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  1. I sw the questions posted up, since I already have 3 different wedge antilles figures I hope they read my question wrong, I like Wedge and all....but I was hoping for a new Wes Janson more. oh well, waiting patiently for clarification, thanks again for posting my question Jay.
  2. But you can handle big giant robot crossovers as oppsed to a Nick Fury or Captain America crossover? Nick Fury and captain america I wouldnt have too big of a problem with, I would actually get a kick out of the Cap vs Serpentor, both supersoldiers, I think it would be a good one, but the mutants, like Wolverine, spiderman, dont really fit into the "gi joe universe" if you like. when DD did a tf/gijoe crossover, it was set outside the normal gi joe universe, when marvel mixed megatron at the end of the gi joe run, in the main series, that annoyed me. when Marvel does crossovers its in the main series and becomes part of the continuity, when DD did it, it was outside normal stories. maybe they have changed thier ways over the years, but they like to do stories that effect the whole universe nowadays, and I dont want to see gi joe get hit with that.
  3. please no, no superheroes in GIjoe, serpentor I can deal with, clones I can kinda deal with, even the ninja mysticism I can deal with, but please please please no spiderman, xmen, etc crossovers.
  4. my collection usually gets mixed togethor, both RAH and 25th stand together.
  5. I cant say for sure on this one, but I think my first action figure was the "listen and fun" Tripwire GIjoe. I can specifically remember having this one becuase of the bright orange/red colors. I cant say for sure what I had before this since I was six when I would have got it. at the time I could figure out what all his equipment was for After that I think the next one was the v2 snake eyes and V1 Spirit iron knife. then came transformers (bumblebee being the first) and he man. I know there were some star wars figures mixed in there, a darth vader and hoth luke come to mind.
  6. I may be in the minority here but I liked MOST of the Devils Due Gi joe. I am going to be sad to seem them lose the license, I like all of the characters they created, firewall, blackout, General rey, and especially kamakura. I liked how they kept the old marvel line stories as part of the canon. I would hate to see someone take over now and throw all of that away. I think while brandon Jerwa was involved in the series it was great. I may not appreciate some of thee artists they have used on it. but I still liked the stories. That being said I did not like the Reloaded series. number one reason. IT RESET THE CANON. it changed to much. I would prefer that IDW gets it simpley because they have the transformers one and are doing a good job with it. but I really dont care who gets it as long as they dont mess with the canon. I like where the story has gone, please dont throw the DD canon away.
  7. Dude what do you do for a living that you can afford all that? I think there are small third world countries would be broke after buying all that Anyway, just recieved Wave 5 snake eyes off bigbadtoystore
  8. Lol that was fast, nice pic, did you get that off IMDB? meh, I'd say shave the guy's head and he should be fine....if he can do a scottish accent....since he was in macbeth...I'd say most likely
  9. http://www.iesb.net/index.php?option=com_c...0&Itemid=99 Destro Cast according to IESB. there is a pic of the guy at the bottom....not too bad...shakespearan actor...impressive this along with Hama being creative consultant....Dennis Quaid, ray park......looks good to me
  10. Enewsi has confirmed Tatum as Duke, and Dennis Quaid as General Hawk. both look good for the parts to me. and IESB is reporting that Arnold Vosloo has been cast as Zartan http://www.iesb.net/index.php?option=com_c...4&Itemid=99 also looks like good casting to me.
  11. I agree with this one...I need to show my wife this. my collection is NOTHING compared to that
  12. I am a rogue squadron fan, I have bought the Rogue comic two pack with Hobbie and Baron Fel, I have wedge antilles, and I bought the tycho Celchu figure, there is only one rogue from the movies still missing and that is Wes Janson....he is definitely a fan favorite...any chances?
  13. Comic two packs wave 2 is at Clarion, pa walmart, havent checked the Kmart yet.
  14. I am so glad they are making a DD version of Storm Shadow. that mold looks awesome. If they put a shirt on him, which I bet they will, then I will but it in a heartbeat. My wife is not going to be happy with me she cant understand why I have so many Snake Eyes and Storm Shadows, I just keeps saying they look great and I love the characters, if they make lousy looking ones I dont buy them, they make great ones, sorry, ten more dollars gone
  15. That is the most common sense rational answer I have seen in a while. the movie is going to be a while till it comes out. even if wayans gets the job, so what, I personally see the words "bullet stopper" in his future. not to bring transformers into this again, but I think we got alot of fandom nods in that movie, more then most directors would have went for. Little story for you all. Happened yesterday at local walmart. I was there looking for figures when I saw a new shipment of figs had arrived, I am a huge snake eyes storm shadow fan so I of course went for those first. they must have got in both wave 4 and 5 becuase they had both of the 5 pack versions of SE AND SS. I grab up the last two on the shelf.and hear a kid and his mom coming around the corner. the kid says that he cant see and gi joe figs. I think for a second and ask what he is looking for. the kid is looking for sigma six figs, which that walmart hasnt carried in a while. Making polite conversation I ask who his favorite character is he, says snake eyes. I tell him "mine too" and then show him that they have new figures out and tell him they are just like what I had as a kid. he looks at them for a second, obviously unconvinced that they can be as cool as the figures he liked. I look at the shevles again and see that they still had one of the SE with Timber from the first wave. so I show that too him and he gets kinda excited, then I hand him the Snake Eyes I had in my hands and told him these figures cost less then the S6 figures so his mom MIGHT get him 2 this time since they are cheaper. I look at her and she is smiling and kinda nods her head to say yes. he looks up and sees her say yes and now is happy. I start to walk away and the mom catches me just around the corner and says I must be a collector and probably really wanted that figure. I say yes I am but tell her that when I was his age that was one of my favorite toys and I would be pretty horrible if I kept another little kid from enjoying a toy I loved at his age. she smiled and thanked me and I jokingly told her not to thank me becuase he may turn into a toy geek like me now. she laughed again and I left. Bottom line of the story. we are adults playing with toys we had as a kid. for every figure we buy there might be a kid who doesnt get one they wanted. we may not be able to find the figures we want, but the Sigma Six line that kid and other kids his age know as Gi Joe has disapeared. the Movie may bring out a whole knew version of our favorite characters that we may not like. but it will bring alot more kids to a line of toys we loved as kids. I am happy my favorite character got cast well, I cant wait to see Ray Park with the mask on. I am going to love it becuase it IS GIJOE, and hopefully so will that kid, even though it isnt Sigma Six.
  16. No, you're not off-topic, you've boiled this down to its very essence. GIJOE is good guys versus bad guys..........there's VERY LITTLE depth in that. Oh.......what's the the angry chorus crying out?? "Larry Hama's writing in the comics had depth" ROTFLMAO! I'm sorry, but that just really makes me roll my eyes. The comics are one of THREE sources of material for the movie, the toys and cartoons being they other. ALL of them were written for children, and as such have very shallow simplified characterization and often silly plots.The "realism" people remember is all the tech-speak tossed about to make it appear that the creators knew what they were talking about. How many kids are going to know the difference between a bound over-watch and a flanking position anyway? Its just sounds like the "real stuff, but most of the stories were centred around the flamboyant characters and often really flimsy schemes (--taking over a whole town is realistic??) There's really not much depth to plumb off that material......so someone has to come along and add to it. This is where the infamous "changes that rape childhoods" happen. Transformers was smack on to a tee, for the core concept of the toys. The cartoon is IRRELEVANT in terms of continuity with the movie--yet anal-retentive fans bitched like it was locked-in canon. Who cares if its "not how they remember it"--because its NOT that thing they remember. Same thing with GIJOE. Aside from some commericals, GIJOE has never been done in live-action form before. Just as the comics, and the cartoons are very different from one another, this movie will be different from the other two. I mean, to make GIJOE "just like the comics" you could have all of the characters describe the performance specs and attributes of their weapons as they fire them, cagely working it into their everyday speak and battle-gab--BECAUSE THAT WAS IN THE COMICS! We can have COBRA using giant, badly designed walking machines that come out of the ocean, or having the Joes team up with magical leprechauns...........because that happened as well in the comics and the cartoons too! Hey, let's bring in Bongo the Balloon Bear and the White Clown for the rest of the world to enjoy too!!! But oh no........the fans would decry all of that as silly. They want GIJOE to be SERIOUS! Which means shooting, fighting, and dying.........but GIJOE had a lot of bad shots, some pretty dumb fighting ( they used lasers) and how many characters died over the years? 10? And they were all Joes? No COBRA ever died in a firefight with the "highly trained special mission force"?? No, no, no the fans sputter and kavetch: they want REALISM. They want military tactics, they want gunshot wounds, high tech gear, real-life peril and danger. Hey, there's movies that fill that bill BETTER than GIJOE ever will: Navy SEALS, Black Hawk Down, Final Option, Tears of the Sun, and so on. If fans what the above, they do NOT want a GIJOE film... Why not just dub in the names of the Joes you like and digitally superimpose a COBRA COMMANDER face on some bad guy and .... NO, NO, NO the fans scream, they want Snake-eyes doing his NINJA sword-swinging stuff against Stormshadow, perhaps in some dangerous setting like swinging off scaffolding on the side of a building, while COBRA Commander ( in his hood, with Chris Latta's voice screaming) and DESTRO ready to trigger some exotic bomb that wipes out all the gold in Fort Knox and............ But that's not real.....just what the hell do the fans want??? GIJOE has never depicted realistic military stuff--its a military fantasy. Its chief opponent isn't a scary guy in any sense, he wears a hood, makes his army dresss in a snake motif, his number 2 guy wears a silver mask and what looks like black leather bondage gear. They use big dumb wholly impractical machines to do the job that normal weapons could do better--but their designs are used because they "describe" COBRA better. The GIJOE team fields soldiers that all wear different clothing, and use very different weapns from each other. Some of them go into battle with brightly coloured clothing on their person. And based on the beloved cartoon, every last one of them couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. And fans DON'T want changes??? Whats it gonna be? Serious with necessary changes to reflect it, or just like the stuff before and full of silliness?? As for Marlon Waynes being cast, wasn't there a goofy guy who played the head of Section Seven in Transformers also the same guy that played a serious role in The Good Sheperd?? I mean, its not like a comedic actor cannot do serious acting...... I have to agree 100 percent with this and I am a huge snake eyes fan...how is snake eyes supposed to be realistic. or even storm shadow...THEY'RE NINJAS!!! Devils Due tried a modern day update to the gi joe story with the old characters viewed in modern ways...it was called Reloaded...you all remember that right? it wasnt pretty, but at its core, it was still GIJOE. "highly trained special missions force"fighting evil. To think that the original comics were completely realistic is hilarious. ninjas, serpentor, destro's helmet, trouble bubbles, lasers, terror domes,androids, cobra island and best of all the brainwave scanner. I am not knocking it though, I loved all of those things and still do. and as for the "you must not be a real fan" attack. I am 30 years old, read comics, collect action figures, gi joe and transformers among many others. I am a real fan, and I consider everyone on here as much of a fan as myself regardless of whether I agree with them or not. I loved the new transformers movie and find the 80's movie painful to watch. I am still a fan regardless. and so are all of you I like to think. I have read every issue of the marvel run and all of the devils due. own them all as well. same goes for transformers. I have watched every episode of the cartoon as well One last thing before I go back to lurking and listening to my fellow geeks bicker. @pow@ I am just as worried as anyone about marlon wayons, but 10 years ago no one would have taken jamie fox seriously, now he has oscars. Cant all the geeks get along :
  17. I like the custom, good job, thats the game that got me into gaming in the first place. you know that most of his qoutes come from movies though right? Not that I am knocking them at all, I love the quotes. Kick ass and chew bubblegum is said by roddy Piper's character in an 80's sci fi movie called "they Live" Hail to the king and alot of others are from the bruce cambell/Sam Raimi Evil dead-army of darkness movies. Again, great work on the custom. I like it alot, if only the duke figures they had a few years ago looked that good
  18. its been a few months since I have posted my huals here so there is alot to report Star Wars. Tycho Celchu figure Online Exclusive Wedge Antilles figure Baron Fel-Hobbie Klivian Comic Two pack Mcquarrie Concept Boba Fett Holiday Special Boba Fett Most of these were found at the local walmart, the Mcquarrie Fett and Wedge were from the local toy convention I think GI JOE 25TH Scarlett single pack- Bigbadtoytore 25th Lady Jaye- local walmart 25th Zartan- Kay bee toys 25th Red Ninja-Kay Bee 25th Firefly Kay Bee 25th comic two pack snake eyes and storm shadow Wv 1.- local walmart and while all of those are sweet catches...my finest is the Jazwares Mortal Kombat Reptile- found at Kay Bee this has all been found since about november.
  19. Not sure I agree or disagree with all of you. First off, Yes other companies may be able to make the figures alittle better, and Yes Jazwares didnt do a very good job at distribution, and Yes the first wave of figs were horrible. I agree on all of those things. BUT. The figures only cost 5.99, and that was at the two most expensive toy retail stores out there, namely Kay Bee and TRU. None of the manufacturers mentioned provide that kind of detail, articulation and playability FOR THAT PRICE. Sota may be able to add more articulation, and Mcfarlane may be able to add alot of detail, but not for a $6 fig!! Thier figures average in the 15-20 dollar range. I think what we got from jazwares was pretty good for the price. I do agree on many of the gripes about jazwares. Why have a figure come with weapons and then not make him able to hold the F'ing things! finding the figures was a nightmare. I have just now been lucky enough that a friend was able to find Reptile and Black Noob for me. I had to buy Sub Zero and Scorpion from ebay because even online retailers couldnt get and keep the things. I wish I could get my hands on that goro or the Kintaro that was advertised. but never going to happen. I thought everything after the first wave were really nice scupts with decent articulation. Now that I have opened my mouth and raised my tiny peice count by one I will go back to lurking in the shadows and listening to everyone elses opinions. ps. anyone have any suggestions on how to repaint the grey noob into Smoke...since I am never going to get one Edit. Didnt get the Noob after all. she went back to the store 10 minutes after she called me and they had sold it. still got reptile though.
  20. Wasnt sure really where to post this, but I thought since my main reason for going to toy shows was for gi joe figs.....why not. Anyway, who here attends toy shows, conventions and where? My local one is in Pittsburgh, called the Steel City Con, and I try to go to almost everyone when I can. Any thing like this elsewhere? http://www.pittsburghtoyshow.com/
  21. just picked up red Ninja, firefly and Zartan and the Kay Bee toys in greensburg, pa. I still left plenty of Wave 3 there. The toys r us near by had most of wave 2, a friend picked up shipwreck and lady jaye.
  22. I am in PA, where is park city mall?
  23. we are getting them at the kmarts in PA, but no where else that I have seen in my area, none of the walmarts here even have the 5 packs. kmarts have the 5 packs, but single packs are pretty rare.
  24. havent been on for a few months so I couldnt post my finds, but today I have something worth celebrating. I found the 2008 camaro bumblebee deluxe WOOT! just after the movie came out I got the 76 bumblebee/ barricade two pack that walmart had, and this probably doesnt belong here but I got the 25th anniversary snake eyes and storm shadow single packs.
  25. isnt that simulated jet blast from the Boba Fett Figure they have had out for a few years...?
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