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  1. as a way of thanking the people who helped me with my college website project i thought i give you a preview of my website with the wantlist page. hope you like it if you want to send me in your wants list ( 6 characters only with a BAF) , name and email address (for my database), PM me.
  2. tarot

    Count to NYCC!!!

    12 days to go!!!!
  3. tarot

    Count to NYCC!!!

    Okay truthfully with all the agruing about HML wave 4 and such how many of you forgot that the NYCC is going to be this month on in just under two weeks, 16th of April. there we can find out about what happening to the HMLs and the two packs and the box (or the romoured Wrecking Crew set ), hulk legends (they have to show it then so it will be ready sets for the sdcc), spiderman h+v and whatever movie ine they have. NYCC: 13 days to go! oh just to let the new comer know that the NYCC is one of the big 3 for toy collectors (the other being SDCC and Toyfair).
  4. tarot

    Hasbro Q & A

    wait rewind they have q & a thing on their website? i agree with stormfan. this isn't going to be pretty.
  5. In all fairness, he is the only 'way, way out there' character in the list. The others are somewhat plausible, but would frankly fail as a wave- none of those characters (save Wolvie) are big enough headliners to grab any attention. It's also worth noting that at this rate, series 6 would be out just in time for the holidays. It's not terribly hard to believe that an X-Mas (pun intended) themed figure could be made, as there is precedent- back in the heady days of Toy Biz 5" figures, there was a Christmas-themed Spider-Man/Mary Jane 2-pack. However, such a figure would likely be an exclusive (as the 5" set I mention was) rather than a slot-filler in a normal wave. None of that really amounts to 'believe' though. I think some were simply wishful that their third-string most-wanteds might have actually had a chance. i don't know bout that Xavier could be up there. who hasn't heard of him after the movies?
  6. why not were running out of thing to put Wolverine in? lol
  7. guy just after visiting CTR and the admit it was a april fools joke ( and wishful thinking on their part) http://www.cooltoyreview.com/story/front/T...ures_113588.asp
  8. you know the more i think bout it, i think that this would make a nice filler wave. something like right after wave four they realise this as wave 4.5, or a side line, to fill the gap between that and wave 5. am i the only one who thinks this?
  9. oh jesus christ how many armor can they do with the one scuplt. the classic Iron monger sound to me to be the Movie version with his comic paint (same way they did theire Transformers Movie line with the characters classic color) I do hope it a classic line. i know we only get Iron Monger and TM for villians but it might meanthe first iron Man Classic line. similar to Spider-man Heroes and Villains. but better and with new charatcers.
  10. and were very grateful for that.
  11. it not true. they do this every year. and i feel sorry for the people who fall for it. i should know i did last year.
  12. OMG, Who would be the BAF!? that would be Puck obviously
  13. you know i could go on about who i want to have but let face it i want everyone.
  14. check the thread ML wave 3.5. you know they way they make this sound it might be a good side line. but of course it's there april fool joke they do it every year and some poor sucker fall for it.
  15. mate you know what day it is right?
  16. i don't believe a word of this. you know how they made it sound stupid? they said santa clause Wolverine. come on how stupid do CTR think we are. If it was true it would be the fecking weirdest wave yet Prof X; actually this is not a bad idea but never going to happpen Speedball; it one i actually hope turns out to be true. we need more new warriors Santa Wolverine: @loll@ @loll@ nice try guys AOA Banshee; well we did ask for a new Banshee Beak: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aurora: same as Speedball, in that i hope we do get her eventually Lockjaw; yes it does have a place in future baf but don't make fun of us. nice april fool joke guys.
  17. Okay last week i got my Marvel Figurine Collection mag. This week is was on Hercules. I read the book and had a look at the figurine and you know what i saw. Hercules smiling even bigger then he was with the HML wave 1. then i began to think. if two completely different company (on American and one British) can produce the exact same character with nearly the exact same expression, maybe we were wrong about Hasbro intrepretation of Hercules? after reading his book i learnt that he seem to do nothing but drink and smile even in battle. He's the Goku (dragonball z) of marvel who like nothing better then to have fights. Do you think the reaction to Hercules Grin is a bit over the top? or do you think he should have been frowning.
  18. actually it's Ned Lee. his korean now. ow. this show love using every name they can think of and half of them will never make it to there related storyline. like Stan Carter. I don't really see them doing the sin eater story line do you?
  19. guys did anyone but me notice that there after introducing Hobbie Brown as a student at tryout? you know the Prowler?
  20. okay where the hell have you been? we were told that beast is still in the line. it probally the main reason that it been held back.
  21. I say the giant man wave simple cause it my favourite baf.
  22. Yeah, I went on Toyglobe a few months back and they had that Marvel Heroes line still up for preorder, even though it was confirmed that it was cancelled months before. You can't trust a site like Toyglobe for information, as far as Black Bolt being in the same wave as King Hulk that would make sense because isn't that one of the people he fights in WWH? Maybe the Hulk wave will be a WWH wave. Maybe Hasbro is re-thinking wave four and the rest of the year's waves to avoid the masses of complaints that they recieved from last year. People complained about some of Hasbro's figures being too rushed, maybe they are actually putting in time to give a good well articulated, well painted product. With Jesse Falcon on board maybe now they are working to show us good product. I bet anyone by Comicon we will have some suprises in the ML or Marvel Toy world, but I think they will be good and not a complete cancellation of the line. Once again this topic started because of information from Toyglobe, who had the Marvel Heroes line up for preorder 3 months after it was cancelled. Here's and old saying, "Rumors and lies circle around the world, before truth can even get it's pants on". We can't worry over specualtion, only facts. #US1# you know that comment about them putting time into these product is true. think bout it they could have shown us the first hulk wave last year. it would have been rushed and we would all be complaining still. but when they put the time and effort into it they made a decent if not great job at it. if you remember last year most of the products were rushed out. wave 1 and 2 comes straight to mind and they held back wave 3 and it really improved. i say give them time and support (yeah like that going to happen from this sight) and they might surprise you. Now hurry up and bring out something to feed our addictions.
  23. it not that i don't believe you mate. im one of the people who hope your info is true. i just feel that if they were sent out we would have heard something from asia or something. anybody check runlikehero.com?
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