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  1. Is it just me, or does 5 pack Destro appear to have a chrome head in those pics? Hope he does.
  2. My only reasoning for wanting a Pimp Daddy Destro was the chrome head...Which is now gone. I was going to switch it with the head on the regular destro and throw away the Pimp Daddy version. Crap. @grumpy@
  3. I'm gonna go ahead and pretend that Flint stopped wearing his gloves at some point in the past 25 years to let his hands breathe.
  4. Anyone else notice that Destro suddenly has a chromed head? If the regular release does not, then I'll have to buy Pimp Daddy Destro just to swap the head so the regular Destro can have the chrome. On to Satan...And here I was thinking that I'd have to buy a second five pack of cobras just to customize my own Satan figure...I can't believe they're making one, but there is the card art. I dunno...This is indeed surreal, and I hope it's real. THANK YOU HASBRO!!!!
  5. GAH! It's great that we have this breakdown, but frustrating that it's of a female figure, who's thinner construction is inevitably different than the males. For instance, her shoulder joints are exactly like that of a Microlady. Microladies have different shoulder joints than Microman figures. So I'm left wondering if the male Joes and Cobras also have the Microlady style shoulder joint, or the Microman joint, or something totally different. Ahhh, the days before the internet, when you just saw a cool figure for the first time in the store.
  6. I think (hope) the no gloves on Flint situation might just have to do with the fact that someone just tossed some Duke arms on there by accident. Hey, it's almost the exact same mold. Please? Also, the big forehead on the officer is just because of the removable helmet (which is AWESOME!) and whoever posed it did a crap job. Did I mention I can't wait for these, and I still think I'm dreaming. A proper return to the 3 3/4" GI Joe's roots is something I thought I'd never see. Thanks Hasbro! Now make a turns blue in sunlight Zartan and I won't have to come beat you all with a stick.
  7. Hmmm...$300 for a set of little plastic plane bots that are differently colored than the same friggin thing I already have? Or should I buy 3 high quality hookers for the evening. That Botcon Bugbite figure better be filled with cocaine for what they're charging.
  8. I say screw you Botcon. I was so pissed at this year's exlclusives that I learned the fineries of permanently dying action figures (no flaking) and made my own friggin' Thrust out of a spare Ramjet and a bottle of RIT dye. Sure, he doesn't have the fans in his wings, but I'll live. Also, I melted and ruined 2 Ramjets before I made a perfect Thrust...But you know what? At 9.99 a pop (mine were on sale for $6.99) , I could have melted 30 of them for the same price as a Botcon set. Screw you Botcon! I have a Thrust!
  9. I was hoping for a red Storm Shadow version 1 repaint. As it stands, I want this guy. Badly.
  10. Of the two turds, the Thundercracker turd is prettier. But it's still a turd. Why bother calling these guys Starscream, Megatron, Bumblebee, ect? Prime looks like Prime. Jazz looks like Jazz. As I don't expect to see an Asian Luke Skywalker anytime soon, why couldn't they just rename movie Megatron something like Teratron? Why not name movie Starscream Razorwing or something of the sort? Why bother associating old names to characters with vaguely similar alt modes and vaguely similar personalities (from what I've read). In fact, just go ahead and call the movie "Alternabots" and get it over with. Damn it.
  11. So what's the deal with SDCC? Can I get this figure without attending the con? Will I have to resort to ebay? Is it gonna cost 7 trillion dollars? How do I get this guy without going to the con?
  12. Pimp Daddy Destro. Someone on these boards posted this information briefly when the line was first announced, but I didn't believe him at the time. Ha! Shows how much I know. Anyone have any idea how much this guy will set me back if I don't attend the con? Can it be purchased through the con via internet? Or do I have to ebay it? I don't wanna pay too much, but I need this guy in my collection.
  13. I don't think it's strange, and certainly not unexpected on my end. Nemesis Enforcer is like the super villain of GI Joe. Kind of cool to have one (I repeat ONE) character like that, and it would be GREAT to see an update. For the love of God, please don't make him lavendar. A purple so dark it's almost black would be just peachy. I'll even take plain plum. Just don't make him pinkish. Please!
  14. I completely understand why toynewsi.com would drop out of the Q&A, but since the questions were asked and answered, can we at least see the answers in this thread? Please?
  15. Upon seeing those packaged pics...I felt something I've only felt one other time in my life...Immediately upon the loss of my virginity. Hasbro...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
  16. I am one impatient little man...But I have to say, the internet has somewhat ruined the surprise of toy collecting. To that end, I don't mind the vague answers...Even though I want solid answers more badly than you can imagine.
  17. G1 Soundwave is the Issac Hayes of Transformers.
  18. My girlfriend is amazing. She collects Micronauts and Kubrick Bears. She's not a Transformers fan, but she does like some of the cuter Japanese Beast Wars figures like Break, Stampy, and even some of the American ones like Spittor and Snarl. So she's in no way a real fan, but she helps me look for them while shopping, "Do you have Jetfire honey?" So she's pretty all around ridiculously cool about it, especially considering I am a die hard Tf, GIJoe, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and Microman collector, she takes it all in stride.
  19. Wow... Viper Hunter, I have to give credit where credit is due...Your posts typically make me want to avoid this board altogether, but what you wrote above, well...It's downright rational. I think I just saw a pig fly by my window.
  20. First off, thanks for a GREAT line! I'd like to echo the earlier sentiments of will the Zartan figure turn blue in sunlight like the original? As an aside: Doesn't matter is my name is used or not, you may NOT want to use my name as it appears to contain the word "anus." In reality it's two Armenian words Anush=Sweet, Sadana=Devil. So my name is really just sweet devil, but it looks filthy in English.
  21. Even if we do get more Alts after the movie, I fear they will resemble the crappy bionicole designs of the film. In other words, in my opinion, this is TFs last hurrah before we go movie designs forever. It's not an opinion I'm happy about...It's just what I suspect with happen. Oh well...We have MANY great years of goodness and a Masterpeice Megs to top it all off. Here's to you G1 and Beast Wars!
  22. The toy is crap. I don't know much about the charcter, but his name intrigued me enough to buy the ugly toy, which is now in a landfill somewhere along with Noctorro, Bantor, and a slew of other sub par Beast Wars toys I just plain got sick of. For some reason, I'm most drawn to the first issue auto transforming basics.
  23. Re: What good is a Stinger Driver without a Stinger? For me, the Stinger Driver is my Cobra Officer. I like the idea of the Cobra Officers having a different colored uniform so they can be easily identified by their subordinates on the battlefield. That's why I want him so bad. I will probably also try dying a set of these guys black. I love ninjas, and Cobra Commander is my favorite character in the lore, but even I wish that those two hadn't been included in this set.
  24. Well... 1. Stinger Driver= AWESOME! 2. Cobra (The Enemy)= Can't have enough of these guys. 3. Air Trooper: Saves me the trouble of repainting an officer later 4. Storm Shadow: Please make him all red like Satan. Otherwise this is going to be too many Storm Shadows for even this ninja enthusiast. 5. Cobra Commander: My favorite character in the lore. But even I don't need 3 at a time. Make him amazing or off to ebay he goes. As for the likelihood of this set, I think it's very preliminary information. Even Hasbro can't be stupid enough to release this many Cobra COmmanders and Storm Shadows this early in the line.
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