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  1. I feel odd going into a K-Mart... like I'm the only customer in the place because people abandoned them long ago. The interior of the store is showing age, the carts are old and the stock is often old. Stuff is more or less laying around. And the employees aren't even watching me, because if I need help, it means they have to do something and if I steal somehing it's just less crap for them to have to rearrange on shelves. It's a sense of boredom, lost hope and stagnation going into that store.
  2. I saw it once on opening day, I don't feel a need to watch it again.
  3. The tapes I own have sharper sculped detail than any of the legit versions, but the cheap paper stickers are disintegrating and the plastic stickers weren't cut right. All the metal is replaced with plastic on my set. And the toys feel really light, a combo of gutting the metal and using lighter plastic. Prime sits in truck mode as he's too floppy to do anything with.
  4. I think the fragility problems on that toy were reported heavily enough not to be counted as rumor anymore. And in my experience with these, while they look nice, they're still bootlegs with problems and not worth current values.
  5. A toy worker I talked to a couple months ago indicated that K-Mart stores received pallets full of toys, but were under orders not to put them out until Christmas shopping season.
  6. I wonder if you can still get those Chinese boxsets off eBay which just pirate the Rhino discs?
  7. Ever had to do even basic grocery shopping on black friday? WM is flooded with deal-seeling yokels. I had to make my shopping in 3 trips in and out. Get the fridge/freezer stuff last. Otherwise I wait in the big lines forever while the milk spoils.
  8. Pity I can't afford this. $580 I have to spend on 200 gallons of propane fuel for the winter(a disadvantage of rural area living is no gas main to leech from). But if I don't, and winter this year is as bad as last year, it could be a bad thing. So no toys for me for a good while unless I can trade for one somehow.
  9. Whoever's making these is price fixing them. Selling to stores for way above production cost for a massive profit because they now know there's a strong market. And in my experience these aren't 100% perfect anyway. Prime is a floppy mess, there are a lot of fragility reports, chroming issues, and the 2 tapes I got were solid plastic(of which was a step above a saltine cracker in terms of how easy they are to break). I wouldn't buy anymore of these unless the price dropped to 1/3 what they are now.
  10. It's a line I would invest in over DCSH if I had a hefty fortune to spend. $60 apiece kills their completibility. I might get Power Girl though.
  11. The first Two-Face I bought was missing one of the spare hands. Thankfully I checked this when I got to the car so I was able to walk in and exchange it.
  12. The conditions I've seen K-Mart toy sections in... this oddly does not surprise me.
  13. Bad news on my end. Talked to a good number of stores(3 Wal-Marts, 2 Targets, 2 TRU), seems the line is being universally dropped in this area. They don't sell well enough. The short packed toys sell fast, but 2 or 3 of them per case that sell against 6 or 7 that don't isn't cutting it. One TRU sttill has 7 Scarecrows! In short, if I want Clayface, Batgirl, gray Batman or Bruce Wayne, I'll have to have someone grab them for me.
  14. I don't see DC going through with this. They're not run by an idiot like Marvel is. At worst, Joker or someone "kills" him, a Robin takes over for a bit, until Bruce gets hauled to a Lazarus pit or something.
  15. They need to release weapon packs. I liked his accessories but not enough to spend $10 on the toy just for them.
  16. A hard to find, ovepriced line is highly-forgettable 90s independent comic book characters, most of which don't have titles anymore... the only one with any recent notoriety being Witchblade, and the new anime series is so far disconnected from the original source material none of the new fans will even recognize the old version.
  17. I can't say the carbon marks bug me at all. Then again, Prime's flames didn't either(the movie had far worse problems than Prime having a flame deco).
  18. Is that one of those dollar store globes you drop in water?
  19. $30 for something rotocast is rather unacceptable, if you ask me. Considering that even the Hasbro price jump on MI is still $20 for an upsized ML toy.
  20. I saw Sigma 6 Toxic Zartan at TRU tonight.... it's so horribly wrong. Green skin, translucent green forearms, purple armor... the accessories are decent though, but not enough to get me to buy it. It was like an acid trip in plastic form it was so unreal to look at.
  21. quick edit, I typed the wrong city in my post(this was in Florence, Kentucky, not Cincinnati. Brain is rattled from little sleep this week).
  22. Didnd't see any recent topics about this... but I spotted Mattel's 12" Cyborg Superman in a northern Kentucky TRU. Several of them(I'd say 4 by my quick count). Looks good, standard "under articulated" body as the other Mattel 12" stuff and still costs more than it should. But it exists and is in stores. Seemed to be its own shipping wave, no Batman with it. Still can't find the 6" stuff. I want Clayface and Bruce Wayne dammit! All they had were several Scarecrows with sad "please buy me" expressions, but I own that toy.
  23. These Hollywood "guilds" are useless. Exclusive clubs, really. Just like any labor union these days. Not that I'm concerned. Bay said something about "heart and magic". Right... "heart and magic" applies to robot films like Short Circuit and *batteries not included. Transformers was more "lots of explosions and meaningless character deaths". Not that Bay is smart enough to tell the 2 apart.
  24. I liked the Schwartzenegger one they did, myself. Wish I still had it too. Tech Deck is rather big on ripoff stuff like this. Saw one based on Carrot Top, one clearly based on Pinhead/Cenobite(Hellraiser). Bought a pack of stickers once as one of the stickers had Felicia from Darkstalkers. Pity the Tech Deck dudes are so painfully overpriced and a boring novelty once you open them.
  25. Rolled over in bed this morning and the ring finger of my left hand caught a piece of the broken paneling on my wall jabbing a half-inch piece of thin wood under my fingernail. This happened last year, and I'd sworn I'd removed all the loose stuff from the wall... Hurts bad enough, but it turns out there IS a nerve that connects the left ring finger to the heart, and I managed to jab it bad. Seems jabbing that nerve isn't really a good idea, and my heart started going funny. Grab the hobby knife, just enough of said wood piece is sticking far enough out to dig the knife point into and pull it right out. I bleed maybe a drop worth total but my heart seems convinced I'm bleeding profusely. Run to the kitchen, run finger under the cold water... and as I'm heading out of the kitchen I lose balance and run headfirst into the wall. Hard. A minute later I discover a decent blood trickle down my forehead. Clean that, get myself up and grab the pain pills, 2 ibuprofen, wrap finger up then back to bed. I'd bled more judging by the bloodspot on the pillow. 2 more ibuprofen when I wake up. My heart rate's been slow all day but seems to have returned to normal. I seem fine but I'll keep a close monitor on myself and go to the doctor if anything gets worse.
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