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  1. Haven't seen anything since Big Lots got in the Superman stuff.
  2. Joker's face and hair are a disappointment. And I had high hopes to buy that one too. Looks like the sculpt changed from the toy show photos.
  3. I don't even argue with people like that. I just let them have their fantasy. It's not worth a 10-minute explanation when they won't listen anyway.
  4. Stupid WM... even when they get a store exclusive, they can't bother to ensure it's available. Never saw the alts, never saw Devastator, have not seen the ML boxsets. I'll never find a Starscream at this rate! One toy I really want and I'll have to have it picked up for me.
  5. The Bruce Wayne looks good. Colors look more like something he'd wear in public, not the "burglar" look of the overseas toy. and the blue Batman gera looks better than the green stuff.
  6. I've decided to just forget this entire line exists. Can't find the single card stuff and I'm not dropping $30 apiece on the boxsets I'd never open anyway.
  7. The movie-deco Armada Prime outdoes even the official version thanks to the silver smokestacks.
  8. This is one line where show-accuracy isn't so great. I might get both Megatrons but otherwise, a solid passable line. After the movie stuff, under-detailed and rotocast is several steps back. And Soundwave playing a guitar is downright dumb. I hate these low-budget cartoons that pop up. Didn't the movie just make over 700 mil worldwide?
  9. His body ditched with Brawl... can I wish for a G2-styled Megatron resurrecting for movie 2, or would that be hoping for too much?
  10. I now own all 3 versions of movie voyager Starscream. Each ha has problems with the wings. Movie Starscream and Thundercracker both needed a good layer of super glue in the whole the pegs their left wings to the back in robot mode. G1 Starscream's wings simply will not fold back far enough to even peg down solid even with the super glue coating. Problems with one copy I write off as batch variations. 2 copies, real bad luck. 3 copies, I'm certain their mold needs some work. It's clear something is not tooled 100% right in the design.
  11. Well, I AM seeing more boxsets... still not one single-carded figure anywhere I've looked, just empty pegs. At this rate I'll buy both boxsets and never even open them.
  12. I think the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive is about $100 on its own, maybe a bit more. It just plugs into the 360. If you do not own a 360 a stand-alone player might be cheaper(keyword being "might").
  13. As far as I know, DG's sale doesn't apply to any toys but your area may vary(and not all stores may be runnign the sale). They're clearancing a bunch of stuff out, 90% off. I grabbed various household goods yesterday, a decent cartful for only $2.50. Not like I'll much question what I can use it for when it only costs a dime... Some of their clothing is also 50% off.
  14. My regular KB has a Cyber Slammer Optimus Prime.... the one that's sold out everywhere. Why do they still have one? $12. I haven't bought anything there in well over a year due to prices and a crappy selection.
  15. I'd heard enough bad things about the voyager mold, and was so horribly unimpressed by it in person, I didn't even bother trying to look for the metallic Best Buy version. But if we get a silver leader Megs repaint, I'd buy it(and I'm passing on desert Brawl FWIW). True, Megatron was a half-assed ripoff of Sauron and a car wreck on screen but the wing pack at least adds something visually distinctive to it. And the blue bits keep it from being a solid color.
  16. 1) possible trademark issues 2) despite what some brand loyalists say, Bay does not care about Transformers. He said something about "the heart and magic"? Well, Bay didn't want the robots to even talk, and what does he cate about magic, he wanted "realism". They really should have based the movie on Armada. No mass-shifting at all and anyone who said "classic designs wouldn't work" is either lying or has no creativity. ILM is no Weta, after all.
  17. G1 Brawl- big green tank with a solid face movie Brawl- big green tank with a solid face Bay calls him Devastator just to throw around his childish "MY WAY!!!" attitude. Bay makes arrogant people look REASONABLE. I hope to hell the guy loses everythign he has one day and has to live in the streets. Might humble him up. Kind of like that old tale "The Whipping Boy" or the movie Cabin Boy in which some priveleged snot has to learn the real world.
  18. With any luck, they'll ship enough to leave a good supply. Larger, pricier toys don't clear out as fast as cheaper ones do(despite the TF madness, neither Primus nor Ultimate BB seem to move).
  19. Hmm... Ross paints that dumb painting of Bush biting the statue of liberty on the neck... now he redesigns Captain America and gives him a GUN. Pick a political affiliation and stick with it already, Ross. So, is Cap gonna shoot people now? Maybe turn him into a Duke Nukem clone that fights for freedom, truth and getting constant p***y? We knew Quesada was a friggin uncreative joke when he created Azrael(and his hatred of DC makes me believe he genuinely thought Azrael would be a permanent Batman replacement). Now look what's happened to Marvel since he took over. Down the toilet, constant changes, no respect for what came before.
  20. I'm guessing the gun is from the MARS Walgreens sets? Good, though personally I prefer the one I saw which used a Black Convoy head.
  21. I got Barricade, and realized the line isn't diverse enough to buy more than one. If they were $6, yeah, but $8-$10 is overpriced for what you get. Mind you, that Jazz looks almost decent.
  22. The Reactivated one is suitable, and in proper scale, with better colors and head sculpt over the old boxset version. But they cheaped out and gave him both "bike" hands. I took an old ML Punisher pistol and trimmed down the trigger guard to shove it in his left hand.
  23. This is a toy I wouldn't mind owning... but at $80 I do feel it's overpriced given how cleapened out it in in many areas. I would have preferred the Devo song cut if it would have dropped the price too. It's more a $50 toy like supreme Starscream was.
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