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  1. If so, how much did you get per figure? I'm thinking of selling my SW collection, nearly every figure from the first wave in 95, or whenever it started, to the wave immediately after RotS. I have some vehicles as well. Most of it's still in the package. I emailed them and asked but they want me to send them a list of what I have. I'd rather get some idea of what I can get (I know not a lot considering these are peg warmers at conventions) before going through that task.
  2. They should've included Steel instead of Supes, then it would've been a bigger seller. I'm surprised the Aquaman/Black Manta 2pack isn't selling. Aquaman may not be orange but he still looks good enough for anyone who never got the orange version. Gold looks better on him anyway.
  3. JLA/Avengers was earlier this decade so that's the last crossover I think.
  4. From what I know, the show is allowed to be syndicated on TV/cable. We'll probably just never see it released on DVD or anything. Your best bet is Youtube or going to a convention and buying bootlegs.
  5. I think those of us interested need to read about multiverse theories, such as string theories, M-theories, brane theories etc...all of which basically say our universe sprang forth within a bigger universe or possibly multiverse. Maybe there are other universes all existing within this multiverse. Maybe this multiverse is infinite and eternal, never having a beginning and never going to end. It seems every other month, some science magazine has multiverse theories all over its cover. It's an idea becoming more popular. To me, it's the most logical theory. To me, all of existence just has to be infinite and eternal. If people could wrap their minds around multiverse theories, it might help with the mindboggling questions about what came before, what caused the creation of our universe, what is dark matter, dark energy etc... Think of it this way: the multiverse is like foam and our universe is just one tiny bubble in that foam. Each bubble is a universe. This foam is infinite and has been "creating" bubble universes for eternity.
  6. Ok, if that's positive, then the waist should come with the head. That means I can skip out on Tyr. Komandi is the only one, besides Tyr, that I don't want so I'll have to sell or trade him so I can keep the CnC part.
  7. is drinking chocolate Silk through his nose with a Krazy straw.

  8. Does anyone know which figures come with what CnC parts? The back of the package says collect all 7 to build the CnC. Does that mean the head and waist will be separate?
  9. I picked up a Supergirl/Lex and the Hal/Abin 2-packs the other day. I was pretty disappointed that Supergirl had no holes in her feet. Was it that hard to give her a new foot instead of the old one? If anything, it would've differentiate her from the old one for those 1 or 2 collectors who actually care. Now I'll have to get one of those flight stands since the only way she'll stand is by leaning her against a post that's part of my shelf. For those who want the Cyborg Superman (from the 2-pack). Beware: his legs are made of a much harder plastic than the newer figures. He doesn't stand that well. His crotch area is also slightly wider than DCUC crotches, giving him a very wide stance which contributes to his not standing that well. For this reason, I sold mine. Unless they re-release a newer one with the newer legs, I won't be getting another.
  10. I don't know if this was discussed already somewhere. Can someone confirm this for me: today I asked my LCS owner (also my boss) what happened to wave 11 that I ordered. He talked to Diamond and they said it was cancelled, or something like that. Not the whole wave of course but cancelled through Diamond. Every other retailer or distributor got theirs, just not Diamond. I don't feel like digging through dozens of pages but I'm pretty sure I've seen people mention they received their wave 11s through their LCS's, which means, if Diamond deals with all LCS's, then they distributed wave 11.
  11. I'm at work and don't have time to read the whole topic but I just have a quick question for anyone who knows: will there be 2 Superboys in a case? I have a friend interested in just Superboy. I'm ordering a case for myself.
  12. El Kabong, thanks for bringing up the oil aspect. That's what I was going to mention. That is the real reason for price increases. Oil is a finite resource and some experts say we've hit peak oil already, some say a decade ago. Deniers pretend there is no such thing and we'll have oil forever. It's true we may still be using oil for a couple hundred years but the truth is we are running out gradually. Prices of anything that is connected to oil (nearly everything) will rise. This is why things such as carbon taxes are a good thing. Anyone who can afford it can still keep buying. Everyone else must stop since it is just material items. What needs to be done is for most material things to be made of something else besides plastic. The good old days of using whatever you want and not caring where it came from or what impact it has is over.
  13. Uh...Fire? And Archero, finally someone mentioned the real purple Catwoman. I'd rather not see any DCSH reissues. I'd rather see remakes using the newer bodies. I got the Cyborg Supes/Mongul two-pack then sold it after while, not happy with midget Mongul and super-wide-stance-Cyborg Supes. I want a newer Cyborg (classic look, not Sinestro Corps version).
  14. So they should've just used Abin's head since it's angrier and it would follow Walmart's request of using as many same parts as possible. I also noticed the collar is the same as Booster Gold's.
  15. I don't have Abin Sur so I can't make a side by side comparison but if anyone has both Lex and Abin, could you compare them to see if it's the same head? Just curious. If it is, I wonder if this means Lex is really...the Green Luthor!!
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