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  1. Well it is based off a game that has alot of blood as its main attraction. The regular versions are very pg, so the special editions that add blood are for people that like essentially the battle damaged versions. I personally prefer them standard and unaltered. These are also usually the last to go so it allows those that missed out on the standard versions to at least grab them. The only thing that baffles me is to make it store exclusive. They dont sell nearly as fast as the regular versions so why limit it with where they are bought?
  2. Its possible since they have both Ultra SF2 and SFV however I think they will only do the characters that are exclusive to USF2 and not the same ones that are in SFV. It seems the same mold is being used for Violent Ken as it was for SFV Ryu and Akuma so I wouldnt hold out on any real difference with them making a SF2 iteration. Id like a SF2 Akuma but since they did the "nostalgia" costume from SFV, I highly doubt that will come about.
  3. Definitely interesting but glad its one I can pass on so that I can save for others that are releasing around the same time.
  4. Interesting, making a special bloody edition be a specific stores exclusive now. Im ok with this as I tend to go for the more pure version of the characters as opposed to the variants. Similar to when SOTA brought out its street fighter line back in the 00s, I only bought their player 1 original colors and never dipped into the other color variations unless I already had the 1p first. Typically the actual alternate character variations like cannon spike cammy, dark sakura, and shin akuma for examples. Looking forward to when this beast officially releases!
  5. EvilHayato

    2018 SDCC - Storm Collectibles Display

    I hope they start adding more gore effects with these figs. At least more fatalityesque effects. I enjoy how Reptiles and Subzeros accessories kind of go well with eachother. Such great figs, my wallet is going to be crying the next few years. I cant wait til we get more characters from Tekken 7, namely my boy Jack and some other favorites. Also cant wait for Iori, Terry and Rugal for KOF98. Im hoping they make a more SF2 version of Akuma and that Nostalgia SFV version isnt counted as THAT version. It makes me think that just the "exclusive variation" characters are going to be made ala Violent Ken and Evil Ryu only. I suppose we ll see. They are really great figures. I have Shao Kahn, Reptile and Sub zero and they are some of the best figures for the price that I own. I dont regret spending the money with how they have turned out. Also Mortal Kombat seems to be their only license that seems to cover the whole series unlike Tekken 7, King of Fighters 98, Ultra Street Fighter 2, and Street Fighter V. Considering the figures theyve shown have covered MK1 through 3 as well as a prototype of Scorpion from MKX. I think we ll be seeing alot of MK figures for a LOOOOONNNGGG time so I think its a safe bet you ll get your MK9 ninjas. you may want to act quick, hes been out for like 6 months and hes sold out just about everywhere. The only way you can really get him now is i think BBTS and its the special edition where they are bloodied up.
  6. I havent been active on this forum for some time and just recently started back since its new revamp-ness. I just went to that forum topic and it seems we have very similar tastes with their products. I really hope the females turn out well as Kitana was my main in MK2 vs my brothers who was Mileena. But I wont be sad if they dont come out great as it will just allow me to save some money for their other stuff. Namely all the cybers.
  7. They showed his full fig at SDCC this year. I was sadly not impressed however Ive never been much of a fan of that look for Subby. The female ninjas also looked alittle off to me. Im sure once they get into production and finalized they come out awesome. I m very intrigued to see how they will pull off the female body. They did Chun Li from Street Fighter and she didnt look bad except for how shes originally designed with her awkwardly sized thighs but thats source accurate so thats not on Storm.
  8. Im an avid fighting game fan and Storms figs are just the cream of the crop. This and marvel legends this year alone are burning so many holes in my wallet. Its beautiful and sad all at once. I cant wait for the Cyber Ninjas and Baraka! They looked amazing at SDCC this year.
  9. There is no way any of the Storm figs will ever go on clearance. They always sell out and are in limited quantities. If you dont want to pay out the butt prices, grab him when you can. Hes a spectacular piece and excellent background for a mk setup like i have mine. Exactly why I wanted him with that throne its just too perfect. If you are ever on the fence with a Storm fig, I highly highly suggest grabbing them if you can afford them then or else never see them again.
  10. They already made like 3 Ryu variations based off of Street Fighter V. This one is based off his new revision of his evil persona based of the Nintendo Switch game Ultra Street Fighter 2.
  11. To be honest, Rugal wasnt a staple character in most of the KOF, FF, and AoF games.. He was primarily a boss in the earlier KoF games so I can see why some people arent familiar with him. Also all these figs are based off the KoF 98 game which is one of the most highly regarded KoF games ever made. Im super stoked for him altho saddened by that pricetag but I will find a way to get him, Iori and Terry. Those are my favorite characters in the series so only right to grab em. I wonder if they will do a Mai and if she ll look right. Their Kitana and Mileena figs look alittle off to me so it will be interesting to see how they do female bodies.
  12. EvilHayato

    Marvel BaF swap thread

    Does anyone have an Abomination Head? I have misc baf parts mostly from Absorbing man, Rhino and one from Giant man to trade.
  13. EvilHayato

    Video Game Thread.

    You know what the best thing about PC gaming is? aside from full customization, you dont have to pay to play your games online. no PS+ or Xbox Gold crap. I dont miss that.
  14. EvilHayato

    Video Game Thread.

    So this page is dead again.. profound sadness... well those that are alive in here I did get Titanfall 2 and man is is awesome. Heres hoping steam winter sale is as good as autumn, I just may bite on Fallout 4 and Doom if it hits 20(and below) again. Also MARVEL VS CAPCOM (4) INFINITE WAS ANNOUNCED AHHHHHH!! AND ITS COMING TO PC AHHH!H!!! also ULTIMATE MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3 ANNOUNCED FOR STEAM TOO!! AHHHHH im so happy. Man I love PC gaming so much. and Tekken 7 coming to Steam next year too.. its going to be a good year for me.
  15. Abom Marvel Legends wave is friggin $34 wo witch on amazon! was going to pass on it but that price is too good! i havent seen new ML figures that low since what? 2003?!?

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    2. EvilHayato


      Also why is it impossible to find a ghost rider for under $30? everything else that was hard to get was 20 and under.. aside from deadpool and even he went to 8 on walmarts site for like 4 secs.

    3. yojoebro82


      GR went up in price recently. He stayed $20 for a long time when he first came out. There is the occasional character that is not going to hit these rock bottom prices.

    4. EvilHayato


      one of those would be carnage.. man was i glad i got him when he was on the shelves.. oiii.. his price just keeps going up and up and up.


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