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  1. I feel like these figures look better in person but they arent that interesting to me. I enjoy the game they are based off of and really prefer we get titanfall figs instead, but they are kind of have similarities. Glad to see they are getting more tho.
  2. Sad to say it, Im a sucker for zombies.. but when its done well.. Walking dead was kind of good at the start but got seriously boring from like season 2 on.. but im also a sucker for horror movies that have a bunch of kids get together to get super killed by a monster/killer/etc. and thats been played to death but damnit i love it.
  3. Well no coincidence we got Sky(dance)Net(flix) working on a new terminator XD.. Terminator hasnt really been good for a long time now.. hope they get better. Maybe this is a good step.
  4. Good eye, I didnt even fully read the description as I assumed they would take a normal approach to the property and actually do like a death race/ post apocalyptic type approach. Now I literally have no hope for it to be anything but cancelled. Why they gotta treat my boy so bad?!
  5. The companies that did the CG movies have better vision and better direction. Live action movies, they hire directors with big visions of the property that have no real concept of the games and want to turn it into a different experience. They dont see doing the same story or retelling the games narrative as interesting. They see it as heres some interesting characters, the title alone sells tickets, lets make a new scenario thats kind of in that universe with our little tweaks and go ham on everything else. The CG productions are usually done in house or with a studio that knows where to take
  6. Weaponlord had some of the most phenomenal backgrounds in a fighting game ive ever seen. The whole production was done by a comic artist that I cant recall their name at the moment. It had some mortal kombat levels of apocalyptic barbarian times. I really wished they wouldve pushed a second but the first was hitting around the end of the 16 bit era and it wouldve been a bigger travesty if they wouldve went the 32bit polygonal route. Not many games of that era really stood the test of time and are easy to go back to. At least with 2d, it still looks pretty aesthetically. One thing
  7. Kristin Kreuk was definitely nice to look at. She felt sleepy the whole time. I wonder if they just had some sweet fat checks and phoned it all in. The RE movies arent terrible, hell I enjoyed them for what they were. I had to turn off being a big resident evil fan to enjoy most of them tho. The first was good, it felt like a horror film and had a bangin soundtrack. After that they are just like heres our new OC Alice, shes so badass guys, watch her kick mutant/zombie butt in stylish and weird ways that dont always make sense physically. I enjoyed when theyd introduce a familiar characte
  8. After seeing it side by side with the original, Im definitely glad I have the original. This would be a good alternative if I couldnt find the original tho. I like it but seeing it in normal lighting shows how much its less of than the first one. It is cool to have a darker basic version of him tho and he would be very suitable for a less animated, more realistic look for him.
  9. Well the gen snes era was rough because of lack of hardware capabilities. Arcade was still king so anything ported over was going to be hacked to bits to fit on those carts. Tourney fighters was something different, it wanted to be an arcade fighter that had nothing based off of it from the arcade. Alot of fighting games of that era were just arcade ports, which is why most were severely lacking in majority of areas. Weaponlord was an original title that was extremely ambitious for the time, first game to have parries and a deep set of mechanics. It even had combo fatalities XD. But programmin
  10. I pretty much knew Sol would be first. Hes basically the game series Ryu or Scorpion. Sol I expect to be after him as hes like the Ken, Sub Zero. And im fine with that. What im sad about is its based on Strive, which is missing some of my favorite characters from the games past. I guess thats good, I ll save money and have some guilty gear figs representing. Stoked for these nonetheless!
  11. I m still boggled they cast the dude from black eyed peas to play Vega.... and not even dress like a matador.. he was just pretty much playing himself with a mask and a claw.. it was so bad.. and on top of that, all the acting was bad. Fun story, I worked at a movie theatre at the time it came out and I screened it before hand.. about 85% in, the film burned up... ive screened countless movies before this and never have i seen that happen. We spliced it back and I kept 3 frames of the movie to commemorate the travesty that that film is. I d also like to know why the hell the Resident Evil movi
  12. I find it amazing how far NECAs gone with their predator license. Its insane how many different predators they have produced. And yeah I know they do alot of reuse and repaint, but i cant believe they are still going strong with the license.
  13. At least with newer movies, I feel like they are at least trying alittle harder and at least putting things that came from the games. They still are inept at portraying these licenses in live action but theres some semblance of the properties. I think the first Mortal Kombat is by far the best live action adaptation of a video game because you could see the heart that was put into it. It followed the source material fairly well while adding new elements that worked for it. Also that soundtrack was amazing. Uwe Boll is just a maniac that had no concept of reality in general. Sometimes I wonder
  14. I definitely know what you mean about the controls, most of the older fighting games for a LONG time had awful controls (cough* rise of the robots *cough).. Alot of them did not age well. Tournament fighters at least had the right aesthetic. SNES namely. Also theres a reason most people didnt even know TF was on nes, myself included (for years). I used to love a game called Weaponlord on the gen/snes era of games.. i still do bc nostalgia, but that game is an pure example of hard to play due to clunkiness and unresponsiveness. I would love to see how tournament fighters translates to neca figu
  15. Being an avid fighting game fanatic, I dont mind playing them but there are so many fighting games that its not one I go back to ever and only in novelty more than anything. I dont recall the games to ever really be amazing but definitely unique in that the turtles were in a fighting game! Snes was easily the winner but genesis had some great characters. Also there was a nes tournament fighters that had hothead as an exclusive character which blows my mind. Would be interesting if they do those characters if they do do a tourney fighters line.
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