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    X-Force wolverine?

    oh my mistake. but that not what im asking. I'm asking do you think that this was Jesse Falcon idea to put Wolverine into this wave with his love for Wolverine? (and before you said it, yes they're not working for Hasbro, but they are still working with Hasbro on design and selection)
  2. technically none of them are wave 4 and wave. there exclusive wave the same as Giant-man series. so i guess you can called him Nemesis and red Hulk aves.
  3. Okay as far as i can gather there will only be Captain America and Wolverine movie out next year (maybe thor but i doubt it too much special effects.) with the hulk wave undoubtly being the biggest wave of this year there more then likely will be another legends line next year for these two flims. so which one will it be? Do you want to see a legends line with all of the movie Wolverine character ( of course in the comic box form) or would you want a whole new Captain America line? for me im torn. i want both legend line but i know there will more then likely be only the one line. but if i had to choose i'd pick the Captain America line.
  4. okay can we agree to disagree? i don't really want this to turn into another lemonhead disaster.
  5. so it your fault! Damn you! im not really excited bout the Red Hulk figure to tell the truth but i like it. im more excited bout the figure that are need to make it especially the Black Spiderman my favourite of this wave. here my top 7 of this wave 1. Black Spider-man 2. Union Jack 3. Adam Warlock 4. Spiral 5. Silver Savage 6. Red Hulk ( hey i said wans't looking forward to him i didn't say i didn't like him) 7. X-force wolverine ( okay who the guy who did those Photoshop pic? we can blame him for this one)
  6. yeah and the vemon one say classic vemon not max gargan vemon. besides it a repaint. they've tried to make him sold red around the chest but it didn't work out.
  7. Okay i know they are not working for Hasbro, but with them in the character select and design. But after looking at the X-force wolverine it made me think, Was it Jesse Falcon idea? let face it he does love his Wolverine. not that im saying it a bad idea it just something i've thinking (i get bored at work.)
  8. hey now don't be greedy. US Agent is still possible. but i'm afraid we have to say goodbye to the box set ideas. maybe Hasbro will release the wrecking crew in the two pack. something like Wrecker with Thunderball and Piledriver with Bulldozer. as for omega flight, i think we need to get alpha before we get omega.
  9. look at the arm and leg guys. they may have miss the teeth but that the skinny version of toxin
  10. yeah we have two thread for this. can one of them get locked? no okay. well if you guy think bout it imagine what it would be like if hasbro brought all eight figure out at the same time. expensive right? but instead thinking of there fan they split the waves in two so that it would be easier to afford them.
  11. tarot


    actually he was put up last night.
  12. guy that "carnage" that you guys were talking but isn't carnage it's a repaint to make it look like toxin.
  13. didn't i already say that in the HML wave 5 Variant thread? I'm not sure if you did, but I got the idea from seeing a black Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider here, since they both essentially share the same body type. oh i see what you mean? well i alway thought that the Bullseye base was the perfect body for Spidey. now if they use it to make Scarlet Spider and Ben Reilly Spider-man then we could basically call that character a day.
  14. tarot

    I Wonder?

    i really don't think they planned this. maybe after something happened to beast that the store got sick of waiting and complained so hasbro sold the selling right to walmart. not that it matter to the US but it a balls for forgeiners. of course if you don't have a credit card by now collecting action figure is going to be hard now. especially when everything going to be sold on the net in the next decade.
  15. didn't i already say that in the HML wave 5 Variant thread?
  16. no offense but um.... so what? repaints are cheap and if done right are fine. i mean look at all the figure one display about ninety per cent of them are like that.
  17. tarot


    damn where bbts whe you need them. i want that figure. i didn't vote on him for nothing. any one want to help me out here.
  18. well im thinking that the second wave is going to be an entire Army Builder wave Female Shield Agent and Aim Agent Doombot and Hellfire Guard. other then that it safe to say that the Reed and Thing set is coming.
  19. tarot

    the MUST list

    im surpirsed that you. Your not getting Union Jack!!. i mean he is your home boy. your captain America. Your replacement Captain Britiain. it be like me not getting Banshee, Siren, or someday Black Tom. it unpatriotic only messing of course.
  20. hey no fair you stole my idea. Hmph!! can't wait for SDCC. why? well forget bout the new figure i just want the exclusives
  21. tarot

    I must say...

    wait a minute if you look closer you can see the eye in the white of his face. that has to be Max
  22. i'm with this guy with these people running the show people like Lemonhead would turn this place upside down. nice info guy and can't wait to meet some of you at the SDCC.
  23. tarot

    the MUST list

    let do a quick list of what to come Hulk Legends: 9 figures Doc Samson FA She-Hulk Wendigo Absording Man Grey Hulk Hulk The End King Hulk Skaar (this guy should have been valkyrie) Fin Fang Foom Nemesis / Holocuast ; 10 figures Nova Beast ( which look mile better by the way) Tigra Punisher Camo Punisher Black Bolt (thank god this is going to be release or else even i would have quit... for about a hour) Tint BB FA Daredevil Red DD Holocaust Red Hulk 8 Black Spidey (my favourite of the wave even though were getting the other new ones) Spiral Gold Spiral Adam Warlock ( you know i swore i could have felt the ground shake with people saying finally!!!) Union Jack ( unusual selection but i love him) Wolverine (blame the guy who did those photo shop for this one but nice none the less) Red Hulk ( if any one complain bout this I will laugh in their face and say it was your Fecking idea! who is the red hulk anyway?) Twin Packs 16 Elektra and Ronin Ult Cap and Nick Fury ( even though i hate the ultimate story (love the figure though) i've taking to liking Danz.... I mean Nick Fury) Forge and Wolverine (make me wish voted for Gambit) Hand and Shield (loving this idea) Skrull and Kree (hate that im getting Super Skrull again but i really like that Kree so no worries) Mr Fantastic and Thing ( if what Wizard say is true) the other 4 figures Spidey Figure 5 Vemon ( only if it max gargans) G Goblin ( i just got that one for crying out loud) Spidey (yeah that would be a great one to have. who am i kidding? i want it now.) Iron Spidey (don't need it) Iron Spidey clear. That's 48 comic book based figure that were getting in the next few months. of course that not counting the Iron repaints and the Shocker and rhino.
  24. tarot

    I must say...

    can some one tell me is that suppose to be Max Gargan's Vemon. (admittedly without the tail)
  25. tarot

    the MUST list

    hey geel now that union jacks been made will you be changing you avatar?
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