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  1. hey do you mind if i buy one off you. i mean that why you order 6 right? to sell them.
  2. i think it will be inevitable that they will bring a extremis armor out. i mean beside our want list we have a list of thing we want done with character we already have. and Extremis Armor iron man is about third on most people list (the first two being Ultron and Scarlet Witch)
  3. not that i don't want more ult x-men (especially with the three we have) but give the x-men a rest.
  4. Three of the eight figures are the main character. Apparently you not wonting those versions equals them not being there. Also, there is a hulk movie line and what I find ironic is that when TB was making ML, ppl were complainin on the various remakes of the green hulk. Now, we has a line w/o a green hulk and yet ppl still complain. yeah well people complain if they make 100 figure a year.
  5. nothing against you mate but it seem your a guy who is "I want i want" and when you get it it like "I don't want it". Of course i'm after describing about 95% of the collectors community including myself.
  6. you know if this is really the bi-beast prototype im glad he got held back. need more work.
  7. I'm not sure that it's really an issue. Red Hulk is big enough to justify a BAF. Captain Puerto Rico is not. Hasbro wants Hulk out there as much as possible this year, so they're jumping at the chance to do a version that has never seen plastic before (largely due to it's newness, but the point remains). Most of the figures for the year were likely settled on long ago, and Red Hulk bumped out some other BAF to get in there, but Hasbro couldn't justify changing the lineups any further (Cap doesn't have a movie this summer, after all). imjust glad it wasn't another X-men baf. Anything but another Xbaf. i tihnk they were thinking of bring out another xbaf and when they saw that we need a break from xabf they decided to bring out this fella.
  8. Probably blaming the price of Diesel, and inflation in general. plus it a one time thing. it not like they're all going up in price. You say that now, but just you wait... hey don't jink it.
  9. Probably blaming the price of Diesel, and inflation in general. plus it a one time thing. it not like they're all going up in price.
  10. IM looking forward to Ronin / Elektra -- Elektra needed a update badly, being the first female ml she seem to take the place of being the first two pack female figure, if you don't count the Wal*mart exclusive. Ronin is nice. i only wished they made him a she and made her echo but i can live with it being Hawkeye. Ult Cap and Nick-- i don't read the ultimate but i have to admit making nick fury black was a great idea. and it looks like a descent figure. Cap will be great ot have next to my Ult cap Forge / Wolverine-- Never mind wolverine, have a great collection of him and this will just add to it, but i think we really needed another X-men to add to my line and it keeps the x-men fan from bitching. SHIELD /Hand-- These are nice repaints and great to have a addition for SHIELD and dd need some one to fight beside Bullseye, Elektra and Kingpin. Skrull / kree-- it more the kree im looking forward to. SDCC Savage Land--- never expected to get these guys and gal but im looking for more x-men based figure anyway and these look great FFF waves,--- do i really need to say that this will be the best wave of the year. Red hulk--- except wolverine, this is my favourite wave. Union jack spiral and at last Adam Fecking Warlock. And those SS and Spidey look fantastic. The red hulk is a bad baf choice as he soo new but he looks great. Nemesis wave --- i have been waiting for these guys for so long im just glad were getting them. Max Gargan Vemon--- i knew that they would have to bring it out eventually im just glad it now rather then later.
  11. no not really because we actually asked for it. if you remember back when McGuiness Hulk prototype was first leaked a lot of people said they didn't want another Green hulk and say that hasbro should paint it red. They got there wish. Plus were already after a FA Cap and were getting a Fa Ult Cap as well. i say let it be for now. we have plenty Cap to done for now and frankly their making him into their main like TB did with IM and Wolverine. Not saying that i don't want him. I want all the Modern version of the big three to be done. And in case your wondering the big three consists of Cap IM and Thor. not spidey and wolverine.
  12. I think is Glen Talbot or his nephew. hell it may even be Doc Samson.
  13. you guy realise that the reason they have two wave of figures spread out over two or less month is that it won't be as dear as buying all 8 figures at once. in fact it would cost you 60 for the two waves each. separately
  14. no she more of a defenders. In fact i don't recall them ever meeting. can anyone think of when thor and Valk actually meet (beside the Avengers where they fought Enchantress and Women Librators)?
  15. yeah i agree we need a Iron Man Legends line. I mean what the hold up. you guy do great IM Figures. Hell i even take some two pack with IM fighting people. Anyway here my short list Iron Man (Neo Classic) Iron Man (Heroes Reborn) New Mandirin Crimson Dynamo Centurian (okay more force work the Iron Man but where else are they going to put him) Grey Gargoyle Iron Monger Titanium Man (with Gremlin pack in) BAF: Ultimo Or if you want to do two packs Iron Man (Extremsis) VS Spy Master (just use the Bullseye Base with a new head) War Machine (Modern) Vs Blizzard Iron Man (2020) and Iron Menance Iron Man (Sentinent) Vs Ultron
  16. Okay just to clarify matter a small bit. She-hulk was a bit smaller then we know her now same with hulk. this may be a bit small but it close. Anyway, Stevy Maximus. Iron Man my favourite character and all we got is two ( people always seem to forget MODOK). i mean fare enough that we have the movie line keeping us happy (they are great) but in this display their is not one ML iron man. (not including the unleashed one cuase that ain't a real ml) I'll be getting them all. Savage Grey hulk is neat, King Hulk and Hulk the End are fantastic. Doc Samson is needed (you know it's ironic that this is the figure everyone want after all that was said bout this figure when we first saw it). Wendigo is a must and i need him for my Hulk Vs Wendigo Vs FA Wolverine set Since i never got Absorbing man and since i need him for my Thor shelf he's a must. She-Hulk is short but im a major sucker for FA versions. The only one im disappointed in is Skaar. Not that he isn't a good figure cause his is a great one but because his too new. Valkyrie or Bi-Beast should have taken his place. Red king won't do cause again i don't know him.
  17. hey it all about what you want. me i won't but you can if you want to.
  18. what are you talking bout? the list are still the same. that just the way jayc or whoever does it put them. yeesh!!!
  19. In case any one wondering Doc Samson got the lower torso and tail.
  20. Valkyrie gone dude live with it i hope valkyrie get put in a tow pack with Hellcat or Nighthawk or Gargoyle or something. god there so many options.
  21. you the man JayC. nice box design.
  22. yeah but wouldn't take get rid of all the colour?
  23. The MC-2 universe diverges from the 616 Marvel universe LONG before Secret Invasion. As far as they are concerned, Elektra is still Elektra. And Peter is still married to MJ. And Cap is still alive... well, not anymore, but he was. And Goliath isn't a 60-foot corpse. So it's really not a problem for them. Different timelines mean they only have to pay attention to the things they care about. yeah like any one stays dead in marvel. just wait for the next Editor in chief.
  24. no i just said he wanted to make it look easy so he put one of wave 2 with wave 1 and made FFF spread across 2 images.
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