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  1. I'm more curious about the bright blue Superman & Bizarro Two Pack pictured on the back of this and the Batman & Robin set.



    This is the first time I'm hearing about the Superman/Bizzaro set..I would love to heve that set



    I've really been hoping DCUC would re-visit Bizarro. Ideally, I'd love a new white Silver Age Bizarro head on the Wave 6 Superman body. Unfortunately, if the pic is any indication, it looks like the proposed Superman- Bizarro two pack will feature a re-painted DC Super Heroes Bizarro. I might even have settled for this if they'd given Bizarro the Cyborg-Superman treatment and re-did his lower half to correct the ape-like wide stance.


    Back when Mattel released the pics of the Batman & Robin and the Aquaman & Blue Manta sets, one pic featured the cardback for the Batman set and there was a tiny pic of the Superman- Bizarro set. I don't know if that pic is still in the gallery.


    Mattel has already said that the Superman - Bizarro set hinges on the performance of these other two sets.


    Any signs of this line yet, it was supposed to be a march release right?


    maybe they meant May?

    the batman in it is essentially the same as the TRU batman, but that robin is a nice repaint

  2. GI Joe to me is my childhood. Playing in the backyard with my friends, or lugging as much of my stuff as a could carry in a back pack to their house. As an adult it is my hobby and something that not only keeps me sane, but gives me something to share with my kids. It is my online friends on different Toy sites. Its going to a store and finding a character I had as a kid, redone, looking better then ever. That's what GI Joe is to me, its an excitement I only had as a kid running to the toy aisle.

  3. What amazes me are how many fans are crying "RAPE" over the ships design on that Entertainment Weekly page. It's not THAT different from the original. It's one thing to say "I don't like it" or "Na, I could have done better", but to go as far as screaming that Gene Roddenberry is turning over in his grave or that JJ Abrams should have his first born murdered so he "knows what it feel like" is ridiculous. I thought I was picky over design.



    Lol, you've seen the comments from GI Joe fans about the new movie, and Transformers Fans about last years movie, and even the sequal, and yet you are still amazed by the Vitriol coming from one of the biggest Fandoms of them all?


    Nothing suprises me anymore. personally I think it looks great, and yeah, it has Classic car look to it. things change, as long as the story itself is a good story, I am fine with it


    That's fandom for you.

    Honestly, I've read enough immature vitriolic from the idiots today that I want to distance myself from them for a good long time.

    They decry the new material as "raping their childhood" or some such..........but they never say the same thing about some the fan-produced stuff.

    Despite the claim that Star Trek fans tend to be intelligent, more than a few seem to be too dull-witted to realize that they can IGNORE this new stuff.

    Its just a new version of the old material.........its not going to remove the old material from existence. Fans can still enjoy the old stuff.

    If what they really want is more of the "old stuff"........well.........the past doesn't equal the future. Change happens.


    This is the change.


    as usual, I agree with him, couldnt have said it better myself.



    no matter how much something from the past is "reimagined" it is still the same thing. and if you dont like the new version, the old is still around, its not going anywhere, watch it instead

  4. being a member of the hisstank forums, yojoe forums, and the enewsi forums, I have to say I personally have enjoyed the community at Hisstank as much if not more then the one here.


    Instead of contacted the site admins and asking for clarification of the policy all the other "joe sites are going out of there was to "erase this stain" on joe fandom, its pathetic. It is like elementary school kids getting upset becuase they think thier "CLUB" is cooler then the other guys, even though both clubs are exactly the same.


    Right now one of the admins is over there actually trying to clarify what the rules mean over there, and what is going on and trying to calm people down.




    maybe instead of chiming in on the issue JAYC should actually contact the admins over there and get the full story straight from them, instead of just posting and getting people riled up. Since I consider him both an honest and responsible guy, maybe THAT is why he hasnt chimed in. maybe he is trying to solve the problem instead of bitching about something he isnt directly involved in.


    since my post doesnt fit with the prevailing opinions in this thread I am sure I will be flamed and banished by the other members here. so I will gladly go back to lurking now.

  5. I just picked up a darktrooper at my walmart and saw the crimson empire two packs on the pegs beside it. so yeah, it looks like they are mass retail, or atleast walmart exclusives now....though they werent marcked as such

  6. I am playing the odds. I have pre-ordered with BBTS for the time being. If I find it while out, I will buy it and then cancel the pre-order.


    I have recently started doing the same thing, I will preorder on BBTS, then keep looking. If I find it, YAY, I pay less most often and no shipping.

    If I dont find it, YAY, I am still getting the figure I wanted and couldnt find.


    Back when I was collecting the 90s Marvel figures, I looked for the Maestro figure from the 6 inch Hulk line, without luck. One day while at the local comic shop, I found him there for $15. I grabbed it, and one week later Toys R Us put a bunch of them on clearence for 2 for $5.


    And I have had THAT happen more times then I can count. the last time was with the mortal kombat figures. I looked all over the place and finally broke down and bought them on Ebay. paid 25 dollars with shipping for two of them. the next week I found them at Kay Bee for 6 dollars.



    EDIT : Actually I take that back, the most recent time I had ordered the single pack V1 Snake Eyes and Scarlett and sure enough every store nearby here has them in stock.....plus side on this one is...I got them almost a month before the stores did. :P

  7. AlphaPrime


    Im not sure if you were serious or sarcastic, but I actually would love to have those in 25th ann style, someone did a custom version of both of those a while back, they looked real nice. Hell, I would rather have those then the radioactive snake eyes


    And I would KILL to have a 25th Anniverary alley viper, preferabley version 1. I dont care if it is bright orange or not, I would buy that one. the yellow one would be ok too.

  8. Clarion PA walmart had wave 6 single (sold out now I think) and Dubious Walmart had series 2 and 3 comic 2 packs, full box on pegs.


    too bad I already have the snake eyes set on preorder at BBTS. I am kicking myself for not grabbing the Crimson twin set while I had it in hand :(



    good hunting

  9. I actually lucked out a few times when I was a kid (partially through hand me downs) to get some pretty cool vehicles like the Killer whale and Battle platform (brother grew out of it :) ) the Phanton x-19 and the Night Raven. but I think I am going to break with the trend here and say I would have taken the Toss and Cross Bridge layer. always wanted that tank for some reason, thought it was really cool.




    hope that link works, I could never find it around here growning up.


    oh, and I agree on the Childrens Palace thing, In PA, toys r us wasnt here till they bought out childrens palace.

  10. Here's what I'm talking about....Transformers, again, I know. Bumblebee is The autobot little brother who we are to identify with and care for. He couldn't talk, his face showed little emotion, He looked cool but that's it. Nobody CARED when he got captured and tortured. Heck nobody cared when JAZZ was torn apart. Even the autobots just were like "OH WELL, when's lunch?" Because there was no HUMANIZATION to them we didn't care for them the way we were meant to.


    My wife cries at that scene when he is tortured, she can barely watch it honestly.



    as fir the lowest common denominator arguement....we are talking about a comic book movie you know. the women in comics have tight clothes and huge boobs for a reason :) Iff that isnt lowest common denominator I dotn know what is.


    the reason some of those movies worked isnt becuase it ONLY applied to that lowest common denominator, I thought transformers was well written, and yes, had alot of fan service, which I am very happy to get. did it go for that apeal, yes, did it have other redeeming qualities....well as this arguement is showing, it depends on your point of view


    for the record, I agree with you on he man, and street fighter. I think daredevil was decent, but the directors cut that is out there is much better. and the hulk....ok, I agree on that one and am glad we are getting another movie to make up for it.


    Speaking of....Did anybody notice that "COLD SLITHER" had a subliminal Music machine....Like the Josie and the Pussycats story. And "There's No Place like Springfield" had Shipwreck wake up with a Wife, Daughter and the perfect Life, and he couldn't remember. SOUNDS LIKE "Family Man" starring Nick Cage. Interesting how GI JOE inspired other HOLLYWOOD works.


    I wouldnt say those episodes inspired those ideas...I am not sure that is what you are saying either. the idea of a machine that hypnotises people has been around in sci fi long before gijoe used it. So has the idea used in "theres no place like Springfield" they are very well established ideas in sci fi, used quite abit, I think the original strar trek used both but dont ask me to qu=oute episodes...I dont have a clue where.


    As for narnia...correct they played it almost the same as the book. as DPRIME said, they may have even added some to make it longer


    ok, just to make this arguement worse.. :) look at Lord of the Rings. things were changed, Arwen was given a bigger part, Tom Bombadil is erased, and Faramir is now tempted by the ring, little changes, some of which really annoy LOTR fans (the faramir thing bugs me) but they were changed for reasons, and the movies even with those changes were still excellent.


    Remeber, in Spiderman they did change alot. gwen stacy wasnt supposed to be in the third movie, she was supposed to die in the first. Mary jane wasnt supposed to be there at all. Why did they change it? becuase more people know of mary jane then Gwen. it worked didnt it?

  11. Slaughter, I say this to you as well to myself, calm down. we are all friends here, we are all collectors here, all gi joe fans. Yes we have different opinions and you are right, you have your right to voice yours as much as anyone else. we also have the same right to disagree with you. thats cool too. honestly the only part of the whole movie opinions that get me upset is when I hear someone...anyone say. "its already crap, they have no idea what they are doing, I can do better then them, I will never see this crap" I am more of a "give it time" kinda guy, wait and see. just either way, calm down dude.I dont want you to shut up, I want you to keep voicing your opinion. your right, this is exactly what those red herrings are for, to get an opinion out of people who might see the movie. ALOT of things got changed and added to the transformers movie becuase of people speaking out on message boards. the whole Megatron/optimus prime fight was almost lifted from the original cartoon movie. they did that for the fans.

  12. I think hell just froze over, I agree with Arrow on this one.


    I tend to agree with arrow alot, and on this one I agree with both of you. The only change we can have on this is by not buying, not watching, etc. in other words, talking with you wallet. there is one problem with that theory...see below.



    How do we know the whole ripcord thing isn't a red hearing? We don't, and companies love to do that these days.


    That is very true, we hear all the time of movie companies throwing red herrings out just to see what the reaction will be, they will put a little truth inside a huge lie just to see what the reaction to half of it is. OH NO Ripcord is black now!! doesnt mean they are going to change the character himself (ex. airborne infantry, demolitions) just his nationality becuase Wayans may actually have put on a good screen test.


    For every Joe 'fan' that boycotts the movie 10 little kids will be in line with their dads. Really this movie isn't for us; it's for the kids, same as the toys that I am sure everybody will #$#@# about will be.


    And there is the flaw with the talking with your wallet theory. go ahead, boycott the movie, for everyone 1 person that doesnt go becuase of the "ruining of my childhood/favorite character" reasoning there will be 5 people going just becuase they vaguely remember gijoe and are excited about it. and then there are people like me who are going to go see it numerous times in theaters to see ray park kick the living @%$# out of someone becuase they cast the right person to play him.


    I think I erased more then a few fellow transfans who talked with thier wallet by seeing the movie 3 times in theaters and buying the dvd 2 disc.


    And this whole agrument about "staying true to the source material" is really ridiculous. Which source material would you like. in the cartoon duke and Scarlett were an item, in the comics it was SE/Scarlett. in the comics the whole Snake Eyes/Storm shadow thing is a major plot point, in the cartoon I dont think they ever actually fight. I think Spirit actually had more run ins with him than SE.


    If they want to change the nationality of Ripcord.....OK, I know ripcord has alot of fans but he only had 1 figure made of him (two if you count halo jumper). He had a decent part in the comics, but wasnt a major character in most of the cartoons.

    And as for comedy not being a part of the gi joe stories...one again...in which source? in the cartoon, we had the great "the Viper is coming" episode, Bazooka (token goofball on the team right them), and a cobra plot to write cobra commanders face on the moon that ended with a smiley face on it....wow, theres realism for you, a smiley face on the moon.


    The last 50 comics in the Marvel run had transformers, the ninja force, the brain wave scanner, dr mindbender being cloned, cant argue with the hard core realism there. I cant wait to see a movie based on all of that source material.


    ok, end of rant, just remember, be careful what you wish for. you want them to give you a movie true to the source, you might just get it. or maybe, just maybe, they change things and leave things out for a good reason.

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