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  1. My dude came through, I finally got em! These are awesome! I think the one I wanted the most was Smoke but Ermac has definitely hit that special spot altho his green orbs dont clasp together super tightly and tend to fall apart. Overall tho Im really glad I was able to get them. He also included the Storm 2018-2019 catalog which has some neat stuff in it. It even shows some stuff I didnt realize were coming.. One of which is after Kazuya they are doing Jin and Devil Jin for Tekken 7. I also didnt realize they have the license for Gears 5 which could be very interesting. The catalog also officially states they are doing World Heroes as well. I m pretty sure this showed up at the same time as Samurai Showdown but Sam Sho got the announcement and World Heroes had no mention.
  2. Well its just like how it is with human doctors. They want that scratch no matter what. Warmth is also a big thing when they like to nestle but the familiar smell helps. Haha NAH DAH. I hope it does work tho, cuz I do plan to buy that bloody noob and I dont want to have all my guys BUT one be bloody. I hope for $70 success. For me Im ok with bc I dont want it but Im hoping its not a show of what to expect of things to come with future releases of theirs. They said the bloody Rain and Smoke are BBTS exclusive in general as well as the bloody Goro. BBTS is trying to take over the etailer distribution of Storm stuff. Their MK line also seems to be where the most people seem drawn to since those characters havent had much of an action figure representation in a long time. Entertainment Earth has a few of the MK figs but since Goros release date announcement and then their announcement of the bloody version being exclusive it seems BBTS may have cracked a deal with storm. So its pushing storm to push the bloody versions to retail more. Both doomsdays are nice. I ll sell whatever I find that Im willing to part with. I typically keep my accessories well controlled but some of my legends stuff are scattered with the figs and sometimes I forget about the accessory and sell it and later find them and be like CRAP! I gipped them! I had a jazzwares Reptile based on the Shaolin Monks design that I sold and later found his extra head I forgot about. It was kind of like, well what the hell am I going to do with this now? I feel like you only experience the bad parts if you are with someone thats not right for you. Because there is always a honeymoon stage and all that happiness and fun. I see, just sit back and watch the world burn haha. Your definition suits it better. Typically it just means giving up and taking whatever you can get and not trying to look for the best outcome. Yeah dating when you are in your 30s is rough. Bars are awful to meet people, tinder is just there for booty calls and theres online dating which can lead to catfishes.. Its not like when I was younger and you had mutual friends and or hang out areas and things to do that girls did too. Im not a big hook up person as well, rather have good conversation than good booty.. or is it good conversation THEN good booty.. both are good. You shut your mouth! My cyber boys will be widely distributed and untainted by blood i mean oil splotches! The price was definitely not something that drew me in haha.. it waas more like oh my then i look at the price OH MY... GOD THATS HIGH! And I hesitated at first until i saw sub and I said eff it git em! And here I am, a few hundred dollars lighter and a few more figures heavier.
  3. Mods arent typically available in multiplayer games.. that would be called hacks and thats also fairly controlled.... unless you are playing GTA Online.. then its completely balls to the wall all over. I would agree when it comes to that kind of thing, it can be a bit annoying. But again Ive only really had these kind of things in GTAO. I have not witnessed anything in my other multiplayer games except in gta. Not even in my fighters. I also never see pirated games online. I follow that scene and its usually the minute they log in, they are caught and banned or cant even log in to begin with. You can indeed edit the files and do with the games what you will if you are knowledgable in that dept but you cant take that #$## online. Mods are typically for your own thing most commonly in skyrim and fallout for examples. Ive played man Mugen games hehe. Theres actually been a few really good homebrew games based on Mugen. One in particular is a DBZ game thats really done well. Mugen is also made to be Unbalanced and out of control. Theres actually a website where they run mugen online and take fake bets on them called saltybet.com. Its hilarious. Also in any game, you cant see the mods unless you yourself have them so any nude mods that you see, you had to have downloaded them to even view them in game. I dont do mods at all, but I like taht they are there if I so wanted them to be. For like costume mods they can be great because some may improve upon what was originally made like originally someone made a mod of Birdie that was younger less fat self. Theres others that cross licenses which will like turn Ken into a power ranger and stuff like that. It adds more fun if you so choose to do it. Also for me I enjoy playing the games as they were meant to be played but having the option of mods is great. Like I play skyrim pretty much mod free but I did do one where my companion doesnt die because she kept dying and I couldnt bring her back. Stuff like that can save a game from being unfun. You really have a funny mindset haha.
  4. Im no pro myself. Im kind of an in between casual and hardcore player. I learn the games but I dont dedicate my life to them and Im very big on their lore and character designs. Fighting games have always been my go to favorite genre in video games. Nowadays tho the FG scene is all about competition and going balls out.. which isnt my bag. I am kind of like you, I do it for fun and to unwind but I do like to be competitive alittle from time to time. I also enjoy the single player content like the story modes even tho afterwards they just feel hollow. I have to say I think MK9 did the best of the story modes. Injustice ones arent terrible but not worth a second playthrough. MKX wasnt bad either really. Oh and DOA will have tiddie focus. They are just playing that like they are trying to be all mature and take a different route, they arent. DOA6 looks more of the same and they still have the physics in there. I think what it is is since this is a new game, its not starting out overtly sexualized .... YET. These are their default costumes not their sexy nurses and sexy maids and #$## like that. I mean DOA5s main slogan was "Im a FIGHTER"... like its serious but we all saw where that game went. That game series is stupid. haha.
  5. There were some injustice figures back when the first game came out but they were dreadful and im not sure if they were just 3.75in or if they were also 6 inch.. all i remember is they were atrocious looking.
  6. Whoa whoa whoa... having games on your pc doesnt mean you pirate them. They have established DRM/ libraries where you can access your games and have the pride of ownership. I get having a pirated game and it feeling like a hollow thing and not something that has value. I pirate games to try them out and to use that to ensure the games on my wishlist are going to be what i like. Ive pirated games originally just to play them and not pay for them but usually if i put so many hours into them, I end up buying them anyways. I did that for Fallout 4 when it first came out, put in 30 hours and said im done until I buy it and I did. I definitely dont understand the notion of free online multiplayer vs paid. Its a service that was always free from the start and these companies decided its time their players became payers and they only sweeten the deal by adding a few incentive 'free' games when you do. Playing on pc isnt like setting up a server to play a game or anything, altho thats something you can do for just about any game. Newer games act exactly like they do on console except you arent paying double to play them online like you do for console. I even can use my 360 controllers (which I do) to play on pc.. but you can also use PS3/4 and xbox one controllers too, another reason I enjoy pc since that stuff works I dont have to buy new hardware to game. Thats so weird to think that would be any less value, if anything you are paying TOO much for it. Also most console games these days are glorified drm install discs. They are just there to have spin in your console to let the company know you actually indeed own that title and then proceed to install updates and run it. I understand physical media is great and I enjoy owning them too. Having mostly digital stuff anymore has its ups and downs. More physical space is a pro but not having the cool art and non instruction manual and drm disc kind of sucks? but not really since they are a shell of what they used to be.. I can also install these games and bring my computer somewhere or if i had a laptop, take those games with me without actually physically hauling them. I also dont have many friends that dont already have the new games and most are married so they just do that all on their own time and dont have as much time to game except for the ones they already have. Its playable solo but you are still going to be online and still have people in your server. You can mute them tho which basically makes them disappear in your world but they are still there. Its true there are no human npcs. You get most of your quests from mr handys and other robot type creatures as well as logs etc. Its more desolate and less lived in than the previous games. The games main focus tho is playing with other players. The main interaction with other players is mostly co op based and if you want to, fight them. You cant just get quests from random players or anything. The story is also more told in logs and stuff you have to read rather than just talking to people which I dont like. Cancel what one? Rain? Goro is indeed hitting next month. He technically already hit as he was sold at NYCC last week. Violent Ken and Evil Ryu were also premiered and sold at NYCC. Basically all the stuff they are bringing out for the rest of the year was sold at NYCC first. I cant believe how much V Ken and E Ryu are.. and they dont really look that great. Too bulky to me and they tower over the ninjas which is so effing weird.
  7. EvilHayato

    Storm Collectibles NYCC 2018 Exclusive Smoke Review

    I cant wait for Tuesday! haha This guy was already on my radar since his announcement and since release I love that they gave him a metallic shine more than just a grey color. Gives a very unique feel to the character and a much more appropriate smokey look.
  8. They are definitely much larger than they are in the game. Darkseid is a bit large in the game but Lobo is pretty much just a bit above average in size/height compared to the cast. These may be 2 ups meaning they are double the size of what they will be after production. Im also not sure if they really use each licenses size universally. The Street Fighter V and MK figures seems to be very off when next to eachother imo.
  9. Aww yeahhh I just got a notice from my buddy that mah ninjas are comin on tuesday. Consider me excited!
  10. That sneezing and snot stuff was actually what my last cat was. She just died in June. A reason why have these babies now. She was the first cat I really had inside for a majority of her life so I got close to her. She kept projectile sneezing and I had taken her to the vet a few times and they never gave me a solid answer. One of the times they even offered some kind of blood testing for leukemia for $1000 and im like does this cat look like shes dying? gtfo. She lived til she was 15 but I never really knew what went on with her. One day she had a severe inner ear infection and then a week or so later shes got some kind of mental problem that caused her to become bed ridden and eventually starve herself until she died. Cats when they get a bond with us, love our crotch smells. Its our main scent area i suppose. My cats from my past and present all love laying in my clothes. Im hoping that when you get them, you will just accept them and learn to enjoy their inclusion more than wish they were clean. I know what you mean about not missing out. Who knows if they ll be treated like Scorpion, Sub, and Reptile and just go out of stock and never return. My collection will forever be incomplete without Scorpion in it. My dude is setting up sending the figs to me so I should have them soon. If I get them before you I can tell you if smokes painted or not. I have alot of the MOTUC 200X line. I havent checked those to see if they have the same problem as theyve been in storage for a while. I dont really own any of the classics except for Skeletor who was in a 2 pack with Lex Luthor. Well they are a Hong Kong seller so we get import prices and isnt treated like a normal distribution. Kind of like a specialty figure company. I m not a fan of the high prices tho.. and they only seem to be getting larger. If the prices of the KOs are muuuch cheaper, id almost say its worth buying one to see the quality. Ive heard this is the same with some Marvel Legends KOs too. The difference is very very minimal. If they KO the MK figs Imma get me a SCORPION! The one holding the cape. And yeah they are all really nice. I wanted his containment suit one really bad but I was happy with the normal doomsday too. The new one is neat but its the new 52 version and that series of figures is awful. I bet alot of their exclusives have been selling out, especially since they are so focused on them now. I think these guys think they can get away with anything. People are buying up our figures like crazy?! Raise the price higher! Lets get even more money without paying for distribution by making main characters and unique molds exclusives and raise the price even higher! I feel like they are getting more and more greedy with every release and this abundance of exclusives is really unheard of for any company, especially a relatively new one. If they sold out in minutes, maaaannn Im glad my buddy grabbed mine day one and in the morning! Ha join me in selling stuff to pay for other stuff! I mean its not like single life isnt a lonely life. I also feel what you mean, its like that whole being a rich person with fake or no friends or being poor and having a large loving family. You can have all the stuff in the world but it wont replace people in your life. Sometimes people suck tho, especially girls. And not in the good way. XD Also tho settling can also be a waste as you are just settling for whatevers in front of you even if they may not be right for you even with history. If she really wants it, she also has to work for it. Cant be a 1 way street. I would agree, you need new blood in your life. The person you are with should make you happy, not miserable. Haha yeah I saw the picture and knew it was their first proto with Scorpion and Goro. Those were their first attempts and Im really glad they improved upon them. I guess we ll see what the future holds with this con exclusive nonsense of theirs. They damn well better not put Cyber Smoke as an exclusive.. or hell any of the ninjas... they can do cyber sub if they want, hes not really canon to me so idgaf..
  11. Honestly Street Fighter was never about large combos. Most combos in the games can only really get up to the teens and if you are good can get higher but its nto a common thing. The Capcom VS games however were more arcadey which had very high combo numbers. Tekken has never really been high number combos either. The games have always had their staple 10 hit combos and if you were good could get alittle more but not really any higher. Tekken has been pretty much the same since the beginning with a few new additions in each update. New to T7 is a comeback mechanic which is essentially a glorified super move and a really good combo starter for those that know what they are doing. Ironically Tekken and DOA and VF games are very very very similar. One of the only differences is the level of counter concentration. VF is ALLL counters, DOA is partially counters and Tekken has them but its not a focus. I know why you like DOA its the fluidity of 'that' animation. I love alot about MK but the games gameplay hasnt always been the most fun. Everything else in them have always been top of the line. id say MK9 and MKX really improved on MKs gameplay immensely. MK1-Trilogy were great but awful single player CPU. The PS2 games had neat features but were awful overall.
  12. One of the great things about playing games on PC is you can always find them cheap (cheaper) even on day one. I just preordered Soulcalibur 6 yesterday for $45. Not a terrible price. Im going to wait and see how the early reviews say about Fallout 76 but I can get that for $42 so I may be able to hit that up to if it isnt terrible. Im also waiting on my buddy to tell me the total so I can pay him as well. I also want to have enough to snag Goro next month. That ll pretty much be it for me in buying stuff for myself for the year.
  13. insert "but why?" gif here. Also he looks nothing like Jeff Goldblum. Bad sculpt is baaaaaddd.
  14. Yeah it was pretty gross, but goddamn that cat was the best cat Ive ever had. He would follow me up to the bus stop and would be there when the bus dropped me off to walk me home. The most loyal cat Ive ever had. The 'cat butt' as my dad called it was his only bad point and it wasnt often, just from time to time thankfully. Ha one of my cats likes to sleep in between my legs.. not so much my crotch, just the boundary of my legs haha. Yeah Ive noticed the bloody reptile too.. but alot of the times its a bloody scorpion or sub zero. Ha I suppose if you have the funds it comes down to risk and time.. is it worth your time to try to get the blood out or just buy the overly priced regular editions? Only you can prevent forest fires! haha Its a very common thing. When I first noticed it, I looked online and thats just about everyone that owns a mattel figure. I had it on the classic bruce timm 3.45in figs and the dcuc ones. I think they got better plastic tho because my Doomsday from the last dcuc release is just fine and hes a few years old now (and a damn fine figure to boot). The cutting corners is true its nothing new.. hell technically even storm does it by using the same molds even if they are appropriate to the source material. And look how many more we get that reuse molds coming. They dont do many new molds at all so far. Well now you can get the other version thats exclusive to ShangHai con or whatever its called! HOORAY! haha. Im really clueless to why shes so elusive as well. Maybe a delayed release. If they do that, Im really worried for what they will do later. They dont follow any real plan, it seems like they are just like oh sh!t demand is high on this, lets make it exclusive and get all the money and not have to sell it to stores and make it so they HAVE to buy directly from us! This exclusivity nonsense is getting out of hand and kind of pissing me off. Thankfully most so far of their exclusives I m not dying to get orrr I was already able to obtain via my friend. Ive thankfully been alot more motivated as of late. Mostly due to the fact that I found my wallet that I had lost for 2 days and was a wreck worried about it. Now Im trying to fill more of my day out with productivity. (SIDENOTE: I didnt mean to sound like I dont like this chick or even know her, just even the idea of doing an open relationship tells me everything I need to know for me when it comes to a girl Im dating also dont mean any disrespect as I dont know the girl or have known her for so long) Dating is friggin rough and it only gets harder as you get older. Its alot more awkward and alot less fun and more like a business transaction. I cant do that, I want something real, if I cant find that then meh, single life is fine too. But relationships in general are work. They require cooperation and openness to ever work out. If someone isnt open and caring then the relationship will crumble. There is no room for selfishness in it either. Ive seen alot of relationships where the girl gets everything she wants and the guy just sucks it up and it shouldnt be a one way kind of thing. Things I hate the most in a person are ego, selfishness and liars. All traits that are all about themselves. See, if I cant be with a girl thats not open and tell me everything and know that I care and understand, then shes not really worth having. If a chick I just met is like I like being with multiple guys and cant settle for just me, Id say cool well theres one less guy for you, im out. If my D isnt enough, then I dont want them to begin with. Its kind of like a double edged sword with this whole openness youre saying. Its like I dont mind she told me shes going to bang my brother, at least she told me now instead of doing it behind my back! what a trooper she is! XD Honesty is great for sure but having some boundaries and being understanding that a relationship isnt about just themselves is another. I hope you do figure it out, things like this can drive people mad are girls are complicated sometimes. They painted Goros back and really they havent had any true reasons to paint much of their MK figures besides their blood splatters haha. I would imagine Motaro will take alooot of tooling to get it to look right. They took years to perfect Goro. Im sure Sheeva will be the same as well altho I think she ll probably be pretty easy now that they got the whole 4 arm thing figured out. It will be interesting to see if they actually release anything outside of MK2/3 ever.. im curious if they ll do the MK3 costumes for the ninjas haha. DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN BRO.

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