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    What ever catches my eye.I collect alot.Its been a life passion for me.

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Hello ladies & gentlemen & childern of all ages.Glad to see you.Welcome to my world where the inpossible is possible with me.Where you can figure out anything & everything about me.I live in my own world.My name is Tyler(gambit19896 )Spence. I am I am 21. I am a member of TNI(gambit19896) some people mite know me as that. I think I am an all around nice good person under this ruff exterior, but be careful about what bottons you push on me because I can also get very mad. I am a very strong person on the inside. I will always tell you how i feel regardless...the truth & speak my mind even if someone doesn't like it. Don't judge me,my family or friends intell you have walk in my shoes or live one day of my life &,this i promise, you will fall to your knees get lost & fail if you try too.The reason I say that is because I have been threw hell and back with my health. I have a rare stomack diease that noone else in the world has,I am one of a kind. I am so sick that that my body stop growing at 4 foot 6 & also all the meds I have to take stop it too.So it either be small or be dead you choose. I don't mind nicknames but DO not call me a midget or I will go as crazy as a monkey on mountain Dew.My ammion system attacks my whole stomack.The best way to put it is I have ALL the stomack dieases combine as 1,10 times worse. Im the Johnny Depp in the medical world.My diease now attacks my joints,nerves,body tissue & the rest of my body & causes me great pain & hurts so bad that sometimes i cant walk & I need help. I am also not aloud to drive because my body passes out on me sometimes at least once a week & its just not safe for me. However I do get around very easy. Because of pain & passing out problumes I dont leave the house at all if that. & if I do go out the pain gets unbearable.I have also crack my back over 10 times so i have terrible lower back pain all the time.I'v been put on life support & survive things normal people dont.I have a new sense of fearlessness based on my medical & being on lifesupport . I think the way my life works is crazy. Things that have happen that i or anyone can ever quite figure out why they do. I have alot of support in my life & everyone in my life has to live the same thing just from a differnt point of view. My life is hard to live but i get threw it everyday. I dont smoke or drink(like i need too anyways with everything i have going on) .I used to smoke hooka at one time but, everytime i did i got sick & my heart rate would get out of control so i dont do it anymore & one time it got as high as a heart attack but thankfully I didnt have one. I dont drink either because most of the time the stuff people drink is made with flower or wheat. If anyone who reads this has celiac diease let me know.I cant have gluten.Gluten can be found in wheat,flower,malt & oats.I am also somewhat lactose intalerant.. I love being with friends when im healthy & feel 100%.However now as a i get older & my diease is getting worse I spend most of it with whoever is at the house with me. I live with my mom,dad,sister,2 dogs,people are over all the time but most of the time i like the house to myself or just with my family or if my unkle comes over. You like me or you hate me its to you its either one & I don't care. I am single & I dont care.I have only had 1 girlfriend in my life and she dump me because she didnt like wrestling & i did but she liked Nascar & i didnt.So she broke up with me. I learned that if you dont care & girls know that you dont care you get swarm with them(I should start thinking about myself. Making my own self happy.Stop trying to be like others. However most inportant of all stop acting like I need someone to make me happy).Now dont get me wrong I am looking for a cute girl who has the same intrest or some what same intrest (maybe like collecting Barbie or a serten character) as me but most of the time I would just perfur to cuddle up & watch a good movie with no strings attach. However I do fall in love quickly so you have been warned(lol)(Why can't we give love that one more chance,'Cause love's such an old fashioned word And love dares you to care for The people on the edge of the night And loves dares you to change our way of Caring about ourselves) I cant stand men who abuse woman phsycaly and mentally. I cant even watch movies or anything that deals with woman getting rape. I have great respect for woman.I'm a wild and crazy kid that loves & has many hobbies. My biggest hobbie in life is collecting action figures I am a total dork,geek,nerd,completely over the edge super geek whatever you wanna call me i dont care. My room is filled with them.IV been collecting scence the age of 2 they have been in my life forever and they have gotton me threw hard times. (most fig lovers I know are artistic and have great imagination. I think it is innocent fun, and that it beats the hell out of getting drunk every night or doing some crack! There are others like me. We're out there . . . fear us. lol) I enjoy watching movies i love all types,Horror & sci-fi are my favorites tho & anything that does not deal with real life inless its comedy & I only watch comedy movies once or twice because after that i dont find the jokes funny anymore because you know whats going to happen. I also love tv,comics,music,texting,internet,& fighting video games & anything monster horror related.I also collect DVDs,posters,music & comics (if you are planning on getting rid of anything i collect let me know i will take it off your hands for free or I"ll pay you all depends),& I know pretty much everything there is to know about Orlando theme parks like Universal Orlando Resort & Walt Disney World.Most of what I know is about the park.Where everything is & behind the scenes like how everything works.(Im sure you didnt know there was a secret way to enter Pirates of the Carribeann that leads you to the front.Goodluck finding it tho.I also love Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando & know alot about that too I enjoy the performing arts but i would rather be behind the scenes doing lighting,music,props & details. I love the myths & legends of vampires,Bloody Mary & sleepy hollow.I am a true beliver in ghost,the lockness monster & im starting to belive in aliens alittle too.It's sad to admit that people are judgmental now a days,I am a friendly person so I don't care who I meet,Im not a fan of perverted jokes or things but i do understand being sexual is a part of life.I have a great family if you hurt my sister,My mom or dad and or my dogs ill make sure you pay. I will hurt you and your face or at least die trying.Alot of my friends dont live near me but i see them alot and talk to them alot, If your friends leave you,let them leave.However you never leave them & be thankful for who you have.I do alot of things with my life and i follow my own beating drum and noone elses but some people think i follow them and i dont, i do what i want when I want to do it. I do not like too be label as a prep,goth,punk,wigger,or anything else I am who I am and if you dont like that well bite me I dont care. People have tried to change who I am, or who I wanna be. All I can say is..... Psh Goodluck! You will fail. I do not like sports Please do not include me in your social talk of Football,Baseball,basketball,hockey or basically any other sport because quite frankly I have no interest in hearing it and I will not understand what goes on in the sport since I never had any interest to follow it in the beginning that also includes movies,tv,movies or anything dealing with sports I also will not discuss politics with you I would say to you what I just said about sports. Music I do love music its another big part of my life rock & pop are my favorite but i listin to anything but hard rap,screamo,country. Music is about energy, expression, emotion, it's about how it makes you feel. i don't know about you, but i have all kinds of feelings and never feel just one way all the time & music diversity reflects that. I am very opened minded too anything or anyone. My favorite color is blue.I love being creative with whatever comes my way that needs to be creative. I hate being outside during hot weather and I hate too sweat inless i am swimming I love to be in water.I wanna be on Big Brother. I have been on MTV MADE.My sister was MADE into a body builder.I love my ps2 & PS3.I am a Sony playstation kind of guy. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 & 3 & Mortal Kombat vs DC are my favorites. I enjoy fighting games the most.. I love playing video games but I suck most of the time & i dont play alot to begin with(lol).If,you want to know more about me AIM me AT gambit19896 im on all the time & I love when people ask me questions so ask me anything & everything.Hope to talk too you soon.@gambit@

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