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  1. G I Joe brings back all the memories of being a kid... Joe vs. Cobra battles in the backyard... fighting over who will be Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow... and watching a new episode after getting home from school.... The list is endless, but most of all G I Joe is something I can pass on to my boys so they can enjoy todays classics that dad grew-up with.... Yo Joe!
  2. Anyone wanna trade (1) BLUE & BLACK CC for (1) GOLD DESTRO?? Lemme know.... I made out like a bandit today ( If all my orders go through!!) after not landing myself a GOLD DESTRO last year!
  3. Only 800 BLACk CCs left....
  4. just picked up... 3 blue CCs & 3 black CCs the website is really sloooow! Can't believe I even got what i got....
  5. Does anyone live near a "STOP & SHOP?" They sell Joes in their toy isle for $5.99 and find all the figures I need on a regular basis... Now that my local TRU is gone it's my NEW "One-Stop-Joe-Shop!
  6. Good use of Magneto my friend.... looks awesome! Winter is just around the corner and I will be back soon with some more ML joe customs to pass the time! =)
  7. I also collect G I Joe related products... I'm just into seeing the cereal re-introduced for the nostalgic sake of it ...and to have a mail-in starduster would bring back those fond memories of 20+ years ago!
  8. Not sure why the poll isn't working... does anyone know why?
  9. So, now that we're all going "nostalgic" these days lets bring back an 'ol favorite..... and add a STARDUSTER mail-away! ONLY problem is we couldn't send "FLAG POINTS" in to redeem since the fools never added the "flag points" to the figure packaging... I guess we could collect cereal box tops or something instead...any suggestions?!? View the Action Stars cereal (made by Purina/Ralston which wasn't BIG H's product back then) commericial from 1987: What do y'all think?
  10. Another Hasbro release I'll be passing on...except maybe the Hawk figure wich could be easily customized anyway by painting 'ol snake eyes and adding a retooled Duke head and an original Hawk helmet and visor.
  11. I'll PASS on both.... They could have sold a "gazillion" of these 5-packs if they would have kept them as normal cobra soldiers and 1 normal colored officer. That red ninja/snake eyes 5-pack is a waste for me... I never was into that whole ninja army thing anyway!
  12. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That figure looks fantastic!!!! Wow, just wow!! Dude, I'm looking through the other figures and my jaw still hurts from dropping onto the desk!! Beautiful, fabulous, and gorgeous GI Joe Legend figures!!! Man, if Hasbro would get off their shoulders and give us this, then I'd be happy!! Straight transgers of the uniforms, no "updates" at all in 6 inch form!!! Thanks! I know "Fu" will come through with a nice version as well!
  13. Thanks Dagger! Here's a link to my version of ML Croc Master I did a few years ago....I used Deadpool as a base, ML Namor's waist belt and Apoxy sculpt for everything else mostly... added the wip and croc and that's it! http://www.joecustoms.com/customs/customs_...494&id=5209
  14. Nice work FU... i have him on my radar as well. I have a mine-detector from a macfarlane fig I am going to use for him eventually. Now where's that Shipwreck at?
  15. I hope he ends up looking like your version! That sculpt still rules though! Stalker's body is a repaint of snake eyes v1... almost exactly the same...which makes sense. Adding paint really does change appearances! Shows you how small modifications could easily create the original 13!! Just add new head sculpts and you'll have 'em all!
  16. ...now all we need is Destro to have "scottish accent" in the film and we'll have an award winning masterpiece! !... oooohhh yeeeeeah Hasblo! (as the macho man would say).
  17. That might have more to do with the Collector Club knowing what would look better or how to do Destro's noggin, than Hasbro? Isn't the PDD con figure a collector's club creation...color scheme wise? Hasbro is just totally out of touch with their own product. The people that made them yesterday, aren't even the same people that are making them today, and they've probably stepped into their NEW position (fresh out of college) they have at Hasbro, as green and as unexperienced and as unknowledgeable as they could possibly be...about G.I.Joe ARAH? It's like where I use to work. They use to have "management trainee's" on board. learning the ropes and all the operations behind the company and how it functioned from cradle to grave, and by the time they were eligible for a promotion to some management position, they were well trained and in-the-know with company procedures and policies than just having taken a management course in college. That changed, and people that once sold cell phone services or sold homes in big housing developments were now being hired to managed a group of guys who delivered UNIFORMS and handle customer concerns!! Talk about one big mongolian clusterf@#k of an operation, hence the fact I "use to" work there. Amen to that! I'm so burnt out on the SS variations and stupid looks for him, I don't even like the figure anymore. I'm barely able to hang onto being a fan of SE still, but his commando appearance still looks pretty good even though they've crapped out the whole ninja BS with him. GIVE'EM HELL lance!!!! Amen to all thee above! ...Just gotta tell it like it is! @grumpy@
  18. Actually I own almost the entire 1982 moc AFA graded pieces. They are very particular to any crease, spider vein, scratchs, bends, dings...etc... I just got my 11-back snake eyes back from them and it came back a 70 out of 100. It's real nice condition but there are some slight surface paper tears on the back which is how they arrived at the 70 grade overall. I know AFA has some sort of partnership with TOYFARE magazine which is probably how they become the authority in toy grading. They have serial numbers associated with each graded piece that you can look-up on their website to make sure the sub grades etc. match up! There is also a population report as to how many for example: (9-back snake eyes there are out there that received a grade of 85). The bottom line is you have collectors that like the idea of graded pieces and you have collectors that don't.... so to say, "I don't like this or that about grading" is fine...to each his own! I like having an AFA collection because they look nice cased with the grades and I have piece of mind of an untampered MOC joe.... and I know there's a pretty good market out there that like AFA graded stuff as well as i do (hence the high price tags for them). It's a preference thing is all... just like people loving the new 25th anniv. vs. RAH figures. There's market out there for everything.... FYI: If you were to compare a vintage card back to a custom card back (even a 25th anniv. cardback) they look/feel different. Vintage card backs will never look brand spank'n new compared to the new stuff or custom cards. The cardboard feels different and doesn't have that new varnish-like-finish as they did when they were new in their hay day! There's just no comparison really... yes you could try and make a new card look old but it still wouldn't have that same look a vintage card would. The white borders aren't true white anymore...
  19. I have to agree with your statement about grading loose figures.... but with original carded figures thats a different story. You can tell vintage from fake card backs. Custom card-backs look new... are in perfect condition (unless you are just using sissors freehand) are most likely not even printed (but are color copies of the original card-backs and then dry mounted on poster board with adhesive). So I highly doubt a service like AFA could be fooled.... ...But I also agree with you as to who makes these companies the AUTHORITY in graded toys or sports cards for that matter? The manufacturers? Collectors? I'd like to find out who since I already have a vested interest by owning several carded joes graded by AFA... makes me wish I started a grading biz... @hmmm@
  20. I agree with you... my rant was based on these question & answers sessions we have and the "vague" answers Hasbro gives... Makes no sense if Hasbro is going to do whatever they feel is correct anyway?!? Why waste our time?
  21. We haven't even seen the first 25 released to the masses yet... a mail away figure is the furthest thing from my mind... they need to get their act straight as to who are the most popular ever is before they could introduce a mail-away! They should have saved "Red Satan" or Black CC for that.... @hmmm@
  22. ...and what's up with not giving desro the same "vac-metal" head as the Gold/Silver pimp daddy destro... causing us to go into a "feeding frenzy" and having to pay top dollar on EBAY just so we could perform an expensive head-swap!!! Has anyone addressed this with HASBRO yet? They owe us an explanation and apology for that mess-up! ...I also love how Hasbro thinks they've re-introduced the MOST POPULAR 25 characters in the joe unverse!! Who did they even contact to get that ULTIMATE WANT LIST?!? Sure wasn't any of us...come on... red satan?!? Please... I've never even been to Argentina... and enough with making snake eyes and storm shadow figures in every version ever made... leave that til later on down the road...sick of them already! ...no more repaints until we've at least seen the first 25 you were supposed to re-introduce with ALL-NEW sculpts! No more cobra commanders offered in 15 different flavors or cobra soldier/officers wrong colored cobra symbols.... enough already...do it RIGHT the first time...you ONLY had 25 years to get it correct! ...and no more cheap-azz plastic... the RAH was made of better stuff! ...oh and more thing...as a fellow designer (Creative Director) myself...has anyone heard of a "hi-quality drum scanner" in order to capture the original card back art instead of re-illustrating most of these? Whomever is doing these illusatrations again isn't giving it his all....take a look at ROADBLOCK's art in the JOE-5pack... his eyes are messed up (pretty funny) if you compare to the original...among others of course! I'm done with my "RANT" for now... @hmmm@
  23. Yeah... that's always a mystery before you see the final result! I've used (9) Punisher 4 series figs as my bases (so far). It just works really well when adding Apoxie to it (once that annoying belt thing gets removed!). Another great base fig is "Moon Knight!" I've created (3) Cobra Soldiers, an Eel and a Hiss Driver so far with him.... and have (3) MK figs left in my arsenal! I do very minimal "swaping" of parts.... actually out of my 30 or so figs i've only done (2) hand/arm swaps and my first (and only) head swaps were with DUSTY & GUNG-HO figs. Just a little FYI stuff =)
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