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  1. I don't much care. I'll peg them to their bases then set them on a shelf. Nor would I re-purchase anything.
  2. Looks nice, the hood is better than the windswept one that we got. Not shelling out $42 to join the club for one though(though if someone would want to sell me one, tell me).
  3. Midna(Zelda TP) vs Sam the Deadite(Evil Dead: Regeneration).... in the battle of THE ANNOYING SIDEKICK Seriously, I hated Midna. All that stuff you can do to Sam, the abuse and such... I hated Midna that much. She was useless and generally mean the whole time. Sam was annoying but you could abuse him in return. Maybe it's why liked Wind Waker. No annoying thing always following you.
  4. Donkey Konga 2 had one of the worst song lineups possible. Did ANYONE ever listen to Blu Cantrell?
  5. This guy is spamming this thread on whatever message board he can... he posted this thread at genmay and never replied to it. I'd suggest not reading the genmay replies(or that forum as a whole). It's nothing but snobbish idiots and racist hicks.
  6. The hardcore Hasbro buttkissers insist that Thundercracker would have been "too many" of the mold and would not have sold. When right now most ANYTHING in the line sells. Even crap figures like Dreadwing. It would have sold. Classics sold well and it wasn't a real easy mold to find at retail anyway. A color change is a ncie way to refresh it. I think they used Skywarp as an example, but he was saddled with the dull Ultra Magnus redeco. But try telling that sort of reason to people like M Sipher and it falls on deaf ears.
  7. Pity they couldn't do the legs with rubber liek the arms. The joints stand out too bad.
  8. That's the point... no matter how good a BAF is, I often will not justify buying a whole wave to get it. Especially with the Marvel BAFs. I completed Galactus, Apocalypse, Onslaught, and kept only a very small handful of the figures. And even at that, the BAFs did not feel woth the $70-$90 they cost to build. Mojo I only built because someone donated 2 pieces to me, and I got the other 4 figures on discount at KB, only kept Longshot. And both have been sold. Blob, I had someone grab me a She-Hulk thanks to local unavailability. I'll have to barter for the rest of his pieces because none of the rest of the wave interests me. Modok and Annihilus were wholly passable. Giant Man.. bought Thor, didn't want the rest. Not that I want a toy of a wife beater anyway. DCs BAFs aren't even that big, just an excuse to pack in a regular sized "won't sell" character in for free. Of that first wave I'll be grabbing Penguin(on the 10% chance I actually find one). Grundy could be sold on his own and Grodd is of no interest to me. People want a new Joker? Why? There was nothing wrong with the one we already have. Penguin only has 12-14 POAs. These toys don't need 30-40 POAs to be good. I hated Toy Biz finger joints. Fists looked bad(especially with the thumb often perpendicular to the palm- thumbs do not sit that way) and rarely could they hold their own accessories. DC is better off without those. A new Joker would offer a couple more joints over a new character. And if you're willing to blame poor sales and unavailability on "no BAFs" then you've been blind to how Mattel sells action figures. MOTU and Batman crashed and burned, DCSH nearly did. How they've retained the DC license after this many missteps is beyond me. I'd be surprised if the line lasts a year no matter what given Mattel still sees Barbie and Hot Wheels as their only lines, everything else as superfluous. If not for finding several Superman figures at Big Lots and trading for a few others, I'd have ditched the line months ago(and almost did).
  9. Jonah Hex- preferably the older version Ra's Al-Ghul Zatanna Terry McGinnis Batman Riddler Scarface/Wesker Poison Ivy/Talia(either way on this slot) Cyborg Starfire Raven Beast Boy(hey, if we have Robin, may as well have more Titans) I'd rather see small pack-in figures like Mxyzptlk or Bat-Mite over BAFs myself, as I rarely buy an entire series for a BAF.
  10. But as a gamer, all I can see of the system is many overpriced minigames, lots of titles which make poor use of motion sensitivity, goofy gimmick controls that are harder than a standard controller, PS2 ports with tacked on gimmick controls to pad the lineup, and a chance to pay to download ROMs I already have for free. I considered one with all the money I'll have coming. 2 games at most I'd buy and probably never play, and a pack-in title I'd definitely never play. As a gamer, I despise the system. I'll stick with button controllers.
  11. I can't find ANY of the single-carded stuff anywhere. I'm almost tempted to pass on the boxsets just because it looks like the line will be unavailable to go completist on. Waves 2 and 3 out? So what, I missed wave 1!
  12. I'd be tempted to get spares of the boxsets for MISB keeping, but price is too prohibitive. Especially since I'll likely to have to buy at TRU or KB to even GET them at an extra $5 a set. Still not seen the single-packed stuff either.
  13. Didn't see movie line Mongul though at this point I'm convinced that 1) it never came out 2) the co-sell photos make it look like crap anyway
  14. Various Superman returns leftovers are hitting Dollar General stores for $3. This includes the Man of Steel subline. A good second chance to grab Metallo.
  15. Dollar General is stocking the larger Hasbro Titaniums line. $5 each for the statues(original $15), $8 for vehicles(original $25). Assortment may vary by store.
  16. Some of the archived avatar sprite edits are old ones I made. In MOTU, the 1st Beastman, 3rd He-Man, 1st Skeletor and 2nd Trapjaw were mine. The 1st Boba Fett in SW was also one of mine. In misc, ED Ash was mine. It has since been updated. In Marvel I saw my Doc Ock and Green Goblin. I also still have Carnage. C.O.P.S. I may shorten McBoomBoom's legs considerably in the future.
  17. "Birthing matrix" was a dumb idea. Tried to be too "sci-fi". I don't like the Kents as a mindly dysfunctional couple either. Nor do I want them aping Marvel's need to add some heavy degree of personal tragedy and angst onto all their characters. DC has Batman for that role. Superboy, eh I can live or live without him being in costume that early. I do liek the idea that he's pretty much THE last survivor of Krypton though- sure, stick Zod and such as they were off-world at the time, but don't resurrect half the population. Supergirl worked best in the DCAU being from a neighboring world.
  18. Well, if they botch it you can always get the old Hasbro "Dark Knight" Man-Bat. It was roughly to proper scale.
  19. Because they know enough people will buy it regardless.
  20. It's.... okay. There's never really been an impressive Goro figure.
  21. I thought JL used Stewart because he was a clean slate character with little background, to avoid "getting it wrong" in the eyes of all the Hal fans, which can be a picky bunch. Although, retconning his madness did give them an out to explain away that stupid ineffectiveness against the color yellow the GLs had. In terms of comic weaknesses that was the dumbest.
  22. No, it is NOT like inflating the price of water. Water is a life necessity. Toys are trinkets that no one really needs to survive. True, I don't like the unavailability it causes, but drop the victim mentality.
  23. I never understood the "move everything around" mentality of stores. I like the idea of being able to walk into a store and head tot he desired section without having to guess where things are every few months. Speaking of KMart, I actually has an employee at one admit to me a few weeks back that they literally have PALLETS of toys sitting in their back room, but are not allowed to put them out until the older crap they have on shelves sells. The junk toys no one wants and they won't clearance. They have Galactus wave MLs on pegs!
  24. You know... I am going to get flamed bad for this but i really don't think Hama is that great of a writer. I completly respect what the guy did for GI Joe and how he took a comic that was mainly supposed to be just an advertisment and turned it in to an entertaining story as well but come one guys... he is no writing genious. One of the funniest moments for me at the con was during this exact Q&A someone asked Hama how much Spy Troops the movie actually changed from what he wrote to what was released on DVD. The guy asking the question was obviously looking for the answer that many changes and revisions were made after Hama wrote it but Hama said what was released was almost exactly what he wrote... And we all know how good Spy Troops was. Spy Troops was written by Hama and it was utter CRAP. He is not THAT great. It just goes to show Hama is not gods choosen gift to GI Joe. He is not infallable. I would love for them to throw Hama in the movie as a Stan Lee-esk cameo but honeslty I would rather have them leave Hama out of this one or at the very MOST let him consult but I think having him write it in any major way would be a horrible mistake. This assuming he had actually SEEN the finished movie. As long as the main creator has a hand and Michael "I don't CARE what the opinions of others are" Bay isn't directing, this film has a chance.
  25. Assuming it slid after packing, then try shaking. Might take a long time though. But if it was liek that prior to packing, then it might be stuck there.
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