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  1. what the ml 5 or the ctr list? if it the ml 5 that a romour if it the ctr list that a april fool joke.
  2. Okay before NYCC starts and we found out the variants and stuff i want to know if you were in charge what Variant would you pick for each. Silver Savage: believe it or not i think the CTR april fool's Astral Xavier would make a nice variant for this just replace the surfboard with a sword or something and paint him pink and your got it. US Agent: a nice repaint and new shield for his first Patrot custome would do or the time he was in charge of stars. Union Jack: this new easy. give us a new head to represent one of the older Union Jack (cuase you know it going to be Joey Chapman that they make.) Black Spidey: Paint him red and put a jacket on him and you would get the Scarlet Spider we've always wanted. Adam Warlock: Either His modern outfit or the Magus one easy. well beside Spiral, that all the romour ones. So what do you think the variant will be?
  3. didn't i already say they were in ireland? oh yes i did.
  4. yeah, but there still are some people i've seen on this board that are crying for an armored daredevil marvel legends figure. tha because it the only only of DD three customes we don't have. with it we would have a complete wardrobe.
  5. you know when ever marvel bring out another custome or character my dad say something. " they do it to make money" Looking at this and some other i can see why.
  6. oh well my bad. i haven't gotten up to civil war yet so i don't really know. but i still don't like it. which is surprising cuase most of the MS are great.
  7. I see it... but that's my point. Somewhere out there is the guy who's never heard of Marvel's Sauron or Lilandra (which is totally believable if you're not a big X-Men fan), but is a big Adam Warlock fan because they like Marvel's 'cosmic' stuff. Just look at the '90s Marvel- Adam Warlock was everywhere... Lilandra and Sauron were not. Even now, Warlock is showing up in Annihilation, but if you're not reading it, you wouldn't see him. Same with Sauron/New Avengers, or Lilandra/X-Men. It's totally possible to read comics and not know these characters because you're not reading the 'right' ones, but that means nothing as to whether or not the character 'deserves' a figure. The point wasn't really in the specific characters, so much as the "don't know, don't care" attitude. The ML line is meant to cater to marvel fans as a whole, not select portions of the fandom or one person specifically. Replacing one B-list character with another and saying that they're more popular and deserve to be made more just because you know who they are (mind you, she wasn't posting a wishlist, she was actually saying that she didn't like the lineup and trying to say it should only be characters that she knows)... that shows a severe lack of understanding for what the line is meant to achieve. Me, I don't care about Black Bolt. I know who he is; I just don't care. At all. But I know he has his fans and I'm not going to say they shouldn't get a figure of him so that I can get a Southpaw. That's really all I'm getting at. oh i agree with you on that. my attitude toward ml is that no matter who it is they deserve a figure. i mean one day down the line we might get Squiril Girl (*shudder*), but if the rest have been done i would get her. marvel is a massive universe with nearly a new character every issue (some super power other just plain people). I want to colect the whole ml universe.
  8. no don't like it. there just something bout it. it too smooth. their no chainmail or anything. hopefully we'll get a ml of this.
  9. why do people think they have no x-men coming this year. sure they may not have alot of the team member but your still getting alot of x-men. Ast Beast Spiral Nemesis (Holocaust) Sunfire Ka'zar Shanna Zabu ( okay the last three are supporting characters) not to mention that you'll probally get some twin packs and others. And it not the X-men year. It's the Iron man, Hulk and Maybe Punisher year. give them their time to shine in the limelight for now.
  10. watcher mephisto (never going to get these in ml) Thanos, Skrull and Brood, Thor.
  11. Well... since it seems pretty obvious you've heard of very few characters outside of the X-Men, then it's understandable that you wouldn't know/want any of them. Mind you, I'm being completely serious here, not trying to make fun of you at all... but the fact is that Marvel has THOUSANDS of characters, many of which are not X-Men related whatsoever, and many of them deserve figures, and what's more, have fans chomping at the bit to get those figures. There are actually quite a few Marvel fans who in reality are only Spider-Man fans, or Avengers fans, or Fantastic Four fans, or X-Men fans, so you're not alone... but there are other characters in the other properties that need attention too. Whether or not you, personally, have ever heard of a character means nothing in terms of whether or not they should be made. Saying things like "it's not fair" because you only pay attention to a select corner of a huge comic universe and the lineup isn't full of characters that cater to you... that's what isn't fair. The characters who aren't headliners to you are most-wanteds to someone else. And who the heck is 'pumer'? This is pretty much my point. You sit there and say "Who's Adam Warlock? I don't care; never heard of him. He's not well-known. Put in a big name like Lilandra or Sauron!" Meanwhile, there's someone else out there going "Why the heck would anyone want LOTR in Marvel? Where's my Adam Warlock?!" Honestly now... Sauron and Lilandra are not now, and never have been, any sort of 'well-known'. Saying they could headline a wave any better than Adam Warlock is wishful X-Fan thinking. you know not to disagree with you cuase you made a very good point but your example of adam warlock was a bad one. I have been reading comic for nearly ten year and i have never heard of adam warlock until i got the internat and looked up all the marvel characters.then i didn't much care for him. when i started collecting ML i taught he would never get made. I never put him on my wishlist. not cuase i didn't want him but i never heard of him or saw in a comic. see what im trying to say? other then that XmenStorm1, you really should have waited til after the NYCC. i know your trying to get your idea in before in hopes that they change their minds but it take month to make a prototype. And the list is great. I would mind a new Black Spidey as long as it done with a new sculpt. The SMC one was never very good and not very possible. i think they might use the Bulleyes base for this spidey. Silver Savage is a good idea but not nessicary. Adam Warlock is the fans choice in this line no doubt bout that. Im glad he finally getting made and it would complete alot of people wishlist for a while. the only ones im a bit unsure that they won't be made are the Union Jack and USAgent. i just don't think that two Invaders in the same wave is possible.
  12. well wolverine was never really realised it was suppose to be with the movie wolverine but as far as i can tell they never got that far.
  13. not that i don't love a wishlst ( which alot of people will tell it true) but i really think you should have left this til after two week. that way we will know what not to ask for. ( or in some case ask for the same thing just better)
  14. tarot

    My Website Preview

    I finally got a character page complete and i added a new back ground. i would show you a team page but i don't have eneough characters done to do that. see can you guess who the page is about.
  15. ebay is really more for the characters you've missed. That danger you could have still gotten her/it off of bigbadtoystore.com. darer but reliable. i get all my future figure from them. admittedly i started with ebay but after three long wait with pre-orders (one that never came) i decided to go to BBTS. but none leastnice find.
  16. bit good bit bad depend on who your dealing with really.
  17. i don't know why people think that hasbro isn't showing up. last time i cheack the toyfair sit they weren't there and last year sdcc didn't have them either. i say it just for only smaller company that they tell people are coming. if you look for mattel it says they not going either. yeah right.
  18. waiting where did you get that blueish black one? i didn't think they were doing the stealth one?
  19. tarot

    Count to NYCC!!!

    11 days to go!!
  20. tarot

    Count to NYCC!!!

    i have a question, i havent been paying attention to some posts so i probably missed it, but what the "spiderman h+v"? oh and does anyone think they'll reveal the "supposed" new iron man movie armors? p.s. someone after NYCC, can you please post a forum with pics( i think the site might anyway), it would be cool to see, im goin to SDCC so this will give a little preview of what ill see in july. okay first of all Spiderman H+V ( or shv as im going to start calling it) is basically spiderman classic Heroes and Villains. second remember what site your on mate they alway post the nycc pic on thier main pages. thank ryno and jayc for that. ( i think)
  21. it basically what happened after they were cancelled and before the "new x-men" team came about. but i agree with you how many storyline can they do before they realise there catching up to the new xmen. oh and the thing bout bobby and email mean that the story is up to date.
  22. i got the first vol and i think it really a girls super hero comic. not saying that i didn't enjoy but i think it more geared toward women.
  23. tarot

    My Website Preview

    yeah i have a form set up to get people to enter their info. i also am planning on making special list like box set or x-men wave like thing. and believe it or not, i never was planning on doing a want list entry but my lecture said we had to do a MYSQL thing so i had to set up a database for it. ( anyone who know bout computer knows what i mean ) sorry it not online yet im going to wait till i hand it into my lecturer and complate a least one character page andone team page before i put it online.
  24. wait a minute is this really becuase this is what he appeared in the Spiderman cartoon? other wise i think we should get a fa version, nightstalker version or a modern bald version.
  25. tarot

    My Website Preview

    well that only one page of it. it basically a website based on ml or such. on it people will be able to see all the characters that have been made ( in ml classic and select). each character will have their own page with comic images and stats. under that they will have a list of figures that have been made in order of how they appearred in the comics ie fa iron man will be followed by gold fa iron-man in gold series 1 iron then series 1 classic iron man then stealth and so one. another section will deal with team in order of who and when they joined the teams with a link to the individual page and some info on the chracter while they were on the team. so far i only doing avengers until i get sorted. as for the wantlist section i thought it would be handy for people to display their wants on one sight that i will update after every convient if they want or if they just want to change it. hopefully when it up hasbro will have a look at it and see that is what one person want and not a group. but mostly is a college project i have to complete.
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