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  1. WOW! Most people were content with just making Dillon but you went for the WHOLE CREW! Amazing customs. I'll have to steal them some how.
  2. Dude you're a phantom just like your avatar

  3. loves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'.... mutagen pies.

  4. Whassup bond? I've been busy but I'll try and get in chat this friday night.

  5. Wow, love your Rom. I tried making my own ML custom one but it didn't turn out as nice. Are you going to sell him?
  6. Doesn't look like anything from TMNT I've ever seen. If it did maybe Joe would be going on its fifth theatrical movie instead of first... ooooooooh yeah I went there
  7. Sell well or not I want that two face! Joker looks great too. Batman... I dunno.
  8. I don't understand why people who like the design can't just like it but feel the need to attack others. TMNTfan85 is wrong here. Everyone who doesn't like the design isn't calling him names, like he's doing to them. Fanboy has become the new insult for nerds to give to other nerds. Just let everyone share their opinion without attacking them. And by the way I'm indifferent. My first thought was the actor wanted his face to be shown at least for some portion of the movie, and that he'll have the hood or dome for a part of the movie. Still looking forward to it.
  9. DUDE THIS STUFF IS SIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!!!! Great job Arrow. Now stop looking at the forums and go draw a comic book or something.
  10. leonardo

    Where is Doc?

    I sent mine a while back too. I foolishly sent a money order without copying anything. I sent the Doc order and the crystal alien order the same day. I've already gotten the crystal alien (about a month ago). If I don't get Doc I'll be extremely po'd because I've been buying almost every 25th figure and Doc is one of my favorites. I'd say I sent the order 2 months ago. Good to know I'm not the only one who is having a problem. Hopefully Hasbro works this all out. Good luck everyone...
  11. Bazooka and Mutt and Junkyard were my biggest wants. I figured Bazooka was in the pipeline since he's pretty popular (and I can't wait to find him now, he's going to my favorite, they made him perfect!) but seeing Mutt coming up real soon has me really excited. I figured it'd take a long time to get him since they just made that pretty good DTC figure. This one is a million times cooler though. I'd really like to see Bulletproof and the Headhunters from DEF, but I doubt they'll get made.
  12. Hi, haven't posted in a long while but I'm still very much a GI Joe fan. The 25th anniversary has been incredible. Anyway I recently moved my collection and the pieces all scattered. I'm matched up all the figure's accessories and when all was said and done only Shipwreck is missing a pistol, but I also have one left over which doesn't belong to him but I can't figure out who it goes to. I only have 25th anniversary weapons here so it's not pre 25th. I'm hoping that I accidentally gave shipwreck's pistol to whomever this pistol belongs to. As far as pistols goes it's not all that different but the main thing I noticed that separates it from other pistols is that it has a small circle and a star inside the circle on the grip. It's a black pistol of course. I searched yojoe for about an hour but I can't find it. I'll try and take a pic soon. Any help is very much appreciated.
  13. Man i'm getting a little upset here. I've only been buying wave 2 for the monkeyman baf, but the four armed guy and judge death both broke at the legs. I don't play with the toys, and both happened only minutes out of the package. I'm going to just toss them, I got what I wanted (monkeyman).
  14. These podcasts are great, great job ENI/JayC! My marvel legends toy buying has decreased quite a lot since Hasbro took over, but I'm glad to know that these guys are fans and seem to want to do a better job. Maybe in a few waves they'll be worth buying again. Spiral looked great from the first video (just watched both for the first time). Good PR for Hasbro, something for us bored fans to watch, keep it up!
  15. I guess there's 2 releases, the original release and a newer one that doesn't come with a display base. There's also a third release that's somewhat different, it has a metallic red chest on the figure, sorta lame. Comes in the new power rangers show packaging (operation overdrive?) I don't follow power rangers, but I did pick up this mmpr figure because I was a fan of the original show but nothing else. I like this one because the unrealistic muscles remind me of the snes video game. They also have some 5 packs with more realsitic show accurate rangers and there's an mmpr one in there, it looks great but not worth $25 for vinyl 3 points of articulation figures. I hope they do the other rangers too, I really want a new blue and black ranger, and a hot sexy pink and yellow, and an even badass green/white. I also want all the old weird bad guys like zedd and that pig that eats people.
  16. This is a great line made mediocre due to so many repaints/reissues/revisions of characters. Why are we getting like the 5th cobra commander? It's a new sculpt too which is sort of annoying. Then Rock N Roll an awesome character gets the shaft and is just a repaint of Duke. Those wrists are really flimsy and I don't really like the flint/duke mold. Torpedo looks awesome but we'll have to wait until some non-photoshop images show up to see what he really looks like. PS: Cobra Commander looks to have the new redesigned hips. They look more like marvel legend ball joints without the actual ball. Doesn't look to bad and I'll appreciate the extra movement.
  17. I'm not fond of the face, mainly the elongated chin. Both modes are really streamlined. It's neat that you can't really tell what he transforms into when in robot mode. This will be a cool line, but I'm going to try my hardest to not buy any. My only problem, which isn't with the toyline/cartoon, is space. I could probably afford these if I wanted, but finding a place for them will be tough since they won't fit with any of my other Transformers.
  18. leonardo


    Shay hello to my leetle friend
  19. Congrats! I dunno if you read the rules/regulations crap but they said they would do a giant raffle at the end, where if you lost on a certain day you'd get entered into the final drawing. Maybe that's what you won. I won a pepsi prime with 16 codes. I just won 2 mini fridges with only like 5 or 20 codes, they showed up yesterday.
  20. Where do you buy these and what have they done so far? I should really look into these. I don't care if it's not legit if it's almost identical. Plus if Takara or Hasbro made these you wouldn't get the sweet original packaging. That's what really puts these over the top.
  21. My wal-mart literally has 20 gi joe 5 packs, I know because I counted. I should take a picture. I've also gotten all the wave 1 singles from the same store. The toys are definitely not hard to find here. Anyone know how to take a picture with a camera phone but not have to send it to your email (and thus pay money)?
  22. Actually it's neither. It says universe on its intructions, many are speculating that this is one of the classics 2.0 figures. I really like it, but it's not worth $10,000 for an aveo.
  23. Nice collection stormfan! Very nice and clean and ... expensive! Look at all those statues and $100 figures... damn son.
  24. QFT. While I really like these new toys a lot, way more than I thought I would (and to think I was going to try my hardest to skip this line) the originals have their place in my collection. I wanted to skip this line because I'm sick of having to "replace" figures, then when I got the new ones I realized I liked the two for different reasons and can keep them both. The old guys are great for playing mostly, but look good in their own respects. The new ones are a bit flashier of course, but have their own drawbacks and are more like display pieces than toys. In the end I'd give the edge to old school ARAH, but these new ones are really growing on me. Cobra Commander and Snake Eyes epsecially. But I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT FOR STALKER! He blows that comic pack version we got recently away... far away. The rest are great. The only one I don't care for is Lady Jaye, but I'll probably get her anyway, at $4.88 you can't lose.
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