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  1. An original 13 night force 5-pack (Hawk, Scarlett, Stalker, Snake Eyes, and Rock & Roll) followed by an iconic joe night force 5-pack (Duke, Roadblock, Gung-Ho, Storm Shadow, and Spirit) Then they could retool the R.H.I.N.O. and release it with a night-force Clutch for the land part and Wild Bill for the helicopter and I'd have a vehicle and a team I could send Sith hunting
  2. Have you looked at the Cobra Mountain that somebody did on Joecustoms.com? thats kinda cool too.
  3. That head for Flash is perfect, and I never even thought it. I'll have to get a second set and do up the hair orangish. That way him and Grand Slam won't be twins, an d Flash will have his appropriate haircut
  4. Teaching isn't depressing, heck I'm looking at it like this... May is three paycheck month AND the last day I have students. After that it is a second income to go with my teaching check and a lot less responsibility. Its funny though, I used to have conversations with some of my students about collecting at my old school, but now, I almost hide when I go into local stores on toy searches. Guess thats the difference between redneck sixth graders and inner-city eighth graders.
  5. Dear Hasbro, Being mid-February, my birthday is just over three months away. To give you time to prepare, here is my birthday list. 1. Two GI Joe box sets. They could be TRU exclusives. Even though they have six or seven figures, depending, since the majority of everything involved is already existing molds, you should be able to run them at about $30 each. You could even re-use the Stars and Stripes Forever them from 1997. I enclosed a parts list to help you with this project. Keep in mind, these suggestions aren't meant to fix bad figures, but rather, to perfect things you have already done. Set One Breaker with TF Flint arms, and SE legs, and new part #2, #3, #6, #7 Clutch Crankcase with TF Flint arms and SE legs and new part #2, #5 Flash new part #11 Rock & Roll with TF Flint arms and SE legs and new part #2 Snake eyes with new part #3 Zap Snake Eyes with new part #1, #4, #9 Stand Stars and Stripes base with flag Set Two Grand-Slam with JUMP Jet Pack Grunt with new parts #1, #3, #8 Hawk with new parts # 1, #3, Scarlett Short-Fuze Snake Eyes repaint with new parts #1, #4, #10 Stalker with new parts #1, #3 Steeler new part #1: molded gloveless hands with cuff new part #2: molded gloveless hands without cuff new part #3: Snake Eyes web gear with up-arrow on buckle new part #4: Zap/Short-Fuze harness new part #5: over the shoulder gun holster new part #6: smaller head for Breaker new part #7: smaller headset for smaller Breaker head new part #8: new, clean-shaven head for Grunt new part #9: new head for Zap new part #10: new head for Short-Fuze new part #11: new head, with longer, parted hair for Flash 2. A comic book two-pack of Duke and Roadblock. Use the figures from the original five-pack, but please, PLEASE, fix the heads. 3. A comic book two pack of Flint and Lady Jaye. Give us the Tiger Force Flint in his traditional colors, and a Lady Jaye with a good, hat-less head. Thank you Hasbro for making a old fan-boy's birthday wishes come true by fixing the few weak links in what would be an otherwise awesome 25th Anniversary GI Joe Team.
  6. So lets see... Crappy heads or heads that don't fit the characters.... Roadblock, Duke, Breaker, Flash, and now Grunt But... Grunt might make a good Breaker, and Duke with darker hair might make a good Grunt. Maybe a blonde flash head would fit as duke and almost all of our problems would be solved.
  7. Maybe I am by myself with this thought, but I would bet that we will get Flint with the new arms in his regular colors in a comic pack, possibly with the rumored lady jaye with a new head. The issue where Flint attacks the group of Eels, whichever comic number that is. I'm thinking they didn't want to release two nearly identical flints both on single cards, both with identical card art, so they made the fixes and rolled it out as tigerforce to give us something sort-of new. Could be wrong, but if I were a betting man... Also, as much as I hate the baroness's colors, there is some potential in painting the glasses black and doing a head swap on the first one. Then, instead of two crappy Baronesses, there would be one, almost mediocre Baroness. Anyways, if nothing else, this could be a "save money" wave.
  8. Heroes: Punisher - closest thing to an iconic single character not already in the game. Iron Fist - Heroes for Hire Vision - like Jean Grey, already in the game. Namor - Ruler of Atlantis Jean Grey - she might die in the game, but then again, so could night-crawler. Juggernaut - slightly weaker hulk, with different look Green Goblin - Possibly Spiderman's greatest foe Doc Ock - Possibly Spiderman's greatest foe Namor, Jean Grey, and Vision are already all in the game. Also, Punisher, Jean Grey, and Namor, in my opinion, are the closest thing to iconic heroes that aren't already in the game. And Iron Fist and Juggernaut are just cool. Doc Ock and Green Goblin are bad guy fillers and the two biggest nemesis's of Marvel's flagship character. The alternative would be having characters like ultron, mandarrin, loki (who are already villains in the game) or red-skull (who under almost no circumstance would join in a cause like the one the characters in the game join up for)
  9. Its funny, when hawk pics first came out I made the same suggestion, being that duke had a buzzcut and hawk had a flat-top, and I always thought that duke, despite my dislike of him compared to hawk, should be the rougher looking one of the two. However, I sanded away duke's flattop and made the hair color more blonde and less brown and i think it made him look a lot better, more like comicbook duke.
  10. I have found flash and black snake eyes in benton harbor walmart back in mid-december, but that was all I found from the wave and no restock
  11. Oddly, I was both jealous and entertained at the same time.
  12. About three years ago, I had a spreadsheet where I constantly updated each GI Joe's rank in terms of importance to the whole GI Joe Universe. It was something like they got a point for each comic and cartoon appearance, and 2 points for each new figure. Since, even when they didn't appear in a comic they were usually still on the team, they got partial points for each comic that went by since their initial appearance and similarly, points for each year since their first toy-release. Exceptions for partial points were in the case of death, or like when Grunt left the team. I would like to recreate and update what I had before but I would like to do it online. Does anyone know how to create a free, updatable webpage. All it really has to be is a spreadsheet. If someone could help me get a webpage, then I could get it started
  13. So I guess I am just not getting why the tiger-force flint future release. I would havbe thought that hasbro would have utilized the already duke, roadblock, and flint, along with maybe the rumored upcoming comic tripwire and bazooka to do a five pack. They could do the same thing with the python patrol... officer, trooper, crimson guard, viper, and copperhead. Then they could do a Cobra abroad five pack with red jackal, red lazer, hunter, cobra invisor, and cobra de aco. all the parts are there or will be there, so why do flint loose?
  14. If it was an option, I would vote for the brotherhood of evil mutants. you wouldn't have to fit a specific group, just a general brotherhood. We could get a better color-schemed avalanche, a more articulate toad, a better quality mystique, and a magneto without the diaper crotch. If they wanted more than four, they could make a destiny, mastermind, a classic-look rogue (better than the x-men box set) or go cheap with a pyro or sabretooth repaint.
  15. You don't even really need to crack the torso. I just took out the leg screws, turned the legs sideways so I could pop them off, and then dremeled out the front of the torso and put the legs back on. This worked for all of the figures except for buzzer. Buzzer's legs are glued together, so they dont come apart as easily. However, I was able to dremmel out the crotch with the legs still attached. Also, beachhead and firefly are worse than the others. because the balljoint sits so deep into the torso, I had to dremmel out around the ball joint to get more motion. Otherwise the legs were stopped from moving before they hit the top of the crotch, because the part of the legs that are hidden in the torso were bottoming out. Wish I had pics to put up because they look about like the ones in this post, but I didn't pop apart any torsos.
  16. beef664422

    Top 5 25th

    5. Beachhead v1 4. Destro vw 3. Scarlett 2. Snake Eyes v2 1. Storm Shadow v1
  17. I looked at build a rama, they had some good stuff, but it was a little pricier than I wanted to go. I am looking at trees for a larger diorama and to get the amount of trees and wooded debris that I wanted through them would be a little bit pricey. The doll-house sites had some decent stuff, but they were more domesticated plants than woodsy trees.
  18. could anybody here help me with where I could find some 1/18th diorama parts, like fake trees, etc? also, just wanted some opinions on the perfect weapons to accessories each member of the 25th figures made so far, like for example the new marauder shotgun for flint. And if you think the 25th weapon they come with is best, suggest that.
  19. since all three 25th vehicles hasbro revealed are RAH repaints, I was wondering who here has tried their 25th figures in RAH vehicles. Particularly classic vehicles like the vamp, the APC, and the tomohawk for the joes, and the rattler and the hydrofoil for cobra. If you have tried this, and especially if you have pictures, please share them with the rest of us. Thanks
  20. I was almost thinking a duke-hawk headswitch might be in order. My biggest gripe about the duke figure was that his face wasn't battle-worn enough. That and early on, duke didn't have a flat-top, he had a butch-cut. Hawk on the other hand, early on, didn't seem quite as worn as duke and did have a flat-top. I like Hawk's head a lot, and to me, Hawk is THE leader of the G.I. Joe team. However, I think both Duke's and Hawk's heads fit the character Hawk about the same with both having their own strengths and weaknesses. On the other hand, the Hawk head is perfect for Duke in my opinion.
  21. Joes: 1. v2 Hawk 2. V1 Wild Bill 3. v1 Clutch 4. v1 Breaker 5. V1 Spirit Cobras: 1. Major Bludd 2. Tomax 3. Xamot 4. Dr. Mindbender 5. Viper Joe Vehicles: 1. VAMP 2. Dragonfly 3. WHALE 4. Skystriker 5. Mauler Cobra Vehicles: 1. Rattler 2. Stinger 3. Hydrofoil 4. Ice Sabre 5. water Moccaisan
  22. I have bought two of each box-set, All of wave 1, and All of wave two except for serpentor. I am sortof a completist and so I need one of everything. Then for wave 1 SS, i wanted both eye-color variations. The rest of the figures, I bought a second one to modify the articulation, and when I get my G.I. Joe room, they will be what I use for a large diorama I am going to build. But now I need to get a third hooded CC, because the two I have have different leg-buckles, and I want to keep both of them as is.
  23. Just a quick note for those on the fence about the 25th anni Lady Jaye... I hated the headsclupt because the face looked too wide, but I still bought it. I got it home, and I looked at it closer and I noticed that hasbro, probably to avoid running paint onto the face, did not paint the hair all the way to the edge of the sculpting, a common thing with hasbro action figures. I repainted the hair, and the figure looks significantly better. The head doesnt look awesome now by any means, but it isnt the hideouse eye-sore on an otherwise decent figure and now fits in well with the rest of the 25th.
  24. beef664422


    looking at what hasbro is doing with the convention set got me thinking... using RAH parts that we got from hasbro in the last 4 years or so (meaning they still should have the mold), what old-school characters could you make an updated look for, that if hasbro issued you would consider buying. obviously, ignore colors. two examples- stalker short fuze head comic pack torso firefly up arm talking commander stalker low arm talking commander stalker waist talking commander stalker up leg talking commander stalker low leg firefly firefly sfuze head comic pack torso down town up arms downtown low arms downtown waist down town up leg down town low leg firefly If you can, try to stay consistant, for example, I would not use huge arms on every character, only on a select few and I would be careful that snow job was not more muscular than roadblock for example. Also, some comic heads are just too small to fit in with other parts. Not that hasbro would listen to this or anything, but if anything god comes from this post, it would sweet if someone with pull could run this by them.
  25. I've found that if you turn the stand around and use it backwards, it works better. Not good, but better. With their foor hole so far towards the front of their foot, the way the stands are, particularly the joes, they have too much weight behind the embossed logo where the peg drops down farther, and the figures tend to fall backwards. But if you turn the stands around, the only part over where the peg drops down is the toe, and the majority of the figure's body weight stays over the more leve, embossed part of the stand.
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