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  1. Er, wha? Planet Hulk/Silver Savage and King Hulk/Hulkbuster? Superhero Squad or some such? considering he said SS and Planet Hulk together and King Hulk and Hulk Buster together make me think he does mean SHS
  2. Agreed on the Cable front, WTF?!?! Like having Sabretooth a clawed wonder wasn't bad enough now they had to dilute more characters witht e Wolveriness. I had heard 616 Cable was originally intended to be a time travelling Cannonball when he first appeared but they scrapped the idea. Shoulda taken heed! To be honest, I like having the odd set of matching uniforms like Ultimates, but I'd rather see New Mutants, FA X-Men, the very early Jim Lee blue and Golds like the upcoming Forge and Wolvie or even Generation X for some new characters before we start repainting all the figures black and yellow! As for the whole gay heroes thing, 1 - it's only decent if it's done from the start and approached realistically like Northstar and even Ultimate Colossus, but the ones that 'turn' are just for shock value @grumpy@ 2 - I NEVER knew that about Electro, is this just speculation? well considering that Elektra an assasin and one of the way to do thing is to get close to the person, yeah i could see Elektra being a bi-sexual.
  3. tarot

    New Hulk trailer

    bababababababa dman i need a new shirt.
  4. tarot

    New Venom?????

    Not yet. hey you never know this could be Cletus again..... yeah fat chance.
  5. tarot

    New Venom?????

    you do realise that is might be a new character and not Vemon? other wise I like it. it new and let face it they can make a figure of it.
  6. Oooh. One more thing. Has anyone actually confirmed the "Mr Fantastic/Thing" two pack?? I know it's up on some store, but the Hydra Soldier two pack is up as well and it hasn't been confirmed either. Man, I hope neither is real. Way too many better figures to release, especially with Hydra soldiers still hanging on every peg and MF and Thing figs in clearance. GEEK actually the Hydra set has been sent out to people. it only the Two hydra figure. regular box and all.
  7. I think that SHV will last longer them people give it credit for. Series three has the much sort after McFarlane Spider-man, a nice Repaint of Vemon to represent Mac Gargan version (i proabally only pick this one up as i only nit picked from spidey classics) and a Carnage. or is it ULtimate Carnage. or Toxin?
  8. I have this. i only got it to complete GG waredrobe. but it does perfectly represent Marvel Knight's GG.
  9. So you think it looks like total crap, but you're still going to buy it on clearance? ...weird. what weird is people buying them on clearance period? Don't they realise that why the series is failing (well according to some.) if you can't pay the price then don't collect.
  10. well Tony Stark does make a comeo appearance in the hulk.
  11. Aint It Cool News also gave it glowing reviews (beware of spoilers): Here's Harry's take: http://www.aintitcool.com/node/36559 And Moriarty's: http://www.aintitcool.com/node/36560 And AICN member Latauro's: http://www.aintitcool.com/node/36553 It looks like we may have a real comic-book-movie success story in the mold of Spider-Man, X-Men and Batman Begins. not only that it will be marvel firsat solo movie. if this does well no more studio movies.
  12. yeah let blame Spider-man gayness on a red guy with a cloak only wearing a loincloat @loll@
  13. okay let face it marvel is changing. and it's to attract new readers. They know that there is gay fans. not only that but why can't there be gay super-heroes? gay people seem to be every where nowadays. in fact one of my favourite sitcoms was Will and Grace. (note that im not gay )
  14. okay were do you live? limerick tkmaxx is on the dublin road oh your not that far from me. we have a tkmaxx here but they only do toy during the christmas period.
  15. excuse me but didn't we already discuss that it isn't hasbro fault that Ireland and Britian shop aren't getting in what we want and that it is actually the store fault for not bothering to order them. I didnt discuss it....... Its hasbros fault for not making them appeal.and the collectors fault for not buying them. My local smyths store ordered HML2,Spier-man origins,SHS and some other stuff i cant remember.Where is it? Hasbro's priority is the USA.Us europe folk get whats left of their stock.Namely SM3 figures everywhere. They need to step up. well acoording to the Uk Toy fair the store don't want them as they have done all of the main characters. and hasbro did say at NYCC that they were working on the foreign market alot. again it up to the store to order them and the fan to buy them. all hasbro has to do is make them. And before you say im a hasbro lover, you should know that i think that they make some bad descision. (the F4 two pack for example, i just hope thing come with a mutated head)
  16. excuse me but didn't we already discuss that it isn't hasbro fault that Ireland and Britian shop aren't getting in what we want and that it is actually the store fault for not bothering to order them.
  17. hey i agree with you bout ireland sucking for marvel stuff but truth is i don't really care. I take three comic books in one for 4.50 in the Panini reprints. (there two years (house of m:decimation) old but i love them). I get all my stuff off the web as well. i mean time are changing the internet will be the place to buy all things in the coming future. I go to cork every once and a while and they have some nice comic books there. Outer realms is my favourite place in Cork. And another thing. not that im giving out to you but your first post really shouldn't be a complaint. but hey it your right to do as you please.
  18. techinque this is AOA and 616 sunfire. i say people should buy two and have one in their AoA Display and one in there X-men / Xmen Foes display.
  19. I pick the FA Sabertooth. It better. simple as that. of course ie may also be becuase im a sucker for FAs
  20. actually, its 5 if you count the MS magneto base that camw with wolvie, and prof. X (its a bald guy in a suit, how big of a difference is it?) he has to come with a cat
  21. hey do you mind if i buy one off you. i mean that why you order 6 right? to sell them. i ordered 6 because i buy 2 for myself, 2 for a couple of buddies of mine, and a couple extra for trade or if anyone else needs one. yes tarot you can buy one off of me for cost plus shipping. let me know when you get them. i don't like to pay till the shop get them
  22. Adam Warlock is fairly a good sculpt which can be tweaked some more and his glove should feature interchangeable hands/ or a removeable Infinity Gauntlet. I hope Black Bolt's knee joints get changed to the more acceptable joints that are used on the Shield Agents. As for his wings, they should use a rubbery material. Welcome to the world of customizing you might want to break out your spraybrush to bring out the details on these sculpts as the figures on display featured the same old minimal paint apps and mold the figure in color which means you won't see much shading or washes on them. i don't know bout rubbery wing for black bolt. My Spider-woman always has her arms spread out and they can't move that well. i thing cloth is better for figures.
  23. tarot

    A.O.A Sunfire

    okay where did this come from. and hi! welcome to the forum.
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