buy. Seen 2 Joe sets at Target one day while I was $5 short, seen 2 separate Cobra sets at TRU but won't pay their $5 inflation. No single carded figs.
  13. The comics were a lot more serious, portraying Cobra Commander as a tactical genuis, and they even showed his face a few times. Zartan, Destro and Baroness were also better rounded characters. Mind you, there were hiccups, such as GI Joe/Transformers where the Joes suddenly become stupid and blow up Bumblebee. The cartoon had its good episodes(Traitor, No Place Like Springfield) but also had its clown moments such as 20 questions. Cobra Commander often felt like an odd mix of Blofeld and Col. Klink- a terrorist genius who often suffered from arrogance and outright incompetence. Drawing his face on the moon was stupid. Something Awful has reviews up of some of the cruddier episodes. Zartan was also just there... he did evil stuff, got hit by sunlight and ran away. At least Tomax and Xamot served a purpose. Then you hit continuity splits with the movie and DiC stuff following its own path.
  14. With LOTR, the shooting schedule was set up to accomodate the extra footage, as that was always the plan to release extended editions of the films. With TF, it sounds like Bay shot the script as written, opting to add very little material and then edited it as is-and anything NOT in that edit probably simply wasn't filmed, aside from very minimal material. Let's see....... Bad Boys The Rock Armageddon Transformers Of the nine or so films he's directed, those above are pretty decent flics and darn good box office numbers behind them. He's produced about as many that have made money as well. In Hollywood terms, thats not crap--its savvy! Armageddon would have been better if they'd removed the stupid Liv Tyler sub-plot and focused a bit more on the world-ending meteor(hmm, ya think it had something to do with Bruce Willis not putting up with Bay's pushy, bossy crap on set?). And The Rock, I largely see Bruckheimer's name attached to that one with Bay just... there. Even at that, 4 of 9 isn't a stellar success rate. If he focused more on the film's story than on making sure people know his name, I'd respect him more. As is, I regard him no better than Rob Zombie or Kevin Smith. He's no Peter Jackson or Terry Gilliam.
  15. Bay's biggest failing is that he's grossly arrogant. He seems to believe that he's somehow the most important man in Hollywood just because hes's had a few successful movies. And making nearly $700 mil worldwide has inflated his ego. Problem is, he'll eventually get knocked down a few pegs- either he'll make a film that bombs or the execs will get sick of his childish behavior. He reminds me a bit of that psycho director Starkweather from Manhunt, just before the big career downfall that led Starkweather to snuff films. I regarded Pearl Harbor as an insult to actual WW2/PH veterans made in the inetrest of a sappy love story- which Bay couldn't even do without lots of explosions. The Island... we'd seen that movie before, at least twice- and he got sued over it too. He believes his visual style outweighs solid storytelling or decent characterization. Which showed in TF- did Brawl, Bonecrusher or Barricade have anything other than basic roles? I agree with VGCats- Jazz was less developed than bit part humans.
  16. Simplistic transformation and design, inaccurate chest, mostly a fancy sound clip player. Funny they got Whip It when Devo never had anything to do with TF, rather than a movie song. And licensing it probably jacked the toy's cost up by $10-$20.
  17. If only they were affordable. Most sellers want legit prices for these.
  18. In my dealings with Joel, I eventually learned he was full of BS. He has all the fake charm and slime of a used car dealer. He oftens puts up preorders based on net rumors as he did with a few Alternators.
  19. I saw this the other day. Unimpressed. Just flatter shades with fewer painted color spots.
  20. But that's the single-carded unpainted one there. The 2-pack is normal painted and includes Supes in the robe too. I remember single-carded Jor-El was $10 on its own or "free" if you bought like $20 of SR toys. Making these movie toys in 5" scale was supcide when they did it for BB. Then SR and SM3 did it.
  21. I wouldn't mind seeing the G1 jets bootlegged liek this... just to see a flood of new Sunstorms that don't cost $200.
  22. Marvel Toys likely wont't touch Valiant because of Jim Shooter. He founded Valiant after Marvel editors fired him to hide their own mistakes running the company. He was their scapegoat and to this day the industry uses him as their punching bag. Not to mentiont he ownership rights to the characters seem to be a mess(it's no wonder the rights to the library sold cheap- with some stuff going back to Gold Key it nixes a lot of reprint opportinities- can't reprint all of Shadowman if a Gold Key character pops up). Not like you can't get a lot of those books cheap. I own nearly the V1 Shadowan run plus some variants... spent about $25 total and that included duplicate copies. I think I'm 6 books shy of the full run. I'd settle for NECA giving us stuff from the Shadowman and Turok games. Probably the best to hope for assuming Acclaim is easy on game rights and such(hmm, do they still own the games themselves?)
  23. TRU has clearanced their Superman Returns "House of El" 2-pack down to $4.98. The first Marlon Brando or Jor-El toy made, killed by the fact TRU wanted $20 for it when it came out. Get it now if you passed before.
  24. TRU has clearance priced their SF Minimates 4-packs. $6.48 for each 4-pack. Given that NO ONE bought a pack of these at full price here, this really doesn't surprise me. They were $10 each when TRU first stocked them, then jumped to $12 each in January.
  25. I intend to buy the Doom 3 board game as I found it online cheap. You job will be to paint 1 of each of the miniatures for me. Your payment will be that you get to keep the game and all spare miniatures. Miniature game pieces included- Marine Imp Arch-Vile Demon Hell Knight Mancubus Cyberdemon Tick(or Trite) fat zombie You can see a picture of the game contents here. PM me with offers, I will want to see examples of your painting work before I send the game to you for painting.
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