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  1. Based on all of the answers and specifically that it is a Cobra released in the 1990s that most collectors don't have because it was RARE, it has to be PIMP DADDY DESTRO. That is the most likely candidate. Cobra deAco (sp?) was released in the 80's in another country...I don't think Hasbro is going to start tackling foreign figures (yet). Guess we'll see who it is tomorrow.
  2. ...two more questions: 1) Will there be a San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) Exclusive figure this year? If so, when will the details of it be revealed? 2) There are rumors that there will be Chase Variants incorporated into the line? I HOPE that this is FALSE as Chase Variants are nothing but headaches for collectors and ONLY help the Scalpers/Dealers. Can you provide further info on this? thanks again!
  3. As many here have said "THANK YOU" for all of the efforts to produce a great line. My main question is: Will the initial 10 figures from the Joe and Cobra Anniversary 5 Packs (i.e. Duke, Helmeted Cobra Commander, Destro...etc.) be re-released on single pack figure cards/packages? I mean straight re-releases and NOT repaints. I was very disappointed when I found out that we wouldn't get single card versions of these figures. thanks, ARBCO
  4. From what I know the Cobra Commander and Storm Shadow figures will not be new molds...just simple repaints. CC in Black and Red and SS in White and Red with some grey. This pack is more of a bonus and just Hasbro's way of getting out more product. I don't think Hasbro was quite expecting the demand and interest for these figured to be as high as it has been (both from Collectors and Retailers). They are now scrambling a bit to get some extra product out fast...and that means repaints. Though there will be more all-new product squeezed out before the holidays to carry into next year. My only complaint for the line is the 5 Packs themselves. I have always disliked multi-packs and would have preferred Hasbro to just release every figure seperately. Especially since they are coming on vintage styled packaging, I am going to want all of the 5-pack figures (atleast the initial ones) re-released on single cards to go with the set, and I won't be happy until they do so. 5-Packs should be reserved for Themed Sets (Python Patrol...etc.) and Store Exclusives. But that is getting off topic. Also, just because the Stinger Driver is coming in this pack does NOT mean that a Stinger Jeep is out of the question...for next year. Due to the high demand/interest this line will without question continue into '08 and vehicles are very likely. From what I am told vehicles will start in the $10-20 range and if they do well go from there. Again, I wouldn't expect much initially. Expect to see things like the Night Ops Humvee and HISS IV slightly retooled & re-released and a few small things. There are plans for bigger and better things IF and Only if the sales are there. ARBCO
  5. UUHHH yeah...it's comments like these that cause problems and get half the threads on this board locked. You can PRE-ORDER these sets from either Entertainment Earth or BBTS. ARBCO
  6. Any thoughts on what the 2004 Cobra Commander and Storm Shadow versions will be?? Stinger Driver is a natural (and welcome) repaint, the Comic Book Deco'ed Cobra Trooper is cool (though I feel this one is un-necessary right now)...I am curious about the Cobra Jet Pack Trooper.
  7. Just found a new listing for another upcoming 5 Pack....told you Hasbro had further plans beyond the initial 25 Cobra Battle Pack 2 includes 5 action figures: Cobra Commander 2004, Storm Shadow 2004, Cobra Trooper Comic Book deco, Cobra Jet Pack Trooper, Cobra Stinger Driver. Apparently this is due out in July but I think it will be a little later than that. ARBCO
  8. The Tomart article is completely wrong. The remaining 10 Single Carded figures are not repaints of the 10 figures from the 5 Packs. They got their info from the Hasbro Reps at Toy Fair who really had no clue about the line other than the 10 figures that were shown....and even those they had little info on. They only knew that there would be 2 5 Packs and 15 Single figures, but they didn't know who, what or when. Any info they were giving was there own opinions and speculation and changed everytime someone asked them. As it stands at this time there are the 2 5-Packs we know about and the 15 Single Packs...though it is looking more like 20 at this point. We have seen the majority of repaints/retools and the remaining figures save for Single Packed Cobra Trooper will be new. New pics should be around soon.
  9. Just curious if anyone has been able to find out what the Target DCPI# or the TRU SKU# is for the 25th Anniversary GIJOE 5-Packs and Singles. If anyone has and could either please post it here or IM me I would greatly appreciate it. thanks, ARBCO
  10. The crotch is wider, but due to the construction it does not hinder the figure from sitting down properly and it allows for the same amount of articulation as the O-ring figures had. For those who complained about the bow legged look of the figures, I am expecting that to be corrected and the legs to be tighter in the crotch sockets in final production.
  11. In answer to some of the questions above: 1) The heads do Not easily pop off, they are on quite tight, but they can be popped off. 2) The joints do Not "click" at all, they are smooth moving joints. 3) As far as the articulation ruining the look of the figures, based on the prototype photos that exist and what I possess, I would tend to agree. However, I have been told that the pins will disappear in final production which will help them look much better. I am not sure though if the screws will disappear or if they will atleast be painted in the final product. I agree that the knees really don't need double joints and mess with the aethetics of the figures a bit, but Hasbro is trying. I seen this mentioned a few times in different threads, do NOT judge or even try to compare the quality (or LACK thereof) of the Marvel Superhero Showdown figures to these. There is no comparison at all. These figures are very solid and well made. They will NOT fall apart, pop apart, or have any of the problems of the Marvel figures. ARBCO
  12. The neck is is part of the torso and is not removable. The heads are ball jointed and can be popped right off very easy.
  13. Hey VH, In regards to your question about the articulation, I can tell you that these figures have far more articulation than any previous figures. Yes the O-ring is gone, but frankly it is not needed as you really don't lose any possability and you end up with a far better constructed and more sturdy constructed figure. That being said, the articulation will vary a bit from figure to figure...there will always be the same amount, but sometimes it will be a little different. Hasbro is trying to balance the aesthetics of the figure along with including all of the possability they can. For example, all of the figures have that upper chest joint, which they lowered on CC in order to keep the look of the figure. CC's joint doesn't quite move as forward as the others, but it moves enough. Frankly, I am OK with this as I don't plan on having CC in any crazy ninja battle poses. The other figures have a better degree of motion on this joint, as due to the positioning of it. I am someone who is honestly more concerned about the look of the item. My ONLY slight gripe with the CC is that his left fist is clenched/closed so he could only hold items in his right hand. While a cool feature, and it adds character to the figure, it does limit him a bit. It is easy enough for them to change if the line continues... Also, in terms of looks, most of the joint pins will be covered in final production, though I believe the screws will still be visible. As of right now there is no back screw hole and I don't believe that will change. If figures require backpacks they will connect to the harnesses for a more realistic look. That might create a few compatibility issues with older vehicles, but that is not Hasbro's concern. New vehicles (IF they are made) will also have harnesses, belts..etc to hold in figures. HOPE this helps a bit...... ARBCO
  14. The face plate isn't removable. The head, which is balljointed, is the faceplate - cast in that pearlized silver plastic. Then the blue helmet is glued on top of that. There is no head underneath the faceplate.
  15. Yes, you are right about the gloves and the striping on them. They may not add the leg striping. He can sit perfectly fine and has great articulation. His head is two parts: the head and the helmet (which is glued on). The mask is a pearlized silver and has a very unique sheen to it...very cool. His articulation is a little different than the others, but his doesn't lose anything because of it. His articulation makes sense. If he is measuring in at 4.25", I would estimate Destro and Roadblock at 4.50"-4.75" right now....again I am hoping to see 3.75"-4.00" respectively, but I don't think that will happen....
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