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  1. Considering you guys at TNI asked a question and got through to Hasbro, I was wondering if you could ask another? They're response to your first question of the last Q&A (round 5) said that we'd get a V.2 Snake Eyes painted black in "Wave 4 of 2007". Is there anyway to find out if they muffed and meant a different SE, or if they meant wave 5 of the comic packs, or if they actually meant wave 4 of 2008? I only ask b/c we've seen a tentative lineup on other boards from Wal-Mart, and SE is not in what appears to be wave 4, but is in what appears to be wave 5 of the comics packs.


    I know it's probably not an easy thing to get a random answer when there is no Q&A session, but this one has been keeping me up at night ;-)



  2. They say that the black v.2 Snake Eyes will be available in Wave 4 of 2007 - but that wave is made up of the single packed figures from the five packs. Does anyone think that's a typo and actually means Wave 4 of 2008? Here's hoping, because I've haven't heard/seen anything remotely close to a black v.2 version of SE. And if they are doing it, I hope we can snag a few new weapons out of it.

  3. I apologize if it was posted already, but don't the twins' guns look like the weapons cobra troopers used to have in the cartoon? That was the first thing I thought of when I saw them - it's interesting, b/c I always loved the look of those guns and could never figure out why Hasbro didn't make them.

  4. Will Snake Eyes v.2 of the 25th Anniversary line receive the same crotch re-tooling as Stalker? Will we see a painted black version of Snake Eyes v.2 as we have with version 1?


    With the movie scheduled for release in August 2009, approximately how many more waves of 25th Anniversary figures will we see?


    I live in the DC area and I have not seen many (literally about 10) single pack figures in the last 3 months. Have you sorted out the distribution issues, and if not, when can we expect to see a wider release?

  5. The carry-over Snake Eyes "Black" wouldn't bother me so much if they repainted the head from SE Version 2 and did a black version of that. But it seems like a waste of space to have only 3 new figures for the wave and repackage as "new" a figure that was released the wave before it. Maybe it's only a space filler until they tool a Bludd and Wild Bill, or maybe they will make V.2 "black" and they only put in the picture of v.1?


    Who knows. The other three look pretty good so far though.

  6. In my first response, I stated there was really only about 5 figures I'd be interested in buying. I am in no way a big 25th supporter. And I've been blasted (along with others) for not being one of the people that really liked these. I just look forward to actually seeing maybe a few figures I might want to buy on the shelves.


    All I'm saying is that the glass isn't half-full. There's a lot wrong with these. If you don't think so, then more power to you--as I said, enjoy the horrid proportions and such. I won't, because I'm tired of being promised the Second Coming and getting something less exciting.


    Did anyone else notice that they changed the artwork for Flint from the original packaging to reflect the different shotgun?


    And, overall, I think Timber is the worst looking of the lot. Personally, I can't wait to get my hands on these guys.


    Enjoy your lackluster figs/waste of money, sir.


    What I don't get is why they keep releasing pics of the first 15 over and over again and not just release pics of the 2nd wave of single carded figures.


    I hope they never release images of the second wave, mostly because the prototypes will certainly be a whole lot better than the final product--and I'd rather not see what could have been again.



    That's a lot of hostility towards people just for having a different opinion. You're welcome not to like the figures, bash hasbro, but why go after a person you don't know b/c they're excited about something you don't like? Not trying to pick a fight, just suggesting that perhaps, your hostility is misplaced.


    In rebuttal to your arguments, what were you really expecting from Hasbro? They've never managed to hit anything perfect - these are updates in a totally new sculpting style. There is bound to be some trial and error and other missteps along the way. Not to mention, some of these pictures (especially for the 5 pack figures) are from such a distance, how can anyone really tell there are issues with the sculpting and not just poor posing? And we have seen some terrible poses from hasbro.


    My only point - maybe a lot of these will look better in hand. And for the record, I'm in the camp of "overall, pretty happy" with what's been produced (minus SE v.2 which I think my expectations may have been unrealistically high on).

  7. Actually, I don't think it's related to the 25th Single packs. It says they "added" a line, which the single packs aren't - they are part of the main 25. Also, they reference the additional line as "classic 3 3/4 scale," which the 25th have never been described as. I think in Hasbro's initial release they called them all "new sculpt" with more articulation than ever, etc. My point is, with all of the collector feedback and tremendous buzz, I wouldn't be surprised if Hasbro tried to capitalize by adding another commemorative, old ARAH style line as a tie-in. It also says it will include the best-ever executions of the 80s figures from the cartoon show. I read that as them saying "we're going to be re-releasing figures that were most true to their cartoon form that came out in the 80s." Not to mention, Hasbro does G1 reissues already for Transformers, so it isn't far-fetched they'd do similar marketing for GI Joe.


    But that's just my 2 cents.

  8. 1. Will we see another adaptation of the version 2 Snake Eyes (other than the one in the initial wave 1 of single packed figures) closer to the original 1985 version with an all new mold?


    2. For any vehicle releases, will they be released in the order they were originally released (i.e., 1982-83 vehicles first, then 1984, etc.).


    3. Will Hasbro Toy Shop allow pre-ordering of the 25th anniversary figures and beyond?


    - Alex Hassid

  9. I think they all look a ton better. The head on SE v.2 doesn't look nearly as squished.


    Phoenixsword: not sure what you mean about the swords being too tiny (not picking a fight either, just curious). The one in SS's left hand is I think supposed to be reminiscient of his short sword from v.1 (I know it didn't come with v.2 but I did always like the idea). Otherwise, I think his normal sword looks to be about the right size. Same with SE v. 2 - that sabre was always a bit smaller. Actually, I'm impressed with the proportions considering the VvsV swords were always a bit big for the figures (with the exception of a slight few).


    Anyway, just curious about it.

  10. Also anyone know if they are making new weapons for the 25th line or are they rehashing old ones? The reason I'm asking is because of Roadblocks Ma Deuce. The pic Hasbro sent out looks awesome but the Toyfair Roadblock didn't have the gun.


    Both. Roadblock is definitely coming with his Ma-Deuce (the Toy Fair rep said he wasn't sure why Roadblock didn't have it when he came down from the model shop) and lot of the initial figures are getting new gear. I wouldn't expect all new weapons for everyone (as we've already seen), but there should be a decent mix of new and reused weaponry, when it fits.





    I do agree that we've sween that sword before, although I'm hoping they tweak it a bit. The original version is very rounded and asymmetrical - I was hoping for a shout out to the 85 sabre. In any event, I was pretty pleased with the pics, and all in all, I'm getting what I want - New GI Joe with the promise of more GI Joe. Me = Happy.


    And General Hawk, you are welcome. Ps, I hope we see a figure of your namesake (the 86 version with a correctly colored helmet and goggles).

  11. New poster to this Board, but happy to be here as I frequent the site about a zillion times a day from work.


    My question goes out to General Hawk if you're listening and have a chance - you said SE v.2 had the same accessories as V.1 - does he also have a sword? As for his arms, did you notice if he had his trademark mini-cross bow thingy (that's the technical term for it right?). And finally, was the bandolier the same one that we see on the Duke 25th AF?


    And on a side note, I just wanted to extend a personal thanks to General Hawk for busting his hump to bring all of us luney fans news before it happens. He deserves as much credit as any (at least in my eyes) for helping to keep the line afloat by maintaining interest and on occasion, sparking more.

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