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  1. Here ya' Go:








    Nice Work!!

    I looked thru your Flickr. You should post the rest of your stuff.



    i use photobucket. go to photobucket.com, and sign up. once you've signed up, you can now upload pics.




    I think Flickr will work too….

  2. I can get-

    HML 2-Packs

    LCBH 2-packs

    LCBH series 1 (all of them)

    HFF (all except Sue, Namor, Mole Man)


    HML Brood-



    Hydra (Need Multiples)

    McFarlane Sportspicks NFL 16-

    Oilers McNair

    Surprise Insert Steelers Faneca

    Twisted Christmas Mrs. Claus


    Castlevania Succbus


    I'm in Georgia for those who want to know about shipping....

  3. That Wolverine is Dave Cockrum:

    Google Image Cockrum Wolverine


    Here's my take on the rest:

    Triton Kirby

    Reed Kirby

    Cap Kirby

    Surfer Buscema


    Falcon Kirby

    Spidey Romita Sr.

    Hulk Kirby(?)

    Karnak Kirby


    Thor Kirby(??)

    Thing Kirby

    Black Bolt Kirby

    Gorgon Kirby


    Panther Kirby

    Torch Kirby (???)

    Sgt. Fury Kirby

    Wolverine Dave Cockrum


    But I've only been collecting comics since 1975, so what do I know? ;):P

    Oh- Nice Shirt....

  4. ml11 body with the ninja strike head.


    Ah, thanks. I was always curious if it was possible to remove the jacket from that character. Was it hard to do?


    The Jacket comes off easy enough. But the torso is all black underneath.


    You have to repaint the flesh & T-shirt.

  5. As a life long CapFan, I have to say…..


    ….I don't know. I'll have to reserve judgment 'till I see the product.


    I was talking about this with my son last night. I'm still MAJOR pissed that they killed off Steve Rogers. And I still think it has a lot to do with the political affiliations of the people that run things at Marvel (but that's a whole 'nother post).


    Brubaker is an awesome writer & I will continue to pick up the series.


    Here's the link to the whole story:


    Cap Lives


    About the gun:


    "A gun?! Indeed! "In talking to Alex, I immediately hit it off with him," says Brubaker. "We were referencing the same eras of Captain America and I immediately saw that his initial design was referencing the '40s movie serial costume design."



    And it was already stated in a previous news release about the Return storyline that the Cap from the past would not be staying in the present.



    Personally I would like to see Clint become the new Captain America, but it will most likely be Bucky.



    So here's an Idea – It took 10 years of the Green Lantern fans screaming for the return of Hal Jordon to get him back. Maybe if we get organized and start now we can get Steve back by 2017.


    Or another idea – Start a new series of WWII stories with Steve in the lead…..

  6. I will be getting them all just to have the Blob.

    But I will trade (or give away) Movie Juggs, Xorn & that POS Wolverine.


    I mean REALLY……


    He looks major league constipated…

    One word Logan…..



  7. I picked up Chase figures of Green Goblin & Abomination for $5.88 at a regular KB last week. Only that series was marked down for some reason.

    Also have a KB Outlet near me and everything was either 5.88 or 4.88

    Still haven't seen the House of M box set yet….


    If you wanna check if there is a KB near you go here –

    KB Store Locator

  8. OK I’ve chased down most of the lists.


    Still need some help ‘tho….


    Still need Figure Factory “New Codes” for Q, R, S, T >



    Series 1

    1. Green Goblin

    2. Doc Ock

    3. Spiderman

    4. Vemon

    5. Hulk

    6. Wolverine

    7. Iron Man

    8. The Thing

    List of Mystery Codes for Series 1

    A = Unmasked Spidey

    B = Doc Ock with Lab Coat

    C = Grey Hulk

    D = Unmasked Wolvie

    E = Unmasked Venom

    F = Captain America

    G = Red Daredevil

    H = Yellow Daredevil

    I = Human Torch (Reg)

    K = Unmasked Human Torch

    L = Storm (White)

    M = Storm (Mohawk, black)



    New/Extended Codes


    N = Storm (Full Hair, black)


    O = Unmasked Venom


    P = Unmasked Spiderman


    Q = ???


    R = ??? (Either R or S is Grey Hulk)


    S = ??? (Either R or S is Grey Hulk)


    T = ???


    W = Human Torch (Reg)

    Series 2


    1. Dr.Doom

    2. Blade

    3. Mr Fantastic

    4. Spiderman

    5. Nightcrawler

    6. Cyclops

    7. Ghost Rider

    List of Mystery Codes for Series 2

    A. Unhood or unmasked Dr. Doom

    B. G. Rider human

    C. Mr. Fantastic normal hands

    D. Spiderman half masked

    E. Blade with disintegrating

    F. Cyclops w/ hair

    G. Nightcrawler w/ sword

    H. Phoenix

    I. Rhino

    J. Thor

    K. Namor


    And I need some help sorting out who went with what for the Wall Mart Giant Man wave>



    BAF Check List


    Galactus BAF – Series 9


    Head – Professor X


    Upper Torso – Deathlok


    Lower Torso – Nightcrawler


    Right Arm – Doctor Strange


    Left Arm – FA Hulk (+Variant)


    Right Leg – War Machine


    Left Leg – Bullseye (+Variant)




    Sentinel BAF – Series 10


    Head/ Upper Torso – Spiderman


    Lower Torso – Mysitque / Omega Red


    Right Arm – Black Panther


    Left Arm – Cyclops (+Variant)


    Right Leg – Mr. Sinister


    Left Leg – Angel (+Variant)



    Apocalypse BAF – Series 12


    Head/Upper Torso – X-23 (+Variant)


    Lower Torso – Bishop (+Variant)


    Right Arm – Sasquatch (+Variant)


    Left Arm – Maestro


    Right Leg – Iron Fist (+Variant)


    Left Leg – Wolverine (+Variant)



    Onslaught BAF – Series 13


    Head /Upper Torso – Lady Deathstrike


    Lower Torso – Pyro


    Right Arm – Loki (+Variant)


    Left Arm – Abomination (+Variant)


    Right Leg – Green Goblin (+Variant)


    Left Leg – Blackheart



    Mojo BAF – Series 14


    Head/Upper Torso – Baron Zemo (+Variant)


    Stomach/Lower Torso – Falcon (+Variant)


    Back Tentacles – FA Iron Man (+Variant)


    Back/Lower Torso – Psylock


    Right side Mechanical Legs – Longshot


    Left side Mechanical Legs – Power Man



    MODOK BAF – Series 15


    Head – Spider-Woman (+Variant)


    Control Panel – Captain Marvel (+Variant)


    Hover Base – Beta Ray Bill


    Right Arm – Iron Man (+Variant)


    Left Arm – Moon Knight (+Variant)


    Right/Left Legs – Wasp (+Variant)



    Hasbro ML’s


    Annihilus BAF – Series 1


    Head – Planet Hulk


    Chest / Torso – Ultimate Iron Man


    Right Arm/Leg – Emma Frost


    Left Arm/Leg – “X3 Movie” Beast


    Right Wing – Banshee


    Left Wing – Hercules




    Giant Man BAF – Series 12.5


    Head /Upper Torso – Kitty Pryde


    Lower Torso –


    Right Arm –


    Left Arm –


    Right Hand –


    Left Hand –


    Right Leg –


    Left Leg –


    Right Foot –


    Left Foot –





    Series 12.5 Wal-Mart Exclusive Figures


    BAF Giant Man


    Kitty Pryde


    Captain Britain










    AOA Sabretooth


    AOA Wolverine


    AOA Wolverine Chase (Burnt)


    Sentry (Yellow)


    Sentry (Brown)


  9. click on search and then the more options button for the better search tool


    What FF are you looking for?..


    I picked up some Figure Factory Mystery & regular figures (3 for $10!!)


    But they had the second release codes – O, P, W….


    I had a list but I can’t find it….



    AXMfan – The ML were $5.88 each. They had Series 9 (Galactus), Series 10 (Sentinel), Series 12 (Apocalypse), 15 MODOK


    Now this is the KB Toy Outlet…. I haven’t been to the regular KB in a week or so, so I don’t know what’s up there….

  10. Ever since the board "purge" I can't find crap with the search function….


    Did any one save the list of what BAF parts came with which figures?

    KB Toy outlet had a ton of ML's, and I've almost finished my 3rd Sentinel.


    Also looking for the updated list of Figure Factory Codes. The later releases, with "O", "P" and such….

    Any help would be appreciated.

  11. Thanks for the ideas!

    I actually have an extra of that Spwan figure.

    Fozzy might work but he would be hard to get a hold of.

    I'll have to check in the GR Scarecrow. That's just coming out & on the shelves now, Right?

  12. I had been wanting to pick these up for a while now.

    But now that they went I clearance, I couldn't pass 'em up.

    I managed to get most of them, but still need a little help-

    If anyone can pick up 1970's or any 2000's (what are there? 4?), I would be very gratefull.

    Also, one of my Wall Marts has these for $3 now. LMK what you are looking for and I'll do what I can.....

  13. OK, I was here before under the name Steve Rogers.

    And the to add insult to injury, I couldn't re-register with that name.

    The only thing I could get to "take" was the stupid 999

    I have sent 2 e-mails to the TNI leaders and haven't recieved an answer back.

    Did I do something wrong?

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